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Wibit Sports
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  • Wibit is all about fun on the water

    Wibit is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs that wanted to bring fun and excitement to pools and resorts around the world.

    The German watersports company Wibit Sports GmbH has been producing inflatable water sports products for commercial grade for over 15 years.They are distributed in over 50 countries worldwide. From Commercial Pools, Resorts, Camps or Open Water Locations. Wibit believes people everywhere should experience the excitement of play on the water.

    Wibit Sports is dedicated to the safety and security of its users by ensuring its products comply with state of the art safety standards recognized the world over.
Product Portfolio
  • Wibit Products

  • Designed for commercial use, Wibit products are built to maximize fun and safety while helping you attract new customers.

    The Wibit product line is unique due to its modularity. The design feature allows you to quickly inflate and easily assemble any size Wibit play area. Combinations such as the “Wibit AquaTrack” – an obstacle course on the water consisting of 6 modules – or the huge “Wibit Sports Park” have proven to be extremely popular with all ages.

    The Wibit combinations ensure a variety of fun activities, events and sporting competitions in pools, lakes and other waterfront locations.
      • Wibit configurations for commercial pools

      • Going to your pool just got more exciting. Wibit makes attracting new customers easy with our modular design and fun factor. Learn about our organized AquaGames (WAGA) events or create your own.
      • Wibit configurations for open water

      • Want to have the best attraction on the beach? Wibit makes it easy with our spectacular modular Sports Parks. Commercial grade construction, tough German safety standards and excellent support gives you trouble-free entertainment for your guests.
  • All Wibit Products

  • Individual modules make it easy to build any configuration of Wibit that you can imagine. It also makes it easy to add or replace individual modules without having to disappoint your guests with down time. Below is a list of all our products
    • Action Tower

    • A challenging obstacle block in itself, the ActionTower will test your endurance through climbing, jumping, crawling, hanging and sliding activities. Promotes physical training, building teamwork, and even evaluates problem solving skills.
    • Balance Beam

    • Try to walk this long and narrow beam. Will test your balance and concentration. Good possibility to show your physical strengths in a face-to-face competition.
    • Base

    • A Raft! Or the start to many games and events. Where the fun begins!
    • Billboard

    • Ideal for aquatic special events, the Wibit Floating Billboard is a great way for sponsors to get noticed. Banners mount easily and stay secure while 2 anchor connections keep the message front and centre.
    • Bouncer XL

    • The Bouncer XL is built to endure the rigors of daily commercial use. Stainless steel springs prevent rust in extreme conditions. Whether ocean, lake or pool the Bouncer is sure to be the centre of attention. Kids love it! Ladder included!
    • Bouncer XXL

    • Get the Bouncer in a larger size… a must for all commercial locations. Stainless steel springs prevent rust in extreme conditions. Whether ocean, lake or pool the Bouncer is sure to be the centre of attention. A proven winner for all ages.
    • Bridge

    • Crossing a bridge has never been so much fun! The perfect obstacle to make your Combination more challenging and exciting.
    • Cliff

    • Combine's speed, strength, and agility. Taking on this "mountain" is more than a challenge. Try to hang on.
    • Climber

    • Kids want to climb everywhere and everything. That’s why we created the Climber. It packs all the excitement they can handle. Just climb up either side or then slide down.Great for pools and open water.
    • Curve

    • Test your speed on this banked corner. You'd better be quick or you'll slide off the Curve. Use it to build the ultimate Racecourse on the water. Race you to the finish!
    • Deck

    • Use the Deck as a floating lifeguard stand in the water. Stand on top or sit around and oversee everything going on around you. Can also be combined as an obstacle in the Sports Park.
    • Double Rocker

    • It's a classic! The Rocker comes in two sizes, and is designed as a teeter totter for the water - so get on, hold on tight, and get ready to rock.
    • Flip

    • The first free floating Katapult on the water! Use the Flip as a stand-alone item or connect to another Wibit product. Experience the exciting feeling of being launched into the air. This is where the action is!
    • Flipper

    • Teamwork is called for. Jump on one end of the Flipper and launch the other person through the air and into the water. Feel the excitement of flying.
    • High jump

    • Ever thought about doing an Olympic discipline on the water? Measure your vertical over the crossbar. Don't worry about the landing… Taking fun to new heights.
    • IceTower XL

    • Available in 2 sizes, the IceTower has three slides with varying degrees of diffculty. Adds new meaning to "Climb up and Slide down". Ultra durable construction guarantees years of use and enjoyment.
    • IceTower XXL

    • The massive IceTower XXL will challenge even the most gifted climbers. Reach the peak and you're rewarded with a giant slide.
    • Junction

    • Create a crisscross and new configurations with your Wibit products. Connections are possible on all 4 sides.
    • Kayak

    • Propelled by a double bladed paddle the hydrodynamic design allows for easy manoeuvrability, stability and speed.
    • Kayak Goal

    • Ever played Kayak Polo? All it takes is a few Kayaks a ball and your ready. Score the most goals and your the winner!
    • Long Jump

    • Take off, leap and land! The special marking Baton will make it easy to see who can jump the farthest. It's a sports day on the water.
    • Mini Spinner

    • Feel the challenge of a spinning action on the water! Rotate the Mini Spinner with your own body movement - get it going, then try to hold on!
    • Oval

    • Multiple Docking stations to Wibit products. Use as an all pupose track on the water with many play options.
    • Podium

    • "Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the winner of this years' competition"... a three level Podium that will honour all medallists competing in the AquaGames events. Or use it as an obstacle in any Track!
    • Polo Goal

    • Create a sporting activity at any pool or beach! The inflatable Polo Goal is set up in minutes. Make teams and start playing!
    • Pond

    • You need to get across somehow. Jump, walk or swim! Your skills are tested!
    • Ramp

    • The start block! Connect the Ramp to any Wibit product to make climbing aboard easy.
    • Rocker

    • It's a classic! The Rocker comes in two sizes, and is designed as a teeter totter for the water - so get on, hold on tight, and get ready to rock.
    • Roller

    • Connect your Wibit Trampoline or Bouncer together with the Roller. Balance your way across from one end to the other.
    • Safety Buoy

    • The Safety Buoys create a high visibility perimeter for any location. 3 Safety Buoys are included in each carton. Two attachment plates make connection simple.
    • Side Kick

    • Allows for a 90° turn in combination with any Wibit product. Create twists and turns.
    • Slide

    • Climb to the top and glide into the water.
    • Slider

    • Attach the slide to your Wibit Trampoline (or Bouncer XL / XXL). Jump off the Trampoline and slide into the water.
    • Spinner

    • A highlight on the water! Feel the challenge of a spinning action on the water! Rotate the Spinner with your own body motion - get it going, then try to hold on!
    • Splasher

    • Step up, slide down and splash into the water! The side stabilizers ensure a safe entry into the water every time. The Splasher can even be anchored in the water!
    • Swing

    • A childhood dream… the world’s first and only modular inflatable swing on the water! Feel like Tarzan and swing from one platform to the other. Promise, you never have seen this before!
    • Trampoline

    • A unique modular water trampoline in a perfect square. The two docking stations can be used to connect any Wibit product, thus creating endless playground options on the water!
    • Volley

    • Add a new dimension to the sport of Beach Volleyball – Play it on the water! The entire court floats. Set up one court and host the first floating Beach Volleyball tournament!