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BIG KAISER launches its new Base Master Red touch sensor

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, announced the Base Master Red, a high-precision compact touch sensor that rapidly determines workpiece offsets and […]

POKOLM Frästechnik expands its shrinking station line-up with new TSI11000WKS

Induction shrinking stations from POKOLM Frästechnik are widely known for their robust design and ease of handling, and are well proven with users from home and abroad. After all, they are optimally […]

Hainbuch’s new Maxxos T211 features hexagonal clamping mechanism

A mandrel with hexagonal pyramid shape instead of a round taper, designed with stringent manufacturing requirements and process reliability in mind. Hainbuch has acted in response to demand from specific areas that […]

Ganter added new variants of locking pins to its portfolio

Locking pins are some of the most universal and frequently used standard parts. They are used across all technical applications. But not all locking pins are the same: the generic term stands […]

POKOLM’s new M35 PCTC cutting materials highly desirable for its high temperature stability

High-performance M35 PCTC cutting materials for the machining of titanium and high-temperature alloys Since the new cutting materials of M35 carbide with PCTC coating were introduced to the market last autumn, they […]

SECO offers Steadyline Tooling for large Diameter Work

The Steadyline large-diameter turning/boring bars feature a BA connection and incorporate a BA adapter to mount GL50 turning heads. Seco’s patented, versatile GL connection features a polylobe taper-face interface for centering accuracy, […]

Quicker grooving with KOMET Quatron

The KOMET Quatron hi.feed indexable insert milling cutter proves its effectiveness in plunge milling a slide chamber Komet has latetly begun using the plunge milling technique and its own Quatron hi.feed indexable […]

EMO 2017: Mazak´s iSmart full Industry 4.0 solution

Industry 4.0 will be placed at the centre of Yamazaki Mazak’s EMO 2017 stand with the reavealing of the company’s iSmart factory concept along with 25 new machines, including 15 making their […]

Pokolm introduces its new inserts for SLOTWORX® HP milling system

The SLOTWORX® HP milling system with its new shoulder face milling inserts r = 0.8 mm which is known for its high performance in the high-feed range is even more versatile than […]

BIG DAISHOWA completed its state-of-the-art warehousing facility at Awaji island, Japan

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, announced that its parent company, BIG DAISHOWA Seiki Co. Ltd., has completed a new logistics and […]

Achieve Maximum Tool Life with WALTER Tools cool precision

Walter is offering two entirely new indexable insert geometries with the FM5 and RM5. These are particularly beneficial to users who machine high-temperature alloys (ISO S) and stainless steels (ISO M). According […]

Ganter’s new GN 1804.2 offers elegant and practical solution for securing against rotation

Slotted nuts are always indispensable whenever the axial interplay of shafts, bearings or spindles needs to be adjusted. Ganter has now found a particularly elegant way of solving the problem of securing […]

EMO 2017: High-precision and cost-effective marking from Hommel+Keller

To set themselves apart from the competition and highlight the premium nature of their product, few industries attach as much importance to packaging as the luxury food and drink industry. One manufacturer […]