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Tecnotion discusses benefits of linear motor coupling

Photo by Tecnotion B.V.

Does the machine need a power upgrade or the existing design needs to be expanded? Coupling two linear motors is an easy and effective way of increasing the available force. Herewith users are not just limited to using identical motors. Various combinations can be made, as long as the motor force constant is the same. This note discusses some details of a ‘coupled application’. For more information Tecnotion’s support team is always on standby and detailed manuals are available on http://www.tecnotion.com/downloads.

Advantages of technical solutions like a coupling of motors are usually highly case-specifc. Thinking about a solution with either one large motor or a couple of smaller ones? Tecnotion has listed some common benefits.

Cost effective

Besides the clear advantages of ‘more force’ in a coupled motors application, there are important cost and logistics advantages. Keeping inventory of a similar coil assembly in stock for multiple machines and applications reduces cost and filed support issues. Existing designs can have multiple force capabilities standardizing on existing parts. As linear motor cost is a function of magnet size using dual coils of a smaller motor significantly adds value. This advantage becomes more apparent for longer magnet tracks.

Possible Couplings

Though the motors always have to be connected to a drive in parallel, mechanically it is possible to align them in series or parallel. Motors can move on di erent magnet tracks to provide even force to a larger gantry or move on the same magnet track to improve the force in one line. In both cases the total force of all motors equals the sum of individual forces.

For more information, please visit http://www.tecnotion.com.