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Crystal-Clear Innovative Glass Inspection System Uses AVT Cameras

Award-winning O2KS glass tableware inspection system from Turkey relies on AVT Guppy PRO and Stingray cameras. Şişecam Paşabahçe of Turkey is a world-leading manufacturer of glass tableware. The company has been producing […]

10 & 14 Mpixel USB 3.0 industrial vision cameras by MATRIX VISION

Three CMOS sensors by Aptina are among the first round of the new mvBlueFOX3 USB3.0 industrial vision cameras serial production. The sensors are characterized in particular by their A-Pix™ technology, which enhances the […]

Complete quality control and process optimization solutions by Isra Vision

ISRA VISION, global leader in surface inspection, presents a complete product portfolio with precisely customized solutions for quality and process management extended by innovative and efficient methods and procedures to increase the […]

The Imaging Source introduces new compact USB 3.0 cameras for machine vision applications

International manufacturer of industrial cameras for machine vision – The Imaging Source has just announced a new series of compact USB 3.0 cameras with CCD and CMOS sensors. The cameras ship in robust, […]

Machine vision software HALCON Embedded is running on VC Smart Cameras

The machine vision software HALCON was ported by MVTec for cameras from Vision Components (VC). From now on, HALCON Embedded runs on VC smart cameras and brings new possibilities to the machine […]

High Resolution Lenses for 1″ and 4/3″ Sensors Ideal for Industrial Inspection

Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces new TECHSPEC® High Resolution Lenses for 1″ and 4/3″ Sensors. These durable lenses are designed to withstand the harsh demands of industrial […]

Industrial cameras bring vision to modern eye tracking technologies

Since its beginnings in the late 1870’s, eye-tracking has gradually evolved and modern systems now rely on machine vision cameras and sophisticated software algorithms to track eye movements. LC Technologies, Inc.(Fairfax, Virginia, […]

Machine vision trade fair VISION moves to a biennial cycle

Next VISION in November 2014 – VISION 2013 will not take place – Deci-sion taken in line with international market developments, according to a vote by exhibitors and for the benefit of […]

TECHSPEC® bandpass interference filters prevent photobleaching in microscopy applications

Edmund Optics® (EO), producer of optical components, introduces new TECHSPEC® Hard Coated 25nm Bandpass Interference Filters, Delivering high transmission with deep blocking, these precision filters are ideal for a wide variety of […]

microscan machine vision software

Microscan Announces AutoVISION 2.0, the Next Generation of Simplified Machine Vision Software

Microscan, a global technology leader in barcode, machine vision and lighting solutions, announces the availability of AutoVISION™ 2.0, its latest generation of machine vision software. AutoVISION™ 2.0 combines a simplified user interface […]

High Speed Cameras for Automotive Vehicle Testing by Photron

Photron one of the leading companies for  high-speed motion analysis cameras displays it’s  range of high speed cameras for automotive vehicle testing on several trade shows and online exhibitions such as VISION 21XX, […]

3D vision sensor holder with quick-change plate

Balluff one of the leading sensor specialists introduces the first 3D vision sensor holder with quick-change plate for industrial image processing. The new development, originally conceived for vision sensors, is a real multitalent, because it can […]

VISION 2012 with concentrated innovative power

Highlights: Novel insect eye – CMOS sensor generation with global shutter – World’s smallest machine vision systems – First USB 3.0 cameras The countdown is on! It’s only a few weeks until […]