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  • A company's expertise and readiness to innovate are reflected in its portfolio.

    As a long-time innovator in the areas of AUTOMATION and ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTIONS, WAGO's product catalog is therefore as extensive as it is high-performance.
Product Portfolio
  • Rail-mounted terminal block systems

  • With a selection that includes the smallest up to the largest rail-mounted terminal block, WAGO meets the demands of both a complete and high-performance portfolio, creating the basis for solutions for the smallest up to the greatest challenges.

    Much has changed in WAGO's terminal block program over the past decades: Thanks to the development of CAGE-CLAMP® connection technology, conductors can be terminated securely in mere seconds, independently of one another and with absolute reliability. Thanks to CAGE CLAMP®S technology, the TOPJOB®S DIN-rail mount terminal blocks are the industry’s most compact. Solid conductors, such as for power circuit wiring in small distribution boxes, can be terminated by simply pushing them in. And not to forget that ground connection to the carrier rail has replaced time-consuming screw connections with simple mounting of the terminal block, reducing the many work steps involved to a minimum.

    All of these continuous changes were made possible because WAGO remains true to its values: We see innovation at the center of our corporate activities. Our customers throughout the world expect safe, reliable, high-performance and economical products from us – and we rise up to this challenge each and every day.
      • Products

          • TOPJOB®S rail-mounted terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP®S

          • More than just reliable electrical connections: TOPJOB® S Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks have a long-standing reputation for ensuring safe and maintenance-free system operation in a wide variety of industrial applications and modern building installations.

            TOPJOB® S Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks are backed by the renowned reliability of Push-in CAGE CLAMP®. This is WAGO’s spring pressure connection technology that accommodates all conductor types; what’s more, you may not need to prepare the conductor before termination (depending on conductor type). For example, solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors with ferrules are terminated by simply pushing them in. TOPJOB® S Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks feature industry-leading safety reserves, allowing you to use a single rail-mounted terminal block system worldwide for virtually any application.

          • COMPACT rail-mounted terminal blocks

          • Compact rail-mounted terminal blocks for 2, 3 and 4 conductors, compatible to DIN 15 and DIN 35 rail. Excellent connections, thanks to tried-and-tested CAGE CLAMP® technology.

            Is space tight in your control cabinet or in your terminal box? The 870 Series compact rail-mounted terminal blocks are the perfect solution for you. With their proven CAGE CLAMP® technology, these terminal blocks are well equipped to provide vibration-proof and reliable connections.

          • MINI rail-mounted terminal blocks

          • WAGO's miniature rail-mounted terminal blocks are ideal for space-limited applications and small conductor sizes.

            Our proven CAGE CLAMP® connection technology is also used in our miniature rail-mounted terminal blocks: vibration-proof and easy to handle. The through and ground conductor terminal blocks are suitable for conductor sizes between 0.08 - 2.5 mm². These terminal blocks can be marked using Miniature WSB Quick marking system. Tap-off modules are available for testing applications. .

          • topJob® terminal blocks

          • TOPJOB® Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks: from 2.5 mm2 to 35 mm2

            TOPJOB® Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks with CAGE CLAMP® connection technology are ideal for conventional applications:

            • N-busbar for all terminal blocks on same level
            • Screwless N-disconnect slide link
            • Grounding foot with automatic connection to the carrier rail
            • Wide range of jumper systems for various circuit requirements
            • Multilevel installation terminal blocks with N-disconnection within the terminal block, if, for security reasons,♠ small circuit groups are required (e.g., bathrooms, swimming pools, medically used areas)
          • FIT CLAMP rail-mounted terminal blocks with IDC connection

          • Perform wiring quickly and easily under factory conditions

            "Even when time is of the essence, when rushing and short time schedules dictate our workday, this must not detract from the quality of our installation work. In cases like these, the WAGO rail-mounted terminal blocks with FIT CLAMP® (WAGO IDC technology) are exactly the right choice. They combine all the features of the tried-and-tested WAGO connection technologies: on the one hand, FIT CLAMP® for factory wiring without stripping the conductors, and on the other, CAGE CLAMP® for wiring in the field.

            FIT CLAMP® can be used to connect conductor sizes from 0.31 mm² to 1.5 mm² – and this with average time-saving of around 33% as compared to installation with the proven CAGE CLAMP® technology. Rail-mounted terminal blocks with FIT CLAMP® are just 5 mm wide, as are the CAGE CLAMP® terminal blocks."

          • Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks, Classic

          • Through its use of tried-and-tested CAGE CLAMP® connection technology, the Classic rail-mounted terminal block program from WAGO unites safety and reliability with user-friendliness.

            Whether the situation calls for rail-mounted terminal blocks with front-entry wiring, side-entry wiring or screw clamp, the WAGO portfolio provides the perfect solution for any challenge. Appropriate function terminal blocks have been added to WAGO's Classic terminal block program for special applications. Our customers profit from our decades of experience that is reflected in our products with Spring Pressure Termination Technology. This is why CAGE CLAMP® connection technology forms the basis for practically all Classic rail-mounted terminal blocks.

          • High-Current Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks

          • 285 Series High-Current Terminal Blocks with POWER CAGE CLAMP for 35, 50, 95 and 185 mm² (2, 2/0, 4/0 AWG and 350 kcmil) conductors

            Like our original CAGE CLAMP®, the POWER CAGE CLAMP connection technology is fast and easy to wire, vibration-proof, corrosion-resistant and 100 % maintenance-free. The newest addition to the POWER CAGE CLAMP family means WAGO boasts the most comprehensive spring pressure offering of rail mount terminal blocks in the market today – ranging from 0.08 mm² (28 AWG) up to 185 mm2 (350 kcmil).

            Wiring large conductors is easy:

            • A simple twist of a standard hex wrench opens the wire entry way
            • Pushing in the orange button locks the spring open for hands-free wiring
            • After inserting the conductor, a quarter turn of the hex wrench completes the connection
          • Modular terminal blocks and terminal strips for surface mounting

          • For specific or universal connection tasks: chassis-mount terminal strips, modular terminal blocks and terminal strips.
          • Patching systems and busbar terminal blocks

          • Patchboard systems and busbar terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP® connection: Double-potential terminal blocks, matrix patchboards, common potential matrix patchboards, rail-mounted terminal blocks for matrix patching and common potential terminal blocks.

            Applications for matrix patchboards and terminal blocks for matrix patching are installation engineering, power stations, the food processing industry and process engineering. Especially in these sectors, it is frequently necessary to rewire during commissioning. This concerns sensor and actuator signals, but also signals from monitoring systems and central computers. For this interface between control and field level, matrix patchboards and terminal blocks for matrix patching provide a space-saving solution for distribution boards with two-way or one-way access.

          • Screen connecting system

          • Easy handling and a wide range of accessories for the WAGO shield connecting system provides for user-tailored installation.

            Today's industry requires that equipment have some form of electromagnetic compatibility (EMV). Minimizing sensitivity and transmission of magnetic flux helps achieve this goal. These magnetic fluxes can cause many different types of errors (frequency converter, quicker load change, etc). Taking measurements is the only way to detect any interfering magnetic fluxes. When they are detected, precautions need to be taken such as a good grounding of the enclosure and a large area for the shielding (skin effect when the magnetic fluxes are at high frequency).

            With its shield connecting system, WAGO offers a comprehensive and very effective program for this. Both the EMV and the nominal values given will be controlled within the expected range. Installation at a later date is also a simple process. The WAGO shield connecting system is insulated and can also be used as a grounding potential.

          • Accessories

          • Accessories for rail-mounted terminal block systems

            WAGO has an extensive range of accessories for rail-mounted terminal block systems:

            • Marking accessories and devices
            • End Stops for DIN 35 Rail
            • Switchgear cabinet outlets
            • Operating tools
            • Crimping tool for ferrules
            • and much more...
        • Pluggable Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks

        • X Good Reasons

          X-COM® and X-COM® S, as well as X-COM® S MINI pluggable rail-mount terminal blocks are the modular system for time- and cost-saving system wiring. X-COM® systems are ideal for system wiring especially in switchgear and control applications (e.g., railway technology).

          The pre-assembled and pluggable X-COM® and X-COM® S systems offer X good reasons for using them: On the one hand, connectors can be pre-assembled independently of the final assembly and pre-assembled groups can be tested before assembly. On the other hand, components can be quickly and reliably replaced via 100% mismating and touch-proof protection. This not only saves time and money, but also allows assembly by non-specialists. Even components that are not mounted on a DIN 35 carrier rail can be easily incorporated into the system wiring via X-COM®.

