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  • Dematic is a global leader providing a comprehensive range of intelligent intralogistics and materials handling solutions. With a global knowledge network of more than 4000 highly skilled logistics professionals, Dematic is able to provide its customers a unique perspective in world class materials handling solution design.
Product Portfolio
  • Solutions by Supply Chain Function

  • We aim to be the leading supplier of logistics automation for all warehouse functions, trying constantly to ensure that we understand the trends within the industries that we work.

    From this we develop our technologies, logistics software and automation solutions to ensure we add maximum value for each of our customers. 

      • Receiving

      • Inventory accuracy starts at receiving and requires an intelligent and real-time software platform. The process begins with some type of visual or more elaborate quality control check followed by reconciliation of incoming stock against shipping manifests and purchase orders.

        The stock is then transported to the appropriate area in the warehouse. Pallets are directed to the pallet storage area and cases are directed to either a storage buffer or cross-docked to despatch. In applications where stock is required to support piece picking, cases are often cut open and the contents emptied into totes prior to put-away. 

        Stock arriving on pallets is typically handled using forklifts/pallet trucks or, in more sophisticated DCs, may be transported by an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), pallet conveyor system or transfer car. Cases arriving block-stacked in delivery vehicles or shipping containers are normally unloaded and consolidated onto pallets, which are then staged for put-away in the DC’s pallet racking system. 

        Cases are typically transferred to a case storage buffer until required to fulfill orders. Many high volume distributors also utilise Dematic conveyor sortation systems to automatically cross-dock cases from receiving to shipping, with some businesses handling up to 90% of goods in this way, driving their facilities to near stockless operations and cutting out the handling steps of put-away, replenishment and picking. 

        Dematic Warehouse Control Software (WCS) interfaces with the user’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) to provide real-time control of the receiving process. 

        Key business benefits include: 

        • Increased productivity
        • Reduced labour costs
        • Improved inventory and order accuracy
        • Correct FIFO stock rotation
        • Enhanced customer service
        • Real-time operational visibility & decision-support metrics
      • Storage & Buffering

      • Space is a valuable commodity in warehouses and distribution centres. Add in the required labour, and the effective storage and retrieval of product from a dense storage medium becomes a key performance indicator for any operation.

        Whether you are looking to store pallets, trays, bins, cartons or totes, Dematic offers a complete range of storage and buffering solutions from racks and shelving to a diverse selection of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS).

        Dematic storage solutions are designed to provide cost effective options for longer term – days to weeks – storage of product. These solutions are typically optimised for lowest cost storage density and low to medium levels of throughput performance.

        Buffering solutions are designed to provide cost effective options for short term – hours to days – buffering of product. These solutions are typically high performance and are used to buffer, consolidate and/or sequence product in support of operations like picking and shipping.

        Dematic’s modular, flexible and scalable storage and buffering solutions are designed to support your business needs today and well into the future. They include RapidStore ASRS, RapidStore Miniload and Multishuttle systems.

      • Replenishment

      • Making sure picking stock is always available is a key driver in optimising productivity in distribution.

        Whether the replenishment is performed manually or through the use of automated equipment, smart Dematic Warehouse Control Software (WCS) ensures the appropriate volume of stock is available at every pick face location to meet the forecast demand for item, case, layer and pallet picking applications.

        When the inventory level at any SKU’s pick face location falls to a pre-determined level in the WCS, this triggers a replenishment order for stock to be pulled from reserve to top up the volume of stock at the pick face to satisfy the next batch of orders to be processed.

        Fast moving SKUs often require multiple pick face locations to ensure sufficient picking stock is available to meet forecast demand, while slower moving SKUs may have only the one pick face location or, in some cases, may only be picked from their reserve location.

        The use of dividers make it possible to segment a single pick face so that multiple slower moving SKUs can be stored within the same location. This approach is also used in Miniload and Multishuttle tote and tray storage systems, in which the use of dividers can enable a single tote to house many different SKUs, depending on the size of the products.

        The use of case and pallet flow racks can help take the replenishment of pick face locations off the critical path, ensuring that when a case or pallet has been picked, another case or pallet of stock is always available to roll into place for the next order requiring that SKU.

        Benefits of Dematic replenishment solutions include:

        • Increased labour productivity
        • Improved inventory accuracy
        • Uninterrupted picking
        • Correct FIFO stock rotation.
      • Case Picking

      • Case picking is a labour intensive and costly function in warehouses and distribution centres. With decades of experience, Dematic has developed numerous order fulfilment strategies that provide fast, accurate and cost-effective case picking solutions.

        Dematic case picking solutions vary from simple entry level technologies that help pickers improve productivity and throughput, through to automated systems which can significantly reduce, or even completely eliminate the need for manual labour.

        Using real-time, pull-based optimisation software, these solutions offer the most sophisticated planning, execution and decision-support strategies available in the market today.

        Technologies to improve manual case picking productivity, accuracy and throughput include:

        • Voice-directed picking
        • RF-directed picking
        • Pick/Put-to-Light (PTL) picking
        • For higher volume case picking applications, walk-pick-to-conveyor modules with pallet and case flowracks incorporating Voice, RF or PTL technologies enable very high productivity rates to be achieved.

        Fully automated case picking solutions including Miniload, Multishuttle and robotic picking systems can deliver consistent, reliable, very high picking rates around the clock.

        Key business benefits include:

        • Increased productivity
        • Reduced labour costs
        • Faster order fulfilment
        • Improved order accuracy
        • Better stock rotation
        • Enhanced customer service
        • Real-time operational visibility and decision support metrics
      • Item Picking

      • Item - or Split Case - picking is the most labour intensive and highest cost function in most warehouses and distribution centres. With decades of experience, Dematic has developed a wide variety of proven piece picking solutions, which provide fast, accurate and cost-effective order fulfilment.

        Dematic item picking solutions vary from simple entry-level technologies that help pickers improve productivity and throughput, through to automated systems which significantly reduce the need for manual labour.

        Technologies to improve item picking productivity, accuracy and throughput include:

        • Voice-directed picking
        • RF-directed picking
        • Pick/Put-to-Light (PTL) picking
        • Fitting the systems to mobile picking carts, or using Put Walls can further enhance efficiency in piece picking applications.

        For higher volume applications, walk-pick-to-conveyor modules with case flow racks incorporating Voice, RF or PTL technologies enable very high productivity rates.

        The highest item picking productivity, accuracy and throughput rates can be achieved through the use of Goods-to-Person (GTP) picking systems. With a wide range of GTP picking station configurations serviced by Miniload or Multishuttle buffer stores, very high item picking rates of greater than 1000 items per hour may be achieved.

        High productivity item picking systems include:

        • Ergonomic pick and put stations
        • Dematic RapidPick
        • Modular Goods to Person

        Key business benefits:

        • Increased productivity
        • Reduced labour costs
        • Faster order fulfilment
        • Improved order accuracy
        • Better stock rotation
        • Enhanced customer service
        • Real-time operational visibility and decision support metrics
      • Pallet Picking

      • High productivity pallet/unit load picking involves fast, accurate and efficient retrieval and delivery of pallets from space-efficient storage systems to shipping or other areas of the warehouse. 

        Forklifts may be the most cost-effective solution in many applications. However, where labour and/or space are at a premium, automated solutions become increasingly cost-effective. 

        The latest developments in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) – driven by modular design and reduced sub-component costs – enable users to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve capacity and maximise service levels, flexibility and operational resilience in manufacturing and distribution applications.

