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  • noax Technologies ranks among Europe's leading manufacturers of rugged and reliable industrial PCs. We design and develop hardware solutions for extremely harsh as well as sensitive environments where hygiene is a major factor. Our range of products includes completely sealed industrial PCs, medical PCs, weighing terminals for the most diverse areas of application, peripheral devices, and accessories.
Product Portfolio
  • noax Industrial Computers – Quality made in Germany

  • noax Technologies developed and manufactures industrial Touch Panel PCs for challenging environments. The specific features are the completely sealed enclosure and the high performance. noax PCs are full blown computers which are developed specifically for the requirements of industry. noax industrial computers combine industrial requirements with state of the art computer technology. This allows them to be upgraded at any time and to be compatible with all standard hardware and software systems. It is extremely easy to integrate noax PCs into an existing IT system.
    • IPCs – completely sealed and watertight up to NEMA 6 (IP67)

    • Because of the highly efficient noax proprietary PC electronic it was possible to develop a completely sealed enclosure with no external fan. The power dissipation is accomplished through the especially developed enclosure with cooling fins. Therefore the internal electronic is protected from dirt, dust or humidity. In addition all internal parts are protected against shock and vibration.
    • The well designed noax industrial computer technology

    • Even with their small and compact size the noax industrial PCs have high performance and a wide range of upgradeability. The proprietary noax PC motherboard is the main part in every noax computer. They are all assembled with Intel processors and most common interfaces such as serial I/Os, USBs and Ethernet. In addition, two PCI slot are available for additional special interfaces. This allows a simple connection of external peripheral devices.
    • The noax internal micro controller – another safety feature

    • All noax industrial computers are equipped with an onboard micro controller. This device monitors most internal functions of the computer and gives the operator the ability to set certain parameters of the IPC. Through a very userfriendly Windows program the operator is able to verify all these functions on the screen or via a network on the server. In critical operational status this micro processor sends a warning and acts with a shutdown if no action is taken by the operator. This ability drastically increase theoperations safety of the system.
  • Compact Series

  • The noax Compact Series touch panel PCs have very robust and impact proof aluminum enclosures. The compact, robust and completely sealed construction allows all kinds of applications in extreme environments. Applications range from data acquisition of operating data, machine data and time and attendance to machine control and process visualization. Another wide area of applications is in the mobile IT field such as in Warehousing/Logistics and for the construction business with certain mobile equipment such as cranes, etc.

    The compact series is available with 8.4/12.1/15inch display sizes.

    The ingenious technology of the Compact Series
    Despite its compact and enclosed design, the C Series offers high power, large scalability and enormous expandability. The All-In-One motherboards developed in- ouse by noax form the basis of every noax industrial PC. As standard, they are all equipped with Intel processors, many on-board interfaces and an Ethernet interface. Furthermore, the free standard PCI slots allow the IPCs to be upgraded at any time. This permits the simple and uncomplicated connection of various peripheral devices such as transponder reader, chipcard reader or barcode scanner. Printers, external keyboards or drives can also be connected without problem.
    • Compact C8 – the Mobile Computer

    • The C8 with its light and very robust aluminum enclosure was specially developed by noax for mobile use under extreme conditions. The 8.4 inch TFT display with integrated touch panel and automatic brightness control that can be used under daylight conditions opens a wide range of  applications, and this coupled with very simple operation. Its advanced technology allows the fast and simple connection of various peripheral devices. Its very compact design of only 9.1x7.3x3.9 inch (WxHxD) and the wide range of mounting possibilities allows the fully-enclosed IPC to be used on or in any carrier vehicle. This makes  the C8 the ideal vehicle terminal for forklift trucks, order-picking vehicles or building machinery.
    • Compact C12 – the Multifunctional Computer

