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  • Lifetime up - costs down
    Lower costs and raise service life by eliminating lubrication and lowering maintenance works, everything delivered from stock immediately - that is the core idea and objective behind all igus® products, systems and services.
    igus® plastics with their tested and proven properties in durability, friction and stability are the main focus of the igus® products.
    We offer you 100,000 products from stock and from "Size One".
Product Portfolio
  • E-Chain System®

  • igus® E-ChainSystem® is like the umbilical cord of modern machines. Energy Chains® and drag chains take care of the supply of energy, data and signals and for this reason are continuously in motion. We offer you all components - E-Chains®, special cables, plug connections, all accessories - individually or as complete system. For that, igus® has the largest selection worldwide with over 80,000 products from stock. We take responsibility for the operation.

    Our Energy Chain® catalog offers you the possibility to assemble a chain including interior separation with cable at few mouse clicks. The product overview and several selection aids are available for you to select the suitable Energy Chain®.
      • Cost-effective and easy-to-fill E-Chains®, 1-piece and with zipper

            • EasyChain®

            • Easy insertion of cables
              Cost-effective, one-piece Energy Chains®, quickly fillable from inside or outside
            • E1 System

            • Energy Chain® in one strip
              Modular, one-piece band for simple applications Cost-effective solution for large numbers
            • Zipper

            • Zipper Energy Chain® for quick installation
              Opening and closing of small and medium E-Chain® and tubes at lightening speed.
            • SnapChain

            • Cost-effective and easy-to-fill E-Chain®
              Quickly mount cable packets in bundles. Low-priced alternative to complex cable shears.
        • Smallest, small and medium E-Chains® 1- and 2-piece

              • E2 micro

              • Energy Chains® for cramped installation spaces
                One-piece - Smallest sizes, 5 to 15 mm inner heights, Small pitch, silent operation. Lightweight and cable-friendly E-Chains® interior.
              • E2 mini

              • Small and medium sizes
                One- and two-piece Energy Chains®, 18 to 41 mm inner heights, small pitch, silent operation. Optimized weight/stability ratio Manifold interior separation
              • E2/000

              • Two-piece Energy Chains® - The E2 standard
                Standard E-Chain®, medium sizes, 21 to 45 mm inner heights. Snap-open along two sides, lightning fast installation. Many-sided modular interior separations
          • Protection of cable from chips and dirt - E-Tubes for energy supply, 2-piece

                • E2 R100

                • E-Tube - chip protection - swivel lid
                  Swivel able one side, medium sizes. Many-sided, modular interior separations Easy snap-open inside or outside.
                • E2 R

                • E-Tubes - Chip protection - Very silent operation
                  Removable lid, medium sizes. Many-sided, modular interior separations
                • RX tubes

                • totally chip-proof design
                  Novel design: Rounded contours, large filling space, "RBR" version with bending radius on both sides also available.
            • The Energy Chains® standard kit for nearly all applications - 4-piece

                  • E4.1

                  • Universal EnergyChain®
                    Almost all applications are possible with this E-Chain®. Inner heights 21 to 80 mm. E-Chain® and tubes snap-open along two sides Quick installation, cable-friendly design.
                  • E4/00

                  • The huge E4 standard Energy Chains® kit
                    Huge, modular kit. Inner heights from 21 to 204 mm. E-Chain® and tubes snap-open along two sides Many accessories, vast application area.
                  • E4/4

                  • High stability "mounted on the side" - very long travels
                    Energy Chains® and tubes, snap-open along two sides. Inner heights from 32 to 80 mm. Especially suitable for "side-mounted" applications and travel distances over 200 m.
                  • E4/light

                  • Light, quite, solid and cost effective
                    Energy Chains® and tubes, snap-open along two sides. Inner heights from 56 to 112 mm. Light and cost effective
              • Low noise, low-abrasion, vibration-free Energy Chains® - 3-piece or 6-piece

                    • System T3

                    • Highly flexible, low-vibration Energy Chain® "on strip"
                      Extremely low noise operation up to 33 dB(A). Inner height 29mm Low-vibration, very light. For highly dynamic applications; suitable for cleanrooms.
                    • E3 System

                    • Extremely low-noise, for the smallest installation spaces
                      Extremely low noise operation up to 38 dB(A). Inner heights from 10 to 15 mm. Low-vibration, wear-resistant. For highly dynamic applications; suitable for cleanrooms.
                    • E6 System

