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With its comprehensive product portfolio INTERSCHALT maritime systems today offers a unique combination of hard- and software equipment as well as software solutions for the maritime industry. In addition, by combining own products with third-party components and integrating them into one system, INTERSCHALT adds value to its customers.
Customers benefit from more than 50 years of experience in both manufacturing of automation and electrical systems and system integration. As general contractor INTERSCHALT offers one-stop shopping and turn-key solutions for customers.
Product Line Up
Complete System Solutions
Significant Features
  • Design, calculation, dimensioning & construction of systems
  • Coordination with classification societies
  • Logistic services
  • Project & construction site management
  • Submission of the documents for classification societies
  • Commissioning
  • Services
Main advantages for our customers
  • Centralized responsibility from one source
  • Complete system integration
  • All interfaces managed by INTERSCHALT
  • Technical assistance for shipyards and shipdesign companies
  • All logistical processes are managed through one source
  • Simplified and clear scheduling during commissioning
  • Reduction of after sales service costs
IS interschalt
Control Console
Production of consoles for:
  • Special vessels
  • Containervessels, Bulkers, (Tankers)
  • Pilot vessels
  • Ferries
  • Megayachts
  • Offshore Patrol Vessels
  • Marine (e.g. K130, T45)
Significant Features:
  • Implementation of custom-tailored design
  • Engineering and Integration of different communication- and navigation systems
  • Consoles in high-grade steel-, aluminium-, and steeldesign
  • Wiring according to EMV standards
  • Ergonomically created design
  • Optimized arrangement of equipment for optimal ease of use
  • Compliance with different class regulations Shockproof production of the welded construction
  • Marine consoles in special paintwork
  • Compliance with MIL-Standards
  • Special fabrication of user surface, e.g. of wood or leather
IS interschalt
Low Voltage Switchboard
Power distribution from one source
From planning, construction up to commissioning of the complete low- and medium voltage power distribution including automation systems, INTERSCHALT provides the complete systems from only one source. On merchant vessels or on mega yachts, the switchboards are built to meet highest requierements on efficiency regarding power management, required space and the all day work.

Significant Features:
  •  Load depended start/stop of diesel generator sets (PMS))
  • Conditional connection of heavy consumers with fixed or variable loadConditional reefer container connection, controlled by
  • Integrated Power Management Systemm
  • Main bus bar up to 8,500 A with max.
  • Initial-short-circuit alternating current < 130 kA
  • Ultra - Rapid power switch for higher short-circuit currents
  • Moulded case circuit breaker fixed mounted of plug - in type
  • Fuseless load feeders
IS interschalt
Medium Voltage Switchboard
The medium voltage switchboard is a state-of-the-art system made in Germany, specifically developed for the harsh marine environments. Due to the compact and modular design, the system fulfils highest availability together with the highest level of safety operation. The switchboard stands for economical and reliable power distribution.

Significant Features:
  • Maintenance-free components, depends on environmental conditions
  • Certified operation authorization training for users
  • Certified air- an gas-insulated switch boards according to international standards
  • Design, production, installation, commissioning and service from one source
  • World-wide service network availability by own service stations and agents
  • Safe, cost-efficient and flexible
IS steinsohn Automation
Significant Features:
  • Easy integration of third party systems
  • 'Plug and Play' interfaces to all system components
  • Modular setup of system, central or decentral
  • Process Control Panel (back-up level)l)
  • Vast experience for all types of cargo vessels and mega yachts
  • Off-watch operation by 'XAS'
  • Applicable to:
    • Engine Monitoring
    • Auxiliary System Control
    • Fuel Management
    • Ballast Water Management
    • Bilge Management
    • Power Management
    • Cargo Management
Process Control Panel
The Process Control Panel (PCP) is a 10,4" touch panel for the Integrated Alarm-, Control- and Monitoring System (IACMS).

