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    is a German company offering interior design and equipment concepts with intelligent furniture systems for offices and administration areas, care and social institutions, storage and archiving facilities. From planning to installation, we offer a complete range of compatible and comprehensive solutions – you do not need to look anywhere else.

    Unit: mauser Office

    All our designs are based on effective use of workstations and underpinned by ergonomic considerations. Whether you are interested in workstation or cabinet systems, containers, partitions or seating – all our products are perfectly tailored to fit today’s working practices.
Product Portfolio
  • Office

      • Workstation System

          • varitos.c

          • Clear lines, modern design. varitos.c impresses with its appearance as well as its quality. Thanks to its high variability, it adds an elegant touch to any setting. Ideal for those at the cutting edge, who wish to implement new ideas in the "modern office" quickly and cost-effectively.

            varitos.c helps your staff to stay healthy. A range of height adjustment options enables users to customise the ergonomics of their workstations to an even greater degree. Furthermore, the stand/sit version encourages people to change working positions and provides a ‘healthy’ dose of exercise in the office. This Jens Korte design picks up on the traditional design vocabulary of classic steel tube furniture and projects it into the 21st century.

            Winner of:
            universal design award 2012
            universal design consumer favorite 2012

          • levero

          • the stand/sit workstation

            Nowadays, offices are not just simply workplaces, but also meeting and creative rooms. Therefore, it is a great advantage to have a flexible and dynamic piece of furniture. Whether is serves as a computer workplace or meeting point, with its two quiet electric motors and height adjustment options, levero can be used for various purposes. Furthermore, it contributes to better working conditions, as it encourages people to change working positions. In addition, it helps them stay physically fit.

            With its individual height adjustment options and wide range of accessories, levero offers the highest degree of flexibility and is up to any task. It also enjoys longevity and durability, thanks to Mauser's high quality standard.

          • arcos

          • A workstation system of linear elegance. The frame of the desk has been reduced to the essentials and follows the form of a bridge arch that lets the top float above it. Appealing aesthetic, clarity and transparency give a feeling of openness and freedom.

            An important feature is the combination of rectangular and square tubes. The stronger, square-shaped table leg conveys stability, while the slim, rectangular crossbar radiates particular lightness.

          • round barrel executive desk ‘Tonnentisch’

          • Design in Manufacture

            Elegant design, crafted by master hand.

            Steel. High-gloss coating. Chrome strips. Original linoleum finish. High-quality materials meet top-class design. On the characteristically barrel-shaped columns rests the tabletop that, thanks to its distinct chrome edges, appears to be filigree and seemingly hovers over the carcass. A desk as a designer piece and prestige object.

          • rd.3

          • Bauhaus Design in Transformation.

            At first glance, this desk looks like one of our former models, originally created in the 1920s, which, with its harmonious proportions and tubular steel frame, has become a real classic. We took this specific Bauhaus idea and transformed it into the design vocabulary of furniture architecture of the 21st century. With its circulating frame made of massive, twisted rectangular steel profile, which carries the under-desk storage units and, as a continuous loop, supports the evenly laid-in tabletop. The result: a desk of incomparable elegance.

            mauser design by Markus Bischof

          • xitan.s

          • Components for a new cabinet design.

            A new linearity in design was achieved by using the initially not deemed possible edge geometry. Externally with unrivalled slim edges and high-precision seam appearance. Pure surfaces! Internally equipped with covered shelf supports. Carcasses of equal width are positively joined and securely stacked on top of each other. For creating endless, highly flexible configurations.

            mauser design by Markus Bischof

        • Storage System

        • Being organised makes life so much easier. Therefore, it is especially important to keep the own workplace organised, where files and office supplies have to be ready to hand at all times. Mobile pedestals under the desk, pull-out workstation side filers between workplaces, sideboards and shelf units on the walls – storage systems are of particular importance in daily office life. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to the quality and durability of the products.
            • kontoro

            • Elegant variety. In its form language, kontoro concentrates on the essentials. Timelessly stylish, kontoro offers a wide range of designs and flexibly adapts to any furnishing concept.

              The diverse work processes in a modern office pose most different challenges to a storage system: high flexibility, user-friendly combinations, unlimited variety of different arrangements and designs, and an attractive, contemporary design. Thanks to its modular construction, easy stack mounting and customer specified cabinet fronts, the cabinet system kontoro is easily compatible to any office landscape.

              Cabinet system

              One system, many options: with the kontoro cabinet system, the equipment options are limitless. Thanks to its stackable cabinet elements, it is possible to create individual combinations to suit each customer’s requirement.

              Container system

              kontoro offers more storage space on the same footprint. Individual container elements can be put on top of each other to create new combinations. For example, an additional filing system with room partitioning effect. Or to gain more space for office supplies.

