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  • TRAPO – specialists in material handling systems and elements

    Effective solutions in material conveying and handling technology, robotics and material flow systems TRAPO AG is based in Gescher-Hochmoor in North Rhine-Westphalia. The company designs and produces material handling elements, complex fully-automated handling systems, and infeed and discharge units.
Product Portfolio
  • Conveyor Systems

  • Modular based conveyor systems
    Our high-performance handling equipment turns internal logistics processes into tailor-made material-flow systems.
    Our conveyor systems are composed of standard elements. They are produced on a modular basis, which means that they can be integrated quickly and smoothly into a new or existing system. Together with you, we develop the individual conveyor system that meets your requirements and optimises your logistics processes. In this way, customer-specified solutions can be developed quickly and cheaply. We will find the optimum solution for your requirements. Just call us at no obligation and we will be happy to advise you.
    • Robotics

        • Automation

        • Gripper systems for varied applications
          Automation is a decisive factor of efficient conveyor and handling technology. At TRAPO, we implement all projects with our wide-ranging specialist know-how, from simple motor controllers to visualisations to integration in an existing inventory management system.

          Our automation team consists of enthusiastic programmers and electrical engineers, who are involved on a day-to-basis with the optimisation of software development, circuit diagram production and plant automation. Automation therefore plays a central role in increasing the performance and efficiency of versatile conveyor systems. Our range of grippers contains the right products to suit all needs. Vacuum grippers, mechanical grippers, combination or magnetic grippers and needle grippers: together with you, we make the right choice with regard to gripper weight and precision, construction size and room conditions, number of workpieces, safety, durability, changing times and connection options.
        • Vacuum grippers

        • Vacuum grippers for shape-independent use
          Universal use for goods in a variety of shapes: with vacuum grippers, goods are moved using a vacuum pump or venturi nozzle.

          The advantage: the shape of the goods being transported is unimportant. Goods that are smooth or impermeable to air are held and moved safely by surface grippers. Handling weights can be effectively increased with a suitable vacuum and by varying the number of suction units. With heavy goods and fast robot movements, the required performance can be achieved by exploiting lateral forces. With TRAPO vacuum grippers, sensitive goods can be moved gently and effectively.
        • Mechanical grippers

        • Mechanical grippers are also suitable for very smooth products
          Our mechanical grippers hold your products safely using frictional contact, form fitting or a combination of both. For very smooth surfaces, we recommend the use of form-fitting grippers.

          The prevention of deformations is guaranteed and an extremely high performance can be achieved. This means that form-fitting grippers can also be used for glass products, for example. With frictionally acting grippers, the products must be able to withstand the pressure forces of the holding surfaces. The products are held safely by generating frictional forces between the workpiece and the gripper surfaces.
        • Combination grippers

        • Combination grippers for higher performance
          No time-consuming and costly robot changeovers: combination grippers effectively combine the capabilities of vacuum grippers and mechanical grippers.

          This is especially important when several steps are to be performed together. Or if is necessary to keep space usage to a minimum. An example is the box clamping gripper, which is assisted by later suction units. Fork grippers can not only hold unstable boxes or bags using suction but they also hold intermediate layers or empty pallets using gripping. Frozen foods can be gripped while the film applications are clamped. With TRAPO combined gripper solutions, you can increase your performance while saving time and space.
        • Magnetic grippers

        • Achieve the optimum holding force with magnetic grippers
          A strong hold: magnetic grippers for ferromagnetic materials obtain their gripping force from permanent magnets or electromagnets.

          This is how optimum holding forces are generated. The grippers themselves take up relatively little space and are thus suitable for use with reduced space availability. Our magnetic grippers are used, for example, in fully automatic saws with an adjacent order-picking area, in handling perforated metal plates, or for support when holding very heavy metal sheets by suction. A further advantage is that magnetic grippers continue working in the event of a power outage – electricity is only needed to activate the magnets.
        • Other grippers

        • Alternative gripper concepts for special requirements
          We have developed additional powerful grippers for applications that are not served by our classic range of grippers. Soft and porous products such as textiles or foam rubber, which cannot be held by suction, can be held securely and moved using needle grippers. The grip depth can be set to allow even very thin products to be taken from a stack. Their ability to handle products gently and their low wearing part costs make needle grippers a successful addition to our product range. Adhesion grippers are used whenever thin and brittle wafers or small parts (such as nuts and screws) are handled. By employing adhesives or adhesive strips, products can be lifted safely and moved gently. TRAPO has established itself as a dedicated international partner thanks to its comprehensive range of gripper products. We will find the optimum solution for your requirements. Just call us at no obligation and we will be happy to advise you.
      • Standard elements

      • We deliver without any delay
        With its comprehensive range of accessory parts, TRAPO AG is a reliable supplier for its international customers. In this regard, our company is characterised by its high-quality parts and fast delivery. Our accessory range includes standard, pallet and heavy supports. These parts are made of either steel or stainless steel and are glass bead blasted. Lateral guides are available in fixed, adjustable and projecting constructions. Lateral guides are made of galvanised steel or glass bead blasted stainless steel. Our accessories are made of high-grade materials, feature great reliability and are suitable for a wide range of applications. We supply the parts you need quickly and without any delay.
          • Modular belt conveyors

          • Setting standards with our new modular belt conveyor
            This new conveyor represents an impressive addition to TRAPO AG's already substantial range of products.

