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  • Offer Profile
  • SolarWorld AG has developed in just a few years from a trading company to a solar company with integrated solar value chain process - from raw materials to the solar wafer, the solar cell, the solar module right up to ready, high-quality solar power plants.

    Customers choose the SolarWorld brand the world over. Anyone who decides on SolarWorld receives top-quality products from a manufacturer which maintains a consistent quality system at all its locations.

    Fully automated production lines and a complete process and material monitoring system ensures quality in our products. With over 30 years' experience in production, SolarWorld AG has been one of the world's market leaders for many years.
Product Portfolio
  • Solar Modules

      • Sunmodule Plus

      • Performance and Efficiency

        Top quality in 6" cell technology: The Sunmodule Plus and the Sunmodule Plus black, with homogenous black surface, are perfectly suited for use in a wide variety of applications. Whether for a pitched or flat roof, for ground-mounted installation or on the SunCarport – an extensive range of SolarWorld products is available for planning and design.
        • Sunmodule Plus SW 250-255 poly
        • Sunmodule Plus SW 250-275 mono black
        • Sunmodule Plus SW 260-280 mono
        • Sunmodule Plus SW 200 Vario poly

        Your benefits at a glance

        • High level of stability, because the module frame and the enclosed glass are securely attached to one another.
        • The wide frame and its flat surface, even where the glass and frame intersect, improve the self-cleaning capability of the Sunmodules and prevent performance losses caused by deposits of dirt or other contamination.
        • The extra space between the cells and the module frame allows horizontal as well as vertical mounting.
        • DLG and TUV-tested resistance against ammonia: ideally suited for use in agriculture
        • SolarWorld solar modules are resistant to frost and hail and can therefore withstand any winter conditions
        • Tested resistance to salt mist for use in coastal areas
      • Sunmodule Protect

      • New quality standard for solar modules

        The new Sunmodule Protect series is the latest addition to the SolarWorld AG range. It has set new benchmarks when it comes to service life, mechanical durability, degradation behavior and its groundbreaking performance guarantee.

        Sandwiched between glass on both front and back, solar cells are optimally protected against environmental factors such as water intrusion. Cells also are less susceptible to shear stress, thereby reducing cell breakage. Even with a second pane of glass, Sunmodule Protect solar panels remain lightweight, at about 21 kilogram – the same as the Sunmodule Plus glass-film panels. They include the same sturdy aluminum frame and reliable junction box with KSK4-connectors. Therefore, the new product will work with all mounting systems approved for use with the Sunmodule Plus product line.

        Product benefits Sunmodule Protect

        • 30-year linear performance guarantee
        • Energy-yield-over-service-life ratio substantially exceeds that of conventional glass-film panels
        • Embedding the cells in glass-glass ensures optimal protection against mechanical loads and environmental factors
        • Same weight and dimensions as the Sunmodule Plus ‒ compatible with all standard SolarWorld mounting systems
        • Stable aluminum frame for easy mounting
        • Reliable junction box attached at the rear
      • Sunmodule Plus SW 200 Vario poly

      • SolarWorld AG is introducing a product innovation that once again demonstrates the company’s system expertise and also offers many advantages for system operators. The new solar module allows for optimal use of the entire roof area of a typical single-family home for the first time, thus achieving the best possible system yields.

        Flexible solar power solutions for home

        Our solar module is shorter than standard modules and enables optimal use of roof area when combined with standard modules from SolarWorld AG. Previously, roofs on typical single-family homes usually only accommodated two rows of solar modules, but the short module now makes it possible to add a third row. The Sunmodule Plus SW 200 Vario poly also scores highly in terms of aesthetics. By using this module, the full roof area can be covered with modules, creating a homogeneous array and delivering an attractive roof appearance.

