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A4    Finland Nauticat
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Nauticat concept
Legendary seaworthiness, toughness, durable design. Easy handling, safe and comfortable sailing. Unbeatable combination of performance both under sail and power. Highly admired quality of build and attention to detail. Pilothouse offering possibility for shelter, 360 degrees view and maneuverability from inside. Finnish craftsmanship since 1966. Semi-customisation of yachts.


Product Line Up
The Nauticats 321, 351, 37, 385 , 42, 515 and 525 belong to our fleet of pilothouse sailing yachts. Compared to the traditional motorsailers, the sailing performance has been in focus once drawing the very first lines for these fine yachts. Traditional Nauticat qualities and features, like a closed warm pilothouse, cosy interior of highest quality, and the attention to every single detail that has to do with safety or the building process have not been stepped aside. By the introduction of the pilothouse sailing yachts it has been demonstrated how experience and innovation can lead to unique and unbeatable designs, and the latest model, the Nauticat 525 is ready to redefine, to set new standards in the category pilothouse sailing yachts.
Nauticat 321
The youthful Nauticat 321 offers superb accommodation and quality of build and attention to smallest detail. The interior of the Nauticat 321 is a showpiece of the Nauticat craftsmanship. The Nauticat 321 features two staterooms, a large head and toilet amidships and a raised settee in pilothouse which offers clear wiews in all directions. The Nauticat 321 is built with two separate steering positions, both inside in pilothouse and outside in cockpit like all Nauticats.
LOA 10 m
LWL 8,3 m​
Beam 3,24 m​
Draft, fin-keel:​ 1,65 m​
Draft, bulb-keel:​ 1,80 m​
Shallow draft-keel:​ 1,45 m​
Boat design category: A
Displacement​ 6,0 to​
Sails​ 55m2​
Engine​ 39 hp​
Height above waterline​ 14,0 m​
Fresh water capacity​ 440 l​
Fuel capacity​ 250 l​
Nauticat 351
The Nauticat 351 is a completely renewed model based on the well-known Nauticat 35. In comparison with the 35, the 351 features a new deck design, which resembles the one of the Nauticat 37, including a large u-shaped seat for helmsman, and entrance to the cockpit from the sides. New design of keel and rudder and a completely renewed construction of the bottom strengthening framework are some of the improvements compared to the Nauticat 35. The Nauticat 351 offers an considerable amount of living space inside, and the cabin is still in lead in terms of the volume and luxury in the category sailing yachts under 35 feet.
LOA 10,06 m​
LWL 9,05 m​
Beam 3,5 m​
Draft 1,7 m
Boat design category: A
Displacement​ 7,50 t​
Sails​ 58,5 m​2
Engine​ 54 hp​
Height above waterline​ 15,5 m​
Fresh water capacity​ 440 l​
Fuel capacity​ 335 l​
Nauticat 37
The Nauticat 37 is a yacht with appealing looks and performance. She combines these qualities with the well-known Nauticat craftsmanship and our philosophy and attitude of building yachts according to highest quality demands and safety regulations. When you step aboard, you will sense the unmistakeable feeling of security and the ambience of yacht that will satisfy even the most demanding sailor.
LOA 11,23 m
LWL ​10,10 m
Beam 3,65 m
Draft 1,85 m
Shallow draft-keel:​ 1,65 m
Boat design category: A
Displacement​ 8,7 tons
Sails​ 75,02 m2​
Engine​ 54 hp​
Height above waterline​ 16,96 m​
Fresh water capacity​ 400 l​
Fuel capacity​ 440 l​
Nauticat 385
Encouraged by the success of the Nauticat 37, a completely new model, the Nauticat 385 was born. The 385 features a long waterline and fast sailing characteristics as the Nauticat 37, and on deck the 385 offers a deep cockpit and inside a guest cabin in mid section of the boat and a toilet in the aft as standard. The Nauticat 385 replaced the legendary Nauticat 39.
LOA 11,65 m​
LWL 10,10 m​
Beam 3,6 m​
Draft, fin-keel:​ 1,9 m​
Shallow draft-keel:​ 1,45 m​
Boat design category: A
Displacement​ 9,5 tons​
Sails​ 75 m2​
Engine​ 54 hp
Height above waterline​ 16,7 m​
Fresh water capacity​ 440 l​
Fuel capacity​ 335​
Nauticat 42
The Nauticat 42 became an immediate success after her introduction. She is strong, safe, spacious and can easily be sailed by two persons. The Nauticat 42 is a true blue water cruiser and offers a wide collection of options concerning type of interior, sails, rig, navigation equipment and hull colour.
LOA 13 m
LWL 10,35 m
Beam 4 m
Draft, fin-keel:​ 1,95 m
Boat design category: A
Displacement​ 14,5 tons
Sails​ as sloop 97,5 m2​
Engine​ 110 hp​
Height above waterline​ 20,0 m​
Fresh water capacity​ 700 l​
Fuel capacity​ 700 l​
Nauticat 515
The Nauticat 515 is classical, elegant and spacious. She will carry you graciously at high speed, anywhere, in any conditions. A look around her luxury interior illustrates the quality that has made our yard famous.The Nauticat 515 offers almost limitless possibilities in terms of customising the yacht for diffrent needs and requirements. The Nauticat 515 can be specified with either a centre cockpit or an open Mediterranean style cockpit layout.
