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Allied Vision Technologies
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  • Offer Profile
  • Founded in 1989, Allied Vision Technologies is a 100% subsidiary of the publicly-traded Augusta Technologie AG. AVT designs, produces and sells cameras and components for image processing in industrial and life science applications. With innovative products, superior manufacturing quality and a service-driven organization, Allied Vision Technologies is well established as a premier provider of digital camera solutions for machine vision worldwide.

    Our Markets:
    • industrial inspection & automation
    • healthcare & medical
    • science & research
    • security & traffic
    • logistics
    • multimedia, entertainment & sports
Product Portfolio
  • Digital Cameras for Machine Vision, Industrial Applications and much more

  • Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) offers a wide range of digital cameras for machine vision, industrial inspection, automation, medical imaging, scientific research, ITS and traffic monitoring, security, and many other demanding applications. Cameras by AVT and Prosilica include sensitive machine vision sensors (CCD and CMOS, VGA to 29 Megapixels) and fit a wide range of applications.
    • Digital high performance industrial cameras overview:
      • Very high sensivity
      • High bandwidth, fast frame rates
      • Integrated preprocessing functions
      • Wide operating temperature range
      • Lens control functions
    • Cameras with visible spectral range, NIR cameras, LWIR cameras
    • OEM and customized cameras, boardlevel cameras
    • FireWire (IEEE 1394), Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision), and Camera Link interface
  • Entry Level - Simple & Easy

  • Economical price • VGA to 5 Megapixels • Sony CCDs, Aptina CMOS sensors
    • Guppy

    • Very small, lightweight industrial FireWire camera - inexpensive

      The Guppy is a very small, lightweight, inexpensive industrial FireWire camera. Guppy cameras are equipped with a large variety of renowned CCD and CMOS sensors by Sony and Micron/Aptina - the versatile Guppy series provides the right camera for almost all kinds of applications.
      • IEEE 1394a (400 Mb/s)
      • CCD and CMOS sensors (1/3, 1/2, 1/2.5), 10 models (VGA to 5 Megapixel)
      • Guppy F-038B/C and F044B/C also available as NIR version (enhanced near infrared lightsensitivity)
      • Options
        • Various IR cut/pass filters
        • CS/M12 Mount adapters (M12 only for sensors < 1/2)
        • White medical housing
    • Guppy PRO

    • Ultra-compact 1394b camera

      The Guppy PRO is the derivate of the successful Guppy family. Thanks to the extremely compact, robust metal housing, Guppy PRO cameras can easily be integrated into your system. The Guppy PRO family has an excellent price/performance ratio.
      • IEEE 1394b
      • Several models, VGA to 5 Megapixels
      • Sony CCD sensors, ON Semi CMOS sensor
      • Optocoupled 12-pin I/Os
      • Ultra-compact housing
    • Prosilica GC

    • Fast, Ultra-compact Gigabit Ethernet cameras for machine vision

      The Prosilica GC are ultra compact, high-performance machine vision cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®).
      • Ultra-compact size
      • VGA to 5 Megapixel resolution
      • Fast frame rates up to 119 fps
      • CCD and CMOS sensors
  • Industrial - Smart & Flexible

  • Versatile, flexible cameras • VGA to 5 Megapixels • Sony CCDs, Aptina CMOS sensors
    • Manta

    • GigE Vision camera with 3 LUTs, color correction, PoE and more options

      The Manta is a flexible, feature-rich GigE Vision camera with an outstanding price/performance ratio. It incorporates three LUTs, sophisticated color correction algorithms, a robust metal housing, and many modular options like angled heads or board level versions. Manta cameras cover a wide range of imaging applications. The Manta is now optionally available with PoE (Power over Ethernet).
      • VGA to 9 Megapixels, CCD (Sony) and CMOS (CMOSIS) sensors
      • Two configurable inputs, two configurable outputs (all optocoupled)
      • Three LUTs, color correction, binning, sub-sampling and more features
      • Options
        • Various IR cut/pass filters
        • CS/M12 Mount adapters
        • Angled head
        • White medical housing
        • Board level versions on request
        • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
    • Stingray

    • Modular design, advanced features, FireWire 1394b, ideal OEM camera, ideal custom camera

      The Stingray is a versatile, powerful camera for almost all applications, and an ideal custom camera or OEM camera. Stingray cameras have an excellent image quality and incorporate an advanced set of camera features. Their design is modular and flexible (angled heads, board level versions, AVT modular concept...).