        Advantages at a glance

        • Excellent flexibility as regards use of roof area
        • First solution that allows two module classes to be used together within a solar installation
        • Coordinated with the Sunmodule Plus SW 250 poly
        • Compact dimensions make it especially flexible (two cell rows shorter than standard modules)
        • Optimal use of roof area
        • Homogeneous module array on roof
        • Allows for optimal kits for self-consumption
      • Sunmodule Off-grid

      • Resilience and reliability

        SolarWorld’s fully automated production facility in Freiberg also produces solar modules for powering small decentralized applications. These off-grid modules meet the same durability, quality and performance requirements as the standard SolarWorld sets for the Sunmodule Plus series, so they meet the highest SolarWorld quality standards. The stable module design and range of sizes means there is a suitable module for every off-grid solar power system.

        For long-lasting performance – worldwide.

        • Sunmodule SW 50-55 poly RMA
        • Sunmodule SW 80-85 poly RNA
        • Sunmodule SW 145-150 poly R6A

        Advantages at a glance

        • Designed for battery systems
        • The diodes of the off-grid modules can be replaced without special tools
        • The module’s permanent and laminated type plate ensures that the nominal power can no longer be falsified
        • The wide frame and its flat surface, even where the glass and frame intersect, improve the self-cleaning capability of the Sunmodules and prevent performance losses caused by deposits of dirt or other contamination.
        • Holes in the hollow section prevent the build-up of condensation water and prevent damage to the frame due to the expansion of freezing ice.
    • Kits

    • A proper match: The right solution for your roof. Our complete solution – The SolarWorld kit

      • Customized Kits
        • SolarWorld Kits
          From solar panel to inverter to the screws - SolarWorld kits contain all of the components necessary to construct and operate a solar power system. Once the SolarWorld kit is delivered, it is ready to be installed.
      • Standardized Kits
        • SolarWorld Kit easy
          With the SolarWorld Kit easy you receive all pitched roof system components pre-assembled on one pallet. The well-designed packaging concept makes it easy to unload the pallet at the installation site. Order today and install tomorrow
      • SolarWorld SunCarport
        • The SunCarport from SolarWorld combines a traditional carport with a high-performance solar energy roof. With the SunCarport, you have a solar power station right in front of your house.
        • Customized kits

        • With SolarWorld kits, you’ll receive special all-inclusive service. The kits contain all components required for constructing and operating a solar power system: SolarWorld quality modules, inverters, data loggers with power management, mounting systems, cables and accessories.

          SolarWorld takes into consideration your customers’ individual requirements as well as the specific building and on-site conditions to assemble a customized system solution. SolarWorld kits are perfectly planned in advance and assembled according to the latest standards.

          SolarWorld kits are insured for two years at no extra cost and delivered with a Sunpass – a comprehensive collection of quality and performance documents that is exclusive to SolarWorld.

          Each kit includes the following components

          • Solar modules: Sunmodule Plus poly, Sunmodule Plus mono black, Sunmodule Plus mono or Sunmodule Protect
          • Inverters according to SolarWorld's standard configuration: Kostal or SMA
          • A SolarWorld mounting systems adapted to your roof:
            • - for pitched roofs: Sunfix plus or the roof-integrated solution Sundeck
            • - for flat roofs: Sunfix plus or Sunfix aero 2.0
            • - for in roof solutions: Sundeck
          • DC cable set: Suncable 1 x 4 mm² / 1 x 6 mm²
          • System monitoring and visualization: Suntrol
          • System documentation: Sunpass PDF and high-quality print version
          • Free two-year insurance coverage with a term of either two or five years
          • Optional: Suntrol LED / LCD display
          • Optional: Battery storage system and consumption control
        • Standardized Kits

        • With the SolarWorld Kit easy, you receive all pitched roof system components assembled on one pallet: high quality modules, the mounting system, cables and accessories, plus an optionally available inverter including integrated data logger and power management. The cleverly designed packaging makes it easy to handle the components at the construction site. The Kit easy also comes with the the Sunpass and the optional two-year free system insurance. The system is available in four sizes: 3 kWp, 4 kWp, 5 kWp and 6 kWp.

