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  • Offer Profile
  • The SteamDrive GmbH develops and produces systems which makes the energy contained in exhaust gases can be used. The objective of the company is, by CO² free electricity generated from waste heat to make power generation by CHP effective, economical and environmentally friendly and thereby contribute to the energy turnaround. This achieved, the company with a unique technology currently.

    At present, the SteamDrive GmbH offers its products primarily to the manufacturers and retrofitters of biogas plants and combustion engines.
Product Portfolio
  • Energy from Waste Heat

  • The utilization of waste heat can lead to significantly increased energy efficiencies of cogeneration units. With the SteamDrive and SteamTrac system, cogeneration plants can be operated much more economically and eco-friendly, independent of the fuel type and / or the applied combustion process. With the SteamDrive products, energy contained in the exhaust heat of combustion engines and industrial drive systems is not wasted but sustainably preserved and reused. In this way the SteamDrive GmbH makes a contribution to the energy transition.

    Apart from their ecological benefit of generating energy without CO2 emissions, the products of the SteamDrive GmbH also offer economic advantages by cutting down on energy consumption. Both in stationary drives and in vehicles and ships, energy consumption and exhaust emissions can be reduced. Other applications are combined cycle power stations, harvesting and agricultural machines, stone crushers or test benches. The SteamDrive GmbH waste heat recovery systems can be used in the oil and gas industry, the steel industry and other industrial applications.
      • Waste Heat Recovery

          • SteamTrac

          • SteamTrac increases the torque of the engine

            The SteamTrac is the solution with the least installation space for integration into new cogeneration units. In the SteamTrac, the expander delivers power straight into the driveline of the cogeneration unit via a clutch and a torsionally flexible connection. The recuperated energy is thus directly converted into electric energy by the main generator of the cogeneration unit, and then fed into the grid together with the output of the combustion engine. Its design is more compact than that of the SteamDrive. The unit can be directly integrated into the frame of the cogeneration plant. Due to the clutch, the SteamTrac is an add-on system that can also be decoupled. The exhaust heat exchanger is directly integrated in the exhaust gas system.

            Ten percent more output in power plants. In combined cycle power stations and biogas plants the achieved extra output of larger engines can be up to 10%.

            From the waste heat of a 250 kW gas engine, the steam expander can, for example, generate an additional output of nearly 20 kW. SteamDrive waste heat recovery systems are already in regular use in Germany and in the United Kingdom. The applied gas engines produce higher outputs without emitting additional CO2. They are using industrial water as operating medium, which is also extremely eco-friendly.
          • SteamDrive

          • SteamDrive generates electricity from waste heat

            The SteamDrive has been developed specifically for retrofitting existing cogeneration units and accordingly it’s the solution for units where a direct link-up to the combustion engine is not possible. In order to save space, all components are arranged in the compact module, which consists of steam engine with generator, feed pump and feed water tank, condensation heat exchanger, as well as control cabinet with control system and power electronics. Thereby it’s a closed system with little and clear defined interfaces. The compact module is equipped with its own cover. Here too, the exhaust gas heat exchanger is directly integrated in the exhaust gas system of the cogernation unit.

            With the SteamDrive, recovered energy is not directly forwarded to a drive but fed into a generator. The function is analog to the SteamTrac. Both waste heat recovery systems have an integrated lubrication system and are suitable for direct installation and for retrofits. As a compact module, the SteamDrive is, however, more easily coupled to existing systems. Apart from ecological benefits, both systems also offer ecological advantages by reduced fuel consumption. Depending on the application, customers can choose from a range of heat exchanger designs.
          • Expanders

          • Expanders generate torque

            At the heart of the SteamDrive waste heat recovery systems are the piston expanders. The waste heat is converted into steam in the heat exchanger and then forwarded to the expander. The compressed steam is decompressed in the cylinders of the expander and sets the pistons in motion. This process generates torque, which can be either directed straight to the drive or converted into electrical energy.