      Stingray cameras are available with daisy chain FireWire connectors or with both copper and GOF (glass optical fiber, ideal for long cable lengths) ports. High-end image pre-processing functions are included - a mid price Stingray IEEE 1394b camera is even suitable for very demanding requirements.

      • IEEE 1394b (800 Mb/s), daisy chain copper or copper and GOF
      • Sony CCD sensors (1/3, 1/2, 1/1.8, 2/3
      • 8 models (VGA to 5 Megapixel)
      • Options
        • Various IR cut/pass filters
        • Various lens mounts on request
        • Hirose power: out
        • Angled head
        • White medical housing
        • Compact housing version
        • Board level versions on request
    • Prosilica GT

    • NEW Prosilica GT: Digital cameras for extreme environments – GigE Vision®

      The Prosilica GT are compact digital cameras designed for imaging in extreme temperatures (from -20°C to 60°C) and fluctuating lighting conditions. The Prosilica GT cameras feature Precise and DC Auto Iris, as well as PoE and the latest CCD sensor technology making them ideal for a wide range of demanding applications including ITS & traffic imaging, machine vision, industrial inspection, security, surveillance, military applications and more.
      • Sony EXview HAD CCD and Kodak KAI quad tap sensors
      • Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®)
      • 1 to 29 Megapixel
      • Fast frame rates to 62 fps
      • Auto Iris (P-Iris and DC)
      • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
      • Ethernet surge suppression
      • Gamma
      • Metadata (Chunk data)
      • Clock synchronization (IEEE1588)
      • Wide operating temperature range
    • Prosilica GS

    • Right-angle CCD camera with Gigabit Ethernet interface

      The Prosilica GS cameras are periscope-type CCD cameras for industrial and microscopy applications. The compact GS-Series cameras have a Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®) that allows for very fast frame rates and long cable lengths.
      • Ultra-compact size - 2.2” x 3.75” x 1”
      • Very rugged
      • Fast frame rates to 120 fps
      • VGA to 5 Megapixels
      • Landscape or portrait orientation
      • Optional white medical housing
      • Modular options available
    • Prosilica GB – Single-board OEM cameras

    • Single-board OEM cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface

      The Prosilica GB Gigabit Ethernet CCD cameras are single-board versions of our popular GC GigE Vision cameras. The credit card-sized Prosilica GB are high-performance machine vision cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®).
      • Ultra-compact size (2"x3.5")
      • VGA to 5 Megapixel resolution
      • Fast frame rates to 120 fps
      • Optional vertical connector orientation
      • Portrait or landscape sensor orientation
    • Bigeye

    • Low noise CCD camera, Peltier cooling, up to 11 MP

      The Bigeye is a Peltier cooled camera series for demanding applications. It is equipped with highly sensitive CCD sensors from Sony and Truesense (Kodak). Bigeye cameras are designed for low-noise image acquisition even at long exposure times.
      The compact, robust metal housing of all Bigeye cameras has a hermetically sealed vacuum section, ensuring maintenance-free operation for many years even under rough conditions.
      Moreover, two NIR enhanced camera versions are available (with ICX285 and KAF-6303E).
      • Dual level Peltier cooling with 5 years warranty against condensation
      • Low dark current even at very long exposure times
      • Superior signal/noise ratio
      • Robust alloy metal housing for industrial use
      • Secure operation due to screw locks at all connectors
      • Multi-functional, user-configurable I/O interface
      • Support of AVT’s GigE software development kits (SDKs)
  • High-End - Fast & Sharp

  • High data rates, high speed • VGA to 16 Megapixels • Kodak and Sony CCD sensors
    • Prosilica GX

