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  • Offer Profile
  • Established in 1999, Benithem Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated towards incorporating quality hand-craftsmanship with modern technology to create contemporary seating solutions for corporate and home offices.

    Our team of designers, technicians and customer service personnel are committed to creating high quality, state-of-the-art designs that employ scientifically ergonomic principles in our conference, executive, managerial and task seating products.

Product Portfolio
  • Workstation

      • MODUL Workstation

      • Clean and simple aesthetics combined with a rich material vocabulary creates an appealing office landscape enlivened by the creative use of vibrant colors and varied textures. Design details such as the elegant Dull Chrome finishing Table Leg and Steel Beam, endow the furniture with a level of refinement that approaches that of high-end office furnishings.

        Modul can be built up, out or in any direction to fit the space and style. Modul also gives people the ability to organize their space with caddy file cabinets and steel mobile pedestals that can be used as a seat and for storage.

        A truly unique workstation solution, Modul integrates a full complement of desks, steel pedestals, caddies and screens. Every element falls into place and fits together perfectly, offering fresh design concepts.

        Modul offers a wide variety of color and texture options including melamine faced chipboards (MFC), fabric panels and matt finished acrylic panels. The rich material choice provides an opportunity to colorize the office environment.

      • MODUL Conference

      • Modul offers a wide range of solutions to organize meeting spaces. The wide range of materials, versatile configurations, sleek lines and technical solutions make Modul tables the perfect setting for discussions between teams and partners.
      • MODUL Executive

      • Decision making is one of the most critical task that an executive has to bear in his / her daily life. Therefore, an affable workplace will definitely be an important space for an executive.

        Chamfered table tops matched with various color selections, shows the high level of quality of MODUL. The castor base provides the mobility which is often looked for in today’s dynamic office. The matt acrylic modesty panel design shows the modern and contemporary sense of design.

    • Mesh Chairs

        • X11-N

        • At the seat of power
          The advent of state-of-the-art technology in the styling and craftsmanship of X11-N has revolutionized the conventional concept of chairs. Changing the way people sit, the X11-N seeks not only to provide the best possible comfort, support and convenience for your active work lifestyle but also the necessary basis to inspire great ideas and effectively increase work productivity. Every feature is ergonomically optimized to intuitively meet the needs of users. Such is the power of X11-N, the foundation to successful careers.
        • SQUARE

        • Named after its back frame, SQUARE has a versatile character that suits any working environment. Be it the young and vibrant office, or the solemn firm, the design suits both by an easy change of specifications of the chair. The reliable mechanism and its many functions, including the active lumbar support, are carefully designed to achieve efficiency and safety in the work environment.
        • Curve Plus

        • The Benithem's latest creation with stylish, aesthetic appearance. The brackets molded as single part instead of combination from multiple components, connected with mechanism along curvy line so as to guarantee structural simplicity of the chair. The lumbar support made by ultimate elastic material, always fit your body regardless of your sitting posture. Available in single locking mechanism and five locking mechanism, Curve is also upgradeable to executive class with an ergonomic headrest.
        • X-PRIT

        • Seated on the edge of innovation
          Stunningly stylish, Multi-functional, Surprisingly economical. An ergonomic lifestyle chair designed for customer comfort, years of service and work convenience. X-PRIT is pure precision yet practical with the ability to be customized to fit your specification. It is the perfect complement for executives and high achievers with the ambition to succeed. All in all, X-PRIT is nothing short of impeccable.
        • ZOOM 360

        • Zoom 360 is an extension of the original ZOOM. As the name states, this ergonomic office chair has an additional feature which allows the height adjustable armrest to rotate 360°. ZOOM anticipates your every move, follows and supports you in every position to ensure your ultimate comfort. ZOOM 360 is carefully designed for you to work productively, efficienctly and safety with minimal feeling of fatigue or discomfort.
        • PALETTE

        • Benthem's latest creation brings the essential of office seating into one complete cheerful package, the Palette. Build to be simple and functional, Palette vibrant appearance glows with positivity appreciated in a work environment. Palette embodies the ergonomics and design insights of Benithem' s development team. While being affordable , Palette provides the complete ergonomic optimization and comforting experience to the user. Equipped with Benithem' s own adjustable synchronous reclining mechanism, the delightful Palette gives great ergonomic customization together with the height adjustable arm rest. The Palette chair comes in two back options: Palette with standard upholstered cushioning foam and palette M, with a flexible ventilating mesh back, both conveniently share the engineering integrity of a single back. palette comes in a series of vibrant colors to allows user to mix and match with their desired interior. Improve your working experience; get your Palette chair today, only from Benithem.
        • B-FIVE