                    • Extremely low noise
                      Extremely quiet operation up to 46 dB(A). Low-vibration, high velo
                      cities/accelerations, wear-resistant; suitable for cleanroom. Snap-open along both sides, also as E-Tube.
                • 3-dimensional Energy Chains® especially for robotic applications, among others

                      • Triflex® R

                      • 3D E-Chain® especially for robotic applications
                        Three Energy Chain® options: enclosed, easily fillable, or as light version. First choice for multi-axis industrial robots
                      • Easy Triflex®

                      • Energy Chains® for 2D and 3D movements
                        Closed or easily fillable. Modular system for complex movement. Chain links moving in a combination of one, two or three axes possible.
                      • Triflex®

                      • For 2D and 3D movements - closed
                        Enclosed or easily fillable. Modular system for complex movement. Chain links moving in a combination of one, two or three axes possible.
                      • TwisterChain®

                      • For circular or spiral movements
                        Energy Chains® for circular movements up to 520°. Quick cable replacement Modular design - variable widths.
                  • Solutions for long travels and special solutions

                        • Rol E-Chain® series

                        • Rolls instead of glides, energy-efficient
                          Long travels and extreme travel speed at cable loads of up to 50 kg/m. Available as Energy Chain® with crossbars at every link or as enclosed E-Tube.
                        •  P4 system

                        • Roller chain profile, energy-efficient
                          Quiet, abrasion-resistant, maintenance-free Energy Chain®. For long travels of 600 m and more, very high fill weights and speeds.
                        • AUTO-GLIDE series

                        • Special solutions for long travels
                          Combination of AUTO-GLIDE and Energy Chains® Easy Chain®, E2/000 and E4.1 systems.
                        • LBT FLIZZ®

                        • Plastic cable duct with housing
                          High speeds and accelerations. Travel distances up to 200 m, travel speeds
                          up to 8 m/s.
                        • System Micro FLIZZ®

                        • Safe guidance of energy, data and air
                          Compact, cost-saving Energy Chain®. Compact, complete system for the safe guidance of energy, data and air.
                        • Guidelok horizontal

                        • Top run guide system for long travel distances up to 50 m, unsupported
                          Unhindered travel: Chips cannot stick between the gliding surfaces of the lower and upper runs of the Energy Chain®.
                        • Guidelok vertical

                        • Safe vertical guidance - energy supply system up to 80 m high
                          This Energy Chain® is a simple, cost-effective and reliable system solution for vertical applications in combination with occurring lateral forces!
                        • Guide trough systems for Energy Chains®

                        • Long travel, gliding
                          From the light and all-purpose "Super-Alu guide trough" up to the simple and cost-effective insert trough.
                        • Strain reliefs

                        • Strain relief clamps, tie wrap plates and modular snap-on strain reliefs.
                        • Chainflex® cables

                        • Special cables for Energy Chains® - tested, tested, tested.
                          Over 850 cables from stock in 24 h or today. No minimum quantity surcharges, no cutting costs.
                        • PMA cable protection

                        • For the protection of flexible, electrical cables.
                    • Chainflex® cables

                    • Chainflex® are the special cables for E-Chains® – tested, tested and tested.

                      - Smallest bending radii
                      - Tested up to 30 million cycles in E-Chains®
                      - Various jacket materials
                      - Various approvals and conformities: UL, CE, CSA, Desina

                      The goal of every Chainflex® cable
                      Sensitive applications with high number of cycles, high speeds and accelerations as well as demanding environmental conditions, required especially in the energy supply of tested and long-lasting functionally safe systems. EMV safety requirements and the compliance with norms and guidelines such as UL, CSA, VDE, INTERBUS and PROFIBUS are an essential requirement today. Ultimately your automation should work nonstop anywhere in the world from an economical point of view. That's the igus® mission.

                      It is no contradiction to say that good cables cost less.
                      Ready availability anywhere in the world is an essential purchase criterion. Advantages of our cables: Successfully tested and proved, presence in over 40 countries around the globe, and the capacity to deliver off the shelf. This saves time, money, storage capacity and valid for each of our over 600 cable types, which you can order without obligation or surcharge for a minimum purchase. The special advantages to be added depend on your special operating conditions.

                      igus® tested and proved
                      As manufacturer of E-Chains® and special E-Chain® cables, igus® makes use of the opportunity to test E-Chains® and cables in actual practice. In our own pilot plant in Cologne, numerous parallel tests are conducted under the most severe conditions. At present there are over 35 setups, and the test results are pooled in the database. This extensive and current datapool supplies precise and reliable data about the actual service life and at the same time forms the foundation of the new product development in the company. The test data for E-Chains® and cables, and also for ready-assembled systems, are so extensive that igus® has secured a functional guarantee for its variety of E-ChainSystems® based on the application.
                          • Control cables

