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  • Swisslog designs, develops and delivers best-in-class automation solutions for forward-thinking health systems, warehouses and distribution centers. Swisslog is a global organization with 2,500 talented employees in more than 20 countries on four continents and customers in more than 50 countries. Headquartered in Buchs/Aarau, Switzerland, the Swisslog group is organized into two business units, Healthcare and Warehouse & Distribution Solutions (WDS).
Product Portfolio
  • Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions

      • Industries

          • Retail, E-Commerce & Omni-Channel

          • Swisslog improves logistics for Retail, E-Commerce & Omni-Channel around the world through smart material flow planning. Our retail warehousing and distribution systems solve issues from regulatory compliance to standardized unit picking and packaging. These flexible retail logistics systems enable retailers to keep pace with an increasing number of SKUs and point-of-sale promotions.
          • Food & Beverage

          • Swisslog’s automated warehousing systems for food storage, handling and distribution are designed to fit the specific needs of our customers. With our proven technology and scalable designs, we provide security and efficiency, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.
          • Automotive

          • Swisslog provides our customers from the automotive industries with smart intralogstic concepts for faster flow of goods, seamless transparency and control, delivery accuracy and fewer interfaces.
          • Pharma

          • For the pharmaceutical industry, keeping all regulatory requirements is a top priority – not only in development and production, but also for the storage and distribution of drugs, active substances and medical products. Government and industry regulations require that pharmaceutical companies perform continuous quality monitoring and process control. To tackle the challenges that come with international compliance, companies need approved customized solutions that provide absolute accuracy and visibility, as well as continuous and immediate availability.
        • Storage Systems and Crane

            • AutoStore: Storage and Order Picking System

            • Benefits

              • Efficient use of space: Thanks to excellent storage density and flexible use of floor space
              • Protection of investment: Based on highly scalable throughput by adding robots/ports and easy extension of the grid
              • Efficient order processing: Item picking at integrated Goods-to-person workstations. Self-regulation system, high frequent goods are stored on top for fast access

              • Height of grid: max. 5.4 m
              • Load: max. 30 kg
              • Throughput - bins typically retrieved, per port: 120 - 500 bins/h
              • Temperature range: min. 2° C, max. 40 °C

              Efficient small parts storage with AutoStore

              The AutoStore automated small parts storage system quickly processes small parts orders and single-item picking. Robots collect the required bins and present them at integrated picking stations – increasing efficiency and maximizing space utilization.

            • CycloneCarrier: Shuttle System for Dynamic Storage and Retrieval of Light

            • Benefits

              • Fast: The highly dynamic lifts and shuttle vehicles deliver short order processing times
              • Reliable: Safe loading ensures reliable handling and reduces downtime
              • Versatile: The shuttle storage system offers a variety of configuration options in terms of different dimensions and temperature range

              • CycloneCarrier vehicle speed: up to 4.0 m/s
              • Lift height: max. 25 m
              • Load weight per transport unit: up to 35 kg, standard application / up to 50 kg, with reduced dynamics
              • Temperature range: min. 0 °C, max. 45 °C

              Efficient storage, order and picking consolidation

              As part of a complete solution for light-goods handling, the shuttle system CycloneCarrier seamlessly integrates into efficient logistics processes; for example, as a feeding engine for goods-to-person picking or an intelligently designed buffer system for order consolidation. The shuttle system can handle a wide variety of cartons, trays and totes. CycloneCarrier was designed for industries where high throughput and excellent availability are essential.

            • CarryPick: Mobile System for Efficient Storage and Order Picking

            • Benefits

              • Outstanding mobility: fast and easy relocation of the system and its components
              • Future-proof: scalable in performance, size and shape of product variability
              • Efficient picking process: user-friendliness supports, short training times and same-day delivery

              • ‘Carry‘ robots - load: max. 600 kg
              • Floor space for 1 000 mobile racks: approx. 3 000 m²
              • Room height – building: min. 3 m
              • Mobile racks – types: Cartons, hanging goods, returns

              Automated storage and goods-to-person order picking system

              The modular concept of CarryPick perfectly fits into existing buildings and stands out for its ability to be extended and relocated on very short notice.

              CarryPick consist of only four components such as mobile racks, automated guided vehicles, Swisslog‘s workstations ProPick and the warehouse management system WM 6.

              Multifunctional workstations are continually supplied with mobile racks by automated guided vehicles. Controlled and monitored by the WM 6 warehouse management system, CarryPick combines storage with replenishment and picking functionality, and handles returns in a very efficient way.

            • PAS PowerStore: Pallet Shuttle System

            • Benefits

              • High density; double your storage capacity
              • Sustainability; reduce consumption, lower operating costs, lower carbon emissions, and decrease storage waste
              • Flexible & Scalable; conforms to any building regardless of shape or size
              • Cost efficient; eliminates need for new construction

              • 4-wheel drive using dual 1/2 hp. servo motors
              • 4-cam lift using dual 1/2 hp. servo motors
              • Weight capacity of 1 550 Kg
              • Temperature range: min. -28° C

              Efficient Pallet Storage

              PAS PowerStore™ is a robotic storage and retrieval system designed for deep lane storage of palletized loads. The PAS PowerStore is tailored to provide an attractive ROI for companies with small, medium and large storage needs. This fully automated system is very adaptable in size and shape and can therefore be implemented using existing space to maximize density and efficiency in your current warehouse.