    • The C12 is an IPC that can be used in a wide range of applications. Depending on the requirements, the 12-inch IPC can be equipped with different noax All- n-One board variants. Its scaling capabilities include the processor power, the RAM memory or the hard disk size. The comprehensive on-board interfaces, the Ethernet interface and the simple expandability using standard slots allow the uncomplicated connection of various peripheral devices such as keyboard, printer or identification systems.  Furthermore, the optional WLAN cards allow the IPC to be integrated in a wireless LAN network without  problem. This makes the C12 ideal for use in PDA, MDA, personnel attendance acquisition or logistics applications under harsh environmental conditions.
    • Compact C15 – the Visualization Specialist

    • The C15 has an aluminum enclosure with a plastic bezel. Its high-contrast 15-inch TFT display makes itparticularly suitable for tasks that require fast and reliable reading of graphics or text. Examples include  the display of process or machine data. The integrated 15-inch display with 1024x768 pixels makes the powerful and highlyscalable C15 ideal for visualization tasks. Furthermore, the standard integrated touch panel ensures the simple operation, even in the most extreme conditions. The network card, the comprehensive on-board interfaces and connections for wireless LAN and identification systems installed as standard make the C15 universally usable.
  • Steel Series

  • A main feature of the noax Steel Series touch panel IPCs is the V2A (304) stainless steel enclosure with an extremely smooth surface. Specially designed gaskets allow no gaps between enclosure and screen. Therefore noax PCs fulfill the strongest hygiene standards necessary in medical, chemical and food processing areas. Because of the completely sealed enclosure, all units are splash water protected and allow wash down of the PCs (up to NEMA 6 / IP67).

    The stainless steel series is  available with 12.1, 15 and 19 inch display sizes.

    The ingenious technology of the Steel Series
    Despite its compact and fully-enclosed stainless steel construction, the Steel Series offers large scalability, enormous expandability and high performance. The all-in- ne motherboards developed in-house by noax form the basis of every noax industrial PC. As standard, they are all equipped with Intel processors, many on-board interfaces and an Ethernet interface. Furthermore, the free standard PCI slots allow the IPCs to be upgraded at any time. This permits the simple and uncomplicated connection of various peripheral devices such as weighing systems, transponder readers, chipcard readers or barcode scanners. Printers, external keyboards or  drives can also be connected without problem.
    • Steel S12 – 12 inch stainless steel touch panel PC

    • The S12 is a universally usable industrial PC system. Depending on requirements, the 12 inch IPC can be equipped with different noax “all-In-one” boards. It is upgradeable for processor speed, DRAM memory, hard disk size and the type of operating system. Comprehensive on-board interfaces, like the Ethernet, keyboard, printer and serial interfaces allow the noax touch PCs to be used as standard desktop computers. Two easily installable standard PCI slots allow uncomplicated connection to many custom peripherals. Furthermore, optional WLAN cards allow integration into wireless LAN networks. This makes the S12 ideal for food processing and chemical,  pharmaceutical or clinical areas.
    • Steel S15 – 15 inch stainless steel touch panel PC

    • The S15, with its polished stainless steel enclosure, was specially developed for use under maximum hygiene standards. The use of a specially tapered foodsafe rubber seal between the bezel and the touch display means that the S15 has no hidden slots and joints. Its robust and compact stainless steel construction and the industrial locking connectors protect the IPC from extreme mechanical and chemical hazards, such as vibration, shock, acids and alkaline solutions. Its high-contrast industrial TFT display guarantees good readability even under wide viewing angles. Its standard network interface and the other comprehensive on- oard interfaces make the S15 universally usable, such as for weighing, identification and standard IT systems.
    • Steel S19 Premium Line – 19 inch stainless steel IPC

    • The 19 inch industrial PC is in a new noax “Hygienic” designed stainless steel enclosure which meets NEMA 4X (IP65) standard. There are no gaps and chinks between enclosure and touch screen because of the food safe plastic front. Twenty programmable function keys on the front of the PC, in combination with 4 function keys (on/off; brightness; contrast; special function) in combination with LEDs for the internal standard housekeeping micro processor, make the S19 extreme user friendly and show, together with the mentioned LEDs and an  micro processor NSetup window on the screen, the internal condition of the S19 PC system. The PC is equipped with a very bright and long lasting 19 inch  TFT display. The resolution of the display is SXGA(1280x1024) with an analog resistive touch screen in front. The PC itself is again the noax proprietary N8 motherboard with a Pentium M processor.
  • Panel Series

  • noax Panel Series industrial computers are especially designed for installation into panels or racks. The bezels of these PCs are NEMA 4X (IP65) watertight. The bezel material is V2A (304) stainless steel with special gaskets to seal the unit between panel and PC as well as between touch screen and bezel. This also allows easy cleaning or disinfection of the PC front panel.

