Company Profile

In 1973, MPL began to produce a highly-sensitive miniature pressure switch, used to control storage tape drives on mainframe computers. Soon, separate pressure, vacuum, and differential versions of the MPL 500 Series began to fulfill a wide range of applications in appliances, automotive systems, and medical equipment. When customers needed to switch more current, the MPL 600 Series was developed, combining precise, low-pressure sensing with the flexibility of standard snap-action switches. For medium pressures, the MPL 800 Series was introduced. As MPL began to serve new markets, the product line continued to expand. The MPL 9300 Series was designed for the critical requirements of safety sensors on gas-fired appliances. New MPL designs continue to be driven by customer objectives for custom features, improved quality, and reduced cost. Today, MPL products are used in dishwashers, tractors, inhalers, helicopters, patient monitors, pizza ovens, sports cars, and name just a few of our customer's products. MPL application specialists work closely with each customer's product engineers. Many applications can be fulfilled with a minor variation on a field-proven design. In other cases, we custom-design the right pressure, vacuum, or differential device for each application. At our corporate headquarters in Pompano Beach FL, and our offshore facility in San Jose, Costa Rica, MPL team members utilize state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities. MPL is vertically integrated, with in-house capability to design a new concept, prototype, design production tooling, and integrate precision stamping and molding with automated assembly, calibration, and testing. From 3-D modeling, to robotic assembly, to painstaking calibration and quality assurance, our work reflects a focus on meeting each customer's unique application and business requirements. With millions of sensors at work worldwide, and decades of experience with OEM customers, we know what you expect from us, and we're proud of our demonstrated ability to answer your exacting service and quality standards with reliable, cost-effective pressure switch solutions.

Product Range

  • Miniature pressure switch
  • Miniature vacuum switch
  • Pressure switch, miniature electromechanical pressure switch
  • Vacuum switch, miniature electromechanical switch