Power supply: 24 V DC
Interface: 2 x Ethernet

Significant Features:
  • List of alarms
  • List of not acknowledged alarms
  • Measuring point list
  • User-defined measuring point list
  • Bar graph visualization
  • List of manually faded alarms
  • List of system suppressed alarms
  • Possibility of parameter changes
  • Journal setup
  • Control of aggregates (valves, pumps, fans, etc.)
IS steinsohn Reefer Container Monitoring System
The Reefer Container Monitoring System is designed to monitor all reefer containers either by Power Cable Transmission (PCT) according to ISO 10368. The system supports controllers for reefer containers from all manufacturers like Carrier, Thermoking, RMC, Sabroe, Mitsubishi and Daikin. All components have been developed especially for the harsh environment, which results in cost-effective installation and reliable operation on board of seagoing vessels.

Significant Features:
  • Safety reports can be transferred to Microsoft Excel File
  • Communication with all types of Loading Computer Systems
  • PCT with high- and low data rate according to ISO 10368
  • Easy to use software package
  • Mobile Terminal with scanner function for all reefer containers without modem
IS steinsohn Ship Safety
Watch Alarm / Personnel Alarm
The Personnel Alarm System can be used for the engine control room for seagoing vessels. Itcomplies with the requirements of the IMO Resolution MGS.128(75).

Significant Features:
  • Watch alarm / Personnel alarm System
  • Key switch for mode selection
  • Dimmer function
  • Integrated buzzer with changeable tone and volume
  • Easy and individual handling of parametrization
  • Countdown time indicator
IS steinsohn Ship Safety
General Alarm
The Automatic Signal Generator is constructed on
a printed circuit board and mounted in a switch board-DIN-casing. All operation and control elements are located on the front, all electrical connections are effected over the terminal board at the rear.

The operation readiness of the ASG is indicated by dimmable lighting of the selection switches.
The ASG is provided with three operation modes, which can be selected by three push-buttons.
The output signal is indicated by the flashing light of the push-button in the signal time.
IS steinsohn Ship Safety
Nautical Alarm System
The small Size Alarm System is designed to acquire binary alarm states of devices to be monitored and to signal these states visually and acoustically.

The implementation of the alarm functions is matched to applications within the bridge area of seagoing vessels and to general applications on yachts and other smaller units.

It conforms to the regulations of Germanischer Lloyd.
IS steinsohn Engine Order
The Engine Telegraph System are designed for the communication between bridge, engine control room and emergency operator station. Besides its function as an engine telegraph, the system also serves for transmission of the command to the Main Engine Remote Control System. By means of the Electrical Shaft up to twenty levers can be connected to each other. Each lever can operate as master and all other levers follow electrical driven. The Engine Telegraph System has a modular structure, the interconnection of the individual components being realized by means of a BUS System.


- Easy -to -handle
- Cable-saving and robust BUS System
- Fast and easy to install, with no adjustment required
- Modular structure with expansion possibilities

Significant features:

- Interface to main engine remote control system
- Clear error diagnosis by means of descriptive messages on central LC display
IS steinsohn Voyage Data Recorder
In order to meet future market developments INTERSCHALT has developed a new Voyage Data Recorder. The available know-how, together with 12 years of experience in producing VDRs plus the latest technical developments have all been accommodated into the customer oriented solution.

Voyage Data Recorder
  • Modular and scalable
  • Easy to service
  • Competitive price
Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System
The system monitors automatically bridge activities and detects Officer of the Watch (OOW) incapacitate. In case of awareness of the OOW the system automatically alerts the master and other qualified navigation officers. The IS steinsohn BNWAS can be used for the bridge area of in the engine control room as a personel alarm system for sea going vessels. It complies with the requirements of the IMO Resolution MCS. 128(75).

