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Advanced Motion Controls releases EtherCAT® Servo Drives and New ‘DxM’ (Demultiplexed Motion) Technology

OEM’s are continually challenged to provide motion control precision at lowest possible cost. Precision has been given a boost with the advent of EtherCAT®, an open Ethernet-based network standard setting new heights […]

Halstrup-Walcher introduces intelligent positioning systems for cleanroom applications

PSE3xxx positioning systems make it easy to activate positioning and auxiliary axes automatically: halstrup-walcher presents a supplementary line of products housed in stainless steel for use in clean rooms and for applications in the food and […]

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions offers customized lead screw nut designs for high-end motion control applications

Precision molded and machined custom nuts create exceptional value for an OEM. Engineers aren’t required to source a standard “off the shelf” lead screw nut […]

MPS-GR Miniature, Gear-Drive Rotary Stages for Tight Spaces

Low profile and compact with clear aperture Precision worm-gear drive with DC servo or stepper motor Continuous 360 degree rotary positioning Graduated tabletop High-vacuum capable Aerotech’s MPS-GR series rotary stages provide accurate, […]

Vacon takes its product offering to the next level: three new AC drives announced

Global AC drive manufacturer Vacon strengthens its position as an industry leader in the AC drives market with the announcement of three new products at the Vacon Drives Conference: VACON® 100, VACON® […]

Low-Cost Stepper Drive for DMC-30000 1-Axis Ethernet Motion Controller

Galil is announcing the DMC-30016 1-axis motion controller packaged with a 1.4A/phase Stepper Drive in a single, compact unit. It joins the growing family of drive options for the DMC-30000 Pocket Motion […]

New square-tube linear system with anti-twist protection

drylin® Q-10 square guide – Small and angular The new square-tube linear guide system measures only 7.5 mm in its edge length and can be clamped in housings with a diameter of 10 […]

Precisely Align and Integrate Your Data Acquisition and Motion Control

Sensor I/O easily aligned with encoder position Data recording and playback Combine sensor inputs in real time 5 MHz collection rates One easy-to-use software interface Aerotech’s Sensor Fusion™ is a 3U data […]

Advanced Microstepping Drive from Servo2Go

Servo2Go.com announces the addition of a new OEM designed economical microstepping drive from Applied Motion Products. The STR2 stepper drive is an ultra compact, digital step & direction drive, great for OEM […]

New small and light-duty cantilever axis for “Pick & Place” applications from igus®

The new drylin® cantilever axis GRW-0630 was particularly developed for pick & place applications with high dynamics and small loads. In this type of axis carriage and motor are fixed while the axis […]

12 And 24 Volt Speed Controls Drive Brushless DC Gearmotors And Motors Up To 3/8 HP

The new type ABL-3906C low-voltage brushless DC stock controls provide variable speed control for low-voltage BLDC (ECM) gearmotors and motors. The controls operate from a DC power supply or from a battery […]

New linear DC-Servomotors with axial connection, Series LM 1247 and LM 2070

FAULHABER further extends its linear DC-Servomotor product range with new versions aimed at facilitating product integration inside your application. The new linear servomotors integrate an axial type connection to satisfy constrained space […]

New Product: STM23 Integrated Stepper Motor with EtherNet

Servo2Go.com announces the addition of eight New Integrated Motors+Drives to their line of Ethernet and EtherNet/IP motion control products. The new STM23 models, from Applied Motion Products, fuse a high performance motion […]