Company Profile

Mission Statement
The conceptual shift which moves away from viewing automation projects in segments or in isolation to offering total solutions with compatible components, is the driving force which enables WAGO, as a component supplier to develop new and innovative products and bring them to the marketplace.

Connection Systems
As early as 1951, WAGO put into practice the idea of using spring pressure instead of screws to connect electrical conductors.

We are also the pioneer in spring clamp systems for electrical engineering and electonics. Our safety philosophy is at the heart of all our designs:

Vibration-proof and maintenance-free connections, independent of the skill of the operator.

Business Divisions
In our ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTIONS business area we develop electrical connectors.
In our AUTOMATION business area we develop electronic components for decentralized automation technology.

Company History
"Beginnings are always difficult" a German saying goes. But, that the beginning would last for 15 years until bigger successes could have been achieved with spring clamps, this was not foreseen when WAGO was founded in 1951.

Quality and Environment
WAGO's registration to the ISO 14001 standard.
WAGO meets the requirements of DIN ISO 9001:2000.

Product Range

  • Connectors: Block terminal
  • Connectors: Capacitor terminal
  • Connectors: Connecting terminal
  • Connectors: Connectors for special applications
  • Connectors: Electrical connector
  • Connectors: Feed-through terminal
  • Connectors: Industrial connector
  • Connectors: Installation terminal
  • Connectors: Installation terminal
  • Connectors: Installation terminal, modular
  • Connectors: Installation terminal, modular, with blade-type connector
  • Connectors: Installation terminal, modular, with side wiring
  • Connectors: Lighting terminal
  • Connectors: Microelectronics, plug connector
  • Connectors: Modular terminal block
  • Connectors: Modular terminal block, compact
  • Connectors: Modular terminal block, mini
  • Connectors: PCB plug-in connector
  • Connectors: PCB terminal
  • Connectors: PCB Terminal Block
  • Connectors: PCB terminal, pluggable
  • Connectors: Plug-in connectors
  • Connectors: Rail-mounted terminal block system