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Rockwell Automation releases PharmaSuite v5.2 system with enhanced flexibility

Life sciences companies have the dual task of maintaining flexible production lines to respond to changing market demands and cost-effectively managing compliance requirements. Rockwell Automation continues to expand the flexibility of its […]

Hass Automation announces new heavy-duty Big-Bore turning centers product line

For companies that want to turn bigger diameter bar but do not have the space for a larger-footprint lathe, Haas Automation now offers a complete line of heavy-duty Big-Bore turning centers. Each […]

LINAK focuses on improving the efficiency of textile machines

LINAK put focus on textile machines and other industrial automation applications for which we have been supplying actuator solutions for years. Industrial automation is a huge area consisting of an almost endless […]

Mitsubishi Electric shifts focus to bakery industry

Opportunities for increasing efficiency while at the same time reducing energy consumption are a frequently discussed topic, not least in the food industry, where productivity and profit margins tend to be low […]

Rockwell Automation expands its manufacturing intelligence software suite

From maintenance personnel to executives, the workforce in industrial enterprises is increasingly on the move. Rockwell Automation is expanding mobile capabilities within its enterprise manufacturing intelligence software suite to bring customers the […]

PlantPAx Process Automation System From Rockwell Automation

The latest release of the PlantPAx process automation system from Rockwell Automation allows companies across multiple industries to improve operator effectiveness with automated procedures, enhanced visualization and new skid-integration capabilities. The system’s new sequencer […]

New solution for the series production of asthma inhalers by Pfuderer

Rapid project completion thanks to an international sales and service network Pfuderer Maschinenbau GmbH has developed and built a solution for the series production of inhalers in record time. Jay Precision Products India […]