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    • wiring & connectors
    signal cables

    Cable solution for signal and power supply

    SAB Bröckskes

    Manufacturers of drive units are able to reduce the wiring effort considerably and are at the same time able to save space , weight and costs [...]

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    • assembly units
    tyre wheel assembly

    Fully automatic wheel assembly in automotive production


    Fully automatic screwing and assembling of complete wheels to the hub of the wheel on a continuously moving line [...]

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    • articulated arm

    Robolink D offers freedom of configuration up to 6 axes


    Gripping, turning, pivoting, picking up and putting down again, then back to start – articulated arms in industrial robotic systems perform the exact same movement [...]

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    • packaging automation
    automation industry exhibition

    Printing press F2 FLEXO - Efficiency in its purest form


    The FLEXO F2 press is a new concept designed to meet the needs of medium and long runs in the flexible packaging industry [...]

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    • industrial communication
    automation industry exhibition

    PROFINET IO Bus Coupler allows efficient communication


    PROFINET IO Bus Coupler EK9300 connects different control networks with one or more EtherCAT, PROFINET, PROFIBUS and EtherNet/IP systems [...]

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    • metal working
    machining center

    Multi product machining center mpmc®


    These multi task machines are capable of any known mechanical cutting operation with defined cutting edge [...]

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    • industrial electronics
    automation industry exhibition

    PUE efficiency package provides quick information of energy efficiency


    The PUE efficiency package for the RiMatrix S standardized data centre solution is now available [...]

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    • energy effeciency
    automation industry exhibition

    Lean - A concept that's changing the world


    SmartWire-DT enables decentralized intelligence for Lean Automation, simple connectors lead to Lean Connectivity and Lean Power is the result [...]