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  • Offer Profile
  • Our product range is comprehensive: at ophelis you can get worktables, office cupboards, conference furniture, office and meeting chairs and light systems.
    We see ourselves as interior designers for commercial projects. Thanks to our expertise in meeting the challenges posed by commercial projects, many well-known companies have opted for ophelis office furnishings.
    As an owner-managed family enterprise, we believe in competence, continuity and sustainability. ophelis employees are committed to these values.
Product Portfolio
  • ophelis docks - Islands in the office

  • ophelis docks create new zones in the working environment.
    docks are ophelis‘ response to wide-reaching new office requirements. Previously underused areas of the office will fulfil – as a complement to the classic work desk – the new requirements of an evolving way of working. These zones can be used as places to work and to communicate, as well as for quiet contemplation.

    ophelis docks.
    • docks are islands in the office.
    • docks create connections and transitions.
    • docks provide an interface and a meeting point.
    • docks offer a place for quiet concentration and relaxation.
    • docks are a shared piece of furniture.
    • docks is a modular system.
    The special features of ophelis docks
    • variety of options
    • freely configurable
    • electrical connections possible
    • variety of add-ons
    • high-quality upholstery
    • wide selection of covering materials
    • self-contained design
    • integral product approach
    • compatible in dimensions and design with other
    • ophelis furniture systems
      • Tables

          • radoppio

          • Alternating sitting/standing work postures are recommendable and advisable also in management jobs. radoppio provides for ergonomic working conditions which meet stringent working environment requirements.
          • Q3 Series

          • Design desk created by Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten. Minimised and harmonised lines, materials and colours are the main features of this series. 4-leg square pipe range with infinitely variable telescopic height adjustment.
          • U4 Series

          • Easily height-adjustable desk. The tabletop floats on the frame, recessed traverses ensure plenty of legroom. The overall appearance is simple and linear and is enhanced by the hidden technical refinements.
          • CN Series

          • Classical C-foot with extra flat leg extensions. The series features identically designed sitting/standing workplaces as well as desks, side tables and meeting/conference tables which are manually height-adjustable without the use of tools.
          • M Series

          • Height-adjustable worktable featuring a four-leg round pipe frame with a special leg shape and functional extensions that characterise its overall appearance. The extensions enable great design flexibility and provide for plenty of legroom by simply turning the table leg when the desks are linked.
          • Z Series

          • Office desk adapted to the classical table shape through its four round feet. Its clear design enables many different individual designing options and also makes it suitable for use as a cafeteria table.
          • L Series

          • Its main design feature is the slightly curved leg shape. The L Series desk is ergonomic and boasts many functional features. Classical C-foot with infinitely variable, spring-supported comfort height adjustment.
          • Desktop organisation

          • Desktop organiser panels and toolbars bring more organisation to the office, thus increasing work space efficiency and improving workplace organisation.
        • Storage space

            • glider

            • Elegant front running door cupboard system: as accessory furniture or cabinet system glider provides lots of storage space and creates an attractive look in the office.
            • E + S Series accessory furniture

            • Easily height-adjustable desk. The tabletop floats on the frame, recessed traverses ensure plenty of legroom. The overall appearance is simple and linear and is enhanced by the hidden technical refinements.
            • Shelving system facett

            • As a standalone shelving system that matches Series E/S accessory furniture, facett brings new diversity to office interior design.
            • Shelving system pan

            • The use of open shelving allows for more individuality and comfort in modern office environment design. pan is a light and elegant shelving version with a great architectural effect.
            • Pedestals

            • Our mobile pedestals and standing pedestals are available in many different versions, with various surface finishes and handle solutions. They can be combined with any desk thanks to their neutral design.
            • orga.cube

            • orga.cube is a pull-out cupboard that provides office storage space within easy reach of the desk. It enables flexible use of the workplace and design of open space landscapes as comfortable offices.
            • Pick Up personal pedestal

