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König + Neurath

Company Profile

As our customers’ businesses, grow, change, and restructure we are able to support them by ensuring their workspace remains flexible and representative of their needs. By taking a holistic view of the building and its fixed features we are able to ensure an appropriate dynamic between rooms, space requirements and furniture systems.
From the outset we’ve been developing and cultivating long-term business relationships. Our customers have confidence in our office solutions because they know that as they grow we will be able to support them. No matter if customers’ needs are domestic or international, König + Neurath’s dedicated network of specialist partners are there to help.
Leaner, flatter, more communicative and flexible organisational structures supported by adaptable office environments help create a competitive edge. At König + Neurath we know about business drivers, about structure, process and culture and we have the know-how to ensure that your office space becomes a high performance workspace. (Quotation: Egon König)
Environmental protection is a central theme of our time. Our endeavours have to be aimed at reducing pressure on the ecosystem and ensuring that future generations inherit a healthy and intact environment. Our duty to the environment and society is something we at König + Neurath take for granted. As Germany’s leading office furniture manufacturer, we have a duty to lead by example.