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ATI presents new cost-efficient Capacitive F/T Sensor

The NEW  Capacitive F/T Sensor, a low-cost solution for industrial robots, pressing force control, grinding, deburring, etc., was recently introduced by ATI Industrial Automation, Apex, NC. The Capacitive F/T Sensor measures the […]

Epson began mass-producing two new low-power MCUs

Seiko Epson Corporation has announced that it has begun volume production of the S1C17W03 and S1C17W04, two new offerings in the company’s S1C17W00 series of low-power 16-bit microcontrollers (MCU) featuring on-chip flash […]

SICK introduces new EuroFID3010 hydrocarbon analyzer

The EuroFID3010 total hydrocarbon analyzer from SICK is a heated flame ionization detector for determining the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in exhaust air and exhaust gas. It is currently the only FID […]

UWT awarded ‘BEST OF 2015’ by Huber for its capacitive sensor RFnivo® 3000

The Industry award “Industriepreis 2015” is awarded to the most advanced and innovative industry solutions in 14 categories – from automotive and medical technology to suppliers. Within the exclusive compendium of “the […]

Pizzato releases 4 positions selector EROUND line

The 4 positions selector of the EROUND line combined with the dedicated double contact blocks allows to close a single contact in each of the four positions. The angular rotation of the […]

LumaSense presents its latest innovation in temperature and gas sensors technology

Innovative temperature and gas sensors by LumaSense meet the most stringent customer requirements in the Global Energy, Industrial Materials, and Advanced Technologies markets. Its customized solutions are designed to enable users to […]

SICK’s TranspaTect sensor is an ideal object detection solution for packaging processes

The latest technologies from SICK enable the TranspaTect MultiTask photoelectric sensor to manage without any reflectors and instead utilize machine components as a reference surface when detecting transparent and semi-transparent trays and […]

SICK releases its new versatile GR18 sensor

Exceptional reliability, unrivaled versatility, and sophistication in every detail – this is what makes the cylindrical photoelectric sensors in SICK’s GR18 product family stand out from all the rest. Thanks to four […]

CombiLyz conductivity sensor by Baumer ideals for hygienic purposes

Baumer is expanding its CombiSeries to include a new conductivity sensor. CombiLyz is the name of the newest sensor, which was developed primarily for precise analysis and differentiation of media in the […]

Pepperl+Fuchs ultrasonic sensors offers precise measurements despite environmental influences

Ultrasound, sound beyond what humans can hear, has been a part of nature since time immemorial. Mammals such as bats and dolphins use ultrasound to find their way around and catch prey. […]

MLG-2 intelligent automation light grids from SICK offers more robust detection

Reliable and robust sensors for detecting presence, checking for projections, and measuring the height of load carriers and their loads are necessary for ensuring stable and error-free material flows in materials handling […]

SICK AG introduces its new RFID reading gate system

The flow of goods and information not only plays a major role in distribution logistics, but also in returns management. Those who always know exactly where what goods are increase their process […]

Sensirion presents its new LS32-1500 liquid flow sensor

Sensirion AG (Switzerland), the leading manufacturer of digital microsensors, is expanding its range of liquid flow sensors for measuring low flow rates. The new LS32-1500 liquid flow sensor is designed for flow […]