            According to the chain supplier, our 10m wide and nearly 100m long modular belt conveyor is the largest in the world. This type of modular belt conveyor is ideal for use in continuous flow production. The machine operators travel along the belt as it moves and assemble the products in continuous flow.

            The continuous flow production on the modular belt conveyor lends the assembly process optimum structure and transparency. Production times are significantly shorter and deadlines can be planned more easily and with increased certainty. A further advantage or our large assembly belt is the ease with which materials can be fed in and the simplified intralogistics planning.
          • Transfer units

          • Save time with TRAPO
            The intervals in which investments are expected to generate a return are become shorter and shorter. It is therefore all the more important that machines and conveyors function reliably and can be repaired quickly in the event that they do require servicing.
            With transfer units, such work is often particularly complicated, since they generally need to undergo extensive dismantling. TRAPO AG has taken this increasingly important requirement to heart and has now developed a new transfer unit, that can be installed in many belt conveyors. The standard version is a flat-belt transfer unit, but it is also possible to use roller chains.
            To remove one conveyor strand, it is only necessary to remove four screws. The tension is automatically removed from the belt when the screws are loosened, allowing it to be easily removed and replaced. Similarly, the new belt is automatically tensioned by tightening the four screws. The screws are accessible from above and are guided through sleeves:
          • Lifting units

          • TRAPO is setting standards in automation and handling

            The new lifting unit designed by TRAPO AG is intended for use in material handling applications and intralogistics as well as in the fields of handling and automation.

            It complements the existing range of lifting equipment on offer. A dual ball-bearing rail guide and one or two large-dimension toothed belts and drive units permit the fast and precise transport of heavy materials. The lifting unit is designed for a load capacity of 500 kg and a speed of 1 m/s. Roller, belt, or chain conveyors can be fitted to the elevating platform.
          • All-side rollers

          • All-side rollers for fast conveyance of payloads
            With our wide selection of roller conveyors, we offer our customers reliable systems that feature fast and smooth performance.

            Our range includes all-side rollers and tables made of coated steel or glass bead blasted stainless steel. We offer a wide selection of nominal widths to allow easy integration of roller conveyors in existing systems. And our products also offer great flexibility: they feature numerous options – for instance, all-side roller and strips are available individually – and can be varied by adding side profiles, for example.

            All-side rollers from TRAPO even transport heavy loads at high speed. Our products are characterised by their rapidity and consistency.
          • Discharge and distribution units

          • Discharge and distribution components optimise goods handling
            TRAPO discharge and distribution units support cost-effective goods handling with their powerful mechanics and high-grade production materials.
            Our product portfolio comprises belt conveyor deflectors, chain dispensers and transfer units. The belt conveyor deflector can swivel pneumatically and is conceived primarily for fast and flexible transfers. Chain dispensers are used to gently and cost-effectively transport items between two conveyors. Transfer units are tailored to individual customer requirements, whereby the customer can choose between roller or toothed belt conveyors. We manufacture our products from high-grade materials, to ensure their durability and performance.
            We use our experience and project knowledge to give you a personal and individualised service.
          • Rotary collecting tables

          • Turning and collecting for maximum efficiency
            With our rotary collecting tables, you can avoid unplanned interruptions to the material flow while reliably smoothing out variations in cycle times.
            Systematically collect and position goods as you need them: your goods handling is sure to run smoothly with our rotary collecting tables. We offer three different types, with varying speed settings and foot constructions. Depending on the type, the speed is either constant or adjustable. With diameters of between 800mm and1500mm and minimum heights of 400mm, you have a great deal of freedom in selecting your unit and integrating it into your existing system.
            We will happy to advise you of the right rotary collecting table to suit your needs, to ensure the smooth movement of your goods.
          • Belt conveyor

          • Belt conveyor systems are configured individually
            Our belt conveyor systems are designed for flexible material flows and can be adapted to all sizes of operation thanks to the wide range of variation and extensive range of accessories available.
            The TRAPO range comprises belt conveyors of different frame heights, in chevron and telescopic constructions. The systems are made from coated or steel or glass bead blasted stainless steel, which makes them extremely durable and robust.