          X-COM® – WAGO's wide range of pluggable rail-mounted terminal blocks equipped with the proven CAGE CLAMP® connection.
          X-COM® S – Benefit from a much more compact design, as well as CAGE CLAMP® S connection for push-in termination of solid or ferruled conductors.

          More highlights:
          • Conductor connection up to 4 mm² (AWG 12) at 32 A
          • Wire connection up to 1.5 mm² (16 AWG) with a terminal block width of only 3.5 mm (0.137 in.)(X-COM®S-MINI, 2020 Series)
          • Coding prevents errors
          • Mechanical protection via locking levers, strain relief plates and housings
          • Can be combined and commoned with the TOPJOB® S rail-mounted terminal block system
          • Dual jumper slots for various commoning options
          • Versatile, large-area marking options for even better
            • Products

                • X-COM®-SYSTEM

                • Combination of rail-mounted terminal blocks and connectors with CAGE CLAMP®connection. The X-COM-SYSTEM® is the perfect solution for switchgear and control applications.

                  Our Solutions – Your Benefits. The WAGO X-COM® SYSTEM

                  The WAGO X-COM®-SYSTEM, a COM-bination of connectors and rail-mounted terminal blocks, has grown to become a modular system for universal wiring applications since being introduced onto the market in 1997. This system makes all current rail-mounted terminal block functionalities suitable for plug and play applications. Even components that are not mounted on a DIN 35 carrier rail can be easily incorporated into existing system wiring using the X-COM-SYSTEM®.


                  • 100 % protection against mismating and
                  • Protect against accidental contact in unmated condition
                • X-COM®S-SYSTEM Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks and Connectors

                • X-COM®S-SYSTEM: Pluggable TOPJOB®S Terminal Blocks

                  The WAGO X-COM®S-SYSTEM: Combination of connectors and TOPJOB®S rail-mounted terminal blocks. This system makes all current TOPJOB®S rail-mounted terminal block functionalities suitable for plug and play applications.

                  • 2022 Series: Conductor connection up to 4 mm² (AWG 12) at 32 A
                  • 2020 Series: Conductor connection up to 1.5 mm² (16 AWG) with a terminal block width of only 3.5 mm (0.137 in)
                  • Cost-effective pre-assembly
                  • Protection against accidental contact in unmated condition
                  • Coding option prevents errors
                  • Protection against mismating
                  • Can be combined and commoned with TOPJOB®S terminal blocks
                  • Dual jumper slots for various commoning options
                  • Continuous marker strips for time- and cost-saving marking
              • Terminal blocks and connectors

              • Whether it is for terminating solid conductors with one another or solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors together, WAGO has the right connector to meet your most varying requirements.

                From the original WAGO 273 Series PUSH WIRE® connector for junction boxes to the WINSTA® connectors for the building installation, WAGO offers a comprehensive range of electrical interconnection products based on innovative Spring Pressure Termination Technology. Only these clamping and connecting systems can guarantee proper functioning and 100% reliability – and that all without any maintenance.

                Easily clamped in a matter of seconds (and, where required just as quickly released) – WAGO terminal blocks and connectors have proven themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt for more than 35 years now. In control cabinets or junction boxes, or on carrier rails – the reliability of these products makes them ideal for use in building automation and power engineering, in the automotive industry, in traffic and process technology and in mechanical engineering.
                  • Products

                      • Power Supply Connectors for Lighting and Equipment

                      • The 294 and 294 Series Linect® Power Supply Connectors connect lighting fixtures and other devices. These connectors can be used worldwide and accommodate solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors.

                        The Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connection used here allows solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors to be connected without any preliminary preparation of the conductor (ultrasonic compression, ferrules, etc.). If required, the connectors can be retrofitted with a strain relief plate. As an option, a direct PE (ground) contact is located beneath the connector; this can be used to integrate the metallic enclosure of the connector into the protective system directly on installation of the connector. The internal connection end is equipped with a fully functional third contact for each pole for a cross section range of 0.5 to 0.75 mm². The corresponding PE pole can accommodate an external PE (ground) contact.

                      • Installation connectors

                      • Installation connectors – from the classic WAGO PUSH WIRE® connectors for junction boxes and lighting connectors up to the compact splicing connectors for all conductor types.