        Ideal for storing pallets of raw materials and finished goods, unit load ASRS solutions deliver a compact building footprint – requiring up to 60% less space compared to conventional pallet storage. This can make it feasible for manufacturers to build finished goods DCs adjacent to their manufacturing plants, even where land is limited. 

        ASRS is also a very cost-effective solution for conventional warehouses that are running out of space. Replacing conventional pallet racking with ASRS significantly increases pallet storage capacity extending the life of the existing building, and eliminates the need, costs and disruption associated with constructing a new facility or relocating. 

        ASRS and AGVs are also used for staging of orders prior to shipping and typically provide productivity gains of up to 20% - 30% compared to conventional pallet handling methods.

        Dematic Automated Pallet Picking benefits include: 

        • Fully automated storage and retrieval, and product tracking 
        • Improved storage capacity within a reduced footprint
        • Improved energy efficiency, especially in chiller and freezer environments
        • Single, double-deep, and satellite storage configurations for improved storage density
        • Latest integrated control technologies
      • Value Added Packing

      • The rapid growth of eCommerce means competitors are everywhere, 24 hours a day, every day. This growth, together with the high value placed on service levels as a competitive differentiator, adds further complexity to the challenges of order fulfilment.

        With service level expectations rising, consumers are becoming demanding to the point that in some highly competitive sectors – such as home entertainment, IT, fashion, sportswear and equipment, gourmet foods, wine and liquor – it’s no longer enough to put the product in a plain corrugated box and ship it to the customer on time. The business must do more to delight and keep the customer. 

        Value-added packing presents a valuable opportunity to build brand and customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of repeat business. Examples of value-added packing include premium packaging and the insertion into the package of marketing materials like catalogs, promotional offers, discount vouchers for future sales, special tags, customised labels, gifts, product samples and thank you cards. 

        Dematic has extensive experience in designing and configuring ergonomic value-added packing workstations across a wide range of industry and market sectors. Let us help you build your brand and customer base with our value-added packing systems. 

        Integration options include automated carton formers, lidding systems, invoice, shipping manifest, and consignment note printers, void fill and carton sealing systems, address label printing, carton strapping and inline check weighing systems. 

        Key business benefits include: 

        • Increased productivity
        • Customised order fulfilment
        • Improved order accuracy
        • Reduced product damage in transit
        • Lower level of returns
        • Enhanced customer service
      • Cross Docking

      • Cross docking solutions are ideal for stock-less DCs, retailers, wholesalers and distributors, together with high volume freight handlers, where goods typically flow directly from receiving to despatch. They increase supply chain velocity by eliminating unnecessary handling and storage of product, and the costs associated with handling excess inventory.

        Cross docking is the ultimate dream of any distribution centre. Because the inventory keeps moving, the need for storage is eliminated, and the high cost of order fulfilment sub-systems is minimised. When stock arrives at a cross-docking facility, it is simply unloaded from the trailers or pallets onto the DC’s conveyor system. This transports the stock to the conveyor sortation system, where individual items are sorted to their relevant shipping lane, making it a very efficient operation with no put-away or replenishment required; just one touch through the DC.

        Dematic cross docking solutions are ideal for retail store distribution and parcel sorting centres, and offer a wide range of benefits including:

        • Automated goods receipt and sortation
        • No need for costly and time-consuming put-away and storage
        • The elimination of manual picking, replenishment and sortation labour and associated costs
      • Shipping

      • Dematic Warehouse Control Software (WCS) interfaces with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) to manage loading and manifesting of all shipments.

        With no paperwork, tasks including reading and writing are eliminated, significantly improving the accuracy of dispatch shipping applications to +99.9%, and reducing delivery vehicle/shipping container loading times by up to 300%. 

        Dematic’s WCS directs the loading and reverse-drop sequencing of orders, and then ‘closes’ and certifies loads on the delivery vehicle/shipping container, improving order assembly flexibility, and automatically generates shipping manifests, order documentation and man and machine-readable labels, meeting all ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) requirements. 

        Dematic also supplies an extensive range of materials handling equipment including package and pallet transport conveyor systems that deliver orders direct to despatch docks, plus a range of roller and belt conveyors, which can be extended into the delivery vehicle/shipping container, enabling fast, accurate, safe loading. 

        For high volume case-shipping applications, Dematic conveyor sortation systems automatically sort orders to their required shipping lane, where they can then be manually or automatically palletised and staged for dispatch, or hand-stacked direct into the delivery vehicle/shipping container. 

        Key business benefits include: 

        • Increased productivity
        • Reduced labour costs
        • Faster order fulfilment
        • Improved order accuracy
        • Correct FIFO stock rotation
        • Enhanced customer service
        • Real-time operational visibility and decision-support metrics
    • Typical Solutions

        • Automated Mixed Case Palletising System (AMCAP)

        • Applications

          • Automated, high-performance palletising system for mixed SKU cases on pallets and roll cages
          • Optimised solution for use in grocery retail distribution centres  


          • Tray-less handling and buffering of cases eliminates the additional investment of mechatronics equipment and trays, and reduces system complexity and footprint 
          • Optimised for brownfield buildings 

          • Full automation reduces labor requirements and the costs associated with poor ergonomics

          • Eliminates picking errors, reduces product damages, and improves inventory accuracy

          • High quality palletising with integrated vision system

          • Dematic iQ software fulfills AMCAP processes and supporting material flow processes required for the Distribution Center business 

          • Dematic’s Pack Builder palletising software optimises the building of store aisle and shelf friendly pallets and roll cages while considering factors such as crushability, stability, and density   

          Solution Description

          • Automatic depalletising of single SKU pallets
          • Tray-less conveying and buffering of cases in Dematic Multishuttle 2 Flex
          • Conveyors deliver products in required sequence for pallet assembly 
          • RapidPall automatically palletises a large range of cases and totes on pallets and roll cages
          • Completed pallets are automatically stretch wrapped for stability and labelled for dispatch
          • Dematic iQ software for all business process  

          Solution Components

          • Dematic Multishuttle 
          • Integrated conveyor systems
          • AMCAP Automated Mixed Case Palletising Robots
          • Associated stretchwrapping and labelling systems
          • Dematic iQ software
        • Automated Container Storage/Dynamic Replenishment

        • Automated Container Storage


          • High density case, tote or pan storage in manufacturing or distribution
          • Staging of pre-picked mixed SKU totes prior to shipping
          • Suitable for ambient, chilled or freezer environments


          • Maximum storage capacity; minimum footprint
          • Reduced building and land costs
          • Multi-deep options and variable case size storage capability 
          • Reduces storage and retrieval labour and costs
          • Improved inventory and shipping accuracy
          • Selective access ensures correct FIFO
          • Secured inventory and reduced damage

          Solution Description

          • Cases, totes or pans are delivered by conveyor to automated container buffer stores utilising Multishuttle or RapidStore Miniload systems
          • System automatically selects optimum storage location
          • SRMs automatically store/retrieve stock to/from rack

          Solution Components

          • Dematic Multishuttle
          • RapidStore Miniload ASRS
          • MCS Conveyor System
          • Dematic iQ
        • Batch Pick to Putwall / Sorter

        • Batch Pick-to-Putwall


          • High volume item picking for small to medium size orders


          • Maximised efficiency with up to 130 lines/hour/picker and up to 500 lines/hour/put operator
          • Hands-free piece picking operation
          • Improved inventory and order accuracy
          • Minimises packing by picking to right size shipping container