                          • Bending radii from 4xd
                            Shielded / Unshielded
                            Jacket materials: PVC, PUR or TPE
                          • Bus cables

                          • Bending radii from 10xd
                            Jacket materials: TPE
                          • Data cables

                          • Bending radii from 10xd
                            Jacket materials: PVC, PUR or TPE
                          • Measuring system cables

                          • Bending radii from 10xd
                            Jacket materials: PVC, PUR or TPE
                          • Fiber optic cables (FOC)

                          • Bending radii from 5xd
                            Jacket materials: PUR or TPE
                          • KOAX cables

                          • Bending radii from 10xd
                            Jacket materials: TPE
                          • Servo cables

                          • Bending radii from 7,5xd
                            Entire shield with optimum braid angle
                            Jacket materials: PVC or PUR
                          • Motor cables

                          • Bending radii from 5xd
                            Entire shield with optimum braid angle
                            Jacket materials: PVC or TPE
                          • Robotic cables

                          • Bending radius from 10xd
                            Entire shield, extremely torsion-resistant and tin-plated copper shield wrap
                          • Pneumatic hoses

                          • highly flexible pneumatic hoses for E-Chains®
                            Bending radius 10xd
                            Polyurethane, oil-resistant
                            High abrasion resistance
                          • Assembled drive cables

                          • Assembled according to various standards
                            the widest variety of cable types
                            Smallest bending radii from 7.5 xd
                          • Camera video / vision / bus technology

                          • Assembled special cables
                            Oil-resistant and resilient
                            Smallest bending radii from 12.5 xd
                          • Network / Ethernet / FOC / Field bus cables

                          • Assembled special cables
                            Oil-resistant and resilient
                            Smallest bending radii from 12,5 xd
                          • Chainflex® sensor/actuator cables

                          • CF.INI cables
                            Sensor/actuator cable with 4-5xd for E-Chain® systems
                            Various cable end options
                          • igus® connectors

                          • Range of connectors
                            Signal plug-in connector
                            Output plug-in connector
                      • Plug-and-Play Energy ChainSystems®... all inclusive!

                      • Good reasons for ready-to-install assembled E-ChainSystems® from igus®
                        - Increase your cash-flow
                        - Keep your capacities flexible
                        - Reduce your throughput times
                        - Avoid machine downtimes
                        - Turn 30-100 orders into one
                        - Reduce your storage costs to zero
                        - Modern equipment - enables reasonable prices with highet quality
                        - Our own test laboratory for testing your selected components
                        - More than 3000 connectors and accessories from stock
                        - Delivery with attachments and sheet metal components specific to the machine
                        - Certified quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
                        - Our own ReadyChain® factory with over 80 specialists
                        - Up to 800 systems a week leave the factory
                        - Make use of our experience since 1993
                        - Worldwide service in over 45 countries

                        Standardized ReadyChain® packages facilitate your entry:
                            • ReadyChain®

                            • Simple customized E-ChainSystems® including installed cables without plug connections, labeled and furnished with projections according to your specifications.
                            • ReadyChain®

                            • Simply assembled E-ChainSystems® with inserted cables and all plug connections, labeled and with defined projection lengths according to your specifications.
                            • ReadyChain®

                            • Complex customized E-ChainSystem® including cables as well as plug connections, mounting brackets, projections and components according to your specifications.
                        • iglidur® plain bearing

                        • Bearings of high performance plastics
                          Lower costs and raise service life by eliminating lubrication and lowering maintenance works, everything delivered from stock immediately - that is the core idea iglidur® polymers are tested in abrasion, friction and other material properties. They built the technological core of the igus® products. Polymer plain bearings from igus® signifies the step from the plastic bushing to the proven and tested, and thereby calculable and quickly available, machine element.
                            • Standard bearing, from stock

                                  • iglidur® G

                                  • The all-rounder
                                    Maintenance-free dry operation
                                    High abrasion resistance
                                    Insensitive to dirt and dust
                                    Over 650 dimensions available from stock
                                    cost effective
                                  • iglidur® W300

                                  • The endurance runner
                                    For extremely high operating times in continuous operation
                                    Low coefficient of friction
                                    Extremely high abrasion resistance
                                    Suited for rough shafts and stainless steel shafts
                                    Dirt resistant
                                  • iglidur® J