    The panel series is available with 8.4/12.1/15 inch display sizes.

    The ingenious technology of the Panel Series
    Flat, smooth and versatile is how we describe our industrial panel PC with rugged touch screens from the Panel series. Ideal for installation in switching panels, control consoles or control cabinets. It has a minimal installation depth, yet its performance and high scalability are impressive. Depending on its application, they can be equipped with different processor outputs, operating systems, or additional memory. We use only high-quality components for our Panel PC. They are therefore best-suited for rugged production environments and applications that place high demands on hygiene. Reliability and easy handling are a must particularly in industrial applications. That is why we have equipped our panel computer with high-contrast and extremely durable TFT displays with integrated touch panels. The high-quality panels are easy to handle and guarantee optimal readability, even under the worst possible conditions. The industrial panel computer with touch screen come with 8", 12", and 15" screens. A special mounting frame also makes it easy to install our Panel PCs in a 19" cabinet.
  • Industrial PC accessory program

  • The perfect addition – the noax accessory program
    Naturally, we offer just the right accessories for our industrial PCs. All computes are designed for use in their respective function and are thereby optimally adapted to their area of application. The assortment ranges from diverse operating systems that we will pre-install upon request to radio LAN components, identification systems, system upgrades to external accessories.

    Because requirements differ from company to company, from application to application, we have developed special accessories that allow our industrial PCs to be adapted even better to their intended uses. For example, our high-quality memory add-ons allow you to easily upgrade your noax industrial PCs. Especially developed keyboards make it easier to enter data in hygiene-sensitive areas such as food processing.

    For the expert assembly of your noax industrial PCs, we have an extensive range of accessories, including equipment and wall brackets with or without ball head or bases in the most diverse designs. If you want to assemble our industrial PCs on vibration-intensive mounts, you will find individually adapted shock absorber plates as vibration inhibitors for each computer. The different and optionally available noax connector covers protect the connector area of your industrial PC.

    You will see that the noax comprehensive accessories will enable you to adapt our industrial PCs individually to the needs of your company.

    ...and if we do not have the right accessory, then please ask about our individual solutions.
    • Peripheral equipment

    • Beside a selection of industrial touch panel PCs noax also offers a wide variety of peripheral equipment for all kinds of applications. The selection varies from WLANcomponents (antennas, access points, WLAN boards) to identification readers (barcode, transponder Legic, Hitech, Mifare) and system upgrades such as memory, hard drives, flash disks, network boards and interface  modules. Also available are external accessories such as keyboards, drives, transparent protective screen film and power supplies.
    • Mounting and shock/vibration absorbing accessories

    • Depending on the application noax offers a variety of mounting possibilities. These are tilting wall/desk mounts to VESA 75 type mounts with 3 axis ball mounts and floor stands. For harsh environments special shock and vibration reducing adapters are also available.
    • Connector protection

    • Additional protection of the connector panel at the bottom of the industrial computer can be achieved with various optional available connector protections. Different kinds of connector protections are available for the Compact and Steel Series, the rubber lip version (NEMA12/IP54) and the grommet version for NEMA 4X  (IP65) applications. Both are also available with a reader break out.
    • Touch panel

    • All different sizes of noax Technologies industrial computers have resistive analog touch screens. An appropriate touch panel driver is installed in the system. Because the resistive touch can be activated very precisely by pressure, all noax industrial computers can be operated safely, even with gloves. Compared to other touch technologies, resistive analog touch panels are not affected by water drops or metal particles.
  • Solutions