            Depending on the construction, the belt is driven by a head or centre drive, flange geared motor or worm gear unit. The supporting elements made of high-grade plastics and driving and articulated drums with various bearings offer high performance levels. To ensure you find the right product for your needs, we produce our belt conveyor systems in many nominal widths and lengths, allowing you to convey payloads of up to 600 n/m, to suit your individual requirements.
          • Chain and belt conveyors

          • Chain and belt conveyors for reliable material handling
            TRAPO chain and belt conveyors are particularly reliable and robust handling systems that are able to move even heavy materials in critical local conditions with minimal transport requirements.

            Our product range comprises modular belts, chain conveyors, flat belts and accumulation chain conveyors. We offer toothed belt conveyors with two or more strands. We configure the system completely in accordance with customer requirements, with a selection of different belt modules and chain distances. The system is driven either by a head drive or reversible centre drive. The production materials used in the chain and belt conveyors are of a high-grade and undergo processing by our employees using great technical know-how. This results in conveyor systems that are able to handle heavy materials safely and cost-effectively.
          • Modular and slat conveyer

          • Shorten transport distances using curved elements
            By employing curved elements, we are able to create continuous conveyor lines – and particularly fast and effective handling systems for a wide range of materials.

            TRAPO curved elements can be employed with great flexibility. We supply elements with angles of 30, 45, 60, 90 and 180 degrees. The slat chains are made of highly durable plastics and robust stainless steel bridges guarantee a long service life. Our range comprises slat conveyors with a head or centre drive and curve-going slat conveyors. Depending on your requirements, we configure individual solutions to ensure effective material movements even over small spaces.
          • Pallet conveyor range

          • The pallet range for modern conveyor systems
            TRAPO AG supplies a variety of products for individually configurable handling systems.
            Our comprehensive product range satisfies the high demands placed on modern material handling systems, such as time saving, smooth workflows and safe product handling. Our range includes pickup and deposit stations for pallets, motorised roller conveyors including 90° curves, and circular or non-circular turning stations. Single and dual transfer carriages and chain transfer units in pneumatic, hinged or cross construction are also included in the range. We also offer lifting stations with one or two columns. We can equip your company with all types of material handling equipment. Our individually designed systems provide you with a basis for increased cost-effectiveness
          • Roller Conveyors

          • Roller Conveyors for the individual design of your conveyor system
            TRAPO AG supplies high-quality products for modular handling systems: perfect configuration to allow integration with existing operating conditions and to suit the form of the transport material.
            Our roller constructions in various constructions allow handling systems to be modified individually to suit customer requirements. Our roller conveyors are made of coated steel or glass bead blasted stainless steel, in a variety of diameters. The rollers are made of high-grade steel, partially galvanised, stainless steel, or plastic. The various roller divisions, motorised systems or gravitational systems allow numerous combination options. Whatever your requirements, with roller conveyors from TRAPO AG, you have high quality products for high-performance material handling systems.
          • Roller conveyor curves

          • Create short distances with roller conveyor curves
            TRAPO AG manufactures high-performance products for continuous material flows, in which the orientation of the materials is not changed.

            With our roller conveyor curves made of coated steel or glass bead blasted stainless steel, we offer flexible elements for conveyor systems with integrated curves. The curve angles of 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees give you plenty of scope for the individual orientation of your systems. The conical roller heads made of Polyamide 6 or Vestamid ensure safe handling and high durability. Whether gravity or motor driven, with double steel sprocket wheel or a plastic roller base: TRAPO roller conveyor curves ensure continuous material flows.
          • Connect transport levels easily with vertical conveyors

          • Connect transport levels easily with vertical conveyors
            TRAPO's high-performance vertical conveyors create the optimum connection between different transport levels and allow the efficient utilisation of high-up storage space. We developed vertical conveyors such as the intervallic elevator as an efficient response to the need for higher throughputs. Parts are transported at regular intervals, allowing containers to be added and removed in the interim. We have also added single-chain conveyors and lifting stations to our product range in the vertical conveyor segment. The choice of heavy and light constructions allows the system to be deployed precisely in accordance with requirements. Payloads of up to 250kg are standard. We can also manufacture individual vertical conveyors for higher payloads, if required. Feel free to contact us!
        • International customer service

        • Naturally, being aware of our responsibility to you, we also offer service and maintenance activities for all systems developed by us. Our highly qualified installation technicians are available to install your system or integrate individual elements at your works premises. They perform and control the entire installation and ensure smooth commissioning of your system. To ensure the system's safety and cost-effectiveness, we devise service agreements for our customers. And we can also be reached round the clock with our 24-hour service. Our maintenance activities are always performed on an individual basis, as befits the system type and use. You can always rely on a first-class service – wherever you are.