                                  • The fast-and-slow motion specialist
                                    Low wear against many shaft materials
                                    Low coefficients of friction in dry operation
                                    vibration dampening
                                    Good chemical resistance
                                    Best performance with soft shafts
                                    Low humidity absorption
                                  • iglidur® X

                                  • The high-tech trouble shooter
                                    For operating temperatures from
                                    -100°C to + 250°C in continuous operation
                                    Excellent resistance against chemicals
                                    High compressive strength
                                    Very low humidity absorption
                                    Extremely wear resistant for the entire temperature range
                                  • iglidur® M250

                                  • Heavy and rugged
                                    Excellent vibration dampening
                                    Insensitive to misalignment
                                    High impact strength
                                    For greater wall thicknesses according to DIN 1850
                                    Dirt can accumulate
                              • More all-rounder bearings, from stock

                                    • iglidur® P

                                    • Precise and cost-efficient
                                      Low water absorption
                                      High load capacity
                                      Low wear rates
                                    • iglidur® GLW

                                    • Sturdy and low priced
                                      Many-sided application at static load
                                      Maintenance-free, self lubricating
                                      Insensitive to dirt
                                      Insensitive to vibrations
                                    • iglidur® K

                                    • the durable Allrounder
                                      Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                      Lowest humidity absorption
                                    • iglidur® J4

                                    • low cost and low wear
                                      Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                      Low-cost-material for large volumes
                                      Low coefficients of friction
                                      Media resistant
                                      Lowest humidity absorption
                                • Endurance run

                                      • iglidur® J3

                                      • runs 3x longer as iglidur® J
                                        Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                        Low coefficients of friction
                                        Media resistant
                                        Lowest humidity absorption
                                        PTFE free
                                      • iglidur® R

                                      • Low coefficients of friction, low costs
                                        Good abrasion resistance
                                        Low coefficients of friction in dry operation
                                        Very cost efficient
                                        Lowest humidity absorption
                                      • iglidur® J260

                                      • the best on plastic
                                        Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                        Very good c.o.f. for low or medium loads
                                        Media resistant
                                        Slightly higher temperatures than with iglidur® J
                                        Longer life time - even on polymer shafts and other special cases.
                                      • iglidur® J200

                                      • For anodized aluminum
                                        Extremely high service life on anodized aluminum
                                        Low adhesion factor
                                        Low wear
                                        For low to medium loads
                                      • iglidur® J350

                                      • High wear resistance in rotation
                                        Very low coefficient of friction on steel
                                        For continuous use in up to +180°C
                                        For medium till high loads
                                        Particularly well suited for rotations
                                      • iglidur® L250

                                      • For fast rotations
                                        Specially made for fast rotating applications
                                        Very low coefficients of friction
                                        Excellent wear resistance
                                      • iglidur® D

                                      • Low coefficients of friction and low costs
                                        Low coefficients of friction at high speeds
                                        For low loads
                                        Very cost efficient
                                        vibration dampening
                                        Lowest humidity absorption
                                  • High temperatures till 250°C

                                        • iglidur® X6

                                        • the new Nano material for high temperatures
                                          Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                          Long term service temperature up to +250°C
                                          Up to 50% better press fit as iglidur® X
                                          High compressive strength
                                          Very good chemical resistance
                                          PTFE free
                                        • iglidur® V400

                                        • Wear resistant at high temperatures
                                          Extreme wear resistance with soft shafts and in high temperatures up to 200°C
                                          Excellent chemical resistance
                                          High elasticity
                                        • iglidur® Z

                                        • The high-temperature material
                                          Excellent wear resistance especially with high loads
                                          High thermic stability
                                          For extreme loads
                                          Also for high surface speeds
                                          Insensitive to edge loads
                                        • iglidur® UW500

                                        • Underwater bearings
                                          For underwater application at high temperatures
                                          For fast and continuous movements
                                    • High wear resistance, temperature to 200°C

                                          • iglidur® H

                                          • For wet areas
                                            Usable underwater
                                            Maintenance-free solution
                                            For high temperatures
                                            Chemical resistant
                                          • iglidur® H4

                                          • For the automotive industry
                                            Low adhesion factor
                                            Best wear-resistance
                                            High temperature resistance
                                            -40°C to 200°C
                                            High resistance to chemicals
                                          • iglidur® H370

                                          • The most suitable one for wet areas
                                            Wear-resistant - especially under water
                                            High temperature resistance
                                            -40°C to +200°C
                                            High resistance to chemicals
                                          • iglidur® H2

                                          • Low-cost solution up to 200°C
                                            Usable underwater
                                            Chemical resistant
                                            For high temperatures
                                          • iglidur® H1

