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BlueBotics ANT – The smart, autonomous robots with high mobility

Today’s Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) have to meet increasing requirements from the industrial automation: They have to be flexible in their movements, if possible able to freely navigate, should adapt themselves to new automation processes […]

New compact, intelligent conveyors

The new X45 and X45e conveyor platforms are easy to integrate and offers sophisticated yet simple controls design. Demands on production efficiency and automation are continuously increasing in all industries. FlexLink are […]

Compact link arm robot for top-speed assembly and packaging

FANUC ROBOTICS introduces the new compact 6Kg parallel link arm robot – M-3iA Following closely the introduction of its first lightweight parallel link design robot, the 0.5Kg M-1iA, FANUC Robotics has now launched its […]

Six axis robot launch represents major development

TM Robotics brings six axis Toshiba Machine robot to Europe The new TV800 EZ Cell robot, launched in the UK by TM Robotics (Europe) recently, is the first six axis robot ever manufactured by […]

Stäubli Robotics – Ultra-Fast SCARA Robot Series the next Generation

Stäubli Robotics, manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced industrial and cleanroom robots, announces the introduction of the new TS series of high speed SCARA robots. This next generation robotic line features 100% […]

Individually expanding HMI devices with all-round protection

A new standard for speed with a large robots The Siemens Industry Automation Division is complementing its Simatic HMI (Human Machine Interface) device series with all-round IP65 protection with modular expansion units. The new […]

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC – Small HMI Control Units for Local Tasks

Mitsubishi Electric has added two new entry-level models to its GOT1000 series of HMI control terminals. The two touchscreen control units with 5.7” displays round off the upper end of the GT10 […]

QINEO®, the new modular product line of CLOOS welding machines

Major progress is the result of many small steps. QINEO®, the new modular product line of CLOOS welding machines has brought perfection to welding technology. Operating concept, design, welding and ignition characteristics, wire drive […]


Humanoids – Getting Better by the Day

Near real-live humanoid robots are most likely to become a new species to populate the earth in the future. Commonly called social robots, these autonomous humanoids are being designed to accomplish chores […]

Close to the robot’s arm – “Triflex RS” for compact cable guidance

Plastic corrugated tubes used in robotic applications can bend and tear because they cannot absorb torsional movements very well. The Cologne-based energy chain expert igus GmbH has developed “Triflex R”,; the multi-dimensional energy chain […]

KUKA Roboter launches two brand-new technologies on the market

KUKA Roboter is once again blazing a trail for the welding sector. Europe’s leading supplier of industrial robots is presenting no less than two innovations: the KR 5 arc, a versatile and highly dynamic […]

MOTOMAN multi-robot-technology

Cooperating robots: More than 10 years of “multi-robot-technology” A single NX100 controller easily handles multiple tasks, with unmatched ability to coordinate up to four manipulators (up to 36 axes, including robots and […]

KUKA Roboter implements maximum safety

From the manufacturing of exhaust systems to the production of shopping carts, KUKA welding robots are used wherever flexible processes are required. While remaining focused on the human operator, KUKA, the leading […]