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SYMETRIE delivers its SURES hexapods for DAG telescope in Turkey

SYMETRIE designed two identical hexapods to position the M2 and M3 mirrors of DAG telescope in Turkey. DAG (Turkish acronym for Eastern Anatolia Observatory) will be installed at 3170 m above sea […]

Scancon: Incremental & Absolute Encoders

SCANCON has developed a new mini Encoder. The World Smallest Absolute Multi-turn Encoder with SSI Interface. Modern industrial applications demands innovative designs featuring high performance, precise information and smaller component footprints. SCANCON’s […]

Maxon motor’s Young Engineers Program aims to support innovation with school and start-ups

The drive specialist maxon motor has created the Young Engineers Program to work more closely with schools and start-ups. Their innovative projects benefit from discounted drives and expert consulting. Starting something new […]

Pittman introduces its new E21 encoders for OEM applications

The new Pittman E21 family of 21mm optical incremental encoders satisfy the demands of volume OEM precision-motion control applications. The E21 represents a huge improvement over its predecessor with a 40% lower […]

LINAK Bluetooth Adapter Bed allows users to adjust their comfort bed wirelessly and intuitively

Based on the latest Bluetooth technology, compact in size, and easy to mount and pair. These are just some of the advantages users will experience when connecting the new LINAK Bluetooth Adapter […]

Sensor Technology updates its optical rotary torque sensors solution with new ORT 230/240 series

Sensor Technology has set new benchmark performance standards for optical rotary torque transducers, with the launch of the digital ORT 230/240 series. These new optical rotary torque sensors are ideal for applications […]

Baumüller introduces its new multi-axis controller b maXX 5800

With the new multi-axis controller b maXX 5800, Baumüller, the Nuremberg drive and automation specialist, provides a compact solution for controlling up to six drive axes, e.g., for robot and handling applications. […]

ROLLON’s Motion Box system offers complete end-to-end gantry solutions with easy setup

Even if starting with a basic setup, gantry systems often require more than 100 hours of engineering activity, including specifying dozens of parts across many vendors. With countless failure points and a […]

Rollon’s Motion Box features the compact and reliable TH actuators

Since actuators serve as the workhorse of so many applications, they must be reliable. When specifying a Cartesian robot system, the overall quality of actuator is essential. And picking an actuator with […]

Maxon motor releases its latest DC motors, planetary gearheads and modular controllers

maxon motor, the Swiss drive specialist, is introducing a variety of new products from super-fast brushless DC motors and robust planetary gearheads to modular controllers. Drive technology is becoming more intuitive than […]

Enerpac’s new ETW-Series Electric Torque Wrench allows quick, accurate and safe fasten of critical joints

Enerpac introduces the all new ETW-Series Electric Torque Wrench; a simple fastening solution, which allows you to quickly, accurately and safely fasten critical joints. Electric Torque Wrenches are particularly well suited to […]

LINAK’s Electronic Brake Control System specially designed to minimize fall accidents

Fall accidents in hospitals and nursing homes are increasing in number and are very cost intensive. The Electronic Brake Control System is designed to decrease these fall accidents. It also eliminates unnecessary […]

NORD presents scalable electrical drive systems with “Industrie 4.0” framework in mind

Machine and plant designs that live up to the German “Industrie 4.0” framework and the similar concept of the “Industrial Internet of Things” require smart drive technology with high flexibility and functionality. […]