          Solution Description

          • Batch order planning for Put-to-Order
          • Orders deconstructed and assigned by area to optimise picking 
          • Batch pick based on area or family group
          • Batch pick execution via pick-to-light or Voice-to-cart and/or conveyor
          • Conveyor or cart-based consolidation
          • Front side light-directed Put-to-Order
          • Rear side light-directed Pack Out Station

          Solution Components

          • Put Wall
          • MCS Conveyor
          • Pick-to-light & Voice-directed picking
          • Dematic iQ


        • Automated Garment on Hanger Storage

        • Applications

          Automated storage, picking and transport of hanging garments


          • Space-efficient, purpose-designed ASRS automates storage and picking of hanging garments
          • Minimal product handling minimises product damage and soiling
          • No personnel required for storage and replenishment
          • Excellent use of cube for lower building and operating costs
          • Significantly reduces labour and costs
          • Ensures correct FIFO stock rotation
          • Improves inventory and shipping accuracy

          Solution Description

          • Garments are loaded onto steel bars and stored in specially designed racks
          • Garments are automatically loaded/unloaded from front of ASRS
          • ASRS is linked to automated hanging garment picking sortation system
          • Turnkey project supply
          • Automated storage/picking systems for flat-pack garments also available.

          Solution Components

          • Hanging garment rail ASRS
          • Hanging garment rail transport system
          • Hanging garment picking system
          • Hanging garment packing and shipping system
          • Dematic iQ
        • Automated Mixed Case Order Fulfilment

        • Applications

          • Mixed case or piece pick order fulfilment
          • Combines automated case/tote storage and pick face replenishment
          • Supports pick-to-belt, pick-to-cart, and pick-to-pallet 


          • Maximum storage capacity within minimum footprint reduces building/land costs
          • Reduces storage, retrieval and replenishment labour and costs
          • Improved inventory and shipping accuracy
          • Selective access ensures correct FIFO
          • Just-in-time replenishment for improved productivity

          Solution Description

          • Cases/totes stored in RapidStore Miniload or Multishuttle storage buffer
          • Lowest level (and/or other designated levels) reserved for split or full case picking 
          • Cases/totes automatically delivered to case flow lanes
          • RF, pick-to-light and voice-directed picking for high productivity, accuracy and throughput with reduced picking costs

          Solution Components

          • RapidStore Miniload ASRS
          • Dematic Multishuttle
          • Integrated conveyor systems
          • RF, pick-to-light and Voice-directed picking 
          • Dematic iQ
        • Automated Pallet Transport and/or Storage (AGV)

        • Applications

          • AGV pallet trucks, unit load carriers, forklifts, towing and assembly line vehicles automate transport of pallets and other loads in manufacturing and distribution


          • Reduces/eliminates manual forklift operations
          • Reduces labour and operating costs, improves safety
          • Suitable for 24/7 operations
          • Guidance systems including wire, tape and laser
          • Easily reconfigured to suit changing needs
          • Smart control systems manage routing, navigation, traffic control, obstacle detection and recharging 
          • Configurations to suit loads including pallets, cages, drums, rolls
          • May also be used to tow trailers
          • For short to long distance transportation
          • Can pick from floor, conveyors or low-rise racks
          • Options include lifting forks, lifting tables and conveyor beds
          • Reliable operation with minimal maintenance 

          Solution Description

          • Production or warehouse control systems direct AGVs via fixed and/or variable paths to automatically collect, transport and deliver unit loads to designated locations  

          Solution Components

          • Flex Series of AGVs
          • Dematic iQ
        • Case Pick to Conveyor / Sorter

        • Applications

          • Mixed case order fulfilment
          • Ambient, chilled and/or freezer environments
          • Mid-large number of SKUs
          • Pick from pallet and case flow racks


          • Operator picks multiple orders to conveyor in single pass through pick module
          • Maximises picker efficiency
          • Multi-level pick modules for efficient use of space
          • Hands-free case picking
          • Improved inventory and order accuracy

          Solution Description

          • System batches orders into waves to maximise efficiency
          • Operator directed to pick wave in single pass through the pick module
          • Instructions provided via Voice or labels
          • Cases placed on conveyor and transported to conveyor sortation system, which sorts cases to required shipping lane

          Solution Components

          • MCS Conveyor
          • Dematic FlexSort
          • Pick-to-light and Voice-directed picking
          • Dematic iQ
        • Cross Docking

        • Applications

          • Sortation of inbound bulk stock to fulfil retail orders
          • Sortation of parcel freight


          • Fast, accurate sortation of inbound freight
          • Fully automated sortation reduces labour costs
          • Improved shipping accuracy
          • Demand-based variable sort speed reduces energy requirements and maintenance costs

          Solution Description

          • Inbound cases unloaded from incoming trailers and placed on induction conveyors
          • Cases scanned to identify destination
          • Cases routed to relevant shipping lane by high speed conveyor sortation system

          Solution Components

          • MCS Conveyor
          • Dematic FlexSort
          • Dematic iQ
        • Directed Split Case Picking

        • Batch Voice Pick-to-Cart


          • Person-to-Goods item picking applications
          • Typically for medium-slow moving SKUs


          • Optimised picker efficiency through batch picking of multiple orders in single pass through warehouse
          • Average 120 lines/hour/picker
          • Hands-free picking operation
          • Improved inventory and order accuracy
          • Orders picked and sorted directly into totes or shipping containers

          Solution Description

          • Specially designed Dematic or customer carts
          • Voice picking device with hand scanner
          • Pick-to-tote or Pick-to-shipper
          • Cluster build based on label or tote ID
          • Optimised pick path by required locations
          • Order confirm to container optimises accuracy

          Solution Components

          • Pick-to-light and Voice-directed picking
          • Picking carts
          • Dematic iQ
        • Goods-to-Person Item Picking

        • Applications

          • High performance goods-to-person (GTP) item picking
          • Wide range of SKU profiles from slow to fast movers
          • Wide range of order profiles from small .com to large retail orders


          • Dense secure storage reduces building and land costs
          • High productivity reduces labour costs
          • Achieves 500-1,000 picks/hour/picker
          • Ergonomic picking stations ensure sustained productivity
          • Picking direct to shipping containers reduces packing labour
          • Improves inventory and order accuracy

          Solution Description

          • Product totes stored in Multishuttle or RapidStore Miniload storage buffers
          • Totes may store multiple SKUs for improved storage density – ie: up to 8 or more SKUs per tote for small form products
          • Products automatically retrieved and delivered to RapidPick ergonomic pick stations
          • Operator instructed to pick required quantity of product into shipping container
          • Remaining product returned to storage buffer
          • Order is released when all products have been picked and transported to shipping

          Solution Components

          • RapidStore Miniload ASRS
          • Dematic Multishuttle
          • MCS Conveyor
          • RapidPick ergonomic picking stations 
          • Dematic iQ
        • High-Density Pallet ASRS

        • Automated Unit Load Storage


          • High density pallet storage in manufacturing or distribution environments
          • Staging of pre-built mixed case pallets prior to shipping
          • Ambient, chilled or freezer environments


          • Maximum storage capacity with minimum storage footprint reduces building and land costs
          • Multi-deep options provide higher storage density
          • Reduces storage and retrieval labour and costs
          • Improved inventory and shipping accuracy
          • Selective access ensures correct FIFO
          • Significant energy cost reduction in freezer and chiller applications
          • Secured inventory and reduced damage

