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  • We at Sauter strive since our earliest days to develop and produce innovative high-tech products to increase the competitiveness of our customers significantly. The high-performance turret with direct-drive is the latest proof that we manage consistently to fulfill our self-made ambitious aim. Find out more on our product page.
Product Portfolio

      • Tool turrets

      • Whether of the disc, head or crown type, tool turrets bearing the Sauter name not only constitute a reliable, precise interface between machine and tool, but also offer a welcome benefit from the standpoint of productivity.
          • Disc-type turrets: Direct Drive

          • Efficient and economical. The compact high-performance motor is integrated into the tool disc. The tools are driven directly. No gear train. No gear wheels. No vibrations and almost silent operation. This means higher speed, more power, and greater productivity.

            Special features:

            • High material removal
            • More than double the speed, up to 12,000 rpm
            • Thermostability due to motor cooling
            • Extremely quiet operation
            • Short and compact


          • Disc-type turrets: Blue series

          • The electromechanical disc-type tool turrets of this series have been successfully in service for many years. They need neither hydraulics nor pneumatics for locking and unlocking and represent exceptional value for money. With the Sauter control unit, they are easily controlled. An additional AC servomotor is required when using the live tool version.


            • Proven reliability worldwide
            • Electromechanical
            • Simple control system
            • Economically priced
            • Medium switching speed
            • For medium-run mass production
          • Disc-type turrets: Orange series

          • Faster, more productive, more economical - synchronous technology makes the orange series of disc-type tool turrets even better and more successful. Locking takes place hydraulically. An additional AC servomotor is required for the tool drive version.


            • Small, highly dynamic synchronous motor for agile performance
            • Hydraulic locking system
            • Outstanding thermostability
            • Extra fast switching
            • For a large-scale mass production
          • Disc-type turrets: Red series

          • This is the modern disc turret, noteworthy for its reinforced housing and integral neck, reverse machining. Other advantages – hydraulic locking system, fast switching and single motor technology for the tool drive – all contributing to exceptional value.


            • Single AC servo system
            • Overload clutch accommodates collisions when swiveling
            • No loss of performance during reverse machining
          • Head type turrets

          • The optimum choice for tool post applications: our head turrets are particularly suitable for use with classic heavy-duty lathes and vertical and flat-bed lathes; also in combination with disc turrets.


            • Ideal for mounting boring bars and long drills
            • Electromechanical drive for both rotating and locking
            • Tool mounts complying with DIN 69881
          • Crown-type turret

          • State of the art technology for transfer, rotary indexing and special purpose machines. Our crown turrets are noteworthy not only for genuine high performance machining but also their exceptionally wide range of uses.


            • Rapid set-up and change over of tooling
            • Straightforward resetting means exceptional flexibility
            • Rotation and tool drive via a single drive motor
            • High resilience to collisions
        • Tooling

        • Sauter turrets and Sauter tooling, individually or combined they are in a class of their own – a solid foundation for precise, rapid production. Use them together and you have the perfect Sauter fit.

          Tool turrets and tooling - the dream team from a single source

          Whether driven tools, tool holders or quick change systems - when it comes to turning, Sauter has the solutions. Needless to say our products are perfectly matched in a way that guarantees unequalled standards of efficiency, reliability and consistently high productivity.

            • Driven tools

            • Sauter spindle heads impress by virtue of their outstanding quality. Thermal inspections ensure the best possible distribution of lubricating grease and the minimisation of temperature variations ensuring, in turn, prolonged serviceability.

              Twelve good reasons for choosing Sauter driven tools

            • High spindle rotational accuracy
            • Locating face on the angled spindle head: permits the adjustment and checking of itsposition in the machine, even without a tool
            • Spindle mounting: optimum stiffness through prestressed spindle bearings
            • Cooling lubricant supply system (pat.): for internal cooling up to 80 bar, suitable for dry running
            • Bevel gears with cyclopalloid tooth systems for optimum power transmission
            • Rating plate containing all the relevant essential information
            • Separate external KS connection for pipework
            • Aligning system (pat.): minimises resetting times, improves handling and ensures rapid alignment
            • Sauter anti-rotation element (pat.): the optimum interface for Sauter turrets and spindle heads type 0.5.941.
            • Universal shank design (double tooth system): for right and left use in the tool disc
            • External cooling lubricant supply: can be individually installed and secured
            • Internal clamping nut: for the highest degree of stiffness and the optimum leverage for the spindle bearing system
            • Zeta clamping nut system

            • - Optimal tool clamping due to accurately defined tightening with the torque wrench
              - Broad spectrum of clamping possibilities with distict keys for diverse applications
              - User-friendly clamping and declamping without slippage also with mounted tools – simple and safe!
            • APC precision chuck

              • Torque max. 100 Nm
              • Speed max. up to 14,000 rpm

              Precision – Power – Reliability
              Sauter improves the performance of driven tools, in terms of higher torque, speed and material removal performance data, with the innovative, powerful APC precision chuck.

