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  • Your drive is our strength.
    Your strength is our drive.

    Competence in power transmission applications since 1946.
    Since 70 years, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN in Bochum has produced a wide range of torsionally flexible couplings. One of the outstanding features and essential quality factors is our in-house development and manufacture of elastomeric elements. All power transmission elements are manufactured on ultramodern production facilities. In-house test benches and inspection facilities of highest technical standards warrant high-quality and long-life power transmission products of the REICH-KUPPLUNGEN brand.
Product Portfolio
  • Highly Flexible Couplings


      • The ARCUSAFLEX coupling is a highly flexible flywheel coupling with an axial plug-in facility, providing a torsionally soft connection between an internal combustion engine and a driven machine.

        Advantages of the highly flexible ARCUSAFLEX coupling:
        • very high torsional flexibility with a linear torsional deflection characteristic
        • backlash-free torque transmission
        • available in many different versions
        • available in 15 sizes: from 200 Nm to 110000 Nm
        • ease of assembly thanks to the plug-in type design with ample axial float
        • high torsional vibration and shock load absorbing capability
        • compensation of major misalignments
        • torque limitation protecting the drive against overload
        • compliant with EU regulation 94/9/EG (ATEX 95)

      • The highly torsionally flexible ACRUSAFLEX-VSK coupling is used in a drive train when a large shaft displacement or an extended distance between the drive and the driven components must be compensated. Depending on the arrangement of the drive train components, a non-uniform motion of the speed may result, and since cardan shafts exhibit some torsion flexibility, the mass of the prime mover and driven machine may induce a resonant system.

        Advantages of the highly torsionally flexible ARCUSAFLEX-VSK couplings:
        • linear torsional deflection characteristic
        • elements available in different torsional stiffnesses
        • enhanced damping capacity through frictional damping
        • available in 9 sizes: from 390 Nm to 20.000 Nm
        • maintenance-free coupling bearings
        • radial bearing close to the cardan joint
        • a variety of designs for different cardan shaft configurations
        • many types with SAE connection dimensions or as specified
        • compact construction, the highly flexible element being protected by the housing
        • fail-safe device visible from the outside for ease of inspection
      • TOK-coupling system

      • Test bench couplings are applied in miscellaneous test benches. By reason of manifold, specific requirements TOK system is designed according to the modular design concept, to be applicable on almost every engine test bench.

        For specific requirements, e.g. special-test benches, the standard parts can be combined with specific-designed parts to derive solutions corresponding to individual conditions.

        Advantages of the TOK-ZW coupling system:
        • lowest possible torsional stiffness utilizing two flexible elements
        • simple adjustment of the torsional stiffness by changing of elements
        • compensation of axial-, radial- and angular misalignment
        • self-centering, backlash-free and maintenance-free
        • flanges adapted to DIN or SPICER bolt patterns, respectively on demand
        • variable installation lengths utilizing telescopic spacer shafts
        • ideal for highest speed
        • lowest possible weight by using high-tensile aluminium and CFRP

      • The MULTI CROSS FORTE is a highly flexible coupling with progressive torsional stiffness. The special characteristic of all MULTI CROSS FORTE couplings is the use of transmission elements, which are alike within the same type series, but their number vary according to the size of the coupling.

        The most salient characteristics and advantages of the highly flexible MULTI CROSS FORTE coupling:
        • very high torsional flexibility with a progressive torsional characteristic line
        • high compensation capability of axial, radial and angular misalignment
        • backlash-free torque transmission even for reverse rotation
        • high torsional vibration and shock load absorbing capability
        • good removal of heat which may be generated by the damping effect of the coupling
        • easy alignment of the coupling
        • positive fit between transmission element and hub flange to prevent relative movement
        • cost-saving spare parts inventory by use of the same element size within one series type

      • MULTI CROSS RILLO couplings are highly torsionally flexible tyre couplings with progressive torsional deflection haracteristic. The salient feature of the MULTI CROSS RILLO shaft couplings is that the coupling hubs are supplied with commercially available taper bushes for nominal torques of up to 11500 Nm. This allows easy and time saving mounting of the coupling hubs on the shaft. Special tools are not required.

        The most important attributes and advantages of the highly flexible MULTI CROSS RILLO couplings:
        • high torsional flexibility with progressive torsional deflection characteristic
        • high compensating capability for axial, radial and angular misalignments
        • easy and time saving mounting of the coupling hubs thanks to the use of taper bushes
        • radial change of the rubber element without axial movement of the coupled machines
        • backlash-free torque transmission even in case of alternating directions of rotation
        • high torsional vibration and shock load damping capability
        • noise level insulation
        • wear-resistant and maintenance-free
    • Torsionally Flexible Couplings


        • The MULTI MONT OCTA flywheel coupling is designed specifically as a torsionally flexible drive coupling for units with internal combustion engines. It is used to dampen torsional vibrations and to compensate for misalignments.