            • sistemare

            • Perfectly coordinated elements for every possible filing requirement. Cabinets, walls and containers – everything comes from a single system! Modularly designed and coordinated in terms of size. In a consistent design language representing transparent lightness made possible by steel as a material, while at the same time guaranteeing stability and a high degree of utility over the long term.

              Offering everything that is needed to keep order and structure, this furniture was designed by Michele de Lucchi. All elements have rounded, slim profiled edges as a particular design feature lending all furniture items an unmistakably slime-line appearance.

              Cabinet system

              Open shelving, side cabinets, counters or drawered cabinets – the right cabinet or entire cabinet is available for any application. Cabinets can also be used as room dividers with visible rear panels and are extensible using sistemare wall elements.

              Container system

              Maximum storage space on limited footprint. Made of steel, of course. sistemare convinces with comfort features such as drawer runners with self-closure and cushioning, wear-resistant mechanism or noise-reducing equipment.

              Wall system

              Acoustic and visual protection in its most attractive form. sistemare wall elements, which can be freely combined with sistemare cabinets, leave everything open for the future. Not only for structuring rooms, but also for screening work areas. The wall elements can be fitted with system accessories via the click-rails attached to the side. Good design can be this practical.

            • element.x

            • Elegant and appealing. element.x is a highlight in any setting. As a modular system it enables reversible structures to be created throughout any building. element.x can be used for layout screening or unobstructed visual axes. It can be a monolithic structure or meander in a continuous line through any space. element.x provides a wide range of fascinating architectural solutions that add an X-factor to interior design.

              Slim profiles, made possible only by using steel as a material, create a certain aesthetic that reminds of art. The outstanding stackable steel storage system element.x convinced the jury of two much sought-after awards: After having won the German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2015 in the category Excellent Product Design ‘office’, element.x also succeeded in winning the iF design award in the category Product / Office.

              Storage system

              Defining rooms, designing rooms. Thanks to its modular structure, element.x can be used for any purpose and is able to meet even the most challenging and complex of requirements.

            • line

            • Pure aesthetic made of high-quality steel. With its clear-cut fronts, line conveys a classically no-frills impression. Instead of protruding handles, it features ‘invisible’ groove handles on both sides.

              The premium drawer runners come with self-closure and cushioning as standard. The non-slip base finish in the pull-out compartment tray ensures effective noise reduction.

              Mobile pedestal

              Mobile storage. Standardly equipped with brakes at the front, it is available with either soft or hard castors.

              Desk-high pedestal

              Stationary and versatile. Its self-supporting construction ensures the highest degree of stability.

            • elegant move - movable shelf

            • elegant move is a space-saving mobile shelving system, specifically designed for office applications. Its attractive appearance alone gives it a ‘front-of-house’ look. A shelving system that is like a piece of furniture. It dovetails perfectly with any interior furnishing concept. Installing elegant move means that archive facilities and storerooms are no longer located in the basement, but close to where people work. That saves long detours, time and money.

              elegant move offers an extraordinarily wide range of design options. The choice of front panel finishes ranges from wood laminates via perforated metal to freestyle transparency designs. Any individual colour concept can be actioned. Practically all design requirements can be met. As one would expect of a premium item of modern office furniture.

          • Inspiration

            • Archive

                • Inspirations

                    • Archive

                    • Archives are the memory of authorities, administrations, churches or other organisations. In public or private companies and organisations, documents and materials are stored in archives in order to keep them safe for a limited or unlimited time. These can be maps, rolled plans, certificates or boxes full of documents. Therefore, shelving systems which can adapt to both, the spatial conditions and archived documents, are needed to keep everything safe.

                      With its stationary SR or mobile RR version, the shelving system 409 provides perfect prerequisites for the use in archives. Variable panel heights ensure optimum use of room heights and the inner life of the shelving systems is as versatile as the archived materials. Every archive section has its own individual colour scheme and can be quickly identified.

                    • Warehouse

                    • Goods, spare parts, tools or means of production are always in stock. Shelving systems used in warehouses have to be modularly extensible and sturdy enough to carry the weight of the stored material. Depending on the access frequency and space available, stationary or mobile shelving systems would be most appropriate to use.

                      With its shelving system 409, mauser offers an all-rounder that is up to any task. The stationary system SR 409 as well as the mobile system RR 409 are suitable for even the heaviest loads and adapt to any warehouse. The compact mobile system LR 409 elegant move requires very little space and with its modern look is a real eye catcher.

                    • Library

                    • Libraries are places of knowledge, phantasy and culture. Divided into open-access sections and magazines, catalogued contents are offered within a small area. Shelving systems need to carry the heaviest loads and convey clarity and order. Shelves should adapt to their contents, not the other way around. Only flexible and extremely sturdy shelving systems are suitable for the use in libraries.