              - Suitable for high speeds and high torque
              - Sealing by means of sealing air/special sealing system
              - Special sealing system for reliable internal coolant transfer
              - High material removal
              - Maximum rigidity
              - Very high radial runout accuracy < 5 μm for 30 mm
              - 100% process reliability

              Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH working together with Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG

            • BMT-Tooling

              • Suitable for speeds up to 12,000 rpm
              • Axial, radial design with external and internal cooling – with patented double sealing system
              • Repeat accuracy on the interface of < 6 μ
              • Optional Sauter Solidfix® quick-change system
              • 4 screw fastening or optional Sauter Speedfix® quick fastener
            • Sauter Torque Tool

            • The Sauter Torque Tool, implemented in combination with the tool turret Sauter Torque Drive®, reaches a torque of 85 Nm – without gear reduction. Hence, you achieve high metal removal rates with optimum cutting speeds.

              • Suitable for machining up to 85 Nm torque without gear reduction
              • Milling with optimum cutting speeds
              • Compact design with screw fixing
              • Reinforced coupling system VDI (patent pending)
              • Solid bearings (tapered roller bearings / tandem bearings)
              • Type VDI 40 straight and angled tools with milling tool chuck Ø 22 mm / Ø 27 mm
            • Sauter Speed Tool

            • Speeds of 16,000 rpm can be realized – without gear ratio – by using the Sauter Speed Tool in combination with tool turrets Sauter Speed Drive®

              • Geeignet für Bearbeitung mit Drehzahlen bis zu 16.000 min-1
              • Gerade und abgewinkelte Werkzeuge
              • Spezielles Sauter Dichtungssystem
              • Ausgestattet mit Sauter Hochgenauigkeitslagern
              • Abgewinkelte Werkzeuge mit Schnelllaufwinkelgetriebe
              • Werkzeuge mit interner Kühlmittelzuführung und 100% Trockenlaufeignung
              • Ausführung Spannzange / Solidfix ® ( weitere auf Anfrage )


            • Sauter CAPTO™

            • Increased Efficiency and Quality:

              • For milling, turning and drilling up to 80 bar coolant pressure
              • Stability and rigidity combined with high flexibility
              • Compact shape guarantees high cutting speeds and surface quality
              • Fast tool change with additional locking mechanism
              • Interface according to ISO Norm 26623


              Easy handling

              • Optically visible self-locking range
              • Clamp position from 75°
              • Actuation torque: 50 Nm (C4)
              • Process reliability due to lock function
            • Sauter Speedfix

            • Facts:

              • Clamping of BMT tooling via a single central clamping element
              • Setup time reduction over 75%
              • High operating comfort due to optimized accessibility of the key
              • High stability
            • Solidfix

            • Easy handling

              • Tool change < 20 seconds
              • Single-handed manipulation without special tools and torque wrench
              • Automatic ejection feature

              Strong Performance

              • Very compact design with big plane surface
              • High rigidity
              • High torque transmission
              • Suitable for high rpm

              Best safety

              • Equipped with safety bayonet catch
              • Fullfills machinery directive 2006/42/EG

              High precision

              • Very high concentricity
              • 5µm with 30 mm protrusion
              • High rigidity
              • High repeat accuracy
              • Centering of taper free of play
            • Trifix

              • Repeat accuracy of below 6 microns with turning diameter of 200 mm
              • High positioning accuracy from one station to another of 0.02 mm (measured within one turret and at the alignment surface)
              • Completely aligned driven tools and static toolholders
              • With zero adjustment facilty
              • Static toolholders for use with additional drilling template
              • Tooling for heavy-duty machining for use with additional drilling template
              • Easy-clean tool disc / functional surfaces
            • Doublefix®

              • Alignment system for BMT interfaces for machine series NLX and NZX
              • Repeated accuracy less than 8µm with 200 mm projection
              • High positioning accuracy from one station to another (0,012 mm) with 200 mm projection
              • Completely pre-set driven tools and tool holders
              • Existing BMT interface can be used
            • Modifix®

            • Efficient
              The change of presetted tool, which where measured in the MODIFIX adapters, shorten the downtime of your machine.

              MODIFIX adaptations with different tools holding fixtures can be used in the basic tool location for collets of the Sauter spindle unit.

