Company Profile

RMT Robotics is a leading OEM manufacturer of materials handling automation specializing in the integration of multi axis linear and area gantry palletizing/unitizing systems. Founded in 1981, RMT Robotics is one of the oldest OEM manufactures of gantry palletizers in North America. In this time, RMT has accumulated a substantial installation base (over 150 machines) with a high percentage of these units from repeat business With an innovative, solution based approach, RMT has enjoyed a growing acceptance as a supplier of integrated systems. RMT's dramatic growth can be attributed, in part, to a high volume of repeat system business. In an effort to meet with RMT's increasing client base, RMT has moved to a new, larger 50,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing and R& D center in 1999. This state of the art facility will improve RMT's ability to maintain it's hard earned reputation for quality and on time delivery. RMT has adopted an industry focus strategy to our technology and services. The purpose of this focus is to achieve our mission of becoming the leading source for robotic solutions in the targeted market segment.

Product Range

  • Application line performing product transporting application
  • Automation line: Automated picking systems
  • Automation line: Automated warehousing and distribution systems
  • Automation line: Conveying systems
  • Automation line: Large scale factory automotion line
  • Automation line: Turnkey automation line
  • Conveying
  • Conveyors: Conveyor systems
  • Conveyors: Transfer stations
  • Handling: Case handling unit
  • Handling: Case packer
  • Handling: Case picking
  • Handling: Dock buffering
  • Handling: Gantry loader
  • Handling: Gripping device
  • Handling: Layer picking
  • Handling: Packaging system
  • Handling: Pick & Place unit
  • Handling: Pick and place system
  • Handling: Storage and retrieval
  • Handling: Storage system
  • Handling: WIP staging
  • Positioning unit
  • Transfer unit and system