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EMS Pacific

Company Profile

EMS Pacific produces high precision, pumps, valves, and fluid dispensing equipment for laboratory, industry, pharmaceutical, and virtually all fluid-delivery applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art design and patented engineering technology, we build programmable dispensing systems and individual pump and dispensing components. Our line of high-precision pumps, valves, and fluid dispensing equipment is engineered to bring accuracy and adaptability to the science of fluid delivery. EMS Pacific's engineering expertise has come together to create our capstone product, a valveless high-precision pump system that delivers accurately for millions of cycles. In addition to the valveless pump module, EMS PACIFIC offers a variety of other pump and valve products, all developed under rigorous engineering and production standards. Pump and valve modules come in varying drive and volume configurations.

Product Range

  • Dispensing system
  • Dispensing system, programmable type
  • Micro-pump