            • Vectura Pallet Stacker Crane

            • Benefits

              • Excellent price performance ratio: High standardization of modules and low cost of ownership
              • Reliable: High quality design leading to less maintenance
              • Proven: More than 2 500 cranes delivered since 1976
              • Sustainable: Low energy costs

              • Based on a set of standard modules with building heights up to 50 m
              • Product range: single and double mast
              • Storage density: single to multi-deep
              • Temperature range: min. -28° C, max. 45 °C

              Compact Storage with the Vectura Stacker Crane

              The Vectura pallet stacker crane has a modular structure and compact design that enables it to handle single-, double-, tripleand multi-deep layouts. The pallet stacker crane maximizes storage space and efficiently handles multiple pallet loads.

            • Tornado Miniload Crane

            • Benefits

              • Dynamic and light: 20 % weight reduction compared to cranes of similar height
              • Easy to maintain: High endurance and long intervals between services
              • Sustainable: Low energy costs

              • Building height: up to 20 m
              • Storage density horizontal/vertical: single, double and quadruple deep
              • Operating speed: up to 6 m/s
              • Payload: up to 120 kg, standard, higher loads on request
              • Temperature range: min. -28° C, max. 40 °C

              Automated Case Storage with Tornado Miniload Cranes

              By combining modern control technology, consistent weight optimization and a patented mast and rail design, Swisslog’s Tornado miniload crane is ideally suited for a variety of automated case storage requirements across a wide range of applications.

          • Conveyor Systems

              • OúickMove: Light Goods Conveyor

              • Benefits

                • Quick & reliable: High performance thanks to an ideal combination of proven mechanics and controls
                • Sustainable: Efficient drive concept for optimized energy consumption
                • Modular system: Easy expansion possible at a later date

                • Load range: up to 50 kg
                • Speed: up to 3.5 m/s (belt conveyors)
                • 24VDC roller conveyors / 400 VAC belt conveyors
                • Temperature range: min. -28° C, max. 40 °C

                High performance light goods transport with QuickMove

                QuickMove is an automated conveyor system that reliably transports loads up to 50 kg. It consist of a set of conveying modules to realize functions and tasks – all of them are driven with 24 V or 400 V electric drives for high reliability and energy saving operation and an integrated controls solution for efficient material flow.

              • ProMove Pallet Conveyor

              • Benefits

                • High performance: Frequency drive controls for smooth acceleration / deceleration and high speeds
                • Wide range of elements: Delivered with wiring, motors and sensors
                • Easy to run, access and maintain: User-friendly handling

                • Load range: up to 1 500 kg
                • Throughput transfer unit: 250 - 350 load units/h
                • Load carriers: all standard pallets, other load carriers upon request
                • Temperature range: min. -28° C, max. 40 °C

                Flexible pallet handling with the ProMove Conveyor System

                Offering unique flexibility and unrivalled quality, the ProMove pallet conveyor system provides a safe, reliable method for pallet handling. The ProMove pallet conveyor system is user-friendly and can easily be expanded.

            • AGV-Family and Electrified Monorail System

                • AGV-Family: Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

                • Benefits

                  • Flexible: Avoidance of fixed installations (e.g. conveyor)
                  • Dynamic: New paths, directions or tasks can be created almost instantaneously without expensive retrofits.
                  • Efficiency: Possibility of 3-shift operation without human intervention

                  • Standard AGV – Integrated system based on fork lift truck and/or conveyor deck
                  • AGVPick – Picking system based on pallet jack
                  • CarryPro – For dynamic storage and retrieval of pallets

                  Optimize pallet transport with Standard AGVs

                  Ideal for different areas and industries, standard AGVs safely and reliably transport pallets. With flexible navigation options and custom-configurable software, these AGVs are efficient in highly complex logistics systems and simple A-to-B scenarios.

                • Electrified Monorail System Fast Transportation

                • Benefits

                  • Very quiet
                  • Environmentally friendly
                  • Easy transportation via multiple levels
                  • Standard controls concept

                  • Electrified Monorail System moves pallets and roll cages over long distances, between different departments or buildings
                  • Load range: up to 1 360 kg
                  • Temperature range: min. 5° C, max. 35 °C

                  Rely on a monorail when speed is essential

                  Electrified Monorail Systems use individually driven vehicles that move independently on a rail system. The monorail system accommodates pallets and roll cages, and can be expanded with scalable track elements, rail extensions and more vehicles.

                • Automated Item Pick (AIP): Robot based Automated Item Pick

                • Benefits

                  • Flexible and Mobile: The robot pick station can be used at different work stations. Processes can be optimized by sharing tasks efficiently between robot and human.
                  • Fast and Simple Integration: Automated Item Pick is easy to implement in new or existing picking systems due to WM 6 standard software packages.
                  • Improved Efficiency: An automated pick station is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

                  • Items range: packed items, unlimited number
                  • Items per hour: 360 – 600 depending on size and weight
                  • Item weight: up to 20 grams - 4 kg

                  Robot based Automated Item Pick for Efficient Intralogistic Processes

                  The Automated Item Pick solution is designed for repeated single item picks to fulfil fast delivery of orders. It perfectly suits the requirements of e-commerce, pharmaceutical or spare parts logistics. It combines effectively Swisslog's existing intralogistics concepts such as CarryPick or AutoStore with robot picking.

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