MSI Scantech

Company Profile

MSI-Scantech's range of custom designed pressure transducers and transmitters based on the Keller pressure capsule are manufactured and calibrated in the UK. They offer significant cost savings compared to Swiss engineering. A standard range of pressure transmitters (Series 23SE) is held in stock, which can be programmed to any pressure range (between 0 to 500 millibar and 0 to 1,000 bar) in-house within three days. A new range of all-welded Submersible Water Depth transmitters and transducers with +0. 1% accuracy has been developed. (Series 27W)

Product Range

  • Depth sensor
  • Gauge pressure transmitter
  • Pressure sensor (hydraulics)
  • Pressure transducer, high accuracy
  • Pressure transducer, low cost
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Pressure transmitter, differential
  • Pressure transmitter, high accuracy
  • Pressure transmitter, low cost
  • Pressure transmitter, submersible