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  • Langhammer GmbH, is a leading supplier of transport and palletizing systems. The company specializes in production logistics. Langhammer’s particular strengths lie in the modular design of their units in the areas of palletizing, pallet transport, and consumer goods handling technology. The portfolio includes individual customer-specific automation solutions for various industries. These include first and foremost the paper, tissue, and baked goods industries but also the food, chemical, and cosmetics industries.
Product Portfolio
  • All-in-One Palletizing & Conveying

  • Quality, reliability, process stability and a long life cycle –that’s what palletizing robots from Langhammer stand for. A variety of infeeds and gripper systems make it possible to palletize almost any product. Due to their quick changeover times when it comes to different formats our palletizers are especially suited for handling high volumes and diverse packaging formats. Be it the stand-alone version or integrated in a palletizing center – high availability and a reliable high level of performance are the core characteristics of Langhammer machines.

    Optimizing material flow results in faster cycle times, higher process exactness as well as improved working conditions, while at the same time reducing costs. Langhammer designs and builds tailor-made conveyor systems for innerplant transport tasks. Our conveyor units transport our customer’s products to any given position within the plant – from processing to the warehouse, from the warehouse to shipping. Your unique and individually planned transport and conveying installation evolves from a multitude of Langhammer standard components.
      • Flexible High Performance Palletizing

      • Increasing productivity, optimizing processes and saving costs are factors which determine market success. An exact functioning system harmoniously integrated in a complete inner plant logistics forms the basis for optimal material flow. We are continually improving our components and adapting them to the needs of our customers to be able to constantly satisfy growing demands and requirements.
          • Space Saving Palletizing Solution

          • Articulated Arm Robot AR500 with TheWave

            Use and Application
            With this easy to program system you have the best space saving and gentle product handling solution worldwide. Discover this new combination of palletizing with either Siemens or Rockwell controls together with the spacesaving Layer Handling System TheWave.

            The process involved in this new Langhammer TheWave system is simple and at the same time fascinating: carried on the gentle wave of the conveyor belt the product is taken up by the split gripper apron. Four-sided compression precisely aligns the layer formation on all sides. Resting on the gripper apron and secured by the four-sided compression plates, the layer is safely transported to the pallet and gently lowered unto it. It makes no difference if the layer pattern contains gaps or if full or half pallet layer patterns are to be transported. Conventional clamping systems exert pressure on the product layer and require interchangeable format parts for layer patterns containing gaps. TheWave does not need format parts for layers with gaps and positions the layer gently and without pressure.
            The AR500 Articulated Arm Robot supports highly flexible palletizing possibilities through the use of a large variety of different grippers and operates very reliably as well as economically. Its extreme exactness makes for high quality palletizing and through the simple programmability it can be adapted to new tasks in the shortest of time.

            • Easy programming and maintenance via the PLC: no robot programming skills required
            • Optimal utilization of space and considerable space saving due to its compact design
            • Highly flexible palletizing solution allows for any number of layer patterns
            • Layer weights of up to 200 kg possible
            • Gentle product handling of complete layers
            • Consistent and proven Langhammer operating concept allows for easy configuration
          • Layer Palletizer PA8

          • The Allrounder in Pallet Handling

            Use and Application
            The Layer Palletizer PA8 is suitable for almost all consumer products in packs, cases, crates, bags, etc. The palletizer versions PA81 and PA82 are based on the PA8 base model. PA81 can carry heavy pallet loads and the pallets run through lengthwise - important when palletizing bags. PA82 is designed to handle very heavy pallet loads and pallets can run either lengthwise or crosswise. A typical application for the PA8 palletizer is found in the Hygienic Paper Industry where the standard palletizer palletizes both bundles and small packs.

            Products are rotated and orientated in the infeed section as programmed in the HMI. The former pusher transfers the product in sections onto the sliding plate until a full layer has been completed. This sliding plate is located directly over the pallet bay. It opens and transfers the complete layer onto the pallet below, the pallet lift lowers the individual layers one by one, the sliding plate closes and the formation of the next layer begins. Depending on the program selected, an interleaf sheet is now placed onto the new layer. Interleaf sheets can either come off a pallet, a roll or a dispenser. Discharge of the full pallet and positioning of the next empty one is effected automatically.

