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  • Every product, every process and every company is unique

    The new Servus ARC3 - More than a shuttle!

    The Servus system provides you everything for your intralogistics needs from a single source - tailor-made!

    Many years of experience in development and implementation have shown us how specific transport goods, intralogistics processes, and existing infrastructure can be. That's why our Servus system provides an intralogistics solution from a modular kit for individual products, processes, and companies in industry and trade. This modular kit enables us to develop a tailor-made solution together with the customer that covers the complete material flow without any interfacing. Company-internal logistics can be seamlessly integrated from received goods through the warehouse, office, production, assembly, or order picking to outgoing goods in a single, optimised flow process.

    Industry 4.0 is no longer just a buzzword, since now it contributes to the success of your company.
Product Portfolio
  • Servus System

  • The Servus System modular kit - Effective. Flexible. Universal.

    Use the flexible, standardized components to design an individual concept that works best for your company’s vision.

    The decentralized architecture of Servus offers high process security and can be easily adjusted to different production levels.
    The optimized flow of your production material eliminates unnecessary inventory and therefore reduces your total cost.

    Be a step ahead with a flexible logistics process - See what our customers love about the Servus system

    • "The active inventory and idle capital can be significantly reduced through improved material flow and faster transport times."
    • "Waiting times are eliminated and work stations are always supplied Just-In-Time.
    • "It is able to easily connect decentralized areas to the system and is great for improving production processes."
    • "Reduces the need for buffer storage which allows for more space at the production line.”
    • "Allows for flexible adaptation and cost-effective handling of different assembly products or in the event of product changes."
    • "The Servus system can be mounted on the ceiling to save space and can be optimally integrated into any existing infrastructure."
      • Servus Transport Robot ARC

      • An intelligent and autonomous transport robot.

        At the heart of the Servus system is the ARC3 (Autonomous Robotic Carrier Generation 3), an intelligent and autonomous transport robot that can transport any item up to 50 kg.

        The ARC3 is not your average shuttle. As an independently-acting swarm robot, the ARC3 is able to deliver its load to any required destination on the track by the shortest path possible.

        The system can be configured to any unique situation, to allow for the transportation of everything from simple cartons and boxes to custom parts.
        Equipped with modern technologies such as ABS (Anti-Blocking System), TCS (Traction Control System) and energy management with ERS (Energy Recovery System), the ARC3 is a reliable and low-maintenance high-tech product.
        The loading equipment integrated in the ARC3 allows for independent loading and unloading, at any side of the track.

        With accessories such as articulated robotic arms, hoppers and feeders, turning devices, custom part carriers or specific special fittings, the flexible transport robot can be adapted to most customer’s requirements.
      • Servus Track System

      • The rail elements are support profiles without complex cabling or lines. This allows for flexible track installation into existing facilities and production areas.

        Transport routes can be mounted on the floor, ceiling or at any ergonomic work level. The combination of these options allow for your most efficient track design.

        The Servus track system can be easily expanded or modified, minimizing any setup or change-over cost.
      • Servus ASW and Warehouse

      • The ideal combination of high storage density and direct access.

        In the Servus system, parts can be stored along the track or directly on the track. Depending on the requirement:
        • for slow-moving to highly dynamic storage and retrieval operations
        • single or double depth storage
        • centralized or decentralized storage

        This provides optimum prerequisites for the flexible and efficient automation of intercompany transports and Supermarket/Kanban systems.

        The combination of high storage density and direct access provides maximum flexibility with minimum space required. Capacity and performance can be increased and adapted at any time.

      • Servus Assistants

      • Assistants, such as lifters or points, are integrated into the track system and allow for easy connection to any necessary locations. These locations can be decentralized storage areas, assembly stations, order-picking stations or even different floors and different buildings.
        The Servus ARC communicates directly with the assistants and selectively controls them.

        As there is no central controller in the Servus system, assistants only need to be connected to power.
      • Servus Stations

      • The central connection of the entire warehouse or office.

        Individual system components such as deposit and loading stations, assembly and order picking workstations, or rail stations, allow delivery and retrieval of goods at any location in the company. Thanks to just-in-time delivery, the amount of active inventory can be reduced and unnecessary storage between processes can be avoided.

        Whether fully automatic or manual - you can connect all of these value-adding processes directly to your production logistics.

      • Servus load handling devices

      • Automatic handling for individual logistics solutions.

        The Servus ARC3 can be equipped with different load handling devices for the automatic loading and unloading of individual goods. The range of load handling devices ensures gentle and efficient handling of boxes, cartons, trays, bulk goods or even custom parts.
      • Servus Robotics creates mobility

      • When the Servus ARC3 is mounted with an articulated robotic arm, the potential usage is boundless. The increased flexibility and mobility for the device gives it an edge beyond that of just simple transport. The articulated robotic arm’s range of movement is expanded exponentially by the Servus ARC3’s maneuverability.

        The robot can be utilized in assembly, production and laboratory automation fields with limitless customization to fit the need of any company.

        Servus can help your company avoid wasteful and time-consuming activities such as transporting goods, allowing for focus on value-adding work.
      • Servus Software and Communication

      • Decentralized intelligence and communication in real time.

        The Servus system does not require a central controller. The Servus Area Network (SERAN) is a high-frequency wireless receiver, which sends orders out to the ARC3 wherever it might be located along the track. In this sense, the SERAN is the central hub for the ARC3. The controls can be connected to any common warehouse management or ERP software.

        The Servus ARC3 works based on the optimal route along the track. It will finish the orders it is given independently to ensure that they are completed in the most efficient way possible.

    • Applications

    • The Servus system

      An intralogistics solution for all industries.

      With the Servus system, you benefit from the many years of experience we have implementing projects in different industries such as automotive, automated assembly, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals and distribution.

      Our goal is to always strive to find the best solution for your individual needs.
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            • e.g. Zumtobel Group AG
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