          Solution Description

          • Pallets delivered to inbound pick and drop station by forklift, conveyor, AGV, T-Car or pallet monorail
          • System selects most optimum storage location
          • SRM automatically stores and retrieves pallets from rack

          Solution Components

          • RapidStore Unit Load ASRS
          • Flex Series of AGVs
          • MCS Conveyor
          • Dematic iQ

        • High-Volume Packing and Shipping System

        • Applications

          • Quality control
          • Invoicing
          • Packing
          • Sealing
          • Address labelling


          • Final quality control check before shipping to ensure accuracy
          • Opportunity for value added merchandising
          • Order personalisation/customisation
          • Minimises expensive shipping errors and returns processing

          Solution Description

          • Conveyor divert to packing stations
          • Checkweigh function
          • Ergonomic packing stations
          • Automated carton assembly system
          • Void fill
          • Carton sealing
          • Address labelling for shipping
          • Application of consignment note or postage

          Solution Components

          • Conveyor divert to packing stations
          • Checkweigh scales
          • Ergonomic packing stations
          • Automated carton assembly system
          • Invoice printer
          • Void fill system
          • Lid applicator system where appropriate
          • Automated carton sealing
          • Automated shipping label applicator
        • Layer Order Fulfilment

        • Applications

          • Mixed case order fulfilment with high volume rainbow layer content


          • Reduces layer picking labour
          • Compact and high density footprint reduces space requirements
          • Accommodates a wide range of packaging type and shapes

          Solution Description

          • Pallets delivered to layer picking cell by forklift or automated conveyor system
          • Layer picking robot transfers required layers from donor pallet to customer pallet
          • Donor pallets with remaining product placed in a temporary storage area for future use
          • Completed customer pallets may be passed on for manual or automated top up with additional loose cases if required

          Solution Components

          • RapidStore Unit Load ASRS
          • Pallet conveyor
          • Layer picking robot
          • Dematic iQ
        • Packing and Value Added Services

        • Applications

          • Manufacturing, distribution, warehousing


          • High levels of customer service
          • Ability to customise orders with customised packaging and promotional materials
          • Accurate, careful packing reduces potential for damage in-transit/returns
          • Intelligent product routing and put-away

          Solution Description

          • Totes or cartons of picked product are routed to a manual or automated packing station
          • Inline check-weighing system ensures order accuracy and minimises potential for costly errors/returns processing
          • Ergonomic value-added packing workstations are used for manual inspection, quality check and other value added activities that require manual manipulation
          • Ergonomic value-added packing workstations may also be used for printing packing lists, taping and/or applying shipping label to cartons
          • In high volume environments, high speed automated packing lines are used to automatically print and insert packing lists, fill voids in the carton, tape and apply the shipping label to the cartons

          Solution Components

          • Ergonomic value-added packing workstations
          • Case & tote conveyors
          • Dematic iQ Software Performance Optimising Software
        • Item Picking to Conveyor (Zone Routing)

        • Voice Item Picking to Conveyor


          • Person-to-Goods item picking applications
          • Typically for medium-slow moving SKUs
          • For environments with large number of pick faces and/or layouts where pick-to-light-directed picking may not be appropriate


          • Maximised picker efficiency
          • Average 120 lines/hour/picker
          • Hands-free picking operation
          • Improved inventory and order accuracy
          • Orders picked directly into totes or shipping containers

          Solution Description

          • Dynamically builds clusters in each picking zone
          • Cartons or totes routed to pick zone via conveyor system
          • Operator instructed to pick via Voice-directed picking
          • Voice-directed picking device w/hand scanner
          • Integrated conveyor system

          Solution Components

          • MCS Conveyor
          • Dematic FlexSort
          • RF, pick-to-light and Voice-directed picking
          • Dematic iQ
        • Receiving & Putaway

        • Applications

          • Distribution, warehousing, manufacturing Benefits 

          Inventory Accuracy 

          • Expedited product availability for order fulfilment 
          • Real-time inventory visibility 
          • Intelligent product routing and put-away 

          Solution Description

          • Incoming pallets/unit loads and cases processed against manifests and purchase orders
          • Product is QA-checked for quality, quantity and any damage 
          • Product is directed to its put-away location or despatch area (cross-dock) 

          Solution Components

          • Case & tote conveyors 
          • Pallet conveyors
          • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
          • Dematic iQ integrated logistics software
        • Shipping

        • Applications

          • Manufacturing, distribution, warehousing


          • Real-time control of manifesting and delivery vehicle/shipping container loading
          • Fast, accurate loading with reverse-drop sequencing of orders
          • Real-time operational visibility and decision-support metrics
          • Meets Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) requirements

          Solution Description

          • The WMS allocates stock for picking and updates inventory levels
          • After picking, pallets/unit loads and cases/totes are staged close to the shipping dock
          • Pallets/unit loads and cases/totes are scanned as they are loaded for order tracking
          • Manifest and other shipping documents are generated

          Solution Components

          • RF barcode scanning and voice-directed computing systems
          • Case & tote conveyors
          • Pallet conveyors
          • Dematic iQ Performance Optimising Software
        • Voice Directed Case Pick-to-Pallet

        • Applications

          • Mixed case order fulfilment
          • Ambient, chilled and/or freezer
          • Medium-high number of SKUs
          • Pick from pallet and/or case flow racks


          • Maximised picker efficiency 
          • Average 200-400 cases/hour/picker
          • Hands-free case picking
          • Improved inventory and order accuracy
          • Store friendly or warehouse friendly pick sequencing
          • Weight and lot number capture options

          Solution Description

          • Voice-directed picking device w/hand scanner
          • Operator directed to pick required quantity from location
          • Operator confirms check digit by Voice or scans location or item number
          • Optimised picking path sequence
          • Option to skip zone/aisle if congested
          • Pallet drop off confirmation

          Solution Components

          • Voice-directed order picking
          • Dematic iQ
      • Solutions by Technology

      • At Dematic our comprehensive range of high-end storage and materials handling technology combined with leading edge controls, IT and software ensures that we develop optimal solutions independent of any individual product.

        Our proven storage and material handling technologies and modules are designed and integrated to deliver tailored solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers, and provide a genuine competitive advantage.
          • Conveyor Systems

          • Dematic began designing and building conveyor systems more than 70 years ago. Since then, we have pioneered many industry developments, including the first accumulation conveyor.

            We provide all types of conveyor systems for assembly, manufacturing and distribution applications.

            Whether you need a simple gravity conveyor, or a sophisticated computer-controlled system, Dematic manufactures cost-effective conveyor systems, which deliver years of reliable service.

              • Case & Tote Conveyors (Package Conveyors)

              • Roller and belt conveyors, curves and junctions, diverts and merges, accumulation conveyors

                Each day, Dematic conveyors transport millions of cartons, totes, and pallets in warehouses, DCs and factories throughout the world. Dematic continues to lead the way in conveyor technology with the broadest range of solutions and a reputation for delivering cost-effective systems that give years of reliable service in large or small applications. 

                Benefits of Conveyors:

                • Lower handling costs for repetitive tasks
                • High performance and quality
                • Integrated material flow controls
                • Efficiently moving products between processes
                • Accumulation without line pressure
                • Merging and diverting for balanced workload
                • Latest controls technology
              • Divert Systems

              • Sortation rates of 5 to 80 cases per minute

                There are a range of devices available to sort cartons including a steerable wheel divert, right angle transfers, a positive belt divert, and a strip belt sorter.