            • High output rate with a wide product range
            • Precise operation allows for the direct production of sales pallets
            • Simple and quick product changeovers due to toolless format changes
            • Minimum space requirement facilitates the integration of the machine into existing production lines
            • Modular palletizer design adapts easily to any given layout
            • Extendable through the Langhammer building block system
          • Stack Palletizer PA14 and Stacker KST5

          • The Versatile Duo for Limited Space Situations

            Use and Application
            Within limited space situations the fully automatic stacking and palletizing unit is the first choice for the flexible handling of all market formats. The slimly designed Stacker KST5 proves itself to be economical and mainteance friendly when it comes to stacking plastic cases, meat crates and nestable carton trays or ones with stacking corners or mixed pallet commissioning. It can also stack cartons and trays or bakery baskets without pallets. Necessary product and format changeovers are software controlled and require no tools. The Stack Palletizer PA14 is ideally suited for palletizing pre-stacked containers and the upstream shuttle system allows for collecting different product stacks and creating mixed product pallet loads.

            Each KST5 stacks the product in the form of a tower and buffers them in stack lanes which are aligned to the production lines. After four stacks or two stack pairs have been formed they are grouped into a single unit to be loaded onto pallets.The case stacks are transferred from the KST5 onto the sliding apron of the PA14. The sliding apron moves over the empty pallet and the stacks are then lowered onto it. An electrically driven side compression prevents the stacks from falling over and positions them exactly. With the use of an optional supplementary compression it is possible to palletize smaller formats such as 8 or 6 stacks.

            • Economic and maintenance friendly articulated arm robot alternative
            • Flexible plastic case and carton tray stacking heights
            • Changeover times for gripper and format parts are eliminated due to automatic format changeovers
            • Unit performance can be expanded through additional stackers
            • Use of Euro pallets, Duesseldorfer half pallets, and industrial pallets
          • Layer Palletizer PA7

          • The Consumer Goods-Specialist in Layer Handling

            Use and Application
            The Layer Palletizer PA7 is ideal for universal use in the middle class range and for a large variety of applications and products - such as cartons, bags, packs, containers, plastic cases etc. A typical application is its use as a line palletizer placed downstream from packaging machines, e. g. in the food industry. A variety of infeed versions and the patented integrated interleaf unit allow for a wide range of possibilities. For example, bags within a performance range of up to 1000 per hour can be palletized perfectly. The electrically driven gripper turning unit operates form-fittingly which makes for exact 90 degree right or left turns or 180 degree ones.

            Products are pre-arranged in the upstream infeed and transferred in rows to the sliding plate. As soon as a complete layer has been formed the lifting platform brings the loaded plate to the stacked pallet height. The sliding plate moves the layer horizontally over the pallet, the pusher is lowered and the sliding plate moves back and this new layer is placed on the pallet stack. The lift then moves down to receive the next layer. After the last layer has been completed the pallet leaves the palletizer and a new empty pallet moves into position.

            • Easy operation and monitoring from floor level
            • Easy and quick product changes due to tool-less format changeovers
            • Small footprint allows for integration into existing production lines
            • Modular design eases adaptation to a variety of requirements
            • Extendable through the Langhammer building block system
          • Linear Robot LR03

          • Perfect Flexibility

            Use and Application

            The Linear Robot LR03 is a flexible palletizer and an economical solution for palletizing almost all products in the consumer goods industry and is ideally suited for palletizing bundles, boxes, bags, standard cases, bakery baskets and packs. In situations with low ceilings and limited space it is the perfect fit. The LR03 impresses with its solid construction, use of high quality components and maintenance friendly design and ensures easy operation. This robot sets standards with a load capacity of up to 500 kg and a possible palletizing height of up to 2800 mm.

            The LR03 can be combined with the typical suction, clamp and fork grippers for single and multiple picks and can handle any type of interleaf sheets and empty pallets. In addition layer grippers can grasp complete pallet layers with one pick. The clear design of the color touch-panel makes for easy operation. With the optional MultiPack-Software designing new patterns is done in a matter of minutes. The open control system is based either on Siemens or Rockwell technology, whichever the customer prefers.