                                          • The continuous runner at high temperatures
                                            High wear resistance in extreme ambient conditions
                                            Very low coefficient of friction
                                            High resistance to temperature and chemicals
                                            For applications in the engine compartment
                                      • Special applications

                                            • iglidur® Q

                                            • Fit for high loads
                                              Excellent abrasion resistance, especially with high loads
                                              Suitable for extreme p x v values
                                              Good coefficients of friction
                                              Insensitive to dirt
                                            • iglidur® B

                                            • Highest vibration dampening
                                              Sound isolation
                                              Extremely high elasticity
                                              Potential sealing function
                                            • iglidur® F

                                            • The lightning arrester
                                              High compressive strength
                                              Good temperature resistance
                                              High p x v value
                                              Good chemical resistance
                                            • iglidur® C

                                            • Free of PTFE and silicon
                                              Silent operation
                                              Good abrasion resistance
                                              Maintenance-free solution
                                            • iglidur® UW

                                            • Underwater bearings
                                              For underwater applications
                                              For fast and continuous rotations
                                              High holding times
                                        • Contact with food

                                              • iglidur® A180

                                              • Delicious
                                                The iglidur® A180 products comply with the requirements of the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA)
                                                For direct use in the vicinity of (or in contact with) food or drugs
                                                For wet areas
                                              • iglidur® A290

                                              • Delicious
                                                Complies with the specifications of the BfR
                                                Suitable for the direct contact with food and drugs
                                                Good abrasion resistance
                                                Silent operation
                                              • iglidur® A200

                                              • Delicious
                                                The iglidur® A200 products comply with the requirements of the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA)
                                                For direct use in the vicinity of (or in contact with) food or drugs
                                                For low speeds
                                              • iglidur® T220

                                              • For the tobacco industry
                                                Free from undesirable and banned ingredients of the tobacco industry
                                              • iglidur® A500

                                              • Specialist in the food sector
                                                The iglidur® A500 products comply with the requirements of the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA)
                                                For direct use in the vicinity of (or in contact with) food or drugs
                                                Resistant to temperature from -100°C to + 250°C
                                                Extremely high resistance to chemicals
                                          • More iglidur® products, off the shelf

                                                • A350

                                                • iglidur® A350 – The new iglidur® material for the food industry.
                                                • iglidur® PRT

                                                • Polymer slewing ring bearing
                                                  Absolutely maintenance-free
                                                  Simple installation and replaceable gliding elements
                                                  High wear resistance
                                                  For very high loads and high stiffening
                                                  Stainless steel versions available
                                                  Extensive accessories
                                                • xiros® plastic ball bearing

                                                • Maintenance- and lubricant-free
                                                  High corrosion-resistance
                                                  For temperatures up to 150°C
                                                • iglidur® clip bearings

                                                • iglidur® clip bearings
                                                • iglidur® clips2

                                                • Low bearing clearance, very accurate, easy installation with slanted slot, material: iglidur® M250, maintenance-free and predictable service life
                                                • iglidur® MKM -
                                                  Double flange bearings

                                                • Press fit, axial bearings on both sides, tolerance compensation of the plate thickness, easy assembly, axial pretension
                                                • iglidur® MDM -
                                                  Double flange bearings

                                                • Large flange surfaces, undetachable after e-coating, symmetrical flange, easy installation
                                                • iglidur® JVSM/JVSI

                                                • Fully clearance-free in unloaded state, material: iglidur® J, maintenance-free and predictable service life
                                                • iglidur® JVFM

                                                • Clearance-free pretensioned bearing, fully clearance-free in unloaded state, material: iglidur® J, maintenance-free and predictable service life
                                                • iglidur® flange bearings

                                                • Excellent abrasion resistance, maintenance-free dry operation, material: iglidur® G, iglidur® A180, iglidur® J and iglidur® X, lightweight
                                                • Polysorb

                                                • Compensation of axial clearance and manufacturing tolerances, vibration compensation, noise dampening
                                                • iglidur® JATM/VATM

                                                • Maintenance-free plain bearing system, for high performances, defined glide pairing, predictable service life
                                                • iglidur® sealing lip bearings

                                                • Polymer bushing with clipped-on radial shaft seal, sealing for rotating shaft, reduced installation space, as well as quick and easy installation
                                                • Stock bars: iglidur® units

                                                • Units of iglidur® for free design
                                            • igubal® self-aligning bearings

                                            • igubal® self-aligning maintenance-free spherical bearings made of high-performance polymers
                                              igubal® is a system of self-aligning bearing elements completely made of plastic.

