Company Profile

ATC, Inc. has offered our customers high quality, innovative and affordable Test & Measurement products for more than 15 years. Our products, manufactured by ATC, Inc. are divided into the following catagories: - Leak Testing Sensors and Systems, such as our patented Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS) and Mass Extraction Technology. - Precision, Intelligent Gas Flow Sensors (IGFS) and Intelligent Molecular Flow Sensor (IMFS) from a molecular flow range of 1x10(-6) std. cc/sec to high flow range of 20,000-std. liters/min. - Gas Flow Standards such as the GAS-CAL, a portable, computerized gas flow calibrator. - Liquid Flow Measurement and Calibration Systems such as the FLO-CAL, a portable, computerized liquid flow calibrator. - Custom Test Stands for Production and R&D Testing. Pressure, temperature and mechanical cycling and durability test systems.

Product Range

  • Flow meter
  • Pressure sensor (hydraulics)