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All-printed Flexible Pressure Sensor Array Made with Polyamino Acid Developed

An affordable and mass-producible printed large-area sensor A piezoelectric ink has been developed to enable sensors to be arrayed on a flexible substrate. A large-area sensor array has been achieved by joining […]

S300 PA: The New Frontier of MAXI Sensors

Datalogic Automation introduces the new S300 PA series, an advanced line of photoelectric sensors in a MAXI shape. The S300 PA is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications with […]

BD|SENSORS has added a new precision pressure transmitter to its existing range of products.

Designed for a use in food and beverage industry, laboratories and pharmaceutics, the DMP 331 Pi is an improved version of the DMP 331 P and combines proven features with new digital […]

Lowell Observatory releases the first images using an e2v imaging sensor

Lowell Observatory released the first images taken with the e2v imaging sensor that equips its flagship Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT).  The DCT is a 4.3 metre aperture telescope built by Lowell Observatory […]

Andor Launches Advanced Solutions for Simultaneous Multi-Wavelength Imaging

TuCam camera adapter and Optosplit II dual-emission splitter Andor Technology plc (Andor), a world leader in scientific imaging and modular spectroscopy solutions, announces the launch of its multi-wavelength imaging portfolio.. The portfolio […]

Simply retrofitted reliability – New redundant micropulse transducers from Baluff

The new BTL 7 redundant micropulse transducer is a robust, contact-free, and absolute position measuring system that can be freely configured. Up to three independent measurement sections and three independent electronics modules […]

Non-invasive hyperspectral imaging system for skin cancer screening

Ultra-sensitive Andor iXon EMCCD camera proves case for hyperspectral imaging and may lead to new generation of rapid, automated cancer screening systems Malignant melanoma (MM), the most dangerous type of skin cancer, […]

World’s first Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) true-absolute optical encoder

RESOLUTE™ UHV is the latest ultra-high vacuum compatible readhead from Renishaw, offering true-absolute position feedback, sub-micron accuracy and resolutions to 1 nm for both linear and rotary applications. The new range of […]

Smaller – faster – more accurate. The new miniature F25 contrast sensors from SensoPart

The new contrast sensors in the F 25 series are the fastest of their size on the market. With a switching frequency of 25 kHz and a scanning rate of just 10 […]

New Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors from IST AG

Integrated signal processing, fully calibrated, excellent long term stability in harsh environments, available in 4-pin subminiature ceramic IC module construction. The Hygrochip series digital humidity sensors combine the advantages of a precise […]

Lumenera Camera Analyzes the Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle of Diamonds

Global leader in diamond analyses, GemEx, chose Lumenera’s Lu130 camera for use in the BrillianceScope Analyzer. More than 200 BrillianceScopes are deployed around the world and over 2 million diamonds have been […]

Very small GigE cameras for machine vision applications

The Imaging Source, an international manufacturer of industrial cameras for machine vision, has just announced a new series of very small GigE cameras. Their footprint is only 29 mm x 29 mm […]

Small Yet Large – The New O-INSPECT 322 Coordinate Measuring Machine

The O-INSPECT line from Carl Zeiss is growing: the O-INSPECT 322 coordinate measuring machine is now available. It is the smallest system with which Carl Zeiss is expanding the range of applications […]