          Salient features and advantages of the MULTI MONT OCTA flywheel coupling:
          • efficient torsional vibration and peak torque dampening and absorbing capability
          • ease of assembly thanks to the plug-in type design
          • compensation of axial, radial and angular misalignments
          • coupling hub of spheroidal cast iron as a standard
          • fail safe design combined with a high load carrying capability, nevertheless with protection against overload breakage by means of the existing rated break point
          • simple, compact and thus low-cost coupling design

        • MULTI MONT couplings have been built in series since 1958. This pluggable claw coupling that has been successfully proven over a number of decades has been permanently updated to the state of the art, and the MULTI MONT SELLA, MULTI MONT DEKA and MULTI MONT GIANT series nowadays cover a torque range from 40 to 1 000 000 Nm.

          Advantages of MULTI MONT-SELLA, -DEKA, -GIGANT:
          • compensate for axial-, radial- und angular misalignments
          • absorb shocks and vibrations
          • Series spans 22 sizes covering torque ranges from 40 Nm to 1 000 000 Nm
          • are well suited as plug-in type couplings ensuring ease of assembly and alignment
          • allow prompt and easy radial change of the flexible elements
          • are maintenance-free
          • are customizeable for almost every type of mounting situation
        • MMS-HS

        • Reich, consistently following the principle of providing the best for the customer, D2C - Designed to Customer, has developed a flexible MMS-HighSpeed coupling series.

          Essential features and advantages of MULTI MONT SELLA HighSpeed:
          • High speeds
          • Maintenance-free
          • Shock and vibration damping
          • Compensation of axial, radial and angular offsets
          • Easy assembly and alignment thanks to the plug-in type design
          • Simple radial element replacement by sliding back the retaining cap
          • Fail-safe operation and high overload capability
          • High-strength aluminum
          • Low weight
          • Adaptable to almost any mounting situation

        • The flexible Reich MULTI MONT ASTRA coupling is a fail-safe claw coupling with flexible element for a torsionally flexible shaft connection. The advantages of the all over machined MULTI MONT ASTRA coupling, and of the claw flanks in particular, are the precise running characteristic and the extended service life.

          The most salient characteristics and advantages of the MULTI MONT ASTRA claw coupling:
          • compensate axial-, radial- and angular misalignments
          • absorb shocks and vibrations
          • fail safe and withstand high overloads
          • The series covers a range of 10 different sizes with nominal torques from 10 Nm to 2400 Nm
          • well suited as plug-in type couplings ensuring ease of assembly and alignment
          • maintenance-free
        • REIBO

        • REIBO couplings are torsionally flexible pin-type couplings which compensate for radial, axial and angular shaft displacements. REIBO couplings are designed for positive (fail safe) torque transmission and for absorbing vibrations and torque surges.

          Salient features of the torsionally flexible REIBO couplings:
          • compensation of axial, radial and angular misalignments
          • shock load and vibration absorbing capability
          • fail safe operation
          • the series covers a range of 18 different sizes with nominal torques from 150 Nm to ~350000 Nm
          • ease of assembly and ease of alignment
          • plug-in mounting facility
          • no maintenance required
          • available in different types or as special designs
      • Torsionally Rigid Couplings

          • FLEXDUR

          • FLEXDUR-couplings are flexible compensating couplings of all metallic design which transmit the torque in a torsionally rigid and backlash-free manner. The transmission elements are disc packs of stainless spring steel plates which are attached to the coupling components by closetolerance bolts.

            The most important characteristics and advantages of FLEXDUR-couplings:
            • torsionally rigid torque transmission with zero torsional backlash
            • wear-free compensation of axial, radial and/or angular shaft displacements
            • little restoring forces in the case of shaft displacements
            • neither maintenance, nor lubrication required
            • for use at ambient temperatures from – 25 °C to + 250 °C
            • compact design even suited for high and very high rotational speeds
            • infinite life, proper shaft alignment provided
          • RCT

          • With the newly developed RCT couplings, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN offers an optimal drive solution for the connection of diesel engines to hydraulic pumps.

            The most important characteristics and advantages of RCT-couplings:
            • Subcritical operation through high torsional stiffness
            • Vibration and torque shock damping through flexible rubber coating
            • High torque transmission capacity, fail-safe
            • Suited for ambient temperatures from -25°C to +100°C
            • Compact, robust, maintenance-free
            • Easy assembly thanks to the plug-in type design
            • Backlash-free shaft-hub connection
            • Compensation of axial, radial and angular offsets
            • Multiple spline options for the connection to the pump shaft
            • Bellhousing flanges for almost any mounting situation
          • ArcuDent Toothcoupling

          • The ArcuDent Toothcoupling is a double-jointed steel coupling. The teeth of the hubs and covers receive shape corrections to allow the highest misalignment capacity. It is a flexible, but nonetheless torsion-resistant coupling.