  • noax Technologies developed and manufactures industrial Touch Panel PCs for challenging environments. The specific features are the completely sealed enclosure and the high performance. noax PCs are full blown computers which are developed specifically for the requirements of industry. noax industrial computers combine industrial requirements with state of the art computer technology. This allows them to be upgraded at any time and to be compatible with all standard hardware and software systems. It is extremely easy to integrate noax PCs into an existing IT system.
  • Warehouse & Logistics

  • With noax vehicle pc, you can lower your logistics costs
    ... because they record the data right where you gather it, either in the production hall or outside. Thanks to WLAN or GPS/GPRS, information is immediately available to the entire company. Due to its rugged design, our vehicle computer is designed for the most extreme workloads: Shocks and vibrations, cold temperatures in cold storage or abrupt temperature changes. They function perfectly even when exposed to rain, snow and ice because noax vehicle PC is completely sealed. Their ergonomic touch panel is easy and intuitive to use. Even in bright sunshine, they offer optimal readability.

    With our extensive line of accessories including brackets, scanners and keyboards, you can set up your workstations to meet your company's needs. noax offers even more: for example, its Thin Clients – they make economic client server solutions possible. Weighing terminals – they process weight data in real time. We have the right solution for you to help you lower your logistics costs.
    • Warehouse / logistics

    • noax forklift PCs in warehouse logistics

      Improve profitability through absolute availability

      High turnover rates, greater efficiency and flawless inventory management - noax forklift computers support you 24/7. Order picking and forklift PCs from noax are particularly designed for harsh environments. They are absolutely vibration and shock-resistant and record your data quickly and reliably without the hassle of paper.
      Temperature-resistant noax forklift terminals resist temperature fluctuations and are used in closed halls as well as outdoors, throughout the entire year.
    • Cold store logistics

    • noax cold PCs for use in cold storage

      Faster order picking thanks to reliable data acquisition

      Extreme temperatures, regardless whether in cold store or used outdoors: Cold PCs from noax optimize your warehouse processes and record your data more reliably, even under tough conditions. The were developed especially to meet the highest hygiene and temperature resistance demands. Our stainless steel cold PCs can even resist temperatures in the deep freeze range.
    • Production logistics

    • noax order picking terminals in production logistics

      Improve production through efficient planning

      Query inventory, check warehouse capacity, visually present production status: With order picking terminals from noax, you can request important information in the run-up to production and thereby make your production process more efficient. Order picking computers from noax are primarily designed for rugged environments as well as for stationary or mobile use in an industrial environment. On forklifts or ground conveyors, our order picking PCs function as the go-between for inventory management and production. Installed on a wall or a machine, they reliably transfer data from logistics to your employees.
    • Trucks, cranes, machines

    • noax PCs for trucks, cranes and machines

      Tap into streamlining potential through optimal machine efficiency

      Measure premises, record loads, document transport performance: With Truck PCs from noax, you can process important data while working out in the field on your truck or farm equipment. This saves not only time and money, it enables you to make the workflows in your company more efficient. With its compact dimensions, there is space for noax Truck PCs in any driver cab. Firmly mounted in the driver cab of special vehicles, they give drivers current information on transport orders and routes.
    • Mining and tunneling

    • noax vehicle PCs in mining and tunnel construction

      Navigating down-to-the millimeter thanks to electronic control

      Manage tunneling machines, record daily output, visualize the machine position: With industrial PCs from noax, you can control tunneling machines, obtain exact information on current underground positions or facilitate measurement activities. While in the past surveying equipment like plumbs, minor levels, hanging or surveyor chains once provided orientation, nowadays surveyors and miners rely on the most modern electronics. Our rugged IPCs provide accurate information on output, speed and position of the tunneling machines. This makes it possible to maintain the determined target axis within a relatively small tolerance range.
    • Weighing

    • Weighing technology in warehouse and logistics

      Optimizing shipping logistics through intelligent weighing technology

      Checks delivery quantities, documents the correct weight during order processing, communicates with the inventory management system: noax weighing technology helps you improve productivity in your logistics processes.

      noax weighing technology combines the precision of an electronic scale with the reliability of an industrial PC. It meets the exact same requirements as our industrial PCs. We use components exclusively suitable for industrial use in our weighing technology.
  • Food & Hygiene

  • With sterile and water-resistant noax stainless steel PCs, you will meet the industry's highest hygiene requirements

    ... because our computer designs guarantee absolute reliability, safety and efficiency. Our hygienic computers are optimally suited for use in the food processing industry and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in medicine. Whether used for uninterrupted traceability, formula checking and weighing or for controlling production machines, the reliability of noax hardware will reduce your error rate down to zero.

