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Multi-Contact offers customized, lightweight and space saving fork plug for pcb units

Rolling stock contains several consumers of electricity, such as doors, heating, or climate control systems, and even traction motors, which must all be supplied with the correct electrical power supply. Transformers and […]

Eaton added three new frame sizes to its Dumeco DC range of breakers

Power management company Eaton has extended its Dumeco DC range of breakers with three new frame sizes. The entire range now includes twelve devices for currents from 63 A to 1250 A […]

HARTING presents its new Han-Fast® Lock PCB connector

With the Han-Fast® Lock, connecting to printed Han® industrial connector’s circuit boards is quick and easy. New contacts now offer even more ways to leverage space-saving PCB contacting. The Han-Fast® Lock PCB […]

MEGATRON’s new thin film precision resistors offers quiet operations and extreme corrosion resistance

The peak performance values of the new CPH and CPM thin film precision resistors in the SMD series are impressive. With a temperature coefficient of ±1ppm/°C and a resistance tolerance of ±0.01 […]

Epson’s new S1C17W00 series features 40% less current consumption and double memory size

Seiko Epson Corporation has announced that it has developed and begun shipping samples of S1C17W18, another 16-bit flash microcontroller from Epson`s S1C17W00 series operating at 1.2V and capable of driving 352 segment […]

Epson’s TFT Controller shield board now compatible with mbedTM platform

Within its strategy to focus on reference design activity, Epson announces the possibility to use the S5U13781R01C100 TFT Controller shield board with mbedTM compatible platforms. mbedTM is a well-known software platform for […]

Multi-Contact’s new primary circuit connectors designed for nominal voltage of 1000 V

The TSB150 and TSS150 primary circuit connectors from Multi-Contact have been equipped for a nominal voltage of 1000 V AC at 180 A. These power specifications bring the connectors in line with […]

Distec to showcase its latest display innovations at Integrated Systems Europe trade fair

Distec – leading German specialist for TFT flat screens and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications – will present several industrial display innovations at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), international trade […]

SCHOTT D263® T eco ultra-thin glass makes smartphone’s fingerprint sensors reliable

First flagship smartphone models on the market now use SCHOTT D263® T eco ultra-thin glass in their fingerprint sensors. These sensors help to protect the end-consumer’s privacy while maintaining a high level […]

ApisSys chooses e2v’s ultra-wideband DAC for its powerful AF209 board

e2v’s latest ultra-wideband Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), EV12DS400, has been selected by ApisSys for its AF209 board creating the most powerful, software defined microwave device to date in the tiny FMC form factor. […]

Epson’s new display controller IC reference design is compatible with Arduino Due

Seiko Epson Corporation started supplying its latest display controller IC reference design compatible with the Arduino Due open source hardware platform. This new reference design will support the development of products using […]

SCHOTT’s POWERAMIC® N150 ideal for high frequency applications

The international technology group SCHOTT has expanded its range of dielectric materials to include the POWERAMIC® N150 glass-ceramic. POWERAMIC® comprises a family of highly homogeneous and pore-free glass-ceramics for use as dielectrics. […]

Epson introduces most advanced Real-Time Clocks available

Epson’s new RTCs are the most advanced Real-Time Clocks available today with long battery life, small size, and best in class accuracy. Real-Time Clocks accurately keep track of time in all sorts […]