                                              With the igubal® type series, a complete system of self-aligning bearing elements are available for the design engineer: Rod end bearings, clevis joints, flange bearings, spherical bearings and pillow block bearings. Self-aligning bearings are easy to mount, suit all angular variations and in many cases have already been able to replace special housings.

                                              The igubal® user utilizes all advantages of the employed high performance plastics. They have excellent vibration dampening properties, and are technically applicable in dry operation. They are insensitive to dirt, can operate in liquids and even in chemicals and are completely resistant to corrosion.

                                              Bearing elements of the igubal® type series are very light, save installation space by their dimensions and save your costs twice: first in procurement and second in operation by the saving of maintenance and installation costs.

                                              Advantages of igubal®:
                                              - Especially low-priced, maintenance-free
                                              - No lubrication, insensitive to dust and dirt
                                              - Corrosion-free, applicable in liquid media
                                              vibration dampening
                                              - Inner rings mounted with extremely low clearance
                                              - No dirt penetration
                                                  • igubal®
                                                    rod end bearings

                                                  • Rod end bearings, angle joints, axial joints and accessories

                                                    Special properties of the igubal® rod end bearings
                                                    Maintenance-free dry operation
                                                    High stiffening
                                                    Very high fatigue strength in varying loads
                                                    Compensation of misalignments
                                                    Compensation of edge loads
                                                    Insensitive to dirt, dust and lint balls
                                                    Resistant to corrosion and chemicals
                                                    High dampening qualities
                                                    Suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements
                                                    Very low weight
                                                    Dimensional series K and E, dimensions according to DIN ISO 12240
                                                  • igubal®
                                                    clevis joints

                                                  • With spring loaded pins and circlips

                                                    Very low weight
                                                    Absolute corrosion resistance
                                                    High tensile strength
                                                    Combinable with rod end bearings of the dimensional series E
                                                    Vibration dampening
                                                    Noise dampening
                                                    Available for left-hand and right-hand threads
                                                  • igubal®
                                                    pillow block bearing

                                                  • Dimensional series E/K in metric and inch dimensions

                                                    Maintenance-free dry operation
                                                    High stiffening
                                                    High fatigue strength
                                                    Compensation of misalignments
                                                    Resistant to chemicals
                                                    Very low weight

                                                    igubal® pillow block bearings are very easy-to-mount bearing elements which compensate for errors and prevent misalignments.
                                                  • igubal®
                                                    flange bearing

                                                  • With 2 and 4 mounting holes

                                                    igubal® flange bearings were developed for the bearing of shaft extensions or shaft bushings.
                                                    Like all igubal® products, they consist of an igumid G housing and an iglidur® W300 spherical ball. igubal® flange bearings correspond to the dimensional series E and are offered with 2 or 4 mounting holes.
                                                  • igubal®
                                                    spherical bearing

                                                  • Dimensional series E/K, double joints and special parts

                                                    gubal® spherical bearings are free of these disadvantages and by its design open up completely new potentials:

                                                    igubal® spherical bearings are easy to handle.
                                                    igubal® spherical bearings are extraordinarily low priced.
                                                    igubal® spherical bearings are very light.
                                                    igubal® spherical bearings are very rugged.
                                                  • igubal® -
                                                    Spherical axial bearing

                                                  • Consisting of housing pad and spherical washer

                                                    The self-aligning spherical igubal ® axial bearings are very easy-to-mount units, which help to compensate for errors and prevent misalignments.
                                                    The housing pad is made of the impact-resistant, stiff, thermoplastic composite material igumid G. The standard spherical washer is made of iglidur® W300. This combination provides particularly good gliding and wear properties in relative movements.
                                                  • igubal®
                                                    spherical balls

                                                  • Dimensional series E/K in metric and inch dimensions

                                                    maintenance-free dry operation
                                                    Corrosion resistant
                                                    High compressive strength
                                                    High elasticity
                                                    Very low weight
                                                    Various materials
                                              • DryLin® Linear Bearings

                                              • Glides instead of rolling!
                                                DryLin® linear bearings operate on glide pads unlike the common recirculating ball bearing systems. Tests conducted over the years have shown that iglidur® J, J 200 and X are the ideal materials for most linear applications due to their positive properties in wear and friction. Hence the DryLin® linear plain bearings are equipped with these materials.