    The housing is made of stainless steel, is completely sealed (up to IP69k) and has no hidden joints or grooves. You can therefore clean our water-resistant PCs, Thin Clients and weighing terminals as well as our keyboards thoroughly, even with aggressive disinfectants. It is easy to operate thanks to 20 freely programmable function keys as well as the clear touch screen. The display guarantees optimal readability, even under difficult lighting conditions. These sterile and water-resistant PCs will make your production area not only more efficient and hygienic, but also noticeably improve safety.
    • Food processing industry

    • Waterproof computer – PC in the food processing industry

      Safer food processing thanks to consistent hygiene practices

      Meeting the demands of the consumer, fulfilling legal requirements, improving productivity: noax waterproof computer document each processing step from incoming goods to delivery to your customers; they monitor how substances are combined, they print packages and record time and attendance or machine use. You can thus ensure complete traceability, guarantee quality and improve your competitiveness. You will meet both the demands of the consumer as well as legislation passed by the lawmakers. You can offer quality at reasonable prices, meet even the highest hygiene standards, guarantee traceability of all processing steps and ensure the implementation of EU Directive EU 178/2002.
    • Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

    • Lab computer in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

      Improve quality through electronically controlled processes

      Determine the exact compound, check for the right mix ratio, tighten production: With the help of our chemical PCs, you can correctly control the formula of chemical elements, document the entire manufacturing process and ensure traceability. Particularly in the case of chemical or medication production, even the most minute deviations or even contaminants can cause considerable damages. Our lab computers help record production data, monitor production, visualize production processes and much more. In combination with the scale accessories, you have the option of immediately determining, displaying and storing exact measurement results. Hardware from noax therefore perfectly meets the demand from chemical and pharmaceutical companies for the most modern and rugged hardware on the market.
    • Healthcare industry - medical technology

    • OR PC in the healthcare industry and
      Medical PC in medical technology

      Better care for your patients through faster response times

      Record patient information, visualize image data, ensure care with medical consumer information: Our OR PCs help you not only streamline the work in your practice or your hospital but also improve the care of your patients while also handling ubiquitous cost pressures.
    • Cold storage

    • noax cold PCs for use in cold storage

      Faster order picking thanks to reliable data acquisition

      Extreme temperatures, regardless whether in cold store or used outdoors: Cold PCs from noax optimize your warehouse processes and record your data more reliably, even under tough conditions. The were developed especially to meet the highest hygiene and temperature resistance demands. Our stainless steel cold PCs can even resist temperatures in the deep freeze range.
    • Weighing

    • Weighing technology in the hygiene field

      Hygienically process weight data with the aid of completely sealed weighing technology

      Whether inspecting deliveries of sensitive foodstuffs, checking formulas or processing all data from hygiene-sensitive production areas on site, you are well equipped to perform these tasks with weighing terminals from noax. Because weighing technology combines the robustness of our industrial PCs with the precision of an electronic scale. The components in noax industrial PCs, scale interface and PC software together make up our weighing terminal, a fully integrated weighing technology. The current weighing result appears very clearly on the industrial PC touch display while the weight date is immediately processed and easily forwarded to the inventory management system or other higher-ranking systems.
  • Manufacturing & Production

