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Company Profile RobotWorx

RobotWorx provides excellent customer service and top quality robotic technology
for industrial settings. We refurbish and integrate robots for customers
throughout the North American continent and beyond.

Founded in 1992, RobotWorx remains committed to cost-effective automation. Our
extensive reconditioning process allows us to offer new and used robotic
solutions. A wide assortment of robot parts is available to keep systems running

RobotWorx Sales and Integration
Robot Sales

Robotic Welding
Welding Robot Division

Reconditioned Robots
Robot Division

Product Range

  • Welding robot: TIG welding
  • Welding robot: Spot welding
  • Material processing robot: Laser material processing
  • Material processing robot: Deburring, grinding and polishing
  • Material processing robot: Flam spraying for surface refinement
  • Welding robot: Laser welding
  • Welding robot: Arc welding
  • Robot assisted plasma cutting
  • Material handling robot: Paletizing robot
  • Material handling robot: Packaging robot
  • Robot assisted painting
  • Material processing robot: Drilling
  • Material processing robot: Material removal
  • Robots: Cleanroom robot
  • Material handling robots
  • Welding robot: MIG welding
  • Welding robot: Flux cutting welding
  • Welding robot: Electron beam
  • Material handling robot: Pick and place robot
  • Material handling robot: Dispensing robot
  • Material handling robot: Press tending robot
  • Material handling robot: Part transfer robot
  • Material handling robot: Machine loading
  • Material handling robot: Machine tending
  • Material handling robot: Order picking robot
  • Material processing robot: Grinding
  • Material processing robot: Deburring
  • Material processing robot: Thermal spray
  • Robots: Robot assisted bonding/sealing
  • Robot parts: Teach pendant
  • Robot parts: Sensor
  • Robot parts: Circuit board
  • Robot parts: Controller
  • Robot parts: Cable
  • Robot parts: Servo motor
  • Robot parts: Operator panel
  • Robot parts: Fan unit