        • AESTHETIC TRENDY yet practical defines Benithem’s latest office seating collection, B5 Stacking Chair. Every user will be impressed by the ergonomic experience which B5 provides. The seatrest upholstered by skillful craftsmanship, which moulded in well-proportioned dimension with comfortable softness. B~FIVE’s ergonomic backrest, made of highly flexible high-elastic Polyamide, give users’ back the freedom of movement and natural seating posture. The Polypropylene armrests extend from the backrest, stream forwards along a curve and fit flush with the steel tube, produce a feeling of elegance.
        • ZOOM

        • Numerous ground-breaking technologies were combined to create this singular innovation. Every part of ZOOM is custom designed to support you. Its self-balancing function allows you to move effortlessly while providing optimum spinal support. Its seat and back are designed with temperature control for maximum comfort. So when it comes to long working hours, you won’t even feel the strain.
        • CURVE

        • The latest creation with stylish, aesthetic appearance. The backrest moulded as single part instead of combination from multiple components, connected with mechanism along a curvy line so as to guarantee structural simplicity of the chair.
          The lumbar support made by ultimate elastic material. always fit your body regardless of your sitting posture. Available in single looking mechanism and five locking mechanism Curve is also upgradeable to executive class whith an ergonomic headrest.
        • BC3

        • Back Tilting
          Locking procedure Find the required position and push the left lever downwards. Unlocking procedure Pull the left lever upwards and give pressure on the backrest

          Lumbar Support Adjustment
          Lumbar support adjustment procedure Pull or push the lumbar support upwards or downwards to find the required position.

          Chair Height Adjustment
          Height adjustment procedure Pull the right lever and find the required position

          Tension Adjustment
          Tension adjustment procedure Spin the tension knob to clockwise or anti-clockwise.

          Armrest Adjustment
          Height adjustment procedure Pull or push the armrest and find the required position.

          Headrest Adjustment
          Height adjustment procedure Pull or push the headrest to the required position Angle adjustment procedure Give pressure on the headrest.

      • Fabric Chairs

          • CALOR-N

          • Everything you would expect to find in a Benithem® chair can be found in impressive from in CALOR-N. Every chair is customizable with a wide selection of functions to suit users. Each function is ergonomically perfected for superior comfort and convenience to meet the demands of any office environment. Refreshed aesthetics with a choice of colour and finishing complement almost any interior. CALOR-N complies with BIFMA standards that ensure all technical requirements are fulfilled. It’s no wonder that CALOR-N is a popular choice and a bestseller in its class.
          • FUNCTION

          • From the weight adjustable backrest to adjustable armrest, FUNCTION recognizes our differences in height and built, to make adjustments that tailor to each individual. Likewise, FUNCTION is aware that a chair has the most impact on the health of the person sitting on it. For one who spends the maximum part of the day sitting on the chair, FUNCTION provides lower back support with back height adjustment, optimizes leg comfort and front-tilt seat adjustment, eases movement and minimizes Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) with arm height adjustment. No other piece of office furniture plays a more significant role than the chair, and FUNCTION works for all.
          • CALZAR II

          • Distinctive. Bold. Impeccable.
            CALZAR II exudes prestige and stylish confidence to match your career aspirations. Ergonomically designed, CALZAR II is the visible result of precision craftsmanship with its sleek lines, choice of colours and patterned fabric. Every detail is focused on the needs of the user and ergonomically optimized to ensure that the chair delivers excellent performance in any work situation. A task chair that is both stylish and comfortable, and above all customizable to meet the needs of users who require simple yet effective ergonomic seating.
          • Vigo

          • Exciting range of executive fabric chairs that will definitely cause a stir!! From its 2-tone colours, height-adjustable armrest, 3-locking mechanism, aluminium chair base, internal PU boards, any distinct user will undoubtedly appreciate the durability, robustness, style, comfort and ergonomic qualities of Vigo. Truly Vigo embodies Benithem’s motto of “Let our quality do the talking…”

            Available in high-back, mid-back and cantilever, as well as a wide assortment of vibrant colours.
        • Leather Chairs

            • TRONO II

            • Powerful by Definition
              Creating a powerful first impression, TRONO II exudes authority with its sheer size. Your eyes will instantly recognize the outstanding design language, nothing but exclusive. Your fingers touch perfectly finished surfaces that are soft in texture yet strong in style. Your senses capture the intelligent ergonomics combined with refined comforts that deliver excellent performance on any task. TRONO II embodies a celebration of the senses with an executive chair that looks as good as it makes you feel.
            • HUGO

