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  • Trilogiq Leantek products have been created to implement Lean Manufacturing. Lean Manufacturing can be applied to your everyday needs.

    Whichever industry you work in, Lean-Manufacturing is the proven path to improved quality, lower costs and shorter delivery times.
    Trilogiq offers you a suite of services designed to help you make best use of LeanTek equipment as part of a total operational solution for Lean Manufacturing.
Product Portfolio
  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Whichever industry you work in, Lean-Manufacturing is the proven path to improved quality, lower costs and shorter delivery times.
  • LeanTek® components

  • The LeanTek product range is built around three simple principles: strength, multifunctionality and durability.

    - Strength is an essential quality in the industrial environment: our experience of the stresses placed on tubes and roller tracks over the years have led to exclusive LeanTek solutions, such as riveting our roller tracks and the use of 2 mm tubes.
    - Multifunctionality is ensured through the mutual compatibility of all components, which minimises impractical diversity.
    - Durability comes primarily from the close attention paid to the anti-corrosion coatings we apply to tubes and joints.
    • Tubes

    • The outer diameter of LeanTek tubes is 28.6 mm. 2 wall thicknesses are offered: 1 mm for lightweight applications, and 2 mm for heavier applications. Tubes are available in a wide range of standard colours.
      Since we manufacture our own tubes, we can supply them in any non-standard colour you wish. LeanTek tubes are galvanized inside and out before receiving their 0.8 mm thermoplastic coating in our own production plants.
    • Connector joints

    • Trilogiq has been designing, developing and continually improving the range of LeanTek joints ever since 1996.
      The range of 3D® multi-directional connector joints is one of the results of this constant quest for innovation. Each joint is manufactured by an automated tool system; the only technique capable of delivering production stability and regularity.
      Joints are finished with a reinforced black zinc coating, which delivers an attractive finish, guaranteed corrosion resistance (even in severe environments) and high impact resistance.
    • Multifunction connectors

    • The F-M range of connectors is all about multifunctionality. The profile common to all F-M connectors forms the basis on which to mount all the roller tracks, lowering guides and flat-edged tubes in the LeanTek range.
      Our focus on multifunctionality and consistency means that the LeanTek system is always fully modular.
      F-M components are coated with an attractive white anti-corrosion zinc finish that ensures durability.
    • Roller tracks and conveyor systems

    • Roller tracks are designed to cope with weight and impact. These components are most often used for flow rack and supermarket applications, but they are also required to ensure the downward flow of components with minimum gradient and maximum smoothness, whilst offering inherent strength and compact size.

      LeanTek roller tracks respond to these requirements by offering some exclusive features:
      - Large diameter rollers (34 to 44 mm): These rollers are reinforced for added impact resistance, and their large diameter makes for smoother rotation.
      - Rollers individually riveted into their tracks: this delivers incomparable durability. The 3.6 mm spindle is big enough to absorb impact and bear considerable weight.
      - Density: The RR-400 is exceptional in more ways than one: it features 28 rollers per meter, with just 1 mm between rollers. These characteristics ensure remarkably regular descent, thus enabling shallower gradients and saving space.
    • Accessories

    • LeanTek offers you a full range of accessories to expand the breadth of functional applications even further. The lateral and central descent guides are Trilogiq innovations.
      Our Label holder strips, castors, floor anchorage systems and special fastenings are all designed specifically to meet the industrial imperatives of flexibility and adaptability.
  • AGV (automatic guided vehicle)

  • An AGV (automated guided vehicle) that executes various transport instructions, guided by a magnetic tape that is glued to the ground.
      • AGV

      • - Go, return, follow an assembly line
        - Logistics loop. Supermarket (stores) to line side
        - Load carrying cart-JIT between assembly lines
        - Driver free logistics train
        - Mobile assembly line.