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  • For the last 60 years the world’s No. 1 in factory automation has been at the forefront of innovation, continually pushing back the boundaries of automation to increase productivity and drive down costs across a whole range of industries. Boasting 99.9% reliability, a customer-centric approach, world-class service and infinite solutions for industrial robots, CNC systems and purpose-built machines for wire cut EDM, electric injection moulding and milling and drilling, we’re there to help you make the most of your automation. All you need is yellow.
Product Portfolio
  • Robots

  • Fanuc’s extensive range covers robots from light weight to the strongest device.
    Fanuc's portfolio of industrial robots consists of more than 100 different and specially designed types of robots for almost every industrial application. Fanuc robots provide payloads up to 1350 kg and maximum reaches up to 4683 mm. Easy integration, cutting-edge controls and robot specific IT solutions with enhanced software options granted.

      • Collaborative Robot

      • The future lies in the collaboration

        Imagine a world without safety fences, a world in which humans work side-by-side with robots. In this world, robots would execute all strenuous tasks, enabling humans to dedicate their precious time to lighter, moreskilled or demanding tasks.

        With FANUC collaborative robots, that world has already come into existence. By integrating them into existing production environments, robots directly collaborate with humans, becoming a crucial part of the team. Alongside humans, they take over tedious, repetitive tasks, lifting up to 35 kg, thus maintaining the human’s health while automating entire assembly lines.

          • My name is CR-35iA

          • Working with the robot is easy, specialized programming knowledge is not required. In fact you can teach and communicate with the robot through FANUC's standard robot solutions. It is a simple and easy relationship.
          • I'm new, I'm strong

          • It is the world’s strongest collaborative robot, equipped with outstanding sensor technology and a rubber skin which does it safe to work with. The robot is ready to start your robot/human relationship and discover a large field of applications which you can master together.
          • Let's work together

          • Team-up and work together, the robot has been designed to do the heavy jobs for you. Let the robot do the exhausting and repetitive tasks, let it lift, perform packaging and heavy assembly. In the meantime you can do the more complicated stuff, or just tell him what to do. The robot will keep you away from harm and together, you will make your workplace more productive.
          • I can see

          • The robot comes with a FANUC Vision Sensor, FANUC 3D Area Sensor or a third party vision system. With the vision area sensor, CR-35iA will find and pick random parts in a box and hand them over to you or bundle them up in a shipping box.
          • I can lift up to 35 kg

          • Did you look to the robot specifications? It is the strongest collaborative robot in the world. With its reach and payload it will do the heavy work for you.
          • I don't need to keep me awy in a fence

          • The robot is a nice guy. This is official. My TUV ISO 10218-1:2011, Category 3, PL=d safety certification says it is safe to work with it. If you touch it, it will stop and its rubber skin makes sure the robot will not scratch anyone or anything.
          • Collaborative Robot CR-4iA

          • Payload: 4 kg
            Reach: 550 mm
            Small, collaborative 7kg model with standard and longarm
          • Collaborative Robot CR-7iA and CR-7iA/L

          • Payload: 7 kg
            Reach: 717 mm (CR-7iA)
            Reach: 911 mm (CR-7iA/L)
          • Collaborative Robot CR-15iA

          • Payload: 15 kg
            Reach: 1441 mm
            CR-35iA robot
          • Collaborative robot CR-35iA

          • Payload: 35 kg
            Reach: 1813 mm
        • Articulated Robots

            • LR Mate Series

            • Up to 7 kg load capacity
              Max. reach: 911 mm
            • M-10 Series

            • Up to 12kg load capacity
              Max. reach: 1632 mm
            • M-20 Series

            • Up to 35kg load capacity
              Max. reach: 2009 mm
            • M-410 Series

            • Up to 700kg load capacity
              Max. reach: 3143 mm
            • M-710 Series

            • Up to 70kg load capacity
              Max. reach: 3110 mm
            • M-900 Series

            • Up to 700kg load capacity
              Max. reach: 3704 mm
            • M-2000 Series

            • Up to 1200kg load capacity
              Max. reach: 4683 mm
            • R-1000 Series

            • Up to 100kg load capacity
              Max. reach: 2230 mm
            • R-2000 Series

            • Up to 250kg load capacity
              Max. reach: 3500 mm
          • Delta Robots

              • M-1 Series

              • Up to 1 kg load capacity
                Max. reach: 420 mm
              • M-2 Series

