• Offer Profile
  • Renz has manufactured furniture since 1882. Building on this foundation over the years, the company has developed a wide range of furnishings for the office with well knowned designers. Today, the company presents itself, under the leadership of Eckart Renz, as an insider brand for high quality object furniture.
    The programs of the collection, from the management office to the conference area, offer individual furnishing concepts which can be created for every need and for every working environment. The products are strictly modern in design and are characterized by high independence and perfect function.
Product Portfolio
  • Star. Minimalist architecture. Organic design.

  • A clear line with an individual look and consistent execution. Star defines the room and inspires individuality. The Star office programme is exceedingly versatile in both message and configuration.
    • Sono. Leadership requires directness.

    • Open forms and closed elements create calmness and clarity simultaneously. The details add the flexibility needed to integrate technical equipment and provide a work-conducive environment. That's how easy deciding can be.
      • Lane. Clarity and emotionality are not a contradiction.

      • The focus lies on the tabletop, which seems to be formed from a single piece. A modular storage system supports the table and serves as a contrast. This programme facilitates all forms of office communication. Whether as a desk, a standing desk or a lounge table, Lane makes a statement from reception to the boardroom.
        • Size. Clear Relations.

        • Minimalism as a principle. Sleek lateral panels and units in different dimensions seem to carry a 60 mm strong tabletop with easiness - an archaic form, that meets the need for tranquillity and clearness in the hectic work environment. Rich materials like metallic lacquers and selected woods open up the possibility for a personal touch in the executive office.
          • Verso. Working with Verso. What could be more exciting?

          • High-tech and craftsmanship, understatement and presence, wood and metal, cold and warm. Justus Kolberg brought seeming oppposites into exciting interplay in this table system. And he designed a modular system that offers an infinite variety of solutions.
            • Tune. Designing meetings.

            • A distinctive Tune conference table meets high demands, but it also integrates effortlessly into a new, communicative conference table layout. Clarity and practicality underlie the inviting atmosphere and convey a culture of open communication.
              • Segno. Built to meet the needs of today's world of business.

              • Segno is the intelligent conferencing solution. Elegant design meets functional refinement. Integrated table leg mountings and clip-in cable niches guarantee flexible set-up and working comfort. The result: Segno adapts quickly to any situation, from a small group discussion all the way to a major conference session.
                • Inline. Perfection in line.

                • A new storage system for the office with clear clean lines. The characteristic design element: an aluminium band runs through all of the individual components, uniting custom combinations into an aesthetically harmonious whole. Order within and without, the result of the meticulous interplay between industrial manufacturing and masterful craftsmanship.