                        The screwless connection technology invented by WAGO set new international standards in electrical installation more than 30 years ago. We built upon this technology in the development of new series of products, making it possible today for WAGO to offer you the right solution for all types of connection applications as the world market leader. One of our current innovations is the 2273 Series: This WAGO COMPACT PUSH WIRE® connector for junction boxes is up to 63 % smaller than other junction box connectors available on the market at present and offers you even more safety functions. The 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connector for all wire types is WAGO's latest innovation: It is up to 40 % smaller, features additional safety functions via transparent housing and is easier to use. The 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connector for all wire types is WAGO's latest innovation: It is up to 40 % smaller, features additional safety functions via transparent housing and is easier to use.

                      • Modular terminal blocks and terminal strips for surface mounting

                      • Chassis-mount terminal strips as well as modular terminal blocks and compact block terminal strips

                        WAGO chassis-mount terminal strips as well as modular terminal blocks and compact block terminal strips meet the toughest demands posed by flexible installation, versatile electrical connection options and easy handling.
                      • Capacitor and ballast (choke) terminal blocks

                      • All terminal blocks shown on this page are only examples for a variety of individual variants. WAGO, the market leader in this sector, will submit an offer for a ballast (choke) terminal block or tailor-made capacitor cover for your specific application.
                      • Transformer terminal blocks

                      • Transformer Terminal Blocks for Connection of Transformers

                        WAGO transformer terminal blocks available with either CAGE CLAMP® or screw clamp connection, or as fuse terminal blocks with screw connection. Transformer terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP® connection enable fast wiring through direct contact with the varnished coil wires in the IDC contacts.
                      • Accessories

                      • Accessories for compact splicing connectors
                        WAGO has an extensive range of accessories for compact splicing connectors:
                        • Marking accessories and devices
                        • Tools
                        • Wire and cable marking
                        • Operating levers
                        • Pins
                        • Strain relief
                        • Mounting carrier
                        • and much more...
                    • Pluggable Connector Systems

                    • WAGO offers a wide range of pluggable installation connectors (acc. to IEC 61535/EN 60320), industrial connectors (acc. to IEC/EN 61984) as well as specialty connectors (e.g., shaft installation for elevators).

                      With WINSTA®, MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS) and picoMAX®, three product series are available to you, allowing you to fulfill the most diverse connection requirements quickly and easily.

                      The right solution for any application: WINSTA® for safe and time-saving building installation, PCB connectors for device connection and flying leads for different mounting types.
                        • Products

                            • WINSTA® Connection System

                            • The WINSTA® system forms the electrical interface from power supply and distribution to electrical loads (e.g., lights), including data processing (bus lines in building automation).

                              WINSTA® is a pluggable connection system that is ideally suited to building system requirements. The system provides the ability to simply plug electrical installations and components together – making install safe, error-free and quick. Using pre-assembled and quality-tested components (such as conductors and distribution boxes), installation time required at the job site is reduced to a minimum. TheWINSTA® system forms the electrical interface from power supply and distribution to electrical loads (e.g., lights), including data processing (bus lines in building automation).

                            • PCB connector

                            • The universal pluggable connection system from WAGO. For wire sizes of 0.08–10 mm² and a huge selection of different versions in seven different connector product families (MCS: MICRO, MINI, MINI HD, MIDI, MIDI CLASSIC, MAXI as well as picoMAX®).
                            • Connectors for special applications

                            • Connectors for special applications, e.g., elevator engineering, racks or lighting and devices.

                              Connectors for special applications, e.g., tap-off connectors for elevator engineering, connectors for racks or power connectors for mounting on carrier rails round out the comprehensive range of products from WAGO.
                          • PCB terminal blocks and connectors

                          • Great diversity of PCB terminal blocks and connectors from the technology leader! WAGO offers the most extensive range of different Spring Pressure Connection Technologies for PCB connection and PCB connectors.

                            WAGO offers a comprehensive range of PCB terminal blocks and connectors to connect PCBs to your device environment. With metric or inch pin spacing ranging from 2.5 - 20 mm /0.098 - 0.788 in., and in a wide variety of colors, WAGO has the fitting solution with PCB terminal blocks for conductor sizes ranging from 0.08 to 16 mm². The PCB connectors are available in different versions for conductor sizes 0.08 - 10 mm².
                              • Products

                                  • PCB Terminal blocks

                                  • Greatest diversity from the technology leader! WAGO offers the most comprehensive range of PCB terminal blocks with Spring Pressure Connection Technology.
                                  • Compact PCB Connectors

                                  • Pluggable PCB connectors, compact design for conductor size 0.2 - 2.5 mm².