                                                DryLin® linear bearing systems are designed for the dry operation. Your applications are thereby protected against soiling by grease or oil. In contrast to recirculating ball bearings, the DryLin® bearings do not depend on the travel length and hence do not pose any conditions on the minimum stroke length.
                                                    • DryLin® T

                                                    • Linear guide systems
                                                      Profile rails. Corrosion-free, wear-resistant, low coefficient of friction.
                                                    • DryLin® N

                                                    • Low profile linear guide systems
                                                      Profile rails. Dry operation and freedom from maintenance for small installation spaces.
                                                    • DryLin® W

                                                    • Linear guide for almost unlimited leeway in design
                                                      Maintenance-free linear guide systems for almost unlimited leeway for implementation.
                                                    • DryLin® R

                                                    • Linear round guide,
                                                      Accessories and shafts

                                                      Lubricant-free, rugged and insensitive to dirt. 100% maintenance-free.
                                                      Shafts and supported shafts, shaft end supports, shaft blocks, etc.
                                                    • DryLin® SHT/SLW

                                                    • leadscrew modules
                                                      Maintenance-free spindle-lift tables in various material and shaft combinations. The right module for every application.
                                                    • DryLin® ZLW

                                                    • Toothed belt axis
                                                      For quick positioning of small loads.
                                                    • DryLin® - screw drives

                                                    • trapezoidal thread and steep thread
                                                      Completely maintenance-free and highly loadable.
                                                    • DryLin® SET - EasyTube

                                                    • The new linear unit for light adjustment functions guarantees freedom from lubricants with simultaneously low coefficient of friction and ideal wear behavior.
                                                    • DryLin® NT

                                                    • Telescopic guides
                                                      Lubricant-free extensions up to 600mm with or without detent.
                                                    • DryLin® WKM

                                                    • digital measuring systems
                                                      Battery powered measuring systems up to 10m, ready to install including linear guide and clamping.
                                                    • DryLin® ES

                                                    • linear technology made of stainless steel
                                                      Linear bearings and guides, spindle linear units made of VA material for the highest resistance in all media.
                                                    • DryLin® Q

                                                    • Torque resistant square guide
                                                      Torque resistant without 2nd guidance
                                                      Tolerates moments up to 10 Nm
                                                      Space saving and low weight
                                                      Cable guidance possible in tube
                                                    • DryLin® gliding pads

                                                    • RSDJ-Round Slide Disk
                                                      made from the high performance material
                                                      iglidur® J
                                                      Low coefficient of friction
                                                • Bar stocks: iglidur® units

                                                • iglidur® for free creativity – available now as round bar stock or even as mechanically machined components – for tests, prototypes or small batches.

                                                  - iglidur® materials as round material from stock or mechanically ready-machined special components and special sizes in 3 to 5 days.
                                                  - fast and economical
                                                  - calculable service life now also for mechanically machined plain bearings

                                                  Medical technology, custom machine fabrication, maintenance engineering, plant engineering, etc.
                                                    • xiros® lubricant-free plastic ball bearings

                                                    • The xiros® plastic ball bearings are single-row grooved ball bearings based on DIN 625. The lubricant-free and maintenance-free ball bearings consist of four components:

                                                      - The outer ring
                                                      - The inner ring
                                                      - The cage
                                                      - And the balls

                                                      The inner and outer rings are made of igus® tribopolymers to maximize service life and minimize coefficients of friction. In contrast to metallic ball bearings, xiros® plastic ball bearings manage absolutely without lubrication. For this reason they are suited for a multitude of applications that depend not on extreme rotary speeds or loads, but just on lubricant-free application in contrast to permanently lubricated metallic ball bearings. These areas are for example food and medical industries, packaging and textile industries, or the chemical industry and cleanroom applications as well as electronics and office technology.
                                                          • xiros® A500 plastic ball bearings

                                                          • Chemicals and heat
                                                            Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                                            Suitable for high temperatures up to +150°C
                                                            Nonmagnetic and washable
                                                            Chemical resistant
                                                            Inner rings, outer rings and cages made of FDA compliant
                                                            Life time predictable
                                                            For shaft diameter 3-20 mm
                                                            Electrically insulating
                                                          • xiros® B180 radial grooved ball bearing

                                                          • normal temperature
                                                            Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                                            Nonmagnetic and washable
                                                            Life time predictable
                                                            For shaft diameter 3–60 mm
                                                            Electrically insulating
                                                          • xiros® B180 with cover plate

                                                          • xiros® polymer ball bearing made of xirodur®
                                                            Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                                            For shaft diameter 3–20 mm
                                                            Electrically insulating
                                                          • xiros® B180 axial ball bearing

