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JAI releases new small, fast and versatile Go series cameras

JAI introduced the GO-5000M-PMCL and GO-5000C-PMCL – the first models in the Go Series, a new line of small, fast, and versatile entry-level industrial cameras. The new cameras are built around the […]

New Varifocal lens Fujinon by FUJIFILM Europe compatible with 4K security cameras

FUJIFILM Europe shows the new Varifocal lens Fujinon DV2.2×4.1SR4A for security cameras at this years´ Security Essen. This is the first Fujinon Varifocal lens that offers advanced optical performance for compatibility with […]

Vision Research introduces its new Phantom v2010 ultra high-speed camera

Vision Research has begun shipping the Phantom v2010, the most-flexible and highest-performance ultra high-speed camera on the market. The Phantom v2010 captures more than 22,000 frames-per-second (fps) at full resolution and features […]

JAI exhibited its latest camera technologies at AIA Vision Show 2014

System designers, researchers, and other machine vision professionals were treated to demonstrations of some of JAI’s newest products at the recent AIA Vision Show in Boston, Massachusetts. Hosted by the Automated Imaging […]

Kappa Optronics expands its “Flight Eye” camera series

The “Flight Eye” cameras are a strong product family within Kappa’s portfolio. Modern high-performance electronics comprise the common technical denominator, based upon typical Kappa characteristics: extremely resistant, maximally reliable, and available long […]

AVT camera assists in the development of plant’s metabolism research

How do trees or crops develop in the field? How do they react to illness, parasites, or fungal infections? How do they handle climate change? Which varieties should be given preference in […]

Andor Neo camera contributes to breakthrough in brain-wide imaging

Although the entire nervous system connectivity map of the nematode model organism, Caenorhabditis elegans, has been known for more than 25 years, it has not been possible to predict all functional connections […]

Quest Innovations introduces two new UAV camera solutions

Quest Innovations produces two UAV​specific camera solutions: a 3​-channeled multispectral UAV camera which can be integrated in small UAVs and an 5​-channeled multispectral UAV camera which can be mounted to medium​ sized […]

CamRecord by Optronis offers high frame rates and long recording times

High-speed cameras can deliver precise information about the position and movement of objects – assuming high frame rates and long recording times. The CamRecord from Optronis GmbH has both these properties. The […]

AVT showcased Goldeye SWIR camera at AIA Vision Show 2014

Allied Vision Technologies exhibited at The AIA Vision Show from April 15-17 in Boston, Massachusetts. Camera models in all market segments were showcased – beginning with the robust entry-level Mako series, to […]

Baumer releases GAPI software development kit 2.2 for easier camera implementations

Since the beginning of January, all Baumer GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras have come with the newly released version 2.2 of Baumer GAPI software development kit (SDK). Thanks to end-to-end compliance […]

Andor Luca-R EMCCD camera used for the mass screening of oral cancer

A team of Indian cancer researchers led by Dr Narayanan Subhash has developed a simple, non-invasive spectral imaging system that holds out the possibility of rapid, inexpensive mass screening for oral cancers […]

Teledyne Dalsa expands Genie™ TS series with 51 fps 5M camera

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision technology, has expanded its Genie™ TS series with the addition of a new 5M camera that can reach speeds up […]