                                    PCB terminal blocks that double as pluggable connectors when required. Two-conductor, compact PCB connectors or modular PCB connectors for EIB applications - compact plugging on solder pin strips and on individual solder pins.

                                    On delivery, the picoMAX® eCOM pluggable female connectors are fitted with solder pins, allowing them to be directly soldered to a PCB and then wired just as conventional PCB terminal blocks are.

                                  • Feedthrough terminal blocks

                                  • Various versions of panel feedthrough terminal blocks, with pin spacing from 5 to 11.5 mm.

                                    Panel feedthrough terminal blocks and terminal strips with internal solder/wire-wrap connection, PCB connection or conductor termination at both ends up to 16 mm².

                                    Easy installation – partially with direct ground contact with enclosure/panel

                                    Special feature: The 828 Series is available with operating levers and guarantees safe, reliable and easy conductor termination up to 16 mm².

                                  • PCB connector

                                  • The universal pluggable connection system from WAGO. For wire sizes of 0.08–10 mm² and a huge selection of different versions in seven different connector product families (MCS: MICRO, MINI, MINI HD, MIDI, MIDI CLASSIC, MAXI as well as picoMAX®).
                                • Components for Automation

                                • The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is a flexible fieldbus-independent solution for decentralized automation tasks. With the relay, function and interface modules, as well as overvoltage protection, WAGO provides a suitable interface for any application.

                                  Flexibility and freedom in planning are the major advantages of modular and fieldbus-independent devices used for decentralized automation. WAGO presented a fieldbus system in this sector as early as 1995 with which fieldbus nodes could be precisely matched to fit a specific application based on the building block principle. Since then, we have continued to expand and further develop this system.

                                  I/O systems, interface modules, power supply and surge protection systems from WAGO are employed when the demand is for high performance and 100% safety and reliability, such as in industry, in process engineering, in building automation and, of course, in all safety-related and hazardous areas.

                                  WAGO's AUTOMATION division provides solutions that are based on both fieldbus and spring pressure termination technologies, as well as interface modules for the industry, process technology and building systems sectors.
                                    • Products

                                        • Modular I/O-System (Series 750, 753)

                                        • Since it’s inception in 1995 as the first fieldbus independent modular input-output system, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM has grown to include programmable logic controllers (PLC), fieldbus couplers, and over 400 different digital, analog and special function modules.

                                          Offering a compact, rack-less design with an optimal cost to performance ratio, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM also includes the following advantages :

                                          • Supports more than 16 fieldbus protocols including Ethernet, Profibus, CANopen, etc.
                                          • Granular I/O modules in 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 channels…buy only the I/O you need.
                                          • Combine a variety of voltages and signal types in a single node for flexible node configuration.
                                          • Pluggable connector option with 753 series I/O modules reduces wiring time and errors.
                                          • Open IEC 61131 PLC programming software offered as a site license.
                                        • WAGO SPEEDWAY (Series 767)

                                        • Where previously discrete wiring was once required, fieldbuses now provide communication between control unit, system and machine. Depending on equipment type, cabinet-free automation systems help minimize costs for planning, start-up, and servicing. To continue leading the way, WAGO has throttled its modular SPEEDWAY 767 I/O-System, boosting the performance of IP67-rated components.

                                          In addition to requiring a high degree of protection, a robust design and standardized connection technology, there is an increasing demand for highly functional IP67 features that were once only reserved for IP20 systems, such as:

                                          • Speed
                                          • Programmable
                                          • Parameterizable
                                          • Diagnostic capable
                                          • Upgradable
                                        • WAGO I/O IPC (Series 758)

                                        • With the I/O-IPC, WAGO presents a robust automation device based on Linux 2.6 with real-time extensions. The industry hardened DIN rail-mountable PC offers high computing power in the smallest spaces possible. A universal platform is made available to all automation system users ranging from PLC programmers up to Linux experts.
                                        • TO-PASS® Telecontrol Technology (761 Series)

                                        • Hardware and Software Modules. WAGO offers a wide range of modular and perfectly matched TO-PASS® components.

