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  • Offer Profile
  • RobotWorx is an integrator of new and refurbished industrial robots. Our unique solutions meet production and budgetary needs while increasing efficiency, throughput and product quality. RobotWorx’ inventory includes Motoman, Fanuc, Panasonic, ABB, and Nachi. Every RobotWorx system includes a full warranty covering 100% parts and service. We offer affordable reconditioned robots, parts, service, and program training with every robot system.
Product Portfolio
  • RobotWorx Divisions

    • Robot & Custom Workcell Integration

    • Integrator of New and Used Robots for Industrial Automation

      Robotic Integrator
      RobotWorx builds preengineered robotic integration packages. Each automation component is expertly installed so the turnkey robot system functions as a single unit.

      New and Used Industrial Robots
      We are an authorized industrial robot integrator and distributor of new and used robots from Yaskawa Motoman, KUKA Robotics, and Fanuc Robotics.

      Robot Parts, Sales, and Service
      In addition to offering new and used robotic systems for sale, RobotWorx carries a wide selection of hard-to-find, and special order robot parts.

      Robot Application Integration
      RobotWorx supports a variety of robotic applications including arc welding, spot welding, machine tending, and palletizing, which utilize robotic grippers and robotic tooling.

      Robot Reconditioning
      The thorough refurbish and rebuild process at RobotWorx transforms used Motoman, Kuka, Fanuc, and other robot models to like-new condition. Rebuilt robots offer affordable, high-quality solutions.

    • Used robots - Automating affordably

    • Buy a used robot
      Need a high-quality robot at a price that fits your budget? Used robots provide a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications.

      Industrial Robots for Sale
      Rely on our experience with industrial robots and industrial automation to keep your business competitive. We provide affordable robot sales, integration, and training services.

      We offer:

      • Motoman Robots
      • Fanuc Robots
      • Kuka Robots
      • Panasonic Robots
      • ABB Robots
      • Other Robots
      • Workcells
      • Robot Parts

      Sell your used robot
      Ready to sell your robot? You've come to the right place. We offer top dollar for used robots and robotic equipment. Make some extra cash today!

      A Great Price on Used Robots
      Low cost, specially priced deals give RobotWorx customers many opportunities to save. Our reconditioned industrial robots and robotic systems cost 50-60% less than new units.


    • Welding Solutions

    • Yaskawa Motoman Welding Robots
      As an Motoman Solution Provider, RobotWorx carries a wide selection of new and refurbished Motoman welding robots. Motoman's dedicated arc and spot welding robot series provide versatile, cutting-edge solutions for a host of thermal applications.

      Thermal Robot Welding Systems
      Achieve the perfect thermal robot solution with a ArcWorld, FabWorld, or custom Motoman workcell from RobotWorx. We integrate Yaskawa Motoman welding systems for any thermal application including spot welding, arc welding, laser welding, mig, and tig.

      Great Prices on Motoman Welding Solutions
      Save big with an affordable thermal robot system from RobotWorx. Yaskawa Motoman robotic welding solutions are designed to reduce costs with incredible ROI, improved product quality, throughput, and repeatability.
  • RobotWorx: Robot & Custom Workcell Integration

  • Yaskawa Motoman Solution Provider

  • RobotWorx has teamed up with robotics manufacturer, Yaskawa Motoman Robotics, to give customers more integration options. As an official Motoman Solution Provider, RobotWorx offers support and a broader selection of robots.
      • Motoman Arc Welding Robots

      • The Yaskawa Motoman arc welding line of robots is designed to maximize welding productivity and reduce downtime. With a variety of arms, speeds, and payloads, a Motoman arc welding robot can be found to fit any application. Controllers range from the dependable XRC to the new DX100.
      • Motoman UP Robots

      • The versatile Motoman Robot UP Series provides a powerful solution to your automation needs. With payloads ranging from 6kg to 500kg, there are models available for handling anything from arc welding to large material handling applications.
      • Motoman HP Robots

