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Uhing® Magnetic Clip supplements product range of tensioning and clamping elements

Joachim Uhing KG GmbH & Co., internationally known for the rolling ring drive invented by the company founder, has expanded its product range. The Magnet Clip, a magnetic core moulded in plastic, […]

Olympus adds new Capabilities to OmniScan MX2 Flaw Detector

Olympus NDT, a world leader and pioneer in industrial ultrasound phased array instrumentation, is pleased to introduce the latest hardware and software advances for the innovative OmniScan MX2 flaw detector. Olympus now […]

High-Performance Control and Information Solutions to Machine and Equipment Builders by Rockwell Automation

Applications with fewer than 200 I/O can leverage the Midrange Integrated Architecture system for motion, safety and standard control The expanded Midrange system portfolio of scalable Allen‑Bradley servo drives, variable frequency drives, […]

NEW: INTEGRAmotor BLDC Parallel Shaft Gearmotor by Bodine

New INTEGRAmotor™ Combines Brushless DC Gearmotor with PWM Control and Encoder Bodine Electric’s new 24VDC, 1/4HP 34B/FV-F gearmotors provide up to 341 lb-in. (39 Nm) continuous torque. Stock models are available in […]

US Digital introduces optical commutation encoder for BLDC motors

The high performance 35mm commutation kit encoder EC35 works perfectly with brushless DC motors. It has a high resolution, resulting in better accurate timing than Hall effect sensors. The EC35 optical commutation encoder makes assembly for […]

New Family of Servo Drives designed for Mobile Electric Vehicle Platforms

Servo2Go has recently expanded its line of Electric Vehicle Servo Drives from Advanced Motion Controls of Camarillo, CA. The M/V™ series motor controllers are fully functional, four-quadrant servo drives purpose designed and […]

New miniature servo controller by maxon motor – ESCON 36/3 EC

Maxi in the matter of performance, control properties, and range of functions. Mini as far as price, size, and commissioning are concerned. maxon motor launched a third version of it’s miniature servo controllers, the […]

mayr robastop brake

Safety brake for gravity-loaded axes by mayr

Mayr’s ROBA®-topstop® safety brake which is used in very different machines and systems worldwide is a reliable braking system to increase safety, especially on vertical axes. In this way the ROBA®-topstop® safety brake […]

Complex motion – Easy control, LD77 motion modules by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has launched the LD77 motion modules. The LD77MH motion modules offer the flexibility to include or add motion to the L series PLC. A variety of controls including positioning control, […]

Advanced Motion Controls releases EtherCAT® Servo Drives and New ‘DxM’ (Demultiplexed Motion) Technology

OEM’s are continually challenged to provide motion control precision at lowest possible cost. Precision has been given a boost with the advent of EtherCAT®, an open Ethernet-based network standard setting new heights […]

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions offers customized lead screw nut designs for high-end motion control applications

Precision molded and machined custom nuts create exceptional value for an OEM. Engineers aren’t required to source a standard “off the shelf” lead screw nut […]

Vacon takes its product offering to the next level: three new AC drives announced

Global AC drive manufacturer Vacon strengthens its position as an industry leader in the AC drives market with the announcement of three new products at the Vacon Drives Conference: VACON® 100, VACON® […]

Low-Cost Stepper Drive for DMC-30000 1-Axis Ethernet Motion Controller

Galil is announcing the DMC-30016 1-axis motion controller packaged with a 1.4A/phase Stepper Drive in a single, compact unit. It joins the growing family of drive options for the DMC-30000 Pocket Motion […]