                                          At any time, from nearly anywhere in the world, TO-PASS® allows stand-alone monitoring of remote objects — even in harsh outdoor conditions.
                                        • PERSPECTO (762 Series)

                                        • PERSPECTO® is WAGO's comprehensive monitor and panel system for operating and monitoring process data for machines, systems and control technology.
                                        • WAGO I/O-System (Series 757 - sensor / actuator boxes)

                                        • The IP67 Fieldbus system does not offer in every situation the flexibility and cost-effectiveness which would allow the user to achieve a consistent change-over from the IP20 to the IP67 automation system. For this reason, effective IP20/IP67 solutions provide a useful alternative

                                        • IP67 Cables and Connectors (756 Series)

                                        • Cabling accessories for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM IP67 (755 Series), for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM IP67 SPEEDWAY (767 Series) and for the IP67 Sensor/Actuator Boxes (757 Series)

                                          Fieldbus cables, system cables, power supply cables, sensor/actuator cables, configurable connectors, connecting cables for sensor/actuator boxes and accessories

                                        • ETHERNET SWITCH (Series 852)

                                        • The range of WAGO Switches ensures scalability of your network infrastructure with outstanding electrical and mechanical characteristics.

                                          These robust devices are designed for industrial use and they are fully compliant with IEEE802.3, 802.3u and feature function monitoring and redundant voltage supplies ranging from of 9 to 48V. Features such as auto-negotiation and auto-MDI/MDIX (crossover) on all 10/100 BaseTX ports, as well as store-and-forward switching mode, are also available.

                                        • Accessories

                                        • WAGO has an extensive range of accessories for automation components.
                                          • Radio receiver and radio transmitter
                                          • Marking accessories and devices
                                          • Tools
                                          • Power supplies
                                          • External antennas
                                          • and much more...
                                        • Building Automation with flexROOM®

                                        • All individual settings and input of parameters in the graphic Web interface can be made at the click of a mouse. Access to this interface is achieved via the Web server of the integrated application controller.

                                          The flexROOM® concept is oriented on the room axes. Each axis is provided with the same functions across all disciplines: with a sunblind control, two lighting circuits and an individual room control. Move walls intuitively and quickly, re-arrange rooms, configure lighting and shading groups – all with only a few clicks of the mouse.

                                      • AUTOMATION - Interface modules

                                      • Separation into functional and wiring level.

                                        Modern equipment design requires multiple components that can meet diverse challenges: User- and maintenance-friendly, limited budgets, safety and availability, simplicity in design and usage. These demands are more than satisfied by the different WAGO interface modules in their various designs, such as pluggable function and interface modules, narrow relay and optocoupler modules and modern, high-efficiency switch mode power supplies.

                                        Benefits of WAGO interface modules:
                                        • The components are pluggable - reducing installation time.
                                        • Exchange or adjust components easily and trouble-free.
                                        • Reduce costs and compact design with smaller optocouplers and relay modules.
                                        • Fewer errors during commissioning using an interface module with standard interfaces.
                                          • Products

                                              • Relays and optocouplers

                                              • Relays and optocouplers are used everywhere where electrical signals must be transmitted and galvanic isolation, level adjustment or amplification are required. They are suitable for all industrial applications: process and power technology, rail vehicles, shipbuilding, as well as control cabinet applications.

                                                Benefits of WAGO relays and optocouplers:

                                                • Easy termination of conductors from 0.34 mm² to 2.5 mm² (22-12 AWG)
                                                • Optimized for any application
                                                • Wide range of accessories (e.g., adjacent jumpers, marking material)
                                                • Switchable loads from 1mA to 16A
                                              • Interface Modules

                                              • WAGO Interface Modules. Safe and maintenance-free connections

                                                Interface modules connect the electronics with the electrical systems at the control level and assume the tasks of

                                                • Signal transmission control system/field (system, machine)
                                                • Signal distribution control system/field and vice versa. Here, the control signals from pre-assembled plug-in connections are applied to terminal block connections.
                                              • Transducers

                                              • WAGO offers an extensive range of transducers, temperature transducers and signal conditioning modules.

                                                Perfectly pairing a housing with electronics is key to a highly successful device. This is exactly what WAGO has achieved with the new 857 Series Transducers and Relay/Optocoupler Modules:

                                                • Isolation Amplifier / Passive Isolator
                                                • Passive Isolator / Signal Splitter
                                                • Frequency Transducer
                                                • AC/DC Current Transducer
                                                • Millivolt transducer
                                                • Threshold Value Switch
                                                • Temperature Transducer for RTD
                                                • Temperature Transducer for Thermocouples
                                              • Power Supplies

                                              • Advanced Power Supply System - The Right Solution for Each Application.