  • noax industrial PCs help you improve productivity in your manufacturing plant

    … because they bring with them the benefits of modern information and communications technology in your production halls. noax industrial PCs, Thin Clients and weighing terminals are characterized by a completely sealed design and a shock-resistant, vibration-resistant construction. The rugged design of our computers guarantees absolute reliability. Malfunctions and operational interruptions are as good as gone. Numerous interfaces and an extensive line of accessories ensure that our industrial PCs, Thin Clients or weighing terminals are perfectly integrated into your IT environment and can be expanded through diverse brackets, resistant keyboards. Whether it's machine control, production data acquisition, process visualization or quality control, noax computers will improve your productivity for the long term.
    • BDA, MDA, T&A

    • Industrial terminal for BDA, MDA and T&A

      More productivity in production thanks to efficient data processing

      Reduce processing times, adhere to deadlines, improve product quality: This magic formula will put your company on the road to success. Access to CAQ, DNC, MDA or BDA data represents a crucial factor in achieving this goal. Only when you have an overview of these data can you make a reliable decision. You can plan for the future and flexibly adapt to the needs of the market. Hardware from noax will support you in this process. With our industrial terminals, you have the opportunity to record and process all important information on site: in your production halls, labs or workshops. Through network connections, e.g. Ethernet or WLAN, the data from your production are available to other departments.
    • Machine Control

    • Machine PCs for machine control

      Utilize machines better through precise resource planning

      Improve product quality, lower costs, gain a lead: Automation of numerous control functions opens up considerable streamlining potentials. The requirement for this is a hardware that meets the requirements of a production operation. noax machine computers are developed for the purpose of monitoring production processes, giving the right impulses and taking action at the right time. The are especially developed for use in an industrial environment. System stability and durability are characteristic of our industrial PCs. Even during 24-hour continuous operation, they function reliably and trouble-free.
    • Process visualization

    • Industrial PCs in process visualization

      Better image production through real-time display

      Record data, prepare information, display processes in real-time: Industrial PCs from noax give you an overview of all relevant processes in production. Because visual representation is often easier to understand than complicated descriptions. It allows you to respond faster. Our industrial PCs are perfect for visualizing all production processes. The bright displays from our industrial PCs have come in various sizes up to 19". The reproduce diagrams and graphics clearly so that they are easy to understand.
    • Quality Assurance

    • Industrial PCs in quality assurance

      Optimize product quality through efficient test methods

      Retrieve master data, inspect material, store results: noax industrial PCs allow you to make a decisive contribution to meet the high requirements for process and product quality. Our industrial PCs represent the central communications interface for standardized test processes. They help to monitor test processes, record results and store all data reactively. All information is available in real-time for processing in inventory management systems or other company divisions.
    • Info terminal

    • Info terminal with touch screen

      Improve communication through simpler display

      Observe CAD drawings, obtain factory norms, inform employees: noax info terminals help your company appeal to target-group specific customers, employees or visitors. Info terminals at the point-of-sale also represent a marketing tool that should not be underestimated. In production, your employees can gain access quickly and easily to information on the info terminal, for example: CAD drawings, parts libraries or standards that affect the product or production.
    • Weighing

    • Weighing system in manufacturing & production

      Process weight data faster through a direct IT connection

      Weigh raw materials, store results, save money: The weighing system from noax not only reliably determines weights, rather processes these data for other systems because it combines the benefits of an electronic scale and an industrial PC. You always have access to exact weight information and can use these data for your production planning. The calibratible alibi memory is a standard feature of the calibratible version and completely documents all registrations. Every weight measurement is always traceable.
  • Individual customer solutions

  • So that you can keep up with the competition – individual solutions according to your wants and needs

    Do you have special requests for equipment or functions, for design or flexibility? We would be happy to help, especially if you are looking for a customized solution.

    Together with you, we will work out proposals for optimally integrating our computers into your company environment. Production drawings will give you a first glance of what your installation will look like. After you have approved the drawing, we will develop a prototype that you will test and also approve, if acceptable. We do not begin working on the approved solution until the prototype fully meets your satisfaction. You have an active and controlling role in each stage of this process. That is how you get a product that fully meets your demands and requirements.

    Do you want something special? Ask our employees. We would be happy to advise you and help find the right solution for your needs.