    • The fastest Gigabit Ethernet cameras in the world - 240MB/s

      The Prosilica GX cameras are fast, compact machine vision cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®). The GX-Series have two screw-captivated Gigabit Ethernet ports configured as a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) to provide a sustained maximum data rate of 240 MBytes per second. The Prosilica GX can also work at half the bandwidth (120 MB/s) using a single cable.
      • Very Fast - 240 MB/s
      • 3-axis motorized lens control and video-type autoiris
      • Single or dual Ethernet port operation
      • 1 to 29 Megapixel
      • Fast frame rates to 112 fps
      • Kodak KAI and Sony quad-tap CCD sensors
      • Modular options available
    • Pike

    • Fast camera, high frame rates  – 1394b – powerful features

      The Pike is a fast IEEE 1394b camera for demanding applications (e.g. industrial and medical imaging). Numerous pre-processing functions produce an outstanding image quality. Pike cameras operate with very high frame rates.

      Pike cameras include extraordinary image pre-processing functions like the High SNR mode (up to 24 dB better signal-to-noise ratio).

      Pike cameras are available both with two copper ports (for daisy-chaining) and with copper/GOF (glass optical fiber) ports.
      • Sony and Kodak CCD sensors (1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1, 1.2, 35 mm)
      • 8 models (VGA to 16 Megapixel)
      • Options
        • 1394b connectors: daisy chain copper or copper and GOF
        • Various IR cut/pass filters
        • F/M39-Mount (F-032 only: CS/M12-Mount)
        • Pike F-1100/F-1600: M42/M58-Mount
        • Hirose power: out
        • Angled head
        • White medical housing
        • Sensor variants: Taped cover glass w/o microlenses, fixed quartz cover glass w/o microlenses available for some models
    • Prosilica GE

    • Compact, high performance CCD machine vision cameras with GigE Vision

      The Prosilica GE cameras are very compact, high-performance machine vision cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®).

      The GigE interface allows for very fast frame rates and long cable lengths.
      • Compact size
      • VGA to 16 Megapixel resolution
      • Fast frame rates to 205 fps
      • Truesense KAI CCD sensors
      • Modular options available
    • Bonito

    • High Speed Camera, sensitive global shutter CMOS sensor, Camera Link

      The Bonito is a high speed camera with a sensitive global shutter CMOS sensor. The Bonito CL-400B/C runs 386 fps at 4 Megapixel resolution and has an ultra-fast 2 x 10-tap Camera Link Full+ interface. Considerably higher frame rates can be reached with a smaller ROI (region of interest). The Bonito CL-400B/C 200 fps version runs 193 fps at full resolution and is equipped with a 1 x 10-tap Camera Link Full+ interface.
      • 386 fps at 2320 x 1726 pixels (200 fps version: 193 fps)
      • Global shutter CMOS sensor (excellent sensitivity due to microlenses)
      • Robust and lightweight aluminum housing
      • Very low power consumption, 4 W
      Available with C/F/EF-Mount
  • Custom & Special

      • Goldeye

      • Short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera with InGaAs sensor, 900 - 1700 nm

        The Goldeye is a short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera. It has a spectral response from 900 nm to 1700 nm. Its InGaAs sensors feature high sensitivity, very good linearity, and a high damage threshold against intense illumination. Thanks to the 14-bit processing and the numerous image correction features, Goldeye cameras produce an outstanding, low-noise image quality. The camera is also available with Peltier cooling. The Peltier cooling is beneficial especially for applications with long exposure times, or for exact temperature measurements.
        • C-Mount, compatible with standard machine vision lenses
        • GigE Vision, also available with Camera Link interface
        • Options
          • Peltier cooling for long exposure times and exact temperature measurements
      • Pearleye

      • LWIR cameras, uncooled microbolometer sensors, 8 - 14 µm, NETD < 80 mK

        The Pearleye camera family incorporates uncooled microbolometer sensors. With their maintenance-free sensors, a temperature reference element, and Peltier temperature stabilizing, the cameras reliably detect temperature differences < 80 mK. Image correction features ensure an excellent image quality.
        • Amorphous silicon uncooled microbolometer focal plane array (FPA)
        • Spectral response: 8 - 14 μm (LWIR)
        • NETD ≤ 80 mK @ 303 K @ f/1.0
        • Built-in electromechanical calibration shutter
        • Temperature reference element and Peltier temperature stabilization
        • Preprocessing functions included
  • Software & Accessories

    • The AVT Modular Concept

    • In addition to a comprehensive selection of standard cameras, Allied Vision Technologies also offers customized cameras. Many customizing requirements can be covered by the Modular Concept. It provides a list of options to change the camera‘s form factor and optical filters. The Modular Concept is available for all AVT cameras. Each camera family offers different modular options.

