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  • Farnell, established in 1939, is a world leading high service, low volume distributor of electronic, electrical, industrial and maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) products – with fast, easy access to over 480,000 stocked products, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    We offer buyers, design and maintenance engineers flexible ordering through a choice of channels and delivery options to suit individual requirements.
    • 24 hour ordering – telephone & online
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Product Portfolio
  • Robotics

      • With key relationships with leading vendors such as Freescale, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Murata, Honeywell, Omron, Schneider Electric, Emerson Network Power, Trinamic and many more, Premier Farnell is able to combine the Product Line Card with the Technical Expertise that the Robotics marketplace demands. Furthermore, our relationship with RTOS leader Micrium enables us to deliver the real-time control and accuracy you need for mission critical applications.
  • Robotic Solutions

    • Automatic Guided Vehicle

    • AGV is the abbreviation of Automatic Guided Vehicle, which is actually a kind of unmanned wheel-driven robot. Under the instructions given by monitoring system, it is able to find the specified destination through predetermined route by utilizing automatic guide devices and on-board sensors and then complete assigned tasks. Due to advantages of agility and intelligence, AGV is mainly used in applications such as flexible manufacturing systems and smart warehouses.
    • Remote Surgical Robot

    • Remote surgical robots (telesurgical robots) utilize remote sensing and robotics to help surgeons perform surgeries remotely by controlling remote surgical tools and observing real-time images sent from remote surgery room. These robots bring many unprecedented benefits including high accuracy, no distance limit and possibility of extending health services to remote rural areas.
    • Industrial Robotic Arm

    • Robotic arm forms a key part of industrial robotics. With tools mounted onto the robotic arm, a variety of different jobs such as soldering, painting and palletizing can be performed. There are several types of robotic arms currently employed in a wide range of industrial applications; namely - cartesian, cylindrical, polar and articulated robotic arms. An articulated robotic arm is the most popular type and has a higher DOF (Degree of Freedom), small size and wide operation range, as well as capability to avoid obstacles within a small space.
    • Robotic Wheelchair

    • Over the years, the health service sector has been continually trying to improve the service provided to the aging population, accident victims and people in need of mobility assistance. As a result, more emphasis is being directed towards the design and development of intelligent tools (e.g. such as the robotic wheelchairs) which bring multiple functions, high stability and safety to help accident victims and people in need of mobility assistance.
    • Pipeline Exploration Robot

    • Regular inspection of pipelines is key factor in ensuring safe transport and finding pipe leakages or blockages for a wide variety of applications e.g. Oil and Gas transport. Using pipeline exploration robots to enter pipelines and carry out inspection work with HD cameras, greatly increases efficiency and quality of inspection. A pipeline exploration robot system includes a control station and a robot.
    • Search and Rescue Robot

    • Natural disasters and accidents leads to a large-scale destruction of human lives and properties. In such cases, no matter how hazardous the situation, rescuing as many survivors as quickly as possible or supplying food, water and medicine becomes a top priority. Rescue robots fulfill this complex task which is otherwise very hazardous for human rescue workers to undertake.
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