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Michigan State University

Company Profile

Embodied Intelligence means that an intelligent agent that has a body. Evidence of biological mental development has shown that an active body is indispensable for acquisition of intelligence. Our research areas include, but not limited to: human-computer interactions; image and signal processing; pattern recognition; computer vision; content-based information retrieval; speech recognition; tactile recognition; machine learning; biologically motivated models of cognition, learning, and development; autonomous navigation; language processing and understanding; reasoning; action; decision making, intelligent robots (construction, control and training) and artificial intelligence.

Product Range

  • AI artificial intelligence research
  • AI research: Autonomous navigation
  • AI research: Biologically motivated models of cognition
  • AI research: Content-based information retrieval
  • AI research: Decision making
  • AI research: Language processing and understanding
  • AI research: Machine learning
  • AI research: Reasoning
  • AI research: Speech recognition
  • AI research: Tactile recognition
  • Computer vision research
  • Computer vision research: 3D models from images
  • Computer vision research: Image and signal processing
  • Computer vision research: Pattern recognition
  • Mobile robot research: Climbing robot
  • Mobile robot research: Multi-Degree-of- Freedom (MDOF) vehicle
  • Mobile robot research: Navigation systems
  • Mobile robot research: Robot societies
  • Mobile robot research: Service robot
  • Research in the field of robotics
  • Research: 3D Vision
  • Research: AI artificial intelligence
  • Research: Autonomous vehicles
  • Research: Evolutionary computation
  • Research: Machine learning
  • Robot vision research: 3D perception and navigation
  • Robot vision research: Man-Machine interfaces using visual gestures
  • Robot vision research: Visually guided robots
  • Robotics research: Autonomous robots
  • Robotics research: Biologically inspired robotics
  • Robotics research: Biped robot
  • Robotics research: Evolutionary robotics
  • Robotics research: Human robot interaction
  • Robotics research: Human-machine interaction
  • Robotics research: Humanoid robot technology
  • Robotics research: Learning from demonstration
  • Robotics research: Machine consciousness
  • Robotics research: Robot vision
  • Robotics research: Visual interface for human-robot interaction