              Flexible and compatible
              You always keep all possibilities open with the Sauter-MODIFIX system. Without additional costs any time flexible. Standard or modular use.

              By use of the MODIFIX interface, a compact design will be achieved with minimum distance to the bearings and maximum of stiffness.

            • SolidPro®

            • Precision – Power – Speed
              Sauter SolidPro ® – the patented, innovative quick change system – improves the performance of driven tools with higher performance data, torque, speed and quick set-up times.

              • Patented, high-precision quick change system with Hirth coupling
              • Positive force transmission
              • Suitable for high speeds and high torque
              • Special sealing system for reliable internal coolant transfer
              • Single-hand operation with automatic ejection function
              • High material removal and maximum rigidity
              • Very high radial runout accuracy < 5 μm for 50 mm
              • Various coupling profiles available


            • Gearfix

              • High productivity: significantly faster processing than gear shaping
              • High gearing quality due to preloaded low backlash transmission (patend pending)
              • Short run-out
              • Optimal protruding contour – only one turret station is necessary
              • Angle setting ± 40°
              • Optionally with external / internal cooling supply
              • 180° convertible for main and counter spindle
              • Short designed clamping collet chuck (ER 32) with possibility of using shrink chuck collets
              • Easy handling – by nonius scale
              • Various clutch profiles available
            • PTI Turret Interface

            • Uniformity, performance, and flexibility are the outstanding features of the new PTI (polygonal turning interface) turret interface. As a uniform mechanical interface, it lays the foundations for equipping modern lathes with flexible, precise, high-performance tool holders and driven tools. The media supply (coolant, air) and the data and energy transfer round off the PTI interface.

              • Positive locking (polygon)
              • Face contact and clamping system
              • Tapered polygon shank
              • Large shaft diameter for driven tools
              • Coolant and sealing air supply
              • Tool holders can be used for either left or right machining
              • Data and energy transfer
              • Small size
              • Manual quick change
              • Automatic clamping possible
              • Takes other interfaces into account
              • Designed for standardization
          • Robofix

          • The innovative Robofix® interface from Sauter enables tool turrets to be set up with driven and static tools with minimum manpower for the first time. The patented direct drive in the tool turret unclamps the tool that is no longer needed and clamps into place the new during tool change.

            A fully-automatic and a semi-automatic solution are available: New tools can be fed in by a robot or by hand. This significantly increases the level of automation for production facilities, while reducing the time and effort needed to change a tool.

              • Motor spindle

              • Compact, precise and flexible – that is what makes Sauter motor spindles stand out from the crowd. The power spindles score points with features such as spindle bearing relief or our in-house-developed tool release unit, as well as a flexible construction.

                One of the main features of the Sauter turning/milling spindle is its robust and precise construction. A three-part Hirth coupling enables the end user to carry out a multitude of turning operations with all kinds of geometries.

                Also unique is a full spindle bearing relief, by means of a second Hirth coupling. This absorbs the high forces resulting from the turning operation and guides them into the housing – and not across the sensitive spindle bearing. This increases the lifetime of the bearing by about 50 per cent.

                Process reliability is important at Sauter, therefore a sensor and a tool mount monitoring system watch over the status of the tool during operation. The current status is displayed on the machine control system.

                A replaceable tool interface ca be easily replaced if necessary.Usually, the tool interfaces are permanently attached to the main spindle. Lubrication with long-life grease offers additional protection. With this maintenance-free spindle, within the specified life cycles, the user can concentrate completely on the productivity of the machine.

                In a package with a rotating unit, the Sauter power spindle becomes a B-axis. This additional axis enables five-axis machining, thus enabling workpieces with complex geometries to be machined. In addition, a preloaded, backlash-free gearbox and a high-precision encoder system enable an interpolating machining process.

                  • WORKPIECE CARRIER SYSTEM

                  • Special features:

                    • 5-axis machining possible
                    • High axial and radial runout accuracy
                    • Resistant to collisions
                    • Can be mounted anywhere

                    he Sauter rotary table is ideal for machines designed for complete machining. Our tables can be used for milling or grinding machines as a base for the main spindle or the workpiece carrier an allowing easy access from any position.

                    Impressive technical details
                    Our design for the B-axis rotary table focused on flexibility, precision, and robustness. This was achieved by means of:

                    • Backlash-free pre-loaded gear train
                    • Drive via standard AC servomotors
                    • Easy integration into the machine’s NC control system
                    • Universal 12-fold rotary union for transferring coolants, compressed air or hydraulics
                    • Hollow axle for routing electrical cables