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  • Offer Profile
  • EnvironTec is a skilled, innovative company from Austria.

    Our many years’ experience have led to our specialisation in the development, production and marketing of gas-technology components for a wide variety of fermentation gas applications in the bio, sewage and landfill gas area.

    Our product portfolio ranges from fermentation gas reactor equipment to all gas purification and gas storage components right through to gas utilisation in flare systems. We are also happy to conduct the planning, conception and delivery of complete gas conduits and systems as well as their maintenance and inspection on behalf of the customer.
Product Portfolio
  • Digester equipment

      • Roof Manhole RMH

      • To carry out repair and maintenance work as well as for the introduction and removal of bulky equipment is in digesters a sufficiently large and easy to open and closable opening required.

        The EnvironTec roof manhole RMH is this a solid and cost manhole construction available. The roof manhole is standard in four different diameters available on customer request special sizes.

        Usually for roof manholes, the material stainless steel 1.4571, as sealing material NBR O-used.
      • Double-tube heat exchanger

      • Our double-pipe heat exchanger WT can be used for heat exchange on biogas and sewage treatment plants.

        Energy efficient means of countercurrent process the medium is heated evenly and the process flow back out.

        Designed and carried out the design and construction we customised, this guarantees a cost-effective and effective execution.
        Our WT is manufactured completely in stainless steel and is available with or without insulation available.
      • Dom gas DG

      • Gas Dome / gas caps serve two purposes - one hand they take the various equipments of the digester head on, such as safety equipment, foam traps, inspection glasses and sight glasses, gas sampling devices, etc. - on the other hand, they provide a large enough opening for insertion and removal of material or access opening is ,

        The EnvironTec gas dome or the gas cap is specifically designed and manufactured to any customer requirement and can be supplied in a variety of configurations. Diameter and frame length be individually customized.

        Usually 1.4571 stainless steel is used for gas dome and gas caps. Other materials on request.
      • Spray nozzle SU

      • In operation of digesters may under certain circumstances to the formation of sludge floating on the surface mud islands or to the formation of all floating layers.

        Using the EnvironTec spray nozzle, the swimming stratification effectively combated without container opening with the goal of driving the floating layers fragments by water jet device for removal.
        The water jet spray tip is due to the ball joint design rotating and swiveling freely.

        Since the work can be simultaneously observed from the outside through the sight glass EnvironTec, it is not necessary to open the gas space of the reactor.

        Furthermore, the spray nozzlecan be used for foam control.
        All metal parts are made ​​of stainless steel, the ball joint from durable plastic.
      • Sight glass IG

      • For easy and unhindered observation of what goes on inside of digesters (eg floating roofs education) Show Glasses / observation windows are used. The EnvironTec sight glass in a system can be integrated manhole covers or gas dome are or are simply mounted by means of a separate insert in Reaktordach- or the outer wall.

        EnvironTec sight glasses are available in various sizes. As additional facilities wipers, spray, light fittings (also protected externally) and protective covers are available.
        The glass material is highly resistant and unbreakable.
        The frame construction is standard made ​​of stainless steel 1.4571.
      • Foam Trap FT

      • In the operation of digesters may under certain circumstances to foam in the gas space come (eg mixing processes in the reactor by gas injection processes, unfavorable composition of digested sludge, temperature influence ...). The modern EnvironTec foam trap can detect the formation of the foam in time and the penetration of the formed foam in the gas sampling system effectively prevent.

        The foam case body is monitored continuously inside the light microscope. Increases the foam formed in the gas space in the monitored area, the detection is automatic and immediate intervention of cleaning nozzles. Using a projection fan the foam in the foam trap held down and prevents its penetration into the gas pipeline system.

        The deposited foam falls directly back into the reactor chamber.

        Delivery is available in different trim levels (basic, semi-resp. Fully automatic and incl. Signal output to control system possible).

        EnvironTec - foam traps are made ​​of stainless steel 1.4571 manufactured with high quality components / fittings.
      • Side manhole LMH

      • During the construction phase of digester gas containers but also during operation and for remodeling a safe and must imple access to the interior of the container to be ensured. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the lateral entry and exit of people - to accomplish but also the introduction and removal of material and equipment.

        The EnvironTec - side manhole LMH ensures easy and rapid opening and closing of the manhole cover by spindle lock and an additional sealing of the inward-opening design by fluid pressure. By the inward curvature encamp no sludge particles or other solids from it.

        EnvironTec lateral manholes LMH be free with diameters ranging from 600mm - 1200mm delivered. The frame width is ordered individually. EnvironTec lateral manholes are made of stainless steel 1.4571 and are suitable for up to 4 bar hydrostatic pressures.
    • Gas processing

        • Sediment pot ST

        • In the process control of digester gas equipment can lead only to the formation of condensate water and for discharging foam particles and other solids from the reactors in the pipes. In extreme cases, deposits can form / blockages that can cause excessive pressure losses or other damages in the piping system.