            • A modern adaptation of a traditional concept chair, HUGO impresses with its unique sleek looks combined with enhanced ergonomics. Devoted to the relentless pursuit of perfection, HUGO is a luxury chair that complies with BIFMA standards and FIRA standards that ensure all technical requirements are fulfilled. The chrome detailing at base of backrest is imitable of impeccable elegance, making it a handsome and hardworking addition to any workplace. An inspiration and a sight to behold, HUGO delivers meticulous style and a promise of satisfaction.
            • STYLE

            • Simple yet attentive to in-depth detail, STYLE is designed to provide absolute comfort and prestige for top executives. Structured in injected molded foam, with a slight curve at the lower back similar to that of a human’s back, and a pair of embracing arm supports, STYLE takes care of your body and mind. Lean back to devise a plan, or sit upright to strategize, the synchronized multi-locking mechanism perfectly balances all desired positions. Aesthetics in design, luxurious to sit, STYLE is the choice for the discerning ones.
            • FOLIO

            • Contemporary Classic
              Rooms are created by furniture. Impressions are created by FOLIO. Visually stunning, its most distinguishing feature is the full leather upholstery finish that not only allows the personalization of space but also the definition of luxurious style. Elegant and uncomplicated with functional features enhanced by ergonomics, Folio leads the way as the best-selling luxury chair in its range. Attention to detail and high standard of workmanship speak for themselves. The perfect complement in today’s modern environment, Folio is created for those with their destination in sight.
            • DYNAMIC

            • Making every visitor feel welcome when seated, DYNAMIC is an extremely comfortable multi-purpose chair. Showcasing the finest workmanship in intricate detailing, it provides luxury guest seating for short term seating, needs in privates offices, reception areas or conference rooms. DYNAMIC herald a new era of visitor chairs that is as powerful as its name.
            • TRENDY

            • An engineering breakthrough from Benithem!
              An avant-garde high-end excutive leather chair that ensures the user’s entire body is always in the best possible posture in whatever seating position, from upright to reclining, thus maximizing comfort and health.
              It’s bold and breathtaking design will definitely make a standout statement in any workspace environment. Available in an assortment of colours, Trendy is truly a trendsetter that reflects success in the business world.
            • Streamline


              These are some thoughts that immediately come to mind when people view Streamline, another model from Benithem’s latest series of avant-garde high-end leather chairs.

              Streamline’s name was conceptualised from its unique and innovative curving flanks. The sloping armrests, combined seamlessly with the backrest, enhance and stimulate better seating experience and ergonomics as proper upper body posture, including arm posture, is maintained in whatever seating position. The synchronised mechanism further adds to Streamline’s comfort and health features as it satisfies a user’s seating style, from upright to reclining.

              Streamline’s appearance, coupled with an assortment of colours to suit the theme of any workspace, will definitely command attention and is a must-have for any high-flying working environment with a success statement to make in the business world.
          • Lounge Chairs - Sofas

              • ROOM

              • There has always been a need for private space and privacy in public spaces, same goes for office environment. There’s a need for a comfortable retreat and private space in the mid of the busy office environment. With that in mind, Room, is designed and brought into reality. Room is set of furniture designed to shelter and create a room for privacy at public spaces. Defining and segregating space while providing a comfortable and personal lounging space for your personal work or private meetings. Room combines the ergonomic and comfort of traditional lounge with masterfully upholstered high back and side panels into a comfortable sheltered lounge. In addition to the privacy the panels provide, the padded panels also act as a screen and filter off noises from inside and outside of the lounge, creating a temporary and secluded private work or discussion spot. Room allows you to hop off and back on to business without leaving your office. Balance your work environment with the much needed privacy and seclusion with Room.
              • MODE

              • Mode started with the idea to suit all if not most offices. Flexibility, customizability and practicality are accentuated throughout the thought process of designing Mode. Mode allows the user to change the orientation flexibly even after the initial installation. We envisioned a mounting system that is flexible enough to allow add-ons to be mounted securely yet easy enough to be installed and customized by anyone. Ultimately, we arrive at a solution which is much simpler than we initially imagined. Using the natural characteristic of materials, we introduced a solution where the add-ons are secured by the seats structure itself while being hold in place with the high density polyurethane foam which doubles as the seats. This intuitive solution not only reaches our initial purpose, it is also done so in a simplistic manner and in effect, very cost efficient.