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Ocean Optics made recent Changes to Light Sources

Updated Product Line Provides Great Value

We are pleased to announce updates to our line of light sources and radiometrically calibrated lamps that will simplify your product selection process, deliver more features at comparable pricing, and ensure greater accuracy in calibrations.
Details on changes affecting our DH- and HL- series radiometrically calibrated light sources and on improvements to calibration processes are available here.

Light Sources for Spectroscopy Applications
Ocean Optics offers an extensive line of light sources for illumination, excitation and calibration, with options covering different wavelengths across the UV, Visible and NIR. We’ve streamlined our illumination sources portfolio to make selecting the best light source for your application simpler, and to provide as standard value-adding features such as shutters and filter holders that previously were available at additional cost. Here is a summary of the changes:

Spare Bulbs and Accessories for Legacy Light Sources
Product line consolidation does not affect the availability of most spare bulbs, as common bulbs are used across multiple light source models. Learn more about replacement bulbs.
In most cases, accessories and replacement parts for legacy light sources will be available as supplies last. Contact Ocean Optics for additional information.

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