          We offer the Kit easy in the following versions:

          • Kit easy – with the proven Sunmodule Plus poly
          • Kit easy mono black – with the aesthetic Sunmodule Plus mono black
          • Kit easy Protect – with the durable Sunmodule Protect

          One system in 4 system sizes and 3 module versions – all-inclusive, simple and quickly mounted. and the
        • SolarWorld SunCarport

        • Power generation and weather protection

          The SunCarport from SolarWorld combines a traditional carport with a high-performance solar energy roof. With the SunCarport, you have a solar power station right in front of your house.

          One product, many advantages: The electricity fed into the grid ensures that you receive compensation for the electricity you supply and, at the same time, the SunCarport protects your car from weather conditions. In combination with a charging station it can be used as a solar service station where electric and hybrid vehicles can recharge their batteries.

          Double the energy: With the SunCarport, you have another surface at your disposal – in addition to the roof of your house – for a high-performance solar power system.

          Flexible Solution

          The SunCarport is available in SunCarport blue and SunCarport black in either a longitudinal or cross version, and as a double carport.
          This allows an ideal adaptation to the irradiation and structural conditions on site.

          By choosing the SunCarport, you choose a product with many advantages:

          • Carport and solar power system in one
          • High-quality all-in-one solution
          • Can be used to charge electric cars and e-bikes with solar power in combination with an additional charging station
          • High-quality materials
          • Support according to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act
      • Rack Systems - The right solution for every house

        • For pitched roofs
          • Sundeck
          • Sunfix plus
        • For flat roofs
          • Sunfix plus
          • Sunfix aero 2.0
        • For in-roof solutions
          • Sundeck
          • Sundeck

          • Clean energy has never looked so good

            The SolarWorld Sundeck provides an elegant and tailored solution for integrating solar power systems on roofs. The solar modules are integrated seamlessly into the roof for a harmonious look.
            aesthetic roof-integrated solution

            The Sundeck is the most stylish way to go solar. The solar modules are installed on the rooftop cover right up against the tiles, allowing them to be integrated perfectly into the design of the roof. Simply remove the old rooftop cover - on new buildings, you won’t even need a rooftop cover - install the SolarWorld Sundeck and solar modules, and start generating clean energy with a great-looking solar power plant.

            Product benefits

            • A solution that combines solar power with stylish design
            • Suitable for both new rooftop covers and refurbishment projects
            • Cost advantage through elimination of the present rooftop cover
            • Delivery as a complete SolarWorld kit with perfectly matched components and excellent SolarWorld quality
            • Perfectly suited for areas with high snow and wind loads
            • TUV certification for maximum safety
            • High yields thanks to the special construction and optimum rear ventilation
          • Sunfix plus

          • Proven quality – simply clever!

            Whether a flat or a pitched roof: Our Sunfix plus mounting system includes everything your technical partner needs to install the solar power system – from support profile to the screws. Our Sunfix plus mounting systems are customized to suit the construction environment and static loading requirements, thus offering optimal and safe use of the installation space. To ensure that the solar power system runs smoothly, all components selected and used are of the highest quality.

            Product benefits

            • Universal use on all standard roof structures
            • Optimum rear ventilation for maximum yields
            • The overall system’s potential equalization is VDE-tested
            • Components are perfectly and individually matched
            • Pre-assembled components ensure straightforward and fast installation
            • Only high-quality materials are used ensuring stability and durability
        • Sunfix aero 2.0

        • The efficient flat roof system

          The new Sunfix aero 2.0 provides you with all of the advantages of an economic flat roof system: It can be mounted onto industrial and commercial roofs without penetrating them. The system also has only a small number of main components, and guarantees fast and simple installation due to a significantly reduced system design. We have further developed the system in close cooperation with our customer, and have used it to create impressive technical solutions.
            • Sunfix aero 2.0

            • Product benefits

              • No roof penetration required
              • Efficiently mounted system that increases productivity; 1 kWp can be installed in less than 5 minutes
              • Construction protection integrated in the system
              • Customized mechanical stops The system ensures quick and accurate module positioning
              • No long components makes the system ideal for cost-effective storage, transportation and installation
              • 10-year product warranty
              • 100% aluminium, so weather-resistant and durable
              • Heavy load version available for high loads
            • Sunfix aero duo 2.0