                      Apart from the versatile shelving system 409 with its stationary or mobile versions, mauser has developed a system that is especially made for library areas: The stationary shelving system BR and the related mobile shelving system BRR appeal through their mullion design and many specific accessories.

                    • Museum

                    • A museum is not only an exhibition area, but above all a research institution. Starting from 40% and up to 90% of its exhibits are stored in depot facilities. They are stored under the best possible room conditions, however, they need to be accessible for research purposes at any time. The storage conditions and extremely various sizes and formats of objects place high demands on depot shelves.

                      The shelving system 409 is perfect for the use in museum depots: The heights of the shelves are variable, integrated drawers offer storage space for filigree items. Bulky items can be stored hanging on grid frame inserts. Stored in open shelves, moveable objects are secured by a railing to prevent them from rolling out of the shelves. The mobile shelving system RR 409 additionally protects objects from dust and light and saves a lot of space in the depot.

                    • Office

                    • Even in the 21st century, most offices still deal with lots of papers. Folders, files and boxes need to be categorised and stored. If the archive is situated in the basement, valuable time gets lost when frequently accessing archived documents. Therefore, archive systems are needed that are space-saving and can optically adapt to office landscapes.

                      The compact system elegant move dovetails perfectly with any interior furnishing concept. The stationary shelving system SR 409 is equipped with sliding doors and is also an attractive room divider that provides a lot of storage space for documents. Presentable archiving.

                  • Stationary Shelving Systems

                      • Library BR

                      • In the open-access sections of libraries, good orientation, comfort and atmosphere are of vital importance. Therefore, mauser’s stationary open-access shelving system library BR is needed, with its pleasantly open design and mullion construction, offering many technical advantages.

                        Not only the books, but also the shelves pleasantly catch one’s eye, featuring, for example, front side covers in wooden design or made of perforated, colour-coated steel sheet – depending on the interior style. Practical accessories offer readers, who like to browse books before borrowing, orientation and comfort, for example, integrated lighting elements, folding trays or magazine boxes.

                      • SR 409

                      • Regardless of whether it is used in conventional stockrooms, in retail outlets, in archive facilities or in the open-access sections of libraries, the SR 409 static shelving enables large numbers of people to rapidly access items of widely different sizes and properties simultaneously. Its high degree of structural stability even allows large quantities of heavy, bulky items to be stored. Its comprehensive range of accessories facilitates installations for every application.

                        The SR409’s simple, double-sided frame design enables entire shelving complexes with clearly-laid-out aisles to be created in next to no time. Featuring a choice of 5 bay widths, 9 shelf depths and 4 shelving unit heights. Its modular design provides plenty of scope for modifications and extensions at a later stage.

                    • Mobile Shelving System

                        • Library BRR

                        • Typical situation in magazines: Thousands of books are stored in narrow space. Extremely space-savingly stored and clearly arranged in the BRR mobile shelving system. Mobile shelf units together form a compact block without passable gaps. Only the aisle that needs to be accessed is being opened. This saves space and provides almost 100% more storage space.

                          Despite being stored in narrow space, good books often need enough air to breathe. The BRR mobile shelving system offers the best conditions for this. The secret lies within its open mullion construction and its waiver of closed sidewalls. This makes it possible for the books to sit comfortably on the shelves. Additional soft pedestals provide a high degree of stability between the carriages and construction.

                        • RR 409

                        • Where fitted cabinets previously ruled the roost, the RR 409 mobile shelving now saves an enormous amount of space at a high level of convenience. For, like a tailor-made suit, its attractive exterior can easily be adapted to match the style of its surroundings. This feature makes it an integral part of any modern, customised office interior concept. And members of staff can look forward to convenient, same-level access, without having to detour to the basement.

                          Compared to stationary shelving systems, the RR 409 offers almost twice the storage capacity. All shelf units can be joined to a single compact and closed unit. The RR 409 gives its users the possibility to only open the aisle that needs to be accessed. This saves up to 50% of space.

                        • elegant move

                        • elegant move is a space-saving mobile shelving system, specifically designed for office applications. Its attractive appearance alone gives it a ‘front-of-house’ look. A shelving system that is like a piece of furniture. It dovetails perfectly with any interior furnishing concept. Installing elegant move means that archive facilities and storerooms are no longer located in the basement, but close to where people work. That saves long detours, time and money.

                          elegant move offers an extraordinarily wide range of design options. The choice of front panel finishes ranges from wood laminates via perforated metal to freestyle transparency designs. Any individual colour concept can be actioned. Practically all design requirements can be met. As one would expect of a premium item of modern office furniture.