      Using the options of the Modular Concept is beneficial because it:
      • Avoids customizing effort
      • Permits immediate orders
      • Leads to quick delivery times
      • Offers transparent pricing
    • Software

    • VIMBA - The SDK for AVT cameras

      VIMBA is AVT's future-proof SDK for all current AVT cameras with GigE Vision and FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface. The VIMBA SDK includes a viewer application.

      • VIMBA uses the GenICam transport layer (GenTL) standard.
      • VIMBA contains GenTL conform AVT transport layer producers for 1394 and GigE Vision.
      • APIs
        • The C API allows an easy migration from PvAPI/FirePackage to VIMBA since the function set and logic are similar.
        • The C++ API uses the C API and is provided in source code.
        • VIMBA contains a .NET API (only for Windows)
      • VIMBA is in principal operating system independent to allow future application porting.
      • VIMBA includes a viewer application.

      Operating systems:
      • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
      • Linux support will be added with VIMBA version 1.1.

      Supported cameras:
      • AVT 1394 cameras
      • AVT GigE Vision cameras
      • VIMBA will support future USB 3 Vision cameras
    • Accessories

    • FireWire ™ and GigE Technology in the image processing have established and migrates with great speed more and more into the industrial area. Next to good image quality, solid and performing Software and cabling security also solutions get asked for increasingly, like being able to run huge installations also with several cameras under industrial conditions.

      Allied Vision Technologies offers a variety of GigE and FireWire accessories.
  • Applications

  • Thanks to their versatility and wide range of smart features, digital cameras from Allied Vision Technologies are used in a large variety of applications.
    • Security & Traffic

    • Road Tested: Digital Industrial Cameras for Traffic Applications by Allied Vision Technologies

      Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) cameras have passed the road test. Deployed in the most sophisticated ITS systems around the world, they have outmaneuvered the competition with advanced triggering, strobe, synchronization features, flexible programmability and up to 240 MB/s of continuous image transfer.
    • Industrial Inspection

    • Machine Vision Cameras for Industrial Inspection

      Allied Vision Technologies offers one of the widest camera ranges in the market to ensure industrial processes are more efficient, more precise and deliver the best possible quality. Whether for final quality control, non-destructive testing, robotics or 3D measurement – AVT has the industrial camera you need.
    • Multimedia & Entertainment

    • Digital Cameras for Multimedia and Entertainement Applications

      Machine vision cameras from Allied Vision Technologies are widely used in multimedia and entertainment application; Augmented reality, sport analysis, interactive games displays or advertising applications, just to name a few, are AVT’s playground.
    • Logistics

    • Digital Cameras to Optimize Logistics Applications

      Machine vision cameras from Allied Vision Technologies make it possible to optimize and automate your mail, packaging line and other logistics applications by identifying and tracking bar codes and other patterns on fast moving objects.

    • Medical

    • High-Performance Digital Cameras for Medical Imaging Applications

      Medical imaging is Allied Vision Technologies’ second application market. Allied Vision Technologies has many years experience in providing high-quality, high-sensitivity imaging devices for various applications for medical and healthcare applications. AVT holds an ISO 13485 certification for the development and production of cameras for medical devices.
    • Scientific

    • Digital Cameras for Scientific Imaging

      Using digital image processing makes it possible to reveal the reality as human eyes cannot see it. Scientists of many disciplines use scientific imaging cameras from Allied Vision Technologies for their research. For example for microscopy applications, to document the evolution of ecosystems, to observe astronomical phenomena or to track eye movements for psychology or ergonomics research.