              • Up to 6 kg load capacity
                Max. reach: 1130 mm
              • M-3 Series

              • Up to 12 kg load capacity
                Max. reach: 1350 mm
            • Palletising Robots

                • M-710iC/50H

                • 5 axis robot,
                  packing / palletising version

                  Axes: 5
                  Payload: 50 kg
                  Reach: 2003 mm
                • R-1000 iA /80H

                • 5 axis robot,
                  packing / palletising version

                  Axes: 5
                  Payload: 80 kg
                  Reach: 2230 mm
                • R-2000iB/100H

                • 5 axis robot,
                  packing / palletising version

                  Axes: 5
                  Payload: 100 kg
                  Reach: 2655 mm
                • M-410 Series

                • Up to 700 kg load capacity
                  Max. reach: 3143 mm
              • Arc Welding Robots

                    • ARC Welding

                    • Up to 20 kg load capacity
                      Max. reach: 2009 mm
                • Top Mount Robots

                    • M-20iA/20T

                    • 6 axis robot, top mount, hollow wrist version

                      Axes: 6
                      Payload: 20 kg
                      Reach: 1662 mm
                    • M-710iC/50T

                    • 6 axis robot, top mount version

                      Axes: 6
                      Payload: 50 kg
                      Reach: 1900 mm
                    • M-710iC/70T

                    • 6 axis robot, top mount version

                      Axes: 6
                      Payload: 50 kg
                      Reach: 1900 mm
                    • R-2000 iB /200T

                    • 6 axis robot, top mount version

                      Axes: 6
                      Payload: 200 kg
                      Reach: 2208 mm
                  • Paint Robots

                        • FANUC Paint Series

                        • Up to 15 kg load capacity
                          Max. reach: 2800 mm
                    • CNC

                    • Flexible CNC systems and full option solutions

                      Whatever you need for your CNC, from wiring to controls and software, FANUC provides it. FANUC provides state of the art solutions which guarantee perfect results and short life cycles. FANUC's high-performance controls are powering complex machine tasks. FANUC offers cables, connectors, amplifiers, motors, vision systems and controls designed for your needs.

                        • Controls

                        • Installed and running in an instant

                          FANUC CNC controls are downwards compatible and designed to be configured to your machine in short time. Use standard setups and a easy to use simulation tools to setup your new environment in a few days only. And if you need assistance, FANUC provides a state of the art support and customer service.

                            • Drive Systems

                            • Widest range, maximum reliability

                              FANUC's drive range is about perfection and performance. Use our perfect matching components from the amplifiers to the servos and controls to build an optimal and high performance system which will produce high quality results and surfaces reaching highest productivity. Don't lose time with incompatibilities.

                                • Laser Systems

                                • One stop for laser sources, CNC and drives

                                  Discover the perfect way to cut your work pieces. Use FANUC's all in one systems and fully integrated solutions including state of the art CNC with 1 to 6 kW CO2 laser, integrated laser control, and high-end drive systems packed together in a laser system.

                                    • Power Motion

                                    • The complete motion control solution - Replacing the PLC

                                      Power Motion i -A is flexible and a high responsive CNC for efficient motion control. It supports up to 32 axes and 4 paths. It covers everything from positioning to multi-path axis interpolation. It is designed to cover most industrial applications like presses, stamping machines, loaders, wire saw, winding and filling machines. Everyone used to work with a CNC will find it easy to work with the Power Motion i-A.

                                        • Robodrill

                                        • The cost effective vertical machining centre

                                          Looking for a compact CNC milling, tapping and drilling centre which works fast and delivers highest quality? Looking for a robust and fast system to cover prototyping or entire production tasks?

                                          Discover and experience the FANUC Robodrill in action!

                                            • Roboshot

                                            • Short cycle times, consistent parts quality

                                              FANUC Roboshot brings the state-of-the-art CNC metalworking technology, its working speed, acceleration and precision to the worlds of electric injection moulding. This ends up with a machine delivering high quality parts at shortest cycle time.

                                                • Robocut

                                                • Time saving all-rounder cuts unit costs

                                                  FANUC Robocut is an all-rounder. His controls are very easy to adapt and fulfilled with so many options that it will cover 80% of your daily cutting tasks with the identical setup. And in case you need changes, you will find it easy and fast to apply them. This machine will reduce your unit costs and increase productivity.