          In EnvironTec sediment cup condensed water and sediment particles are separated and collected. Sediment pots are usually installed directly into the pipeline, but can also be flanged pipe below the low points. The gas and the condensed water with the sediment particles is rotated by the inlet nozzle in a rotational movement.

          The heavy particles and the water collect on the vessel wall and are collected at the container bottom. The removal is done manually using a ball valve or via a siphon.
          flush ports, level indicator and sight glass are optionally available.
          Delivery is possible in different sizes and types. EnvironTec sediment pots are made ​​of stainless steel 1.4571 (1.4301 substructure).
        • Condensate pot CP

        • Biogas or sewage gas is water vapor-saturated gas. Typically, it comes in biogas plants and their piping systems through the influence of temperature on the formation of condensate water. Condensation may like to blockages of depth points, deposits, corrosion lead in the pipeline components.

          The EnvironTec condensate pot to the low point drain collects and removes condensed water in the piping system effectively and safely. Condensate pots are usually installed directly into the pipeline, but may be nec-flanged even below piping low points. The condensed water collects in the container walls or to the partition wall and is collected at the vessel bottom. The removal is done manually or automatically by means of ball valve via a siphon or an automatic separator. Level indicator or gauge glass is an option.

          Delivery is available in various sizes and trim levels (basic, semi-resp. Fully automatic) possible. EnvironTec condensate pot are made ​​of stainless steel 1.4571 (1.4301 substructure).
        • Condensate collector CA

        • Sewage gas or biogas is steam-saturated gas. Typically, it comes in biogas plants and their piping systems through the influence of temperature on the formation of condensate water. Condensation may like to blockages of depth points, deposits, corrosion lead in the pipeline components.

          The EnvironTec condensate collector for low drainage F effectively and safely. Condensate collectors are usually attached directly-flanged pipe below the low points. The condensed in the pipes water collects at the low points of the system - and runs directly into the collector, where the water is removed manually or automatically from a specified level by means of a siphon or or an automatic separator. A filling level indicator or gauge glass is an option.

          Delivery is available in 2 different sizes and trim levels (basic, semi or fully automatic) possible. EnvironTec condensate collectors are made ​​of stainless steel 1.4571.
        • Gravel Filter GF

        • Biogas from anaerobic digesters and biogas reactors is water saturated and partially loaded with dirt particles. In addition, there may be penetration of the foam in the pipe system. The EnvironTec gravel filter GF provides a simple coarse cleaning of the biogas certainly. The gas flows through a gravel filter layer dirt, foam & condensate droplets are deposited there. The cleaning of gravel at normal means of water pollution can inject

          done by the cleaning or flushing nozzles that the filter needs to be opened without. EnvironTec offers the gravel filters for different flow rates and pressures. The gravel filter can be optionally equipped with a Kiesentnahmeflansch and differential pressure measurement.
          EnvironTec - gravel filters are made ​​of stainless steel 1.4571 manufactured.
        • Ceramic microfilter FF

        • To fine-cleaning of sewage bzw. biogas fine filters are used. This fine particles ≥ 8 .mu.m as well as condensate mist can be deposited, so that is a largely free of foreign substances gas available for further gas use.

          The fine filter EnvironTec be with filter cartridges from Pantel equipped (special fireclay). The gas flows through the filter candle from the outside inwards, the foreign substances are thereby deposited on the outer wall. The filter material used is chemically resistant / neutral, has a high filter performance combined with low pressure drop and is easy to clean with a pressure washer.

          Any condensate can be removed using an optional siphon or condensate. On request can fine filter with differential pressure measurement (U-tube manometer or individual) and water level indicator can be equipped.

          EnvironTec - fine filters are made ​​of stainless steel 1.4571 manufactured.
        • Gas refrigerant dryer GC

        • Biogas, sewage and landfill gas always contains water vapor in the saturated state. The water vapor in the combustion leads to significant corrosion damage to gas engines and turbines. Interference caused by this damage leads to significant downtime and high repair costs. By using a gas dryer that can significantly prolonged lifetime of the motors and the maintenance costs significantly reduced to.