            • Product benefits

              The Sunfix aero duo 2.0 offers all the advantages of the Sunfix aero 2.0 system, plus the following:

              • Optimum roof area use thanks to tent-shaped structure and low shading between module rows
              • Reduced roof load thanks to east/west and 10 inclination, as well as good aerodynamic characteristics
              • The main components are just three support props and pre-assembled module clamps
              • Low system weight: approx. 1 kg/m² (without module and ballast)
          • Accessories

              • SunPac battery system

              • Independence with self-produced power

                A solar power system is most productive during the day when the sun is shining. However, this is not necessarily the time of day during which a household actually requires electricity. Thanks to storage and intelligent control, excess electricity can also be consumed in the evening and during the night. In this way, the amount of self-produced electricity consumed in a household is optimized.
              • Suntrol

              • Keeping performance data in view

                With Suntrol products from SolarWorld, you can display the yield of your solar power system clearly and monitor all the system data conveniently online.
              • Suntool

              • The professional design software

                With the Suntool software, fitters and planners can plan solar power systems for virtually any roof surface with just a few clicks of the mouse. The software also includes detailed yield forecasts, data sheets and forms for registering with energy supply companies.
              • Inverters

                • Kostal inverter
                • SMA inverter
              • Sunpass

              • Your performance documentation

                SolarWorld quality is not only evident in their high-quality products, but also in the way entire projects are managed, from planning and installation to comprehensive documentation of all key data of your solar array.
            • Services

                • Insurance

                • Our Special insurance - For your solar system

                  In cooperation with the ERGO Insurance Group, SolarWorld offers a comprehensive, free insurance package for its solar power construction kits. This special insurance* is an integral part of SolarWorld kits if the system owner wishes. It is a combined insurance covering all risks, breakdown, minimum yield and construction risks and offering maximum protection for the system operator's investment. Typical risks such as fire, storm, theft and electrical surges are covered by the all-risks insurance, for instance. If the solar power system is unable to feed electricity due to physical damage, the business interruption insurance covers revenues lost on power feed-in for the duration of the breakdown. Insurance coverage is provided free of charge for two years. The customer has the option to extend the period to five years on paying a favourably priced renewal premium. Once the insurance term comes to an end, the insurance policy expires without a separate notice of termination.
                • The linear performance guarantee

                • More performance guaranteed

                  With the introduction of the linear performance guarantee in 2011, SolarWorld became the first company in the sector worldwide to set a new guarantee standard. Instead of offering guarantees that end after 10 or 20 years like other manufacturers did, SolarWorld introduced the continually decreasing linear performance guarantee. This guarantees a maximum performance reduction of a fixed percentage over a period of 25 years. A minimum value is set for the output of the SolarWorld modules every year for a 25-year period. This means that the guaranteed performance of the solar module is higher at every point in time than with the standard tiered guarantee and therefore provides real added value. Today, the linear performance guarantee is standard for most manufacturers.
                • The Renewable Energy Sources Act

                • Tariff payments for solar power

                  The EEG regulates the generation and feed-in of electricity from renewable energy sources in Germany. Everyone who operates a system for generating clean energy from solar, wind, water, biomass and geothermal sources has the right to feed this energy into the public grid and to receive compensation. The operator can also use the electricity immediately themselves, which in light of rising electricity prices makes increasing economic sense. In July, the Bundestag approved a number of significant changes to the EEG, which went into effect on August 1st, 2014.

                  First, beginning August 1st, 2014, the proceeds for electricity from large-scale plants (> 500 kW) will consist of a market premium and an electricity price directly negotiated with the customer. For small systems, existing feed-in tariffs will continue to apply.

                  Second, the new EEG also regulates the treatment of self-generated power, that is, the electricity that one both produces and consumes. What is new here is a "solidarity" levy of between 30 to 40 percent of the EEG levy, which will be charged by grid operators on solar power for own consumption. Solar power systems of the size typical for one and two-family homes (up to 10 kW) are exempted from this regulation. For them, there is no change from the old EEG.