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  • Offer Profile
  • Klöber is a leading
    manufacturer of high-quality office seating throughout Europe. The company has been recognised on the market as an authority in the field of office seating for over seven decades now, thanks to an accomplished combination of
    ergonomics and design in innovative products tailored to people's needs.
    This synthesis lends the Klöber brand its identity and distinguishes it from the competition.
Product Portfolio

  • Design: Jörg Bernauer
    Meeting room or cafeteria, conference or lounge – employees no longer sit on office chairs. Klöber offers a range of armchairs, sofas and chairs that can be used in versatile ways in these new office environments. Concept C creates space for encounters, improves the quality of communication and provides areas for relaxation.
    • Ciello

    • Design: Matthias Dohm
      Ciello ensures relaxed sitting and offers an impressively slim silhouette. The curvature in the backrest takes the strain off the spine. The secret of its compact form lies in the innovative DLX® Duo-Latex upholstery. Ciello is popular with creative thinkers and decisionmakers with an eye for consistent design and natural comfort.

      Counteracts neck and back pain and central fatigue. Dynamic sitting counteracts a one-sided, rigid posture. Gentle support thanks to DLX®. Prevents curvature of the back.
      •  Moteo Style / Moteo Style Klimastuhl

      • Design: Jörg Bernauer
        Moteo epitomises tailor-made lightness of motion. Flowing forms contain the harmony of body and movement. They are based on minimalist logic and create a valuable innovation on a human scale. Moteo Style dazzles with its back in high-gloss mirrored lacquer and is entirely at home in an exclusive ambience.

        Promotes dynamic sitting. Relaxes the shoulders, prevents tension, supports a healthy posture and an upright sitting position. Improves well-being and concentration.
        • Orbit Network

        • Design: Eckhard Hansen, Gerhard Reichert
          The design of Orbit and Orbit Network is characterised by the striking horizontal line. The backrest and armrest form an energetic unit. Orbit’s backrest made of high- ech material offers particularly flexible comfort. Orbit Network flaunts an impressive transparent mesh backrest.

          Automatic support of the spine. Provides relief for the lower back, prevents curvature of the back and damage caused by poor posture. Comfortable sitting position.
          • Centeo

          • Design: Matthias Dohm
            Centeo, the symbol for sovereignty. The dynamic office swivel chair reflects the shifts between tension and composure. The course for the future is set in offices inhabited by people with individual requirements. Centeo fits well in these surroundings.

            Comfortable, generous upholstery. Back and backrest are always in motion yet remain in contact. Counteracts neck and back pain and central fatigue.
            • Mera / Mera Klimastuhl

            • Design: Jörg Bernauer
              Mera office swivel chairs and visitor chairs by Klöber ensure a first-class sitting experience for both health and comfort. High tech features make the chairs easy to use, ensure healthy dynamics and offer lasting benefits. The Mera programme meets all requirements for office furnishings by offering a tailor-made range of forms, colours and functions, as well as value for money. White-grey plastic shells have now joined the ranks of the classic black models. Mera is thus accommodating the current trends for aesthetic clarity that is also less tiring on the eye. The new shells complement white surfaces or coloured interiors particularly well.
              • Cato Plus

              • Design: Klöber Design-Team
                Cato is the versatile all rounder for a healthy office and desk sharing. The new Cato Plus delivers extra sitting comfort thanks to its generous seat and backrest padding. Cato Plus can be quickly adjusted to suit different users thanks to its finely graduated, patented quick-set adjustment to adapt the backrest counter-pressure to the body weight.
                • Duera

                • Design: Matthias Dohm
                  Visibly comfortable, Duera redefines the curve as a functional feature and can be operated intuitively. The 3D mesh gives the backrest an individual hold, optionally available with padding. Prevents pain and tension in the back and shoulders. Prevents tiredness and poor concentration. Dynamic sitting improves the oxygen supply to the muscles. Upright sitting without curvature of the back.
                  • Moteo Perfect

                  • Design: Jörg Bernauer
                    With its high-tech material and design consistency, Moteo enhances the office environment. The patented celligence system® creates a feeling of weightlessness at the same time as offering support and extraordinarily healthy sitting comfort. Moteo Perfect is very much a product of its time and features matt surfaces in silver or black and coloured fabrics for a creative community.

                    Promotes dynamic sitting. Relaxes the shoulders, prevents tension, supports a healthy posture and an upright sitting position. Improves well-being and concentration.

                    • Healthy sitting: the outstanding functionality of the celligence® system – which was specifically developed for the Moteo chair – will equally benefit the Duera and Itera ranges equally in future..

                      Nine ergonomics experts from the Technical University of Munich tested the functions and comfort of the top office swivel chairs in the industry.
                      Their verdict on our Moteo task chair: Moteo’s strong points are the healthy and dynamic sitting experience, as well as its outstanding long-term comfort.
                      Configure your own individual Moteo office swivel chair!