      • The integration of a precision handling robot from the Motoman HP robot series can save time and money. This line of multi-purpose articulated robot arms can handle everything from material handling to assembling and cutting.
      • Motoman SV Robots

      • The Motoman SV Series is a family of lightweight, low-cost robots with fast axis speeds and low maximum payloads. They are ideal solutions for small part welding and handling applications.
      • Motoman SK Robots

      • Tough and reliable, robots in the Motoman SK series can be integrated into a wide variety of applications. From welding to handling, these industrial robots increase production while eliminating waste. Fast axis speeds are a result of higher motor outputs.
      • Motoman K Robots

      • The K Series from Motoman Robots includes a hardy range of general purpose industrial robots. A wide payload range allows for integration into a wide variety of applications. Factory automation challenges are affordably solved with a robot from the Motoman K Series.
      • Motoman Assembly Robots

      • A specialized series of Yaskawa Motoman assembly robots includes a variety of axis configurations from 7 to 15. A variation of the traditional articulated industrial robot, this series includes several effective solutions to assembly challenges.
      • Motoman Cleanroom Robots

      • Cleanroom applications present a unique challenge to industrial robot integration. The Motoman Robot CR series solves these issues with internal cabling and air lines to eliminate dust. These Motoman robots meet the strict requirements to be certified cleanroom models.
      • Motoman Finishing Robots

      • The Yaskawa Motoman DX series delivers optimal performance in part finishing applications like grinding, sanding, and deburring. Various IP-ratings allow these robots to tolerate extreme circumstances such as temporary immersion. These compact, lightweight robots offer unmatched flexibility.
      • Motoman Handling Robots

      • In handling applications, the Yaskawa Motoman Robot EH Expert Handling Series produces up to a 22% increase in speed over other general purpose robots. High payloads and large work areas allow these Motoman Robots to handle a variety of applications with minimum installation space.
      • Motoman Painting Robots

      • Whether you need to load vertically or horizontally, we have a Motoman robot that can perform the job. The packaging line of Motoman robots can handle a variety of containers, including cases, create, trays, and totes.
      • Motoman Packaging Robots

      • Whether you need to load vertically or horizontally, we have a Motoman robot that can perform the job. The packaging line of Motoman robots can handle a variety of containers, including cases, create, trays, and totes
      • Motoman Palletizing Robots

      • Palletize effectively with a Motoman palletizing robot arm. Specialized for palletizing, these high-performance robot arms are designed to handle heavy loads with precision and speed. Integrate a Motoman arm and speed up your assembly line.
      • Motoman Press Robots

      • Motoman Press Tending Robots eliminate the margin of error in press tending applications. Precision accuracy and powerful payloads are compelling reasons to integrate a Motoman robot onto your press line. Increase shop safety with robot from the EPH Press Series.
      • Motoman SCARA Robots

      • The Motoman HM series is a 4-axis SCARA robot ideal for small handling and assembly applications.
      • Motoman Spot Welding Robots

      • Improve spot welding cycle time and production with a dedicated spot welding robot from the Motoman Robot ES series. Spot welding applications require a robust robot arm with a high payload and large working envelope.
      • Motoman Workcells

      • As an experienced Motoman Integrator, RobotWorx can integrate a Motoman World Solution work cell for a wide variety of industrial applications.
  • FANUC Authorized System Integrator

  • RobotWorx is a FANUC Authorized System Integrator for FANUC Robotics America, Inc. This partnership enables RobotWorx to offer the best in robotics resources.
      • Fanuc ArcMate Robots

      • Fanuc ArcMate robots are a line of dedicated arc welding robots designed for maximum flexibility and productivity. The small footprint and flexible mounting options make ArcMate robots ideal for most welding applications.
      • Fanuc M Robots

      • The M Series of Fanuc Robots is designed to handle material handling applications. From pick and place to machine loading, this wide variety of robots has a solution for every handling application.
      • Fanuc S Robots

      • The Fanuc Robots in the S Series are all-purpose industrial automation robots that can do it all! From welding to handling, this Fanuc line represents a large payload range with a variety of work envelopes.
      • Fanuc R Robots