                                                With the EPSITRON® 787 Series, WAGO offers a complete power supply system for industrial applications. Besides single and three-phase power supply units of the CLASSIC product family (12V, 24V or 48V), single-phase ECO power supply units (24V) and three-phase PRO power supply units with extra output power provided by PowerBoost and TopBoost and an optional LineMonitor are also available. The range also includes buffer modules, uninterruptible power supplies, redundancy modules for parallel operation of power supply units, as well as electronic circuit breakers for selective fuse protection.

                                              • Overvoltage protection

                                              • WAGO overvoltage protection for improved operational safety and availability

                                                Overvoltage protection devices are electrical equipment whose principal components are voltage dependent resistors (varistors, suppressor diodes) and /or dischargers.

                                                Overvoltage protection devices are used to protect electrical equipment and systems against excess overvoltages (surge) and to generate equipotential bonding.

                                              • Empty Housings and DIN-Rail Mounting Carriers

                                              • Empty Housings and DIN-Rail Mounting Carriers

                                                Supplementary to the WAGO product range, pluggable empty housings and interface modules w/o mounting carrier are available for custom, specialty applications or different relay assemblies.

                                              • Radio Technology

                                              • WAGO Radio Receiver Based on EnOcean Technology

                                                Wireless technology can support wired applications or enable completely new applications. In mobile or movable systems, wireless technology is the first choice, but wireless technology is also used if greater distances or obstacles must be overcome.

                                                Using WAGO radio technology products, difficult areas can be easily linked together, without bothersome cables.

                                              • Accessories

                                                • Marking accessories and devices
                                                • Wire and cable marking
                                                • Mounting accessories- Tools
                                                • and much more...
                                              • Charging Infrastructure for eMobility

                                              • WAGO's Pilot-Boxes control and monitor the charging process between electric vehicles (EVs) and power supply in wall boxes, charging stations (EVSE) or charging infrastructures. As an interface to Smart Grid, they also provide flexible charging currents and load management.
                                            • Marking Accessories and Marking Units

                                            • The plan is set and the product is nearing completion. Suddenly the request for a reliable marking system is brought up. How often do you find yourself lost in a jungle of many manufacturers - especially true of printers, plotters or engravers?

                                              With perfectly-attuned hardware and software, WAGO offers high-performance marking solutions, both for its own labels and cable markers, as well as those from our competitors.
                                                • Products

                                                    • Marking Units

                                                    • Rail-mounted terminal blocks with a rated cross section of 2.5/4mm2 are the most common in the field. WAGO WMB Inline is a revolutionary marking system that offers significant time and cost saving benefits for all WAGO rail-mounted terminal blocks designed to accept this wire range.

                                                      Individual markers designed in chain link format with extendable pitch are available on a continuous reel of 1,500 markers. A thermal transfer printer guarantees permanent and smudge-proof printing with no installation time required.

                                                    • Marking Accessories

                                                    • WMB Inline, marking strips and cards, markers from a reel, etc.

                                                      WAGO provides you with marking accessories for all standard printer systems.
                                                  • Software

                                                  • The WAGO software concept: modules optimizing your solutions.

                                                    WAGO provides you with a series of software designed to make your daily work easier: No matter whether you are looking for programming and visualization tools, a software for operating and displaying a node, or a configuration software. You will find them here.

                                                    On our download area (Consulting & Support), you will find system descriptions, manuals, safety data sheets, device drivers, data sheets, etc.
                                                      • Products

                                                            • Programs

                                                            • WAGO-I/O-CHECK, WAGOframe, WAGO-I/O-Pro, ProServe, CoDeSys V3, and much more...

                                                              WAGO-I/O-CHECK 2
                                                              WAGO-I/O-CHECK 2 is an easy-to-use Windows application for the checking of inputs and outputs and the display of a WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 node.

                                                              WAGO-I/O-PRO is a programming and visualization tool for control programs, allowing users to develop PLC applications for the programmable fieldbus controller of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750.

                                                              WAGO AUTOMATION COCKPIT
                                                              Integrated development environment for configuring, planning, and programming control panels, couplers, and WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 controllers.

                                                              Configuration and marking of rail assemblies, stand-alone or in combination with CAE systems.