            • The Pick Up personal pedestal is the compact implementation of a mobile office: it can be taken to any worktable and then docked in the Pick Up terminal quickly and easily.
            • TEC Tower

            • TEC Tower provides office storage space as a multifunctional, integrated compact solution which enables workplace organisation completely separated from the table.
            • Dividing cabinet one-piece

            • In the dividing cabinet system as one-piece carcase, prefabricated elements are connected on site. The large number of options and interior fittings provides lots of office storage space for many different applications.
            • Dividing cabinet aluminium

            • The dividing cabinet system as aluminium framework is a multifunctional, infinitely modular system which is assembled on-site as a frame structure.
          • Meeting and conference

              • con.media conference system

              • con.media is a conference furniture system which combines impressive design and high functionality in a formal unit. ophelis offers not only the furniture but also supplies the matching media technology.
              • ophelis docks

              • Whether it is used for a short standing discussion or an informal chat over coffee, the table system module at standing height with e-box and integrated, foldaway monitor turns docks into a communication island in an intermediate zone within an office landscape.
              • CN Series

              • To enable identical designing of all room, the CN Series also offers many solutions for side tables, meeting tables and conference systems to match the desks.
              • Q3 Series

              • In line with the desks’ design, the Q3 Series also offers corresponding meeting tables and conference systems.
              • Z Series

              • To match the desks, the Z Series offers side tables, meeting tables and conference systems which can also be used as cafeteria tables and seminar tables.
            • Room dividers and screens

                • Syntax space division system

                      • The office screen system offers a wide range of options for structuring areas or usage as a design room element.
                        In the acoustically effective version, Syntax is a sound protection tool in the office.
                  • Tangens partitioning system

                        • In addition to creating space, the Tangens partitioning system meets architectural requirements with regard to acoustics and power supply. It provides for not only privacy but also sound protection in the office.
                    • Acoustics

                        • Accessory furniture acoustic

                        • Hinged door cupboards, sliding door cupboards and tambour shutter cupboards are available in the acoustically effective version, with acoustic front and back panel. In this way the E + S Series provides for sound protection in the office.
                        • orga.cube acoustic

                        • orga.cube is a pull-out cupboard that provides office storage space within easy reach of the desk.
                          In the acoustically effective version orga.cube achieves outstanding test results with regard to its sound-absorbing properties.
                        • Cabinet systems acoustic

                        • Due to the large surface areas which cabinet systems offer in the office, they are predestined to be a vital component for improving the acoustic indoor climate and reducing reverberation sound times.
                        • Syntax-A acoustic screen

                        • Acoustically effective screen system for increased acoustic requirements arising due to existing building architecture increasingly designed with hard-walled areas and due to changes in working environments.
                        • Tangens acoustic

                        • The key function of a partition is to provide not only privacy but also sound protection in the office – that’s why Tangens is an effective means of sound insulation and sound absorption.
                        • Products acoustic

                        • To round off our extensive range of acoustically effective products for sound protection in the office, we offer supplementary products from our partners.
                      • Reception

                      • Lounge
                        Communication is becoming increasingly important not only in waiting areas but also in the in-between zones of modern offices.
                        We furnish these areas with lounge furniture from our partners Wilkhahn and Dauphin.
                          • Seating Furniture

                              • Lounge

                              • Take a seat – much more than just a place to sit, the docks sofa is a haven of peace and quiet, a meeting place and a multimedia communications point all rolled into one.
                              • Swivel chairs

                              • An important aspect in a work environment where employees can work healthily and thus productively on a continuing basis is an ergonomic office chair.
                              • Visitor chairs and Conference chairs

                              • We offer matching visitor and conference chairs as 4-leg or cantilever chairs designed identically to our swivel chairs.
                            • Light

                            • Further partners
                              Depending on customer requirements, we can integrate light fixtures from other manufacturers in our concepts and products.