                Steerable Wheel Divert 

                • MDR transportation 
                • Pneumatic divert actuation 
                • Energy efficient operation

                Model 2465 Steerable Wheel Divert is part of the Motorised Drive Roller (MDR) family of products and provides package transfers to the left or right in low throughput applications.

                The Steerable Wheel Divert is a modular device that mounts inside the universal side frame of the Modular Conveyor System. This design allows the sorter to be easily re-located along the conveyor path if divert locations change. To re-locate or add a new divert, rollers in the conveyor are removed at the new location.  The Steerable Wheel Divert module is bolted into the side frame of the conveyor while the controls are configured and connected.

              • Pallet Conveyors

              • Dematic pallet conveyors are heavy unit load conveyor systems that have the durability and versatility to work efficiently in a wide variety of applications and industries.

                Whether you need to transport, stop and accumulate, reorient, or stage loads, Dematic has the technology and expertise to develop and maintain the ideal pallet conveyor system for you.


                Benefits of Pallet Conveyor:

                • High throughput rates
                • Wide variety of load weights and sizes 
                • No line pressure 
                • Simple, quiet, reliable operation
                • Easy maintenance
              • Overhead Monorails

              • Overhead monorails, or electric suspension monorails, use the head room in your building to ensure floor space is clear at all times.

                From distribution logistics in the food, drink and tobacco sector, to production-based solutions in the dairy industry, monorails make many solutions possible including supplying raw materials, linking production, buffer and storage processes, and delivering pallets to dispatch.

                Overhead Monorail Benefits:

                • High speed pallet transport 
                • Cost effective over large distances 
                • Ability to add carriers for increased throughput 
                • Easy to clean in the case of spillage 
                • High redundancy
            • Palletising Systems

            • Dematic offers safe, cost-effective, high performance solutions for both manual and automated mixed case palletising. Dematic ErgoPall uses a combination of automated storage, buffering and sequencing systems, advanced software and materials handling equipment, but still uses people to build the pallets; while Dematic AMCAP is an ultra-high performance fully automated mixed case palletising system.

              Smart Dematic software controls all aspects of the order assembly process including pallet breakdown or de-layering, storage, buffering, picking, sequencing, transport and palletising.

              The software takes into account different attributes of products – their length, width, height and weight together with stacking criteria factors such as crushability, stability, volume of cases per layer, number of layers, layer patterns, and family group rules unique to stores, departments and aisles to determine the optimum build sequence for each pallet.

              Pallets of stock for orders are then automatically delayered or manually broken down and conveyed to a RapidStore Miniload or Multishuttle storage buffer and sequencing system.

              When required for an order, the necessary SKUs are automatically picked and transported in the exact sequence required to facilitate pallet assembly.

              End-of-Processing-Line Palletising Systems can also be designed to handle individual cartons or full pallet layers of goods.

                • Dematic AMCAP

                • Retailers are challenged with receiving thousands of single SKU pallets from suppliers and then re-assembling the pallets into mixed case orders for their retail stores.

                  Traditional case pick and pallet building methods are labour intensive and often rely on manual lifting of cases, leaving workers vulnerable to injuries. Furthermore, order accuracy issues, product damage, and unstable pallets are too common in many operations. To remedy these issues, Dematic has developed a new solution to automate mixed case order fulfilment, allowing retailers to become cost effective and more competitive. AMCAP® combines scalability with a compact footprint, enabling integration into existing brownfield facilities, and allowing flexible throughput variations up to several thousand cases per hour.

                  High performance and accuracy 

                  The AMCAP overall design concept enables a high palletising rate while eliminating picking and handling errors. The palletiser achieves impressive throughput rates, continuing to operate while pallets are being exchanged. It outperforms all other automated systems and manual palletising methods. AMCAP, as a fully automated system, enables multiple shift operation. In combination with the small footprint it achieves the lowest cost per case and therefore a compelling return on investment. It optimises the entire order assembly process and achieves the best floor space utilisation. Through automated handling and high availability, the number of required operators is reduced to a minimum, order picking accuracy is improved, and human errors are eliminated.

                  Benefits of AMCAP 

                  • Precise sequencing of cases on the pallet
                  • ƒƒHigh order accuracy
                  • ƒƒReduction in warehouse labour & injuries
                  • ƒƒCompact footprint in existing space
                  • ƒƒLess potential for product damage
                  • ƒƒHigh-density pallets with lower transport costs
                  • ƒƒƒƒLower cost per case handled
                  • ƒƒScalability to accommodate change & growth


                • Dematic ErgoPall®

                • High Performance Manual Mixed Case Palletising

                  Incorporating the same software and controls as AMCAP, sequenced cases are delivered to the operator who slides the case into position. Lifting is virtually eliminated and as each level is built, the pallet or roll cage drops allowing the next level to be built. ErgoPall provides considerably faster palletising rates compared to conventional manual palletising.

                  Benefits of ErgoPall

                  • Very high order assembly rates 
                  • Customised despatch units for easy in-store replenishment 
                  • High pallet density for lower transport costs 
                  • High load stability 
                  • Ergonomic design 
                  • Safer user operation

                • End-of-Processing-Line Palletising

                • Designed to Handle Individual Cartons or Full Pallet Layers

                  The high cost of labour and increasing safety regulations concerning manual handling makes a strong case for automated end-of-line palletising.

                  Automated palletising systems provide reliable, around the clock performance, and may be designed to handle individual cartons or full pallet layers of goods in higher throughput applications. Advances in product recognition technology including vision and profiling systems now enable robotic palletisers to handle mixed streams of goods and build pallets of mixed products.

                  Gantry/Portal Robots

                  Gantry or Portal Robots can increase speed and flexibility with access to larger areas and more pallets.

                  Articulated Robots

                  Articulated Robots further improve palletising rates by offering even greater speed and flexibility of operation.

                  Dematic has many years of experience and know how  in integrating palletising solutions for many industries as diverse as meat processing, confectionery, beverage, dairy, frozen food, paper manufacturing and retail. Our expertise in integration, controls and material flow ensures that your palletising solution is seamlessly integrated with case conveying and sortation, pallet transport and storage to deliver optimised flexibility, throughput, accuracy and reliability.

              • Voice & Light Systems

              • Voice-directed picking, Pick and Put-to-Light (PTL) systems, custom-designed picking carts and trolleys to suit various applications, and the design and implementation of customised Put Wall systems are just some of the tools Dematic can help customers implement to improve order fulfilment productivity and throughput.

                Dematic's expertise in optimising order fulfilment across an extensive range of applications and industries has helped numerous customers around the world to see picking not as cost factor, but as a source of competitive advantage with high savings potential.

                With years of experience, Dematic’s supply chain logistics experts can help you develop faster, more accurate and cost-efficient order fulfilment strategies for different products and order profiles, reducing your order processing transaction costs and giving you a competitive advantage with a rapid return on investment.

                Our comprehensive portfolio of new generation picking technologies and sophisticated order management and processing software provides an extensive range of cost effective solutions for both fully automated distribution centers and manual warehouses.

                Benefits of Dematic’s advanced picking technologies and solutions include:

                • Improved order accuracy
                • Faster order fulfilment
                • Increased labour productivity
                • Improved customer service
                • Enhanced workplace safety
                  • The Dematic RapidPut Solution

                  • Three Variations

                    The first example of a RapidPut configuration includes batch picking as the first step in the process. This allows the order fulfilment operation to efficiently pick all the items for a group of orders at one time. Next, all the batch picked SKU items travel in totes to the put wall. The RapidPut operator scans each item. The tote of batch picked items has many different SKUs bound for multiple customer orders. After each scan, the operator is directed by lights to the correct put location on the put wall. The packing operation occurs on the back side of the put wall.   