                                                          • axial ball bearings for absorbing axial forces.
                                                            Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                                            Resistant to corrosion and chemicals
                                                            Nonmagnetic and washable
                                                            Life time predictable
                                                            Low friction
                                                            Electrically insulating
                                                          • xiros® B180 polymer ball caster

                                                          • polymer ball caster for the lubricant-free transport of delicate goods.
                                                            Maintenance- and lubrication-free
                                                            Low coefficient of friction
                                                            Corrosion-resistant and non magnetic
                                                            Temperature-resistant up to 80°C
                                                            Electrically insulating
                                                          • xiros® B180 multi bearing

                                                          • Is the multi-axis plastic bearing for realisation for linear and rotary movements
                                                            Maintenance-free solution
                                                            Lubricant free
                                                            For temperatures up to 80℃
                                                            Electrically insulating
                                                          • xiros® new material xirodur® C160

                                                          • resistance to media
                                                            Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                                            Resistant to corrosion and chemicals
                                                            Nonmagnetic and washable
                                                            Life time predictable
                                                            Low friction
                                                            Electrically insulating
                                                          • xiros® slewing ring bearing

                                                          • The combination of stainless steel balls with polymer inner and outer rings results in maintenance-free dry operation with low coefficients of friction.
                                                            Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                                            Electrically insulating
                                                          • xiros® pillow block bearing, rigid

                                                          • Lubricant-free pillow block bearing with plastic ball bearing - Rigid and pivoting
                                                            Totally corrosion-resistant
                                                            Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                                            Nonmagnetic and washable
                                                            Service life prediction on request
                                                            Compact design
                                                            Electrically insulating
                                                          • xiros® flange bearing

                                                          • Lubricant-free flange ball bearing
                                                            Compensation of misalignments
                                                            Very low weight
                                                            Absolute corrosion resistance
                                                            Maintenance- and lubricant-free
                                                            Service life prediction on request
                                                            Compact design
                                                            Temperatures up to 80°C (xirodur® B180): EFSM-....-102
                                                            Temperatures up to 120°C (xirodur® A500): EFSM-....-202
                                                      • Plug connector

                                                      • Why the plug connector from igus®?
                                                        igus® offers its customers a variety of entry options. With the offer of freely assemblable plug connections, the product range is now even more exhaustive. The stock accumulated by the igus® assembling operations provides a high material availability. Trained specialists provide consistent consultation. The distinct sales and distribution network worldwide enables the supply of these plug connections in almost every corner of this earth. There are 25 national and 46 international sales locations with a total of 1550 employees to fulfill this purpose.

                                                        Can plug and cable also be obtained assembled?
                                                        Here igus® offers an assembly kit comprising over 950 Chainflex® cables and 3500 connector components available off the shelf. Whether existing standards such as Siemens, Lenze, Fanuc, Indramat, or individual solutions, from FOC up to the square plug-in connectors with 15 cables within a screw connection. Economically optimized, premium assembly, logistically sophisticated, 100% controlled, competently planned – these attributes stand for igus® ReadyCable®.
                                                            • Series A, M23

                                                            • Signal plug, nickel-plated
                                                              Lead-through with cap nut
                                                              Signal coupling, nickel-plated
                                                              Coupling with central attachment, nickel-plated
                                                            • Series B, M23

                                                            • Output plug, nickel-plated
                                                              Lead-through with cap nut
                                                              Output coupling, nickel-plated
                                                              Coupling with central attachment
                                                            • Series M17

                                                            • Signal plug, nickel-plated
                                                              Output plug, nickel-plated
                                                              Signal coupling, nickel-plated
                                                              Output coupling, nickel-plated
                                                            • Series C, M40

                                                            • Output plug, nickel-plated
                                                              Output coupling, nickel-plated
                                                            • Series D, M58

                                                            • Output plug, nickel-plated
                                                              Output coupling, nickel-plated
                                                            • Series S, M23

                                                            • Output plug, nickel-plated
                                                              Output coupling, nickel-plated
                                                            • SUB-D series

                                                            • According to FCT standard
                                                              Signal plug-in connector
                                                              Pin numbers 9 - 44
                                                        • Cable glands and counter nuts

                                                              • igus® Cable glands HSK-K

                                                              • PA V0 according to UL 94
                                                              • igus® Cable glands HSK-M

                                                              • Brass nickel-plated
                                                              • igus® Cable glands HSK-M-EMV

                                                              • Brass nickel-plated
                                                              • igus® Cable glands HSK-M-EMV-D

                                                              • Brass nickel-plated