            The most important characteristics and advantages of ArcuDent Toothcouplings:
            • special shape of tooth in order to limit noise and vibrations interferences
            • ring gear: Gear Teeth optimized by finite element
            • tightness with standard o-rings that guarantee the long life of couplings
            • special gear teeth realized in order to increase the contact surface and to limit the superficial pressure
            • gear Hub: Bore hub capacity up to 800 mm optimization by finite elements
            • grade 12.9 screws allow for force-locking torque transmission
            • EX-safety according to ATEX-standards
          • Barrel couplings

          • The barrel coupling consists of a sleeve provided with semicircular toothing around its internal diameter and a hub that is externally toothed in a similar way. A series of cylindrical barrels, of hardened steel, are inserted in the holes formed by this toothing to act as power transmission elements. Covers with their corresponding special seals serve to assure the perfect tightness of the inner zone, preventing the penetration of dust and guaranteeing the continuity of the necessary lubrication.

            The most important characteristics and advantages of barrel roll couplings:
            • for alignment error compensation
            • for ease of assembly
            • especially wear-resistant with high durability
            • minimises effect of alternative bending of the torque on the toothing
            • designed for bearing large radial loads by distributing them over large barrel support surfaces
            • perfect tightness of the inner zone prevent the penetration of dust
        • Drives

            • Planetary drives

            • The use of planetary gear units in the field of power transmission is the modern answer to the demand for compactness, constructive simplicity and product reliability. The different components are adapted to each other to guarantee flawless operation with the highest industrial safety. The Planetary Drives' modular construction permits the coupling of bevel gears, worm gears, hydraulic brakes and a variety of input shafts to the planetary units, as well as providing for a wide choice of coupling flanges for hydraulic or electric motors.

              The most important characteristics and advantages of planetary drives:
              • inline or bevel stages gear units in compact design
              • wide range of reduction ratios and mounting positions
              • various different designs possible to modular construction
              • drive with electric or hydraulic motor
              • lower weight than helical gear units or bevel-helical gear units
              • EX protection according to ATEX regulations for the PG and PGA series
            • Screw jack actuators

            • Screw jacks transform a rotary motion from an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motor or even manual operation into a linear movement in a vertical (push-pull lifting) or horizontal position.

              The most important characteristics and advantages of screw jack actuators:
              • for linear movements and positionings
              • with acme screw jack or ball screw
              • compact and robust housing, able to carry heavy loads
              • high positioning precision
              • high resistance materials used
              • worm gear screw jacks with up to 1000 kN lifting force and 150 mm/s
              • electromechanic linear drives up to 150 kN and 500 mm/s
          • Applications

          • Every industry has specific needs. REICH-KUPPLUNGEN knows how your industry works. Thus, we supply solutions specifically tailored to your sector’s special needs and requirements. Apart from our high-quality standardized solutions for all kinds of different industries, our "D2C - Designed to Customer" approach completes our portfolio and provides couplings specifically tailored for customer’s individual requirements.

            REICH-KUPPLUNGEN – the right solution for every industry's requirements.
              • Power generation applications

              • REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: Decades of experience in the specific requirements of power generation and is the market leader in the equipment of
                • CHP aggregates
                • stationary power generators
                • decentralized power systems
                • biogas and natural gas applications for permanent, temporary or emergency power supplies
              • Mobile applications

              • REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: 65 years of experience in the specific requirements of mobile applications.

                These include: Farming and forestry, agricultural engineering, railway and traffic systems, and construction and mining machinery. Whether on land, sea or air - Mobility imposes specific requirements.

                • Generators
                • Gearboxes
                • Pump drive/splitter gearbox
                • Mobile compressors
              • Engine test bench applications

              • REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: Decades of experience in the specific requirements of test bench engineering. The coupling systems developed by Reich Kupplungen are used in:
                • Engine test benches: engine development, series testing
                • Roller dynamometer test benches for vehicles: product development, emission tests
                • Racing engine test benches: Versatile high-end tests and quick, efficient engine and vehicle optimization
              • Pump & compressor applications

              • REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: Decades of experience in the specific requirements of chemical / pump and compressor engineering and market leader in the equipment of mobile units.

                Flexible Reich couplings transmit power in pump and compressor drives in a smooth and damping way. Your drive train is thus subject to less loading´.

              • Industrial applications

              • REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: 65 years of experience in the specific requirements of the industry. 
                Reich Kupplungen offers the industry numerous solutions for:
                • Material handling and belt conveyor drives
                • Woodworking machinery
                • Steel works equipment
                • Gearbox applications
                • Crane engineering
              • Marine applications

              • REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: 65 years of experience in the specific requirements of marine engineering.

                Reich couplings are used in a broad range of marine applications: in main propulsion drives between the diesel engine and the gearbox, and in auxiliary drives such as rudder and propeller drives and onboard power supply generator sets, generators, pumps and winches.

                Type approvals from renowned classification societies are available for various coupling types.