                    In the second version of RapidPut, operators pick the quantity of one SKU required for multiple orders and sends it to the put wall, for example twenty pieces of one SKU in a donor tote. Once the SKU is scanned, the light-directed put wall directs one to this location, three to that, and so on. 

                    In a third version, the SKU buffer (Dematic Multishuttle), delivers totes, typically with one SKU in each tote, to the put wall. For each SKU, the put operator removes what is required from the donor tote (light-directed) and then the donor tote goes back to the Multishuttle buffer. The items are typically placed in order containers. Configurations vary from 1:1, 1:6, 1:12, 1:24 or more. Order containers could be cardboard boxes or totes.

                  • Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light

                  • Maximise Order Picking Productivity - Boost Accuracy and Productivity

                    Easily visible lights located directly on the storage slot indicate where the next item is to be picked, and a display signals the number of items to be retrieved.

                    After retrieval, the order picker acknowledges the process by pressing a button, and the display switches off. All information is exchanged in real time with the master materials management or warehouse management system. 

                    Benefits of Dematic Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Systems

                    Traditional picking methods are one of highest expenses when operating a warehouse. Dematic can help lower that cost through its leading edge Pick-to-Light systems. 

                    The implementation targets of our picking systems are:   

                    • lean processes 
                    • shorter throughput times 
                    • fewer errors 
                    • cost savings 
                    • increased customer satisfaction 
                    • faster ability to supply 
                    • process transparency

                  • Pick-to-Voice

                  • Increased Productivity, Accuracy and Flexibility

                    It offers numerous advantages over conventional order picking methods such as paper lists or wireless terminals. Rather than communicating visually via paper or computer monitors, Pick-to-Voice relies on voice instructions through headphones and a microphone.

                    By freeing the operator’s hands to handle the stock items, Pick-to-Voice ensures an ergonomic and efficient pick sequence. Without the need to handle wireless data terminals and paper lists eliminated, the order picker can focus entirely on retrieving the required items.

                    No more manual keying of data or time-consuming scanning of stock locations. Instead, the instructions to and responses from the picker are entirely by voice. Delays caused by the picker having to stop retrieving items in order to enter data into a device are a thing of the past. The operation is streamlined – and productivity increases.

                  • Ergonomic Pick and Put Stations

                  • High-Rate Goods-to-Person Solutions

                    Delivering items directly to an operator eliminates the unproductive time staff spend travelling, and also minimises human error.

                    High Rate Put Stations for fast movers

                    High Rate Put Stations are tailored to fast moving product lines. Directed by a pick-to-light system, staff fulfil a series of orders concurrently. This is only possible where sophisticated sequencing software and controls seamlessly supply the right stock to the pick face, precisely when it is needed. Pick rates of up to 450 lines and 1,000 items per hour are possible. This approach is well suited to high volume applications where the same product line is needed to fulfil several orders, such as multiple retail outlets in fashion or publishing.

                    High Rate Pick Stations for slower movers

                    The High Rate Pick Station is suited to the requirements of slow moving product lines within a DC. Fed by Dematic’s new high throughput Dematic Multishuttle storage and retrieval engine, these stations can deliver pick rates of up to 1000 lines per hour. This means one person at a pick station can do the work of up to ten people in a traditional picking operation. Furthermore, building footprint is cut by up to 50%.

                    Benefits of High-Rate Pick and Put Stations:

                    • Very high pick rates 
                    • Ergonomic design 
                    • Modular design facilitates future expansion 
                    • Reduced pick system footprint
                  • The RapidPick® System

                  • Smarter, Faster, Ergonomic Order Fulfilment

                    It's all about presenting items to the picker in the desired sequence, enabling faster picking speed in a comfortable configuration: that’s smarter, faster, ergonomic order fulfillment.

                    Smarter: The operator stays in one place while items are delivered to the pick station in precise sequence — heavy items first, fragile items last, for lot control, by family group or in whatever sequence that business needs dictate. It's also smarter since RapidPick allows ultra-high pick accuracy as only one SKU is presented to the operator at a time. In addition, RapidPick workstations accommodate totes and/or cartons of different sizes to facilitate picking directly into the shipping container.

                    Faster: The pick station design allows the highest possible worker productivity. With a one second tote exchange time, the operator doesn’t have to wait for the next item to be picked. Product for picking flows into the RapidPick station smoothly and consistently — that’s made possible by an automated inventory staging buffer called the Dematic Multishuttle™. This is the “engine” that supports high picking rates. 

                    Ergonomic: We designed the RapidPick workstation for sustained productivity and employee comfort. The operator only picks in the “golden zone.” There is no need to move hands above the shoulder or extend arms beyond a comfortable reach. The work platform is adjustable to accommodate operators of various heights. The operator screen can be adjusted for height and angle to minimise neck strain. Loads are automatically delivered to and removed from the workstation eliminating the need for operators to lift or push cartons and totes. The ergonomic design and simple, icon-driven operator screens allows RapidPick stations to meet Universal Access guidelines.

                    Key Benefits

                    • 100% golden zone picking 
                    • Secure & dense storage of SKU inventory 
                    • Minimises pick & replenishment labour 
                    • Eliminates operator travel & search time 
                    • Virtually eliminates pick errors 
                    • Up to 1,000 order lines/operator/hour
                  • Pick Carts

                  • Ideal for split-case and small item applications

                    Each Pick Cart is custom designed to hold multiple containers. Each container holds a different order, so operators can batch pick multiple orders on a single trip through the warehouse. The Pick Cart system is managed using Dematic software which communicates to each Pick Cart in the system using a wireless LAN. 

                    Pick Cart Features

                    • Custom-designed cart configuration for each application 
                    • Ideal for split-case and small item applications 
                    • Batch-style picking from a wide range of SKUs 
                    • Economical for large numbers of slow-moving items
                • Sortation Systems

                • Dematic is a pioneer in the development of linear and recirculating conveyor sortation systems with standardised controls and software, which optimise warehouse operations and provide supply chain visualisation. They are used extensively by leading retailers, parcel freight and 3PLs, catalogue, hardware and other distributors requiring high speed, reliable sortation.

                  With increasing labour costs and supply chain pressures for faster, more accurate and responsive operations, automated sortation systems are finding their way into more and more supply chains, delivering productivity, throughput capacity, accuracy, and accountability for businesses, and a cost-effective and efficient flow of goods to consumers. 

                  Manufacturers of many fast moving consumer goods use sortation systems to handle cartonised products as they come off the production line. 

                  High throughput sortation systems have also been used for decades by leading retailers to distribute goods at the lowest cost per case.

                  Smart IT systems have led to an increase in responsiveness and enabled retail DCs to significantly reduce inventory by receiving and despatching goods just-in-time. Cross-docking and flow-through handling processes are adopted, with the use of sortation systems to distribute cases to stores when they arrive at a DC.

                  Some retailers handle up to 90% of their goods in this way, driving their facilities to near stockless operations and cutting out the handling steps of put-away, replenishment and picking. Sortation systems also account for what has been received and where it has been sent.

                    • Linear (Sliding Shoe) Sorters

                    • Dematic's sliding shoe sorters offer robust performance suitable for throughput rates of between 9,000 and 24,000 items per hour.

                      Product is supported on tubes or slats, and a positive divert is performed to either side of the sorter by shoes which slide across the tubes or slats.  

