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AMETEK´s ProMaxion – effective determining of flare gas heat volumes

By January 2019, petroleum refiners will need to comply with new US Environmental Protection Agency flare stack combustion rules that will include additional monitoring and analysis requirements making it necessary for operators […]

TECNOTION releases new dedicated digital hall sensor for its QTR Series Torque motors

TECNOTION the direct drive company, introduces a digital hall sensor for the QTR Series Torque motors. The sensor enables simple commutation of the motors. Thanks to the digital hall sensor there is […]

Scancon: Incremental & Absolute Encoders

SCANCON has developed a new mini Encoder. The World Smallest Absolute Multi-turn Encoder with SSI Interface. Modern industrial applications demands innovative designs featuring high performance, precise information and smaller component footprints. SCANCON’s […]

First Sensor helps customers create optimum sensor solution in every step of the way

First Sensor offers its customers a continuous process in order to realize their optimum sensor solution – from the initial idea to the finished product. Tailored Solutions means: First Sensor analyze the […]

BCM SENSOR started mass-producing its new flip-chip pressure sensor die

BCM SENSOR has recently released a newly developed flip-chip pressure sensor die for mass production. This flip-chip sensor die, model SE105, is based on piezoresistive working principle and is manufactured by 6” […]

Ifm electronic releases new position sensors with extreme robustness

Ifm electronic’s newly developed and extremely robust position sensors feature a 1 mm-thick metal face. This guarantees that the sensor is extremely pressure resistant with over 10 million pressure cycles. The standard […]

ATI’s Force/Torque Sensors combined with ArtiMinds RPS software offers significant ROI

ATI Industrial Automation’s Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensors and ArtiMinds RPS robot programming software make robotic force control easy to program and dramatically improves return on investment. A leading electronics manufacturer has recently introduced […]

SICK AppSpace enables easy customisations of programmable SICK sensors

With SICK AppSpace, the company is presenting an open platform for programmable sensors from SICK. The SICK AppSpace eco-system offers system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) the freedom and flexibility to […]

Sensor Technology updates its optical rotary torque sensors solution with new ORT 230/240 series

Sensor Technology has set new benchmark performance standards for optical rotary torque transducers, with the launch of the digital ORT 230/240 series. These new optical rotary torque sensors are ideal for applications […]

Baumer PosCon HM features powerful intelligent algorithms for object’s height measurement

Baumer PosCon HM is a unique, compact measuring unit for the intelligent height measurement of objects with 5 key figures. PosCon HM not only measures the maximum, minimum and average height of […]

Pepperl+Fuchs’ new SC-System signal conditioners features signal processing of all commercial digital sensors

SC-System signal conditioners from Pepperl+Fuchs can now be used in even more applications: the new rotation speed monitor is the only module with a width of just 6 mm that is able […]

Pepperl+Fuchs UB4000-30GM ultrasonic sensor utilised in HNC’s train detection system

As soon as the train has pulled away from the platform, the information on the display board is removed. This happens automatically and no active intervention from the control center is required, […]

Sensirion’s SGM70xx standard products receive certification from NMi

Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of microthermal gas meter modules and has recently launched the standard product SGM70xx, which is highly suitable for use in smart gas meters. Up to now, over […]