            • Economic articulated arm robot alternative
            • Conversion of braking energy into electrical current saves resources and the environment
            • Easy and cost saving installation as no support foundation is required
            •  Easy operation due to clearly defined working area
            • Flexible application due to compact and modular design
            • Open control system allows for the installation of new pallet configurations at any time
          • Gantry Robots PRO03, PRO04

          • Perfect Palletizing of Consumer Goods

            Use and Application

            The Gantry Robots PRO03 and PRO04 can be used for palletizing almost all products such as bundles, boxes, bags, standard cases, bakery baskets and packs. Equipped with a maintenance-free axis system, strong lifting axis or telescopic lifting axis they are predestined for heavy-duty usage in the palletizing field. What characterizes our gantry robots is their high flexibility, wide operating range and precision in handling. The Langhammer gantry robot system meets the requirements needed for increasing the variety of handled products. In this way unit costs are optimized and processing safety heightened. The system's flexibility increases the machine's uptime and makes it possible to react faster to market requests. With these robots Langhammer offers a flexible, reliable and economical automatic solution.

            The PRO03 moves along 3 different axes: the X-axis (lengthwise movement), the Y-axis (crosswise movement) and the Z-axis (up and down movement) which is telescopic in design. The PRO04 differs from the PRO03 primarily as regards the use of a rigid Z-axis instead of a telescoping one, this makes possible the lifting of heavier loads - up to 500 kilos.

            • High uptimes due to a maintenance-free guidance of the main axes
            • Low headroom with optional telescoping axis
            • Handling of very heavy loads with optional rigid Z-axis
            • Highly flexible due to the use of a variety of grippers
            • Interleaf and pallet handling possible
          • Articulated Arm Robots

          • Solutions for High Demands

            Use and Application

            Articulated Arm Robots offer highly flexible palletizing possibilities and are thus a real economical alternative. Especially profitable when with the corresponding performance two end packaging lines can be palletized by one machine. Articulated Arm Robots from Langhammer come delivered with the complete material flow environment in exact accordance with customer preferences. A turnkey installation from a single source.

            The long range of the robot arm makes it possible to palletize several lines at once (up to four) with one machine. Depending on the required task 4 or 6 axis robots can be employed. Thanks to an optimized drive technology these robots belong to the fastest in their class and can handle heavy loads. Their extreme precision allows for high quality palletizing and due to their easy programmability they can be adapted to new tasks within the shortest time.

            • Highly flexible palletizing solutions due to quick and easy re-configurations
            • Extremely precise operation ensures high quality palletizing
            • Use of a great variety of grippers makes for high flexibility
            • Coordinated concept including material flow environment
          • Gripper Systems

          • A Large Variety

            Use and Application

            Grippers are usually used for palletizing with robots. Almost all possible products like cartons, boxes, baskets, trays, bags, foil packs, buckets or bottles can be handled. The right choice of the matching gripper is crucial for the palletizing result. Of most importance is the required task which determines the design of the gripper. The more complex a palletizing task is, the higher the requirements on the gripper are. For exceptional products we develop special grippers as a special solution. Contact us!

            The gripper ensures that the product can be handled by the palletizing robot. Utmost priority lies in the safe and secure gripping of the product and prevention of damage to the product and the surrounding area during the palletizing procedure.

            Grippers for palletizing applications can be generally classified in the following functional groups:
            • Clamping grippers
            • Fork grippers
            • Suction grippers
            • Magnetic grippers

            • Large assortment of gripper types for a variety of usages/applications
            • Clean pallet configuration through use of appropriate gripper
            • Format changeovers possible without changes on the gripper for the majority of grippers
            • Most grippers also handle interleaves and pallets thus reducing the number of machines required
          • Layer Handling System TheWave

          • Conveyor and Layer Gripper Combined 'Simply'

            Use and Application

            TheWave is a unique combination of a conveyor element with a layer gripper resulting in a machine that can take complete product layers arriving from the conveyor lane and – indepen­dent of product type and configuration – place them safely onto a pallet. TheWave can be used in all sectors of the consumer industry branch and for almost all products. Its compact design makes it possible – in contrast to the usual systems using fork or clamp grippers – to save enormously on floor space.