          The condensation of the water vapor in the gas will take place by lowering the temperature, thereby resulting in a dehumidification. The condensate and in the case of downstream cooling deposited over discharged a siphon. By a dehumidification efficiency increase is achieved at the same time. The EnvironTec gas refrigerant dryer provides a cost effective solution and will produce

          The drying gas can be supplied to the modules power ranges 100-6000 Nm³/h gas flow rate. On request, special versions are available. Additional applications are arrangements in combination with a reheating before activated carbon filters and fed into a gas pipeline to avoid condensation.  To save energy, the gas drying is an additional module of air cooler and tube exchanger expandable.
        • Biological gas cleaning

        • Biogas and landfill gas always contains hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Usually, this is in the range of 1,000 to 6,000 ppm but may also reach 2% Vol or more. This H2S frequently needs to be removed from the gas – either for reasons of environmental protection or because of the corrosion hazard. The EnvironTec desulphurisation process offers a cost-effective yet highly efficient solution for this task. At the core is a biological process requiring no chemicals and almost no consumables. When a limited amount of air (app. 10 - 15% in relation to the gas throughput) is added, special bacteria (e.g. Thiobacillus) convert the H2S to elementary sulphur and sulphuric acid.
      • Gas recovery

            • Manual gas flare FA I

            • In the operation of biogas plants may be circumstances that produces more gas than can be used. To ensure that no unburned gases released into the atmosphere, they are burned by gas torch .

              The operation of the bio gas torch begins by the manual valve is opened first. The gas can now flow through the conduit and to mix with the combustion air in the flame tube. Using the start button on the control box, the gas ignited! Closing the door manually finished.

              Before ordering are additional local legal requirements and to examine whether the use of a manually operated gas torch on the biogas plant is possible.

              The manual biogas flare FAI is designed as a simple, manual gas torch for emergency flaring of biogas and is supplied without a flame monitoring and automatic control.

              EnvironTec - biogas flares FAI are completely made ​​of stainless steel 1.4571 and manufactured with high quality components / fittings. In selecting the individual components used, special attention to robustness, long-term durability and low maintenance is being added.
            • Gas flare FA II

            • In operation of biogas plants resp. sewage treatment it is under circumstances (eg start up phase, repairs or accidents consumers) necessary excess gas to safely burn . With the EnvironTec gas torch series FAII the operator is an automatically functioning, safe and low emissions operating gas torch available. The FAII ensures a robust and functional design is primarily a long life , low maintenance and constant availability .

              The gas torch is fully automatic - ie after receipt of the start and stop signal are determined by the control system (Siemens PLC), the corresponding valves automatically open while initiating the ignition. The flame is continuously monitored by a UV-sensor. The respective standby / operating status is displayed on the control cabinet with control lamps and reported to the central controller. By default, the FAII with a plastic cabinet (IP54) equipped with integrated Siemens PLC control.

              Alternatively, an automatic firing are used. The gas combustion by default by diffusion burner - but can also required using a Injector be equipped. The torch FAII can be equipped with accessories such as pressure control, pilot burner system electrical fittings heating or temperature monitoring. EnvironTec - biogas flares FAII are completely made ​​of stainless steel manufactured with high quality components / fittings.
        • Gas storage systems

              • Gas storage TG / TGZ

              • EnvironTec offers 2 pressureless gas storage systems that are basically differentiated by the type of casing design.

                The TG model consists of a galvanised steel profile structure with trapezoidal sheet metal cladding.
                The TGZ model consists of a prefabricated metal silo made from galvanised corrugated steel sheet metal segments with laterally attached stiffening profiles and a conical roof.

                The storage membrane is made from high-quality, leakage-tested, UV-resistant special plastic material; fungicide treated, flame resistant to DIN 4102 B2. The membrane is completely self-contained and freestanding inside the container (no steel components in direct contact with the gas).It is attached by/fitted with a stainless steel connection flange (material no. 1.4571) at the tip of the conical housing and at the bottom of the gas sack. A protective floor matt is laid on top of the concrete foundation for the protection of the storage membrane. The gas containers are equipped with hydraulic pressure/vacuum protection, a mechanical pressure relief valve as well as optical fill level indication and vacuum monitoring.
              • Double membrane gas holder DM

              • The outer membrane forms the actual protective construction and is always exposed to a positive pressure required for structural integrity. The processes inside the storage container can always be monitored through an inspection glass built into the outer membrane. The actual useable storage space is formed by the inner membrane. This membrane moves up or down depending on the fill level. In a gas storage container with a foundation plate the bottom membrane seals the storage space from the concrete foundation. The membranes are attached to the foundation by the anchor ring. Each storage container is individually load-calculated (internal pressure, wind and snow loads). Consequently, membranes with a high tear resistance are selected. The PVC-coated membranes are flame-resistant pursuant to DIN 4102 B1, fungicide treated and fitted with extended UV protection. The inner and bottom membranes are specially coated for protection against the substances contained in the biogas (CH4, CO2, H2S, etc.).