Significant features
  • Dormant for a period of between 3-12 min.
  • Integrated dimmer & buzzer with changeable tone and volume
  • Countdown time indicator
  • Emergency call
  • Visual alarm: reset unit flashing
  • Reset via panels, buttons or via external devices
  • Failure output
  • Auto start via heading or track control system
  • Transfer function for nautical alarms
  • Interface to VDR
Today, Software Solutions and Services are our core areas of future growth. We believe that the efficient use of software solutions can help both, ship line operators and ship owners to optimize their operational costs of vessels. We are active in the fields of maintenance and cargo planning with more than 25 years of experience each.

With our products we have reached leading market positions, both in ship operations and ship handling and maintenance.

In Cargo we are seen as global market leader for container vessels with a market share > 60%. INTERSCHALT offers a complete spectrum of software solutions for cargo management on-board vessels and on-shore stowage planning. More than 5,200 vessels world-wide have been equipped with MACS-3 loading computers and a corresponding number of shore-side systems for planning office. MACS3 covers comprehensive stability and strength calculations, according to all pertinent international regulations like IMO A. 749 and is approved by all major classification societies.

In Operations we have recently launched the most modern fleet management system, Bluefleet. The entirely new developed fleet management system combines latest development platforms and technologies with experience of more than 2,000 installations of the predecessors’ fleet management systems i.e. Titan and Maintman. Due to the modular design, the system can be deployed in various configurations. The replicate feature enables the on-shore technical superintendent to overview online the current status on-board the vessels.

INTERSCHALT’s strategy is to expand the product portfolio along according to customers needs.
MACS3 Loading Computer System
Significant Features:
  • For all vessel types
  • For stowage planning ashore
  • Automatical ballast tank optimization
  • Interfaces to tank level- and draft gauging
  • Interfaces to container booking systems
  • Report generator
  • Client / Server architecture
Fleet Management BlueFeet
Significant technical features:
  • Common MS SQL database for the entire fleet
  • Automatic/ manual data transfer adjustable by size and time
  • Integrated report generator
  • Support of MS server 2005 and higher
  • 3rd party ERP interface available
Stowage Planning STOWMAN
Significant Features:
  • Homogeneous surface cargo by input of a stowing factor
  • Wide range of information per item
  • Items can be colored according to a variety of criteria
  • Hatch cover handling
  • Extensive reporting facilities
Vessel Monitoring BLUETRACKER
Main features of Bluetracker
  • Open Data Collector on the vessel to capture data from various data sources
  • Data Transfer done via Blueconnect Communication Suite: Fully automatic, prioritized and connection-aware transfer
  • Low requirements on ship and company IT
  • Captured data is available almost in realtime (if communication is available)
  • If communication is interrupted, captured data is buffered on the vessel and transferred as soon as communication is available again
  • Consistently and gapless data recording over years
  • Data presentation, analysis and system administration done via a state-of-the-art web application (based on Microsoft Silverlight)
  • Customer specific presentation and analysis modules can be realized easily
Maritime Education and Training Center (MET)
Due to the rapid growth of the maritime industry the demand for highly trained specialists to operate all kinds of vessels around the world is still going strong. To guarantee the necessary skills for officers and crews is one of the biggest challenges of ship operating companies around the world.

The INTERSCHALT Maritime Education and Training Center (MET) is providing the required training to meet such educational demands. In order to meet your specific training requirements the heart of our training center offers state-of-the-art training facilities.
  • A main bridge with a 270° view angle equipped with the latest Sperry navigation and communication components 'Vision Master FT'.
  • Three bridges with a 120° view angle equipped with the latest components from Raytheon/Anschütz, Transas and Sperry.
  • An engine room simulator for various engine types and components from leading manufacturers.
  • A briefing/debriefing area.
  • Class rooms with a capacity of up to 24 seats available.
Courses: Significant advantages:
  • Latest technologies
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • Tailormade trainings with individual scenarios
  • Wide course spectrum
  • Flexible course arrangements
  • Hotel accomodation and transfer

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