      • Heavy payloads present no problems for the Fanuc Robotics R Series. These hefty robots perform taxing applications, such as material handling and spot welding, with high-speed precision and grace.
      • Fanuc LR Mate Robots

      • Fanuc Robotics delivers a versatile line with the tabletop LR Mate series. Flexible mounting options combine with Fanuc precision to deliver a robot used for a wide variety of handling applications. Cleanroom options are available.
      • Fanuc Painting Robots

      • Fanuc painting robots offer a wide range of process advantages that help maximize system performance. They offer precise, reliable, and affordable coating solutions to a wide range of industries.
      • Fanuc Painting Robots

      • Fanuc painting robots offer a wide range of process advantages that help maximize system performance. They offer precise, reliable, and affordable coating solutions to a wide range of industries.
      • Fanuc Palletizing Robots

      • Fanuc Robotics developed a subset of their standard M Series of robots to deliver top performance in palletizing applications. These robots have 2-5 axes and a non-traditional body to maximize throughput at top speeds.
      • Fanuc Rail-Mounted Robots

      • The Fanuc Robotics Toploader line of robots are overhead rail-mounted robot arms that are designed for machine tending and material handling applications. With the ability to service multiple vertical and horizontal machines, the configuration of the mount improves machine productivity,
      • Fanuc Spider Robots

      • These lightweight parallel robot arms move like spiders with speed and accuracy for automation applications. Designed for dexterity, these unique arms are perfect for high speed picking.
      • Fanuc F Robots

      • The Fanuc F series robots are parallel link, servo-driven robots with six degrees of freedom. They are designed for use in a variety of manufacturing and automotive assembly processes.
      • Fanuc Workcells

      • Take advantage of the increased productivity and savings provided by one of RobotWorx' custom-built Fanuc workcells. Fanuc workcells are fitted with complete safety environments, tooling, positioners, and much more at an affordable cost.
  • KUKA Official System Partner

  • As a member of the KUKA Robotics Partner network, RobotWorx works directly with KUKA to provide the very best for each customer. RobotWorx status as KUKA Robotics System Partner gives customers access to the full array of KUKA products and support.
      • Kuka Low Payload Robots

      • Due to their versatility and flexibility, the Kuka Low Payload models are used in most of the manufacturing industries. They are masterful movers in all installation positions, ideal for new space-saving, cost-effective concepts.
      • Kuka Medium Payload Robots

      • Medium payload applications can vary from simple handling procedures to more complex assembly applications. The flexible KUKA medium payload robot line is well-suited for this range of tasks.
      • Kuka High Payload Robots

      • KUKA high payload robot arms are highly desirable for spot welding and heavy handling applications. They are also very capable of loading and unloading tasks. Their long reach and high flexibility are ideal for industrial settings.
      • Kuka Heavy Duty Robots

      • Some applications require a large amount of strength and agility. KUKA's heavy duty model line includes a range of robots that easily fulfill this requirement without sacrificing speed and accuracy.
      • Kuka Gantry Robots

      • The KUKA Jet series of gantry robots combine six-axis robot flexibility with the unique advantages of a linear track. Gantry robots can eliminate the need for multiple installations while still handling large parts and processes.
      • Kuka High Accuracy Robots

      • The HA series lives up to its reputation for precision. Designed with fine gear configurations and state-of-the-art materials, these robots handle complex and intricate applications.
      • Kuka Palletizing Robots

      • Cut costs and increase throughput with Kuka's high-performance palletizing robots. This series combines large work envelopes with top accuracy.
      • Kuka Press-To-Press Robots

      • With extensive 3500 mm reach and durable framing, the Kuka press tending robots load and unload tirelessly. Use them to speed up production and add versatility to your manufacturing floor.
      • Kuka Shelf-Mounted Robots

      • This flexible shelf-mounted series offers unparalleled accessibility. With lowered stature and wide reach, they transform applications and handle a variety of payloads.