                      Quiet and reliable operation, diverse range of products 

                      With quiet and reliable operation, sliding shoe sorters can also handle a wide product range from packages as small as 150 mm long and weighing as little as 50 g, up to packages over 1 metre long and weighing up to 50 kgs.

                      Dematic FlexSort Sorters

                      Dematic FlexSort sorters are a comprehensive line of sorters designed to meet your specific application, throughput, and productivity goals.

                      Our Dematic FlexSort family of sorters address your long-term ownership demands for:

                      • Significantly reduced maintenance from fewer parts and innovative drive systems 
                      • Variable speed operation for increased efficiency 
                      • Lower energy consumption 
                      • Online diagnostics and visualisation of sortation statistics 
                      • Quieter operation for an improved work environment and higher productivity
                    • Circular Sorters

                    • Circular sorters can be designed to handle throughputs exceeding 20,000 items per hour, and can accurately sort a wide range of products from large parcels down to small loose items, to hundreds of delivery points.

                      They are generally considered more flexible in terms of layout, throughput and expansion options than other sorter types. Circular sorters can negotiate turns, inclines and declines, utilise carriers multiple times per circuit, and be easily expanded with additional induction points and sort lanes with minimum disruption to an existing operation.

                    • Divert Systems

                    • Sortation rates of 5 to 80 cases per minute

                      There are a range of devices available to sort cartons including a steerable wheel divert, right angle transfers, a positive belt divert, and a strip belt sorter.

                      Steerable Wheel Divert 

                      • MDR transportation 
                      • Pneumatic divert actuation 
                      • Energy efficient operation

                      Model 2465 Steerable Wheel Divert is part of the Motorised Drive Roller (MDR) family of products and provides package transfers to the left or right in low throughput applications.

                      The Steerable Wheel Divert is a modular device that mounts inside the universal side frame of the Modular Conveyor System. This design allows the sorter to be easily re-located along the conveyor path if divert locations change. To re-locate or add a new divert, rollers in the conveyor are removed at the new location.  The Steerable Wheel Divert module is bolted into the side frame of the conveyor while the controls are configured and connected.

                    • Hanging Garment Sorter

                    • The Garments on Hangers, or GOH, Sorter System is the standard in high speed unit distribution of hanging garments. Its design can be configured for installation in either multi-level or single level operations with equal effectiveness.

                      High Speed Distribution of Hanging Garments

                      Induction to the sorter is achieved either manually or automatically by adding a mechanical device which synchronises a screw conveyor or quick picker with the hooks and automatically delivers the hangers to the hooks as they pass through the induction area. The induction process can also be integrated with an automatic trolley-stripper.

                      We have developed the most comprehensive and innovative hang sorter system in the world. We continue to refine our systems, incorporating more ergonomic designs, high-tech materials and components, and labor saving applications. Whether you are allocating single garments or pre-packed packs of GOH merchandise, our sorters deliver the merchandise to the store lane accurately and ready to be shipped.

                    • Pouch Sortation

                    • The Pouch Sortation System - MonaLisa - is an automated hanging system on roller adaptors, designed with the ability to buffer and sort both hanging items and flat goods simultaneously. This diverse functionality makes it ideal for multichannel fashion retailers wishing to combine several elements of an order.

                      Solving Distribution & Returns Challenges

                      The overhead sortation system features a carrier pouch - allowing both hanging garments and flat packed items or boxes to be stored in dynamic picking loops. Items can quickly be accessed whenever an order is called off by the warehouse management system. The bags are transported by the overhead technology to automatic packing stations.

                      The MonaLisa incorporates a number of patented designs that deliver ‘world class’ speed for the cycle of overhead storage, product access and transportation to packing stations – allowing an ecommerce retailer to gain very high throughputs and facilitating later cut off times for low and peak volume online orders.

                      Benefits of Pouch Sortation

                      • Handling of garment on hanger & flat items at the same time
                      • Automatic sorting & buffering
                      • Flexible and extendable
                      • Ideal for products like: garments, accessories, books, toys and shoes etc.
                      • Optimisation of daily pick operation
                      • Easy returns handling and fast access to returned products
                      • Efficient utilization of space
                      • Cost effective
                      • Next generation of automation – especially for DTC operations
                  • Storage & Buffering Systems

                  • Dematic offers a complete range of storage and buffering solutions from racks and shelving to a diverse selection of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Capable of handling pallets, totes, trays, bins and cartons, Dematic storage and buffering solutions are available in single or multiple-depth storage.

                    Dematic storage systems range from simple racking and shelving solutions, through to integrated pick modules and fully automated high-rise pallet and case storage, retrieval and picking systems.

                      • Automation That Empowers Your Business

                      • Description
                      • RapidStore ASRS

                      • Whether it’s for heavy unit loads like pallets or smaller loads like totes and cases, storage is a fundamental requirement of every distribution centre.

                        Storage is a paradox. On one hand it adds value by providing a critical buffer between your processes and your customer, while on the other hand it adds cost in land, building and inventory. 

                        Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems from Dematic are designed to minimise and mobilise your stock. They secure product, eliminate damage, and increase productivity and accuracy. All the while saving footprint, power, time and money.

                      • Dematic Multishuttle 2

                      • The Dematic Multishuttle® 2 is the next-generation “shuttle” AS/RS system for automated storage and retrieval of cartons, small parts or other stored goods, including the handling of trays, containers or individual bundles.

                        The Dematic Multishuttle® 2 is designed to store, buffer, and sequence products between bulk stock and functions like picking and order assembly. The system can dramatically increase speed, accuracy, and throughput in warehouses, factories, or distribution centres.

                        It can interface with a many different sizes of containers and cartons, and its inherent flexibility enables it to be easily adapted to any shape or size building, including existing buildings with lower ceilings.

                        Both the use of standard modular components and its scalability make the Dematic Multishuttle 2 especially suitable for companies experiencing rapid growth and change in product demand profiles.

                      • Racking and Shelving

                      • Quality racks and shelves with value-added design and operational options

                        • Cost Effective Turnkey Systems 
                          Dematic integrates high quality storage racks and industrial shelving into turnkey systems often complete with automated handling solutions. Our team of storage solution specialists have the depth of experience necessary to design and supply cost effective solutions with value added advice in areas such as location control, product slotting, load carrying capacity and compliance to standards.
                        • High-Bay Racks

                          High-rise narrow-aisle racks provide cost effective storage that optimise the use of available land. Ideally applied to bulk reserve stock high rise racks serviced by high speed Storage Retrieval machines, Dematic High-bay solutions provide an efficient and secure means of storing and handling palletised goods.
                        • Dematic Multishuttle2® Racks
                          The exclusively designed Dematic Multishuttle™ storage rack can be configured to provide both single and double deep functionality and have push through protection so that totes cannot be accidentally dropped into the shuttle aisle or out of the rack. 
                        • Conventional Racking and Shelving
                          Whether you want to take advantage of unused space or you are building a whole new warehouse, Dematic’s conventional rack solutions can be tailored quickly, easily and economically to your precise needs.
                    • Transport Systems

                    • Dematic Transport Systems move material throughout your facility in a timely, safe and highly flexible manner.
                        • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

                        • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

                          Dematic AGVs provide reliable, automated material movement when space is at a premium, flexibility is critical and operational efficiency is an imperative.

                          Dematic’s comprehensive range of AGVs include fork vehicles, unit load, VNA, and specialty vehicles to move material through your facility in a timely, safe and flexible manner.