LOA 15,42 m​
LWL 12,22 m​
Beam 4,6 m​
Draft 2,2 m​
Boat design category: A
Displacement​ 24 ton
Sails​ as sloop 144 m2​
Engine​ 160 hp
Height above waterline​ 23 m
Fresh water capacity​ 1600 l​
Fuel capacity​ 1670 l​
Nauticat 525
The ultimate ocean cruising experience, the new Nauticat 525 was launched in spring 2010 and she is an exciting addition to our range of pilothouse sailing yachts. The new 525 incorporates the best traditions of Nauticat’s ocean going capability together with the ultimate in luxury.
The Nauticat 525 is the largest in our range with the emphasis put on designing a yacht suitable for advanced world-wide cruising.
In order to create the new Nauticat 525 we have used our experience of building over 100 Nauticats in the 50 foot range, together with the encouragement and knowledge of our existing owners,. These ideas have been developed to build a yacht with the ultimate in safe stylish luxury that can be used to extensive cruising in full comfort. The new 525 includes many new features but still includes those qualities that made the earlier 521 and 515 so successful.
The clean hull lines, powerful rig and new design of the lead keel make the Nauticat 525 perform superbly as an effortless passage maker. The new Nauticat 525 features modern deck styling but still keeps her classic looks and for ease of handling she is, as standard, rigged as a ketch which gives many possibilities to suit all wave and wind conditions.
The cockpit layout is designed for comfortable and safe handling of the boat, and the helmsman’s seat is positioned on the portside, giving the helmsman a tranquil and efficient position for manoeuvring his yacht. The cockpit also has good seating to allow up to 9 people to sit in full comfort.
The interiors are built to the highest Nauticat standards that have been developed continuously for more than four decades. You will see a design philosophy that uses the highest levels of craftsmanship but also includes the choice of the best possible equipment to create comfort and safety both at sea and in harbour. As each 525 is semi custom built there is a wide choice of layouts together with a selected specification carefully tailored to the individual owners requirements.
The engine on the 525 is a powerful Perkins M150 TI diesel developing 150 hp which under power alone allows a cruising speed of nine knots. This gives the 525 a cruising range under engine alone of approximately 1500 nautical miles.
LOA 15,90 m​
LWL 12,20 m​
Beam 4,6 m​
Draft 2,2 m​
Boat design category: A
Displacement​ 24 ton
Sails​ 142 m2​
Engine​ 150 hp
Height above waterline​ 23,5 m
Fresh water capacity​ 1650 l​
Fuel capacity​ 1570 l​
Our fleet of traditional motorsailers, the Nauticats 331, 38 and 441 symbolize a remarkable consistency of engineering vision and determination. Our traditional motorsailers are very unique, in terms of volume inside, easy handling, durability, safety standards, modern cruising capabilities, the level and possibilities for customizing the yachts according to specific needs and environments . All three yachts feature side doors on the pilothouse, are rigged as ketches, as truly classics should be, and have raised aft decks. The Nauticat 441 has a long keel, whereas the 331 and 38 have fin keels. These yachts continue through constant changes and improvements to sustain as extremely capable and beloved traditional motorsailers.
Nauticat 331
The Nauticat 331 is based on the Grand Old Lady, the Nauticat 33. This traditional motorsailer has now been, after several modifications, in production for over 45 years.The effortless operation, superb comfort and careful arrangement of interiors have created a demand resulting in over 1290 hulls built to date. This sturdy classic will surely keep on sailing smoothly and steadily for another 45 years.
LOA 10,4 m
LWL 8,6 m​
Beam 3,4 m​
Draft 1,48 m​
Draft, deep​ 1,65 m​
Boat design category: B
Displacement​ 8,3 to​
Sails​ 56,9m2​
Engine​ 75 hp​
Height above waterline​ 14,3 m​
Fresh water capacity​ 450 l​
Fuel capacity​ 500 l​
Nauticat 38
The Nauticat 38 is one of our traditional motorsailers. She offers excellent comfort and due to her powerful engine together with good performance under sail she provides a perfect solution for those seeking maximum versatility below 40 feet.
LOA 11,38 m
LWL 9,25 m​
Beam 3,4 m​
Draft 1,8 m​
Boat design category: B
Displacement​ 11,0 to​
Sails​ 70,1m2​
Engine​ 110 hp​
Height above waterline​ 15,3 m​
Fresh water capacity​ 400 l​
Fuel capacity​ 600 l​
Nauticat 441
Our fleet of Nauticat 44īs has since 1974 travelled the worldīs oceans, from the heat of the Tropics to the harsh Northern seas. On the new Nauticat 441 the rudder position has been altered, the deck has been refined, and the beam and lenght of hull increased whilst retaining the classic Nauticat 44 lines. With regards to the deck moulding, there have been some subtle changes made to the pilothouse, creating a contemporary look. The integrated cockpit area gives greater security at sea, while the addition of extra seating on aft deck on either side of the steering wheel creates a more sociable space. Our new Nauticat 441 has continued to lead the way as the largest of our traditional motorsailers. Quality craftmanship, legendary seaworthiness, performance sailing and comfortable accommodation are what make Nauticat 441 the yacht for all seasons.
LOA 14,79 m
LWL ​11,8 m
Beam 3,75 m
Draft 1,9 m
Boat design category: B
Displacement​ 16,5 tons
Sails​ 115 m2​
Engine​ 160 hp​
Height above waterline​ 17,5 m​
Fresh water capacity​ 620 l​
Fuel capacity​ 840 l​

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