            The principle applied in TheWave is as simple as it is fascinating: Carried on the gentle wave of the conveyor belt the product is taken up by the split gripper apron. The four-sided compression aligns the layer formation exactly on all four sides. Positioned on the gripper apron and held in place by the compression unit the product layer is transported to the waiting pallet and gently placed onto it. It makes no difference if the layer pattern contains gaps or if full or half pallets are to be transported. The standard clamp systems exert pressure on the product layer and require exchangeable format parts for layers including gaps. TheWave requires no such parts for configurations with gaps and positions the layer gently and without pressure.

            • Optimal use of space due to its compact design
            • Reduction of the footprint by more than 40% in comparison to fork gripper systems
            • Gentle handling of complete product layers
            • Handling of a variety of pallet configurations with only one gripper
            • Format parts are not required, thus reducing complexity and freeing warehouse space
          • Product and Consumer Goods Transport

          • Optimal Material Flow

            Use and Application

            Product transportation is an essential element of in-plant logistics. Exact and precise handling is a prerequisite for optimal material flow. Belt conveyors are ideal for transporting light to moderately heavy products. There are a variety of drive and tension units to choose from depending on the belt length and load weight. Roller conveyors can be adapted to a variety of space conditions. They are used for transporting light as well as heavy products, are impervious to dust and thus ideal for use in dusty environments.

            The drives used in our conveyor technology are gear brake motors with safety clutches. The conveyors are electrically pre-installed and readied for connection to a PLC controller.

            • Quick throughput times, high processing exactness as well as improved working conditions through optimally planned material flow
            • Compatible components reduce interfaces
            • Large assortment of standard components:

            Belt Conveyors
            • Curved Belt Conveyors
            • Small Belt Conveyors
            • Inclined Belt conveyors

            Roller Conveyors
            • Wheel Conveyors
            • Light Roller Conveyors
            • Roller Conveyor Curves
            • Gravity Roller Conveyors
            • Driven Roller Conveyors

            Chain Conveyors
            • Chain Conveyors
            • Traction Lifts
          • Vertical Lifts SPF1S, SPF1C

          • Moving Precisely Up and Down

            Use and Application

            Vertical lifts make material flow across several levels possible and are used wherever goods need to be transported vertically - they are ideal for the vertical transport of boxes, trays, plastic containers, bundles, pallets, and bags within automatic conveyor systems.
            Vertical Lift SPF1S: Transport direction in “S” form. Outfeed side always opposite the infeed side.
            Vertical Lift SPF1C: Transport direction in “C” form. Outfeed side always on the infeed side.

            The vertical lift consists of a frame structure with all-round protective housing. The lift platforms are hung into circulating roller chains and during the return movement are guided vertically. The vertical conveyor runs continuously. Goods are received from a connected infeed conveyor. The drive is via a gear-brake motor with safety clutch. The vertical lift comes with complete electrical installation and is ready for connection to an external control cabinet.

            • Gentle transport of products and high performance due to continuous chain run
            • Intermediate buffering of several products possible
            • Up and down movement with same side or opposite side infeed/outfeed
          • Pallet Transport Technology

          • Components That Get Things Moving

            Use and Application

            Stacking or separating empty and full pallets, transporting pallets on different transport levels - these are just some of the tasks for which Langhammer offers the right solution. The wide range of roller conveyors available start with economical models without drive and continue onto driven roller conveyors with reversible transport direction and high pulling power. Driven roller conveyors, e.g. for the lengthwise transport of Euro pallets, are ideally suited for lowest building heights, such as the manual shuttle car transfer level. Transfer units and turntables make flexible pallet transport possible in the first place. They connect transport lines and change the transport direction of the pallet as required. Fully automatic pallet shuttle cars are used in modern palletizing systems and in the front zone of high-bay warehouses. In this case several material flow sources can be flexibly combined with an almost endless number of material flow targets.

            The drives used in our transport technology are gear brake motors with a safety clutches. The conveyors are electrically pre-installed and readied for connecting to a PLC controller.

            • Complete building block system with modular standard components
            • Individually planned conveyor units, fine-tuned to task requirements
            • Large assortment of pallet transport technology:
            • Pallet Roller Conveyors
            • Pallet Chain Conveyors
            • Pallet Buffer Conveyors
            • Pallet Turntables
            • Pallet Transfer Units
            • Pallet Shuttle Cars
            • Empty Pallet Dispensers
            • Empty Pallet Testers
            • Pallet Lifts