                          AGVs should be considered under the following circumstances:

                          • In non value-added material movement applications
                          • When the use of manually operated forklifts is not appropriate
                          • Where consistent and stable loads need to be transported over long distances
                          • For applications requiring steady and continuous throughput
                          • In process automation applications
                          • For transporting and sorting loads for dispatch
                          • As a reliable, consistent interface to ASRS 
                          • Where they can contribute to a safer working environment

                          Available in a variety of configurations and capacities, Dematic AGVs come with a complete array of safety features exceeding workplace safety requirements. All models are powered by 48VDC industrial batteries. A variety of battery and charging options are available to ensure the system meets operational requirements

                          Dematic AGV Benefits

                          • Wireless laser guidance for high flexibility making it easy to implement path changes in dynamic environments
                          • Automated control for reduced staffing
                          • Laser scanning bumpers for enhanced safety and object detection
                          • Touch screen display for quick and easy diagnostics
                          • Windows-based control system with real time visual display
                          • Automated battery management system including battery charging and battery swapping. 
                        • Overhead (Electric Suspension) Monorails

                        • Overhead (Electric Suspension) Monorails

                          Overhead monorails, or electric suspension monorails, use the available headroom in your building to ensure floorspace is kept clear at all times. From distribution logistics in the food, drink and tobacco sector, to production-based solutions in the dairy industry, monorails provide flexible material handling and make many solutions possible including supplying raw materials, linking production, buffer and storage processes, and delivering pallets to despatch. 

                          Dematic Overhead Monorail Benefits:

                          • High speed pallet transport
                          • Cost effective over large distances
                          • Ability to add carriers for increased throughput
                          • Easy to clean in the case of spillage
                          • High levels of reliability and redundancy
                      • Dematic iQ Software

                      • Dematic iQ is a knowledge-based logistics platform that provides our customers the information they need to swiftly adapt and optimise their supply chain fulfilment operations on a real-time basis, whether on-site or remote.

                        Dematic iQ is a knowledge-based logistics platform that provides our customers the information they need to swiftly adapt and optimise their supply chain fulfilment operations on a real-time basis, whether on-site or remote. This next generation software goes beyond traditional WCS or WMS, optimising operations using advanced analytics to derive more value from warehouse and enterprise data by collecting and delivering it in real-time via intuitive dashboards on desktops, laptops and mobile devices for an improved customer experience.

                          • Analytics

                          • The Dematic iQ Analytics Module measures and improves your material handling and order fulfilment operations by delivering real-time business intelligence derived from the data that exists within your Dematic system as well as your other business systems.

                            By benchmarking performance and analysing real-time data, you gain the insight needed to make informed decisions in response to changing customer requirements. 


                            • Real-time dashboards and reporting
                            • Hundreds of operational KPIs, and growing
                            • User-friendly interface
                            • Historical and productivity data mining
                            • Scorecards track and evaluate performance
                            • Integrated data warehouse
                            • Normalisation of data from diverse sources
                            • Holistic view of operations
                            • Sets foundation for future predictive analytics
                          • Optimisation

                          • Dematic iQ Optimisation enables smarter logistics decisions across your operations using advanced material flow algorithms, a key differentiator of our fulfilment solutions.

                            Current state decision-making and resource allocation is enhanced to optimise performance and space utilisation as well as automation and solution efficiency for reduced cost-per-transaction.

                            Embedded within each of our fulfilment business processes, Dematic iQ Optimization provides standard features to support the creation of intelligent fulfilment plans that take into account optimisation opportunities across equipment, labour and processes.

                            • Space Optimisation
                            • Labor Optimisation
                            • Equipment Optimisation
                            • Order Processing Optimisation
                            • Product Supply Optimisation
                            • Container Optimisation
                          • Fulfilment

                          • The Dematic iQ Fulfilment Module facilitates the order fulfilment process within the 4-walls, 2-windows supply chain network while broadening the warehouse footprint and addressing all business processes including Receive, Store, Replenish, Post-Pick and Ship.

                            It interacts across a combination of automated, mechanised or manual technologies, ensuring proper sub-second response time and repeatable execution performance. It also provides for both efficient processing and interaction with automation technology with intelligent exception handling and recovery.
                            With over 40-percent of the world’s retail order fulfilment supported by Dematic systems processing over 1 billion orders per year, Dematic iQ leverages this experience to incorporate industry best practices and operating procedures across a broad spectrum of simple to complex split case, full case, mix case and high bay solution-sets.

                          • Maintenance

                          • The Dematic iQ Maintenance Management Module provides full facility maintenance offerings to increase top-line profitability, streamline operations and reduce cost.

                            This add-on solution provides the flexibility to be installed within your network or hosted on a secure server in our data centre. This maintenance functionality is also available as a stand-alone CMMS solution.

                          • Control

                          • Built on a unified platform that provides a holistic approach to automation spanning controls and software, Dematic iQ Control is at the heart of our knowledge-based logistics solutions.

                            With immediate, real-time access to device-level feedback at the controls and mechatronics level, Dematic solutions are perfectly positioned to leverage your warehouse information for continual process improvement, helping you achieve higher throughput and lower costs.

                            Providing strategic supervision over the entire warehouse, the Control module supervises and interacts with high complexity automation or manual technologies, ensuring proper sub-second response time and repeatable execution performance. This module enables the control of logistics operations and processes across your integrated solution environment and provides both efficient processing and interaction with automation technology including intelligent exception handling and recovery.

                          • Foundation

                          • Dematic iQ is based on an open, modular and scalable logistics software foundation that uses progressive technology tools and adheres to today’s software, control, and IT standards.

                            Logistics, business intelligence and technology spanning controls and software are harmonised into a single platform that provides fully scalable fulfilment solutions. This results in a comprehensive, end-to-end, user-friendly digital experience for customers, which is also available via wireless mobile devices.

                          • Software and IT Consulting Services

                          • Data centres, monitoring capability and interfaces are integral to keeping your operations running smoothly. Dematic understands the value of these components to your infrastructure and can assist your organisation to ensure they remain intact and operational.

                            A strong infrastructure enables you to focus on moving your business forward with new mobile solutions, improving the user experience and making sure you avoid disaster — and recover when it hits. A strong and flexible infrastructure will also put you in a position to monitor your operation and data as well as leverage cloud services when appropriate.

                          • Implementation Services

                          • The success of our fulfilment solutions is based upon first gaining an understanding of your operations – both your requirements and your existing IT infrastructure. With this deep knowledge and close collaboration with our customers, the Dematic software and controls engineers can then develop the most effective system to meet your needs.

                            We then apply a three-phased approach to the solution development and implementation. We accurately define the project flow process with details on each milestone that provides a full understanding of the timeframe, cost and deliverables of the project. Our implementation process as applied by our skilled application engineers and service staff ensures that your solution delivers the expected outcomes needed to optimise your fulfilment operations.

                          • SAP Solutions

                          • Automated logistics systems are designed to meet customer requirements for an average of 10 to 15 years. Anyone looking for a new solution should consider carefully which concepts will meet your needs both today and in the future. 

                            This applies not only to new installations. The logistics environment, logistics processes and the IT landscape may change in existing plants as well. Updates should be easily implemented.

                            • Partnerships between SAP and Dematic ensure Dematic’s SAP expertise.
                            • Dematic knows at an early stage the direction SAP is moving and develops solutions which are future-proof.
                            • Dematic has implemented numerous SAP logistics projects in both manual and